Apple to create iWire?

Businessweek is reporting that Apple is considering bidding on 700 Mhz spectrum going up for auction in January of 2008.  Maybe they are waking up and smelling the bad aroma of their bed mate AT&T after all?

Dubbed “beachfront property” by the Federal Communications Commission, signals at the 700Mhz spectrum could provide far faster Internet access than today’s cellular or even Wi-Fi networks and the signals can easily pass through buildings and work glitch-free, even in nasty weather.

Read all about it here.


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7 responses to “Apple to create iWire?

  1. metroxing

    Well, Apple has some $13 billion in cash laying around.

  2. DocB

    Hmmm… Apple + Google partner to purchase and use the 700 Mhz spectrum. I would welcome our new phone overlords.

  3. Tom B

    I think a partner purchase with GOOG would be FOLKLORIC. But, I expect Monkey-Boy Ballmer would jump in and bid the auction up to the last penny he had in his piggy bank.

    Anybody know anything about the bidding process? Blind bids? One big room with someone from Sotheby’s standing in the front?

  4. 700 MHz? That’s gonna ’cause a lot of cancer people~ (thou not proven)

  5. Yacko

    >>700 MHz? That’s gonna ’cause a lot of cancer people

    There has already been broadcasting in this spectrum for decades – it is the UHF TV band that will be repurposed with this auction. I’d be more worried about higher frequencies like 2.4 GHz wifi which is still unproven. People also seem to think this auction is about alternate phone service (and the cancer guy perhaps thinking about holding a phone to your head) but it is about much more. This is about data devices and cloud computing of which voice calls are but just one low-bandwith aspect. Perhaps this will finally give us the videophone we all deserve.

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