Top 10 Video / Movie Destinations On The Web

According to Nielsen/NetRatings NetView, these are the Top 10 Video/Movie Destinations on the web (week ending July 22, 2007) in descending order:

#10 – MSN Video

#9 – MSN Movies

#8 – Blockbuster

#7 – Yahoo! Movies

#6 – Google Video

#5 – Moviefone – a part of AOL

#4 – Yahoo! Video

#3 – Netflix – (Nasdaq: NFLX)

#2 – IMDB Internet Movie Database – owned by Amazon

#1 – YouTube – owned by Google

These sites comprise a total unique audience of over 88,200,000 and roughly 50-50 male/female and 25% of which have a HH income of over $100,000. This data does not include AOL user activity as that is a closed system to outside source datatracking.

Here is how their footprints look in ascending order:


Makes you kinda wish you thought about YouTube two years ago doesn’t it?

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