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Blade Runner DVD: The 3 Director’s Cut & Other Versions


BLADE RUNNER is one of the greatest films ever made. It’s not to everyone’s taste but it’s what films should be – idiosyncratic and a personal vision from a director. Of course, it involves a great screenplay, great acting and engaging cinematography but ultimately, it’s the director’s imprint that makes it a classic. While nearly every movie that gets released today starts with A FILM BY as if to imply that “Norbit” is not just a product created when they realized they had a 3-week comedy gap in their spring schedule … Blade Runner is truly A FILM BY RIDLEY SCOTT.

And unlike a lot of other films that gets re-cut and the original buried, Warner Brothers and Ridley Scott have wisely made EVERY version available for us to view, to analysis and most importantly to appreciate as a viewer, as a film fan and as film geeks.

You can read this summation from the NY Times. (SPOILER ALERT).

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years but like most people, I missed it upon it’s initial release in 1982 but saw it upon its video release. I was mesmerized and thought it was one of the greatest movies ever – apparently, it received middling reviews upon its release but most people have come around to realize how layered and textured the film really is.

Because the movie tested poorly, they asked Ridley Scott to re-edit and add a voice-over narration much like Martin Sheen’s in “Apocalypse Now.” Ultimately, it also did not do too well in the theaters – original release date June 25, 1982 – grossing about $35 million dollars.

The first release was in VHS and was simply titled BLADE RUNNER.


It was essentially the poster artwork other than the snipe at the bottom – and yes, this is from my collection as …

This THEATRICAL VERSION never had an official DVD release in the United States (see below).

Later, there was an extended cut release from the international version released on VHS but it was not vastly differently.

Though as the years moved along, it began to gather more and more acclaim and appreciation – soon becoming a cult classic.

In 1993, the DIRECTOR’S CUT version was released on VHS. This was a radically different version without the voice-over and covered in greater detail in the NY Times article.

When the DVD finally came, this was the version available, now called: BLADE RUNNER: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT.

Now for most movies, that would pretty much end there, the ‘studio” version and later, the director gets to go back and show us his original vision without the input of a mall preview audience who got $5 off at the Snack Shack to watch a movie and point out how they are smarter and more interesting than Ridley Scott …

Since, it’s the 25th anniversary, they decided to let Ridley Scott not only tighten it up a little more but refresh the special effects … so, coming in very limited release and on DVD in December, BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT.

To celebrate, WB is putting out a cottage industry of BLADE RUNNER:

Starting with:


Blade Runner (Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition)

It features:


The last one is an oddball one for real, true film fan geeks, BLADE RUNNER: WORKPRINT EDITION is literally just that – so now you can really see the director’s vision and editing process change from the editing reels (as they did back in 1982) to a theatrical to a director’s cut … for the ultimate fan of BLADE RUNNER and films!

There are also a slew of featurettes and other items in the suitcase, click on the link to check it out AND the suitcase and all the special versions are also available in Blu Ray and HD DVD.

Okay, this might be a bit of a film overload for most people so you can also get the:


Blade Runner (Four-Disc Collector’s Edition)

It features:


The main difference is you do not get BLADE RUNNER: WORKPRINT version in terms of film content – the difference is about $25 – you also do NOT get the briefcase plus the other items included:

“The Ultimate Collector’s Edition is packaged in a limited edition, numbered “Deckard” briefcase and features rare and collectable memorabilia such as a Spinner car replica, Unicorn figurine, Illustration and Photo cards, and a lenticular Motion Film Clip in lucite.”

But WB wants to cover all the entire possible market …


So if you have the Director’s Cut DVD and just want BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT (2007) re-edit and refreshing of some special effects …and re-mastering of course, then you can just get this final version which also comes with a documentary on a 2nd disc.

All coming December 18, 2007. Links are to Amazon pre-order.

BLADE RUNNER: DIRECTOR’S CUT (1993) is going out of print but you shouldn’t have any problems finding it separately.

You can still buy the used BLADE RUNNER: THEATRICAL on VHS but now that the DVD is coming out in the “briefcase” version, it’s less appealing …

But whatever version you see and now it’s even greater we get to see EVERY ONE of them, it’s truly is a FILM BY … and that Ridley Scott guy is also a pretty good TV advertising director, you might’ve seen his work with Apple?

Great WIRED interview – transcript & podcast.


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Online Address Lookup Via MelissaDATA

melissa data

If you are like me and are curious about knowing more about where you live, then you should bookmark this site. For example, if you ship a lot of packages or have a lot shipped to you (hello, ebay!), then it pays to know your zip+4 address (here in the U.S. gentle overseas readers).

Additionally, with one free lookup, you can enter your home address and with one click find out:

+ Carrier Route

+ County with links to county demographics and county map

+ Representative, Party & District (for those that still need passport help)

+ Latitude & Longitude (great for google map mashups and gps fun)

+ Census entries

+ Prizm Code (find out which segment marketers think you belong to…interesting stuff) and more.

The Prizm Code where I live was described in 2006 as”Country Squires”. This Prizm Code describes “the wealthiest residents in exurban America live in Country Squires, an oasis for affluent Baby Boomers who’ve fled the city for the charms of small-town living. In their bucolic communities noted for their recently built homes on sprawling properties, the families of executives live in six-figure comfort. Country Squires enjoy country club sports like golf, tennis and swimming as well as skiing, boating and biking.”

Well, la-tee-da!

I didn’t know I had it so good. I guess not everyone of our readers pays for their Bentley to be washed and waxed? Sheesh. If only I had it so good. But certainly, many of my nearby neighbors do…hmmm.

UPDATE: The detail on the codes have changed. The printout I saved from 2006 provided much more data for free (such as the Prizm codes). Bummer. I guess they thought they provided too much…

Here is what the Prizm code lists for ‘Country Squires’ in 2007:

“Demographic Description:
Wealthy Middle Age Families
Urbanicity: Homeowners
Predominant Age(s): Age 35-64
Employment: Professional
Education:College Graduate+
Race/Ethnicity: Mostly White
Preferences: Have broadband internet access,
Go skiing, USA Today, The Disney Channel TV, GMC Denali”

Follow the link and see how you are being categorized without you knowing it. For fun, post a comment about where you live!

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Halo 3 Sales Huge On First Day Of Sale

master chief halo 3 Die Wii scum!  Eat Plasma PS3ers!

Microsofties are twirling their mustaches with their first day of sales for Halo 3 exceeding $170 Million.  In one day.  Industry analysts project hardware sales to spike accordingly over the next month for those that see the game as a ‘must have’ since it only can be played on the Xbox 360.

Additionally, the Live component is sure to see and upsurge as well.  Maybe their games division will finally make a profit?  Probably.  But how do you follow that act?


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Amazon launches music download killer to challenge iTunes

amazon mp3

But will it actually take much of a bite out of the Apple?

More than 2 million songs – including those by Amy Winehouse, U2 and 50 Cent – will be made available for download from Amazon’s US site, with tracks costing either .89 cents or .99 cents, and albums between $5.99 and $9.99.

The songs are set to be sold through a store called ‘Amazon MP3’. It will have no copy protection technology attached (HUZZAH!) meaning the songs can be played on a variety of devices and not just Apple’s iPod.  Hmmm…$1.29 versus .99 cents (ok, more like .99 vs .89 for most songs). Maybe Amazon is on to something there?

Major music labels Universal Music Group and EMI Music have signed on to sell their tracks on Amazon, as have thousands of independent labels but they still lack several of the biggest labels such as Warner Music Group Corp. and Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

Bill Carr, Amazon’s vice president for digital music, said some record labels add a digital watermark to MP3 files that indicate what company sold the song and Amazon adds its own name and the item number of the song for ‘customer service purposes’. He added that no details about the buyer or the transaction are added to the downloaded music file.  Yeah, sure.  We trust you buddy.  About as far as I can throw a truck load of ipods.

If you love music you tend to want a permanent copy but music bought from iTunes is fundamentally shackled: Nearly everything you purchase from the store will never work on any device not made by Apple.  Good for them.  Sucks for you. If they just didn’t make it so dang easy and seamless to buy the stuff…

Most of the tracks on iTunes are gummed up by Apple’s copy-protection scheme, called FairPlay. Under these restrictions, you can put your songs on just five computers at a time; make only seven CD copies of a particular playlist; and, if you want to go mobile, the iPod and iPhone are your only option.

Considering overall selection –  Apple’s iTunes has Amazon by the short hairs :  6 million songs vs 2 million.  Not even close.  But Amazone is just getting started and competition is a GOOD thing folks.  If all Amazon’s play does is make iTunes a better and lesss expensive experience…it’s all good.


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Steve Jobs Can Now Erase That Pesky Woz From His Photo Collection

This video blew me away. Can you imagine Mac users getting this resident on their Powerbooks? All I can say is, “Gimme!”  Seamless reality distortion is now a reality!

“Seam Carving For Content Aware Image Resizing”…It may be so cool from a personal usage standpoint but it is downright disturbing to know that some of the first buyers of this type of technology will certainly be the MSM and perhaps even governments and rich celebrities.

What the heck is seam carving…? It is a type of digital manipulation where you can carve entire people out of images with almost zero distortion left behind.

For example: Have some really cool photos in France with your ex-spouse but want to keep the images without that person? No sweat. Fire up this software and, POOF!, they will be gone as if never there. Your memories of hell in France are transformed into the cool solo trip to Paris. Voila! C’est magnifique!

The two presenters mentioned in this presentation at SIGGRAPH 2007 are Shai Avidan of Mitsubishi Electrical Research Lab and Ariel Shamir of The interdisciplinary Center & MERL.

I first Stumbled across this video on the DailyMotion website in French and then searched for it on YouTube so the ogre at the gates of WordPress would let me embed the video file.

Anyone else out there know about this stuff? Is there any way to keep the folks in Redmond as far away from this as possible? Heh.

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20 Years Ago What 1 GB Looked Like

1 gb comparison

Whoa.  Amazing what just 20 years will do for technological developments.  That big hunking looking thing is a 1 GB disk drive for an old IBM mainframe computer.  The little chiclet is a 1 GB sandisk card.  Wow.


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Mattel Pixar Cars: Mia & Tia – All the Possible Variants


One reason we might be seeing the Mia & Tia Movie Moments 2-Fer for a while, Mattel can keep re-painting it and they know we’ll keep buying it.

(okay, the real truth is they could sell a lumpy piece of black plastic if they called it LIGHTNING MCQUEEN FIRST ROAD REPAIR – we’d buy it and the second version as well 🙂 or 😦 )

So, what’s next for Mia & Tia?

Of course, as flighty Chick Hicks fans with a big “foam” C?

Mia & Tia as McQueen’s Dinoco Escorts?



Mia & Tia with different expressions as Chick Hicks Dinoco’s escorts in McQueen’s “nightmare” scenario?


Mia & Tia as the Gold Twins with McQueen?



Is it just me or does “Nightmare” Dinoco Chick Hicks have some platinum front headlamp plates? Hence, perhaps an exclusive TRU three-pack of Dinoco & the goldsome twins with headlamps on?

(BTW, the Gold versions also seem confirmed and along with rumors of more 3-packs versus 2-packs, the only question is whether they come with Chick or LM).

Since the headlamps are on – might as well repaint them red and voila, another 2-pack!

And of course, followed by various expressions Mia & Tia?

Or as reader, “Matt” pointed one I’d forgotten about – as waitresses at Flo’s …

This should pretty much take us to the sequel … by then, we’ll have the check for selling our other kidney … of course, we’ll be down for a spleen for everything that’s coming in 2008.

And pure speculation about what might be coming in 2008 or 2009?


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