Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect-Part II – 217 CARS?


There is a new Disney Blu-Ray trailer for CARS.

In one section of the trailer, they discuss a Blu-Ray only feature, click on a CAR during the movie and it jumps to a name and guide of the car … noting that there are 217 cars in CARS … and by slowing down and looking at the trailer, we can see names for characters we were just guessing at …

The Governernator? Really SVEN:


Or the Dinoco Helicopter which Mattel calls Dinoco Helicopter? He has a name … Rotor Turbosky:


Or RPM #64? RPM is just his sponsor – he is really Winford Bradford Rutherford … no, really …


The guy on the freeway with the mattress poorly tied to the top? Leroy Traffik …


Or the BIGGEST surprise of all? Apple car #84 is named … wait for it … Matthew Overtaker …


(He’s in the bottom row, cut off in the quick DVD preview edits).

And some of the pit crews … ‘Petrol’ Pulaski & Not Chuck …

petrol-pulaski.jpg not-chuck.jpg

Other Racers … Darren Leadfoot (#52), and a couple incomplete names: Ralph Carl …(#117), Sage Vander … (#30 or #80) (?), and Barney Stormin looks and sounds like a tuner race car – is that a spoiler we’re seeing? (UPDATE – turns out he’s the barnstormin’ biplane which makes sense AND he’s actually coming out as a diecast “car,” there was a placard showing he’s coming-soon at Comic Con – I forgot all about it.)

darren-leadfoot.jpg barney-stormin.jpg

ralph-carl.jpg sage-vander.jpg

Lots of old timers get names placed with CARS … I’m going to presume the ones that are not puns of auto-related words are named after Pixar people? Derek ‘Decals’ Dobbs, Edwin Kranks, Milton Calypeer & Timothy ‘Timezone’ Truecoat.

derek-decals-dobbs.jpg edwin-kranks.jpg

milton-calypeer.jpg timothy-timezone-truecoat.jpg

And a couple trucks: Dustin Mellows & Miles ‘Meattruck’ Malone

dustin-mellows.jpg miles-meattruck-malone.jpg

Newer CARS include … a pair of Maseratis(?) – Antonio Veloce Eccellente & Costanzo Dell (incomplete last name) … and Dan Sclarkenberg & another of the RV named Syd Vanderkamper.

antonio-veloce-eccellente.jpg costanzo-dell.jpg dan-sclarkenberg.jpg

skip-ricter.jpg syd-vanderkamper.jpg

I think she was identified on screen in the movie as Chuki but it might’ve been in Japanese …


And yes, the blimp & the jet also have a box so presumably they have a name also … both were only partially visible on the DVD video preview edits so we’ll have to wait until November …


So, now, go and find their appearance in the movie – some are easy like SVEN & CHUKI but others, not so much … and Barney Stormin … let me know when you find him based on the meager clue.

Here is the link to one section of the trailer:

This is what the pages look like from the DVD:



Here’s what a typical page looks like – seems very cool … though oddly, some of the names have changed like the Apple car is not Matthew Overtaker anymore but his name seems to be Mac iCar


And of course, don’t forget to buy the Blu Ray DVD to get the “free” limited CAR (details below)

FULL SIZED versions of the screenshot can be viewed here at FLICKR.



If you want a recap of the Mattel Pixar CARS line from the beginning.

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect

Unlike other toys/hot items that stay hot for a few weeks or months – this Mattel Pixar CARS diecast line has pretty been SIZZLING for 16 months – not just rare but almost un-heard of.

Of course, we would love to tell you that if you show up here at 7:00 AM, you are assured of seeing it on the shelve un-touched … or course, that is not really possible with this line due to real demand and eBay “re-distribution” demand but we have tried to sum up why it’s seems impossible and some buying tips that while not foolproof, might make things slightly easier …

Mattel Pixar Cars: I Want to Buy But Where?


First, one way to skip the driving around is to buy sealed cases, here is a brief rundown on what that is AND what are the CARS coming this holiday season (the last two months of 2007):

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes

And what’s coming in 2008:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes Holiday 2007 & 2008

Or what the latest on the shelf cards & CARS look like?

Mattel Pixar: What’s in Stores Now


For those on the intermediate & advanced stages of this obsession (yes, I has the fever! I has the fever 🙂 ) … you’ll want a “field guide” to spotting what’s what:

A Basic Checklist (in spreadsheet form)

The checklist offers a few versions on how you like your poison 😉

Then of course, a more indepth guideline on how to collect them – just one of each? one of each available on a different card?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: How to Collect

As you progress further, you might need or want a guide to understanding what do the three different designs on the front indicate and how complete of a collector you want to be:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: Card Backs

Info on the Blu-Ray Dinoco “Blu” CAR

The LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE Disney Blu-Ray “Blu” Dinoco McQueen


Of course, by now, you’ll want to know everything and plan your budget carefully … Mattel will definitely release 35/36 of the Piston Cup Racers in one massive collector’s set but will they release them in smaller sets? Our speculation on why rioting is probably not necessary:

Mattel Pixar Cars: All the Piston Cup CARS-Speedway of the South Box Set

Did you know the Blu-Ray DVD (for HDTV’s) will include a “name-spotter” feature that will let you see the names of 217 CARS within the movie?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect-Part II – 217 CARS?

And while we’re at it – pure speculation on our part as to what might be coming next?

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009? Part II

Mattel Pixar Cars: Mia & Tia – All the Possible Variants


Details on the Mattel sponsorship & CARS charity auction for CAAF (Children Affected by AIDS Foundation):

Mattel Pixar Cars & Children Affected by AIDS Charity Auction

While Frank the Combine on eBay seems enticing, you might want to know that he’s very small and all plastic but there are some other options …

Mattel Pixar CARS Movie: Frank the Combine – eBay Warning

Too much money in your bank account – starting collecting the other CARS line …

NEW Mini Adventures CARS & Playsets

The Sarge Recall:

Mattel Recalls Pixar CARS Sarge Diecast Metal Car

Nothing very insightful about what’s coming but still good to know that CARS is bringing in money and everything is looking smooth.

Mattel Pixar Cars: 3rd Quarter 2007 Earnings-Financial Numbers


Yes, more speculation & answers on our part but the stars and other things seem to be syncing up for a 2011 sequel:

Pixar CARS 2 Sequel: Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


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14 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect-Part II – 217 CARS?

  1. stephenpritchard

    Aaagh. 217!!! My son (three and a half) already has most of the main ones but came across a Real Schumacher Ferrari in the Disney store yesterday, which of course I will have to buy.
    Does anyone have a spare SnotRod?

  2. chris

    if you really look at Barney Stormin could that maybe the Bi-Plane.

    (METROXING: You’re right – that what it is – in fact, he’s listed as a diecast “car” coming out).

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  5. Hiteshchauhan

    still looking for snotrod, email me

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  7. Oh no.. 217 of them 😮

    So as of November 2007, we got only 1/3 of the total cars?!

    Maybe Mattel would really release all 217 of them slowly, until the sequel of Cars which is rumored to be showing in 2011?

    (METROXING: Don’t forget to check our post on what’s coming out in 2008 …).

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  11. james

    Has anyone here seen this new frank the combine?:

    I found this on ebay the other day and am thinking of getting it. Does anyone else have a frank the combine?

  12. james

    do you think that the speedway of the south set that will be for RLC members only will be the only way to get all the racers or will they all be released eventually as seperate cars???

    (METROXING: You can read our thoughts here and here on the topic).

  13. TP Pembabulous

    Could we have a checklist ordered by appearance in the movie? 🙂

  14. mattandjools

    The Bi plane comes out right after McQueen comes out of his trailer for the California race. He writes “Piston Cup” in the sky before the the 3 Jets do their fly over!!

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