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One of my cell phones decided that its battery had had enough of recharging itself and thus it became clear that I needed to get a new phone or get a replacement battery.

After suffering through a meatspace in-person visit at the local Verizon store where the local employees idea of salesmanship was making me wait to buy a phone while they helped some clueless soccer Mom pick out the best color matched set of cases and ear buds, I quickly decided that Verizon could suck lemons and I would opt for a battery replacement instead of adding another two years to the current contract. The %@#$ with a new phone.

After calling another local retail storefront about getting a replacement battery for my Samsung SCH-A650, it was clear that ‘going local’ was going to be expensive ($35 for the battery and two week lull to get it)….thanks but no thanks.

So, why not web troll? I’m glad that I did and found a solid source for some gear at very low prices. Helllooo,!

At only $14 plus another $3 in shipping, I had a replacement battery show up at my door within one week and it fit like a glove. That’s a savings of over 50% friends and it was shipped cross-country.

The battery is only a 1100 mAh, 3.7V, Li-ion but a deal is a deal. Plus, the check out cart was easy to use and quick (no multiple last stabs to cross sell me crap). A confirmation email came the same day and another confirmation email that the order was being processed was provided a few days later. Nice! None of you are shocked at how often these basic steps to success get screwed up I am sure.

Check them out if you need replacement gear. I recommend it.

Note: TwoADay does not have any agreement / arrangement with but if they chose to reward us with schwag after reading this review we would gladly accept it.

UPDATE:  Loyal readers – Here is a coupon code for $5.00 off of your purchase of $25 or more from the site:  BC5FREE

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