Why Clinton Will Lose in 2008

I ran across the blog, Scholars & Rogues today and was surprised to read some of most cogent commentary on the upcoming 2008 election.

The post titled “Why Hillary will lose the primary – the hidden cross-over vote” is a balanced and informed look at how voters will be gunning for anyone but Mrs.Clinton in the upcoming election.  This ‘anyone but Clinton’ bloc of voters is being seriously underrated and will provide for an outcome most on the Donkey side of the aisle would rather ignore.

Read all about it here.

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One response to “Why Clinton Will Lose in 2008

  1. Tom B

    I’ll pull for ANY Dem in the general election, but my preference for leading the ticket would be someone more electable: Edwards, Richardson, maybe even Obama. I like Mrs. Clinton, and I think her husband could win– if he could run a third time–but lots of people have irrational knee-jerk negative feelings about her. And, her leadership has been less than stellar on Iraq and some other issues.

    The GOP lot looks pretty sorry, but they have the benefit of a well-oiled machine. Bush proves they could pretty much run Barney the Dinosaur and have a strong showing, particularly if you have Diebold voting machines and a partisan Supreme Court.

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