iPhone Price Cut to Unleash College Students’ Pent-Up Demand

From SurveyU.com, 15% of college students own or are now ready to own an iPhone when their contract expires and the NEVER WILING TO BUY AN IPHONE has dropped to 11%.


In a flash poll conducted the evening of September 5, 1,000 college students were surveyed to gauge the impact of the announced price reductions.

“Initially, college students were cautious about the hype surrounding the iPhone – media-savvy Millennials are more circumspect than previous generations, relying on word-of-mouth reference and direct experience to shape their opinions,” said Dan Coates, cofounder of SurveyU.

“College students have seen how the iPhone performs, and with this reduction sales among college students will see a solid bump with an even bigger jump upon the next release.”

The poll also sought to discover whether they now harbor resentment toward the Apple brand.

One of the most revered brands among college students, Apple will apparently dodge a bullet with its sudden price reduction, the study found:


Using a five-point scale wherein students indicated their agreement with two diametrically opposed statements, non-purchasers tended slightly toward supporting Apple and their decision, while purchasers tended only slightly toward reprimanding Apple for the sudden and dramatic price shift.

PDF version.

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  1. armada of college student attacked my fragile brain)

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