Private Islands For Sale

The end of summer is near and as the days get shorter, blustery and colder … it might be time for an island getaway.


Perhaps your own island might be nice. The best photo book on the subject?

Luxury Private Islands is a great place to start. Every page, a great photograph spread – not a lot of words – after all, what are words when you see a beach, a house and blue water?


Check out some properties available at Sotheby’s, or at Private Islands Online, or perhaps the Caribbean (lowball them during hurricane season!) or WSJ’s Real Estate Search. Check out Private Island Mag or when they say Luxury Real Estate, they are not kidding.

You need a proper agent?

Or maybe just a vacation in luxury?

Or the new destination resort in the Maldives (hurry, island country apparently will be under sea in 50 years)


Or if you’re stocking up on islands, you might want this to get around.

Or it’s not too late to own an man-made island that is a miniature version of a country …


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One response to “Private Islands For Sale

  1. Reading the Wall St. Journal today, I noticed a strange Blackberry ad on the back page of the Marketplace section. The ad is from Sprint and offers a $10.5 M cell phone. That’s no typo. The cell phone comes with a private island at these coordinates: 38.92029 degrees N by 94.65769 degrees W. Weird ad to be sure.
    UPDATE: I logged the coordinates in a map program and came up with a map for Sprint’s HQ. Basta!

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