Shouldn’t the Patriots Forfeit the Game?


The New England Patriots appear to be guilty of videotaping the NY Jets defensive signals – not only a violation of league rules but teams were specifically warned last season NOT to videotape … shouldn’t the penalty match the reason they managed to score so many points after halftime last week? By videotaping the signals, they were able to match the signals being sent in to the defensive schemes the Jets ran and adjust the offense accordingly.

Shoudn’t the Patriots forfeit the game?

Presuming they are guilty of cheating, isn’t that the only course of action for a major violation?

(not one of your dumb NFL regulations like not pulling your socks up?)

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One response to “Shouldn’t the Patriots Forfeit the Game?

  1. Yes it makes me sick that the league is only penalizing the Patriots by taking their round one draft pick IF they make the playoffs and a 750000 dollar fine which is nothing to NFL coaches and owners. They had a very unfair advantage in the game because they knew exactly what the Jets were going to do on defence so it is very unfair that they’re not making them forfeit. I hated the Patriots before now hate would be an understatement

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