Palm Foleo: Just Kidding!

Palm actually comes to its senses and realizes NO ONE is willing to pay $500 for a giant Palm magnifying device …

“Based on early feedback on the Foleo, the company knew it needed to improve the product before selling it, company CEO Ed Colligan said in a blog entry on Palm’s site in which he announced the decision. But right now, the company needs to focus its efforts on updating the operating system that runs on its Palm OS-based Treo phones, he said.

“We can not afford to make those improvements on a platform that is not central to our core focus. That would not be right for our customers or for our developer community,” Colligan said. “I know there will be disappointed folks who were looking forward to carrying a Foleo for all their mobile computing needs. I am certainly one of them.”

SJ Merc News Link.

Palm Blog.

Gee, I hope it was something I wrote. 😉

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  1. Harry B

    First comment!

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