An Advergame That Actually Is Fun


You would hope that a company so involved in the PC business that it would post a game that is actually worth playing and Logitech doesn’t disappoint.

This fun little gem, Jelly Battle, allows you to take on opponents solo or in multiplayer. The concept is simple: kill your opponents before they kill you. But how? By quickly judging where your ‘jelly man’ (Finding Nemo reference anyone?) can jump and making sure it adds health to you or damage to your opponents (you need to determine whether your next jump will be boon or bane).

A small benefit to playing this advergame rather than say this one, is that if you pass level three you unlock a multiplayer battle mode where you can register (automatically winning would have been better) to win a 20% discount off of Logitech products.

Hey, its a free online casual game so at least they offer something*.

*UPDATE:  I hate asterisks. It turns out that after gaining access to the 20% discount code that products ordered from will only be shipped to addresses within certain countries which DOES NOT include the U.S.  I can only surmise that this is due to the size of the U.S. consumer market and Logitech is afraid that they will lose too much money here.  Well la-tee-da.  Why not use geotargeting to block IP addresses from accessing the game then?  Greedy little buggers.

*So, if you would like to benefit from the discount without having to play the game, here you go:  Enter the following as your promotion code: jellybattle2A Go to and choose any product, then enter that as the promotion code before you proceed to the checkout.

*Please note that products ordered at may only be delivered to customers with an address in: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

So if you live in one of those countries, bonus for you.


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3 responses to “An Advergame That Actually Is Fun

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  2. Neat game. I got jellyed.

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