Nintendo Wii Officially #1 Now

“The NPD Group in the U.S. and GfK of Germany in Europe, claims that consumers around the world have purchased a total of nine million Wii’s, 8.9 million Xbox 360 units and 3.7 million PS3s.”

Link to article.

Here’s our take as to why Nintendo is #1 and will be for several years and perhaps until the next generation.

Of course, we’re just pointing out what consumers already know but seems to have escaped Sony & Microsoft … From a recent study by Consumer Insight Monitor,

“Wii was found to have the highest purchase intent scores and appears to be “appealing to a broader consumer base due to its price, innovation and ease of use … BrandIntel said that the Wii is “poised to become consumers’ choice for next-generation gaming” and the console “generated very positive levels of appeal and brand image and came highly recommended by consumers.”

As it does become #1, it then becomes a self perpetuating cycle* because developers are naturally inclined to develop more games for the #1 seller – no matter who it is – just as EA basically tried to ignore the Wii, thinking it would be another GameCube and is now playing catch-up … just imagine how many Guitar/Drum/Bass Heroes Activision can sell for a motion sensor based system … AND of course, what doesn’t hurt is how much cheaper it is to develop for the Wii.

In case you missed our buying advice on the Wii bundles but I have actually seen it on the shelves in two stores so supplies are starting to meet demand.

* This time, Nintendo has to remember not to be an a** to 3rd party developers. Other than that, they have clear sailing.


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3 responses to “Nintendo Wii Officially #1 Now

  1. I’m still so unimpressed at how hard it is to find couch-multiplayer games for the Xbox 360.

    I do not have or want Xbox Live.

    I do have friends in real life I’d like to play games with.

  2. tom B

    In a year it will be wii, PS3, XBOX– the Xbox numbers are inflated because a lot of units are sitting in inventory, and the PS3 is low because of launch price and launch delay issues, still.

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