Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes (Holiday 2007 & 2008)

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  2. sharon

    I am in VA and we have 5 Walmarts within 15 miles of us. The only things I am seeing at Walmart are the shake em up cars. Recently there have been a diecasts put back on the shelves but nothing new. Do you have any idea how it will be decided who will get the new releases? Is it just sheer luck?

    (METROXING: There’s no rhyme or reason – for instance, some WM in Kentucky seems to have gotten in the new exclusives and of course, if you happen to live in a town with a few rabid eBayer hoarders, they will get there as the store opens or ACTUALLY work there so by the time you arrive, it might look like nothing is new there – some stores will actually try and help you (though in CA, Walmart employees all seem to hate customers ;-( so your help mileage will vary … Yes, sometimes it is luck but for non-24 hour Wal Marts, they stock at night so when the stores open bright and early, that’s your best bet but with the popularity of this line, there are no absolute guarantees but it doesn’t hurt to ask an employee especially if you bring a few kids πŸ™‚ )

  3. Kalvin Wood

    I’m from the UK and I was wondering if you know when they will come out in the UK because wave 3 is still quite rare here

    (METROXING: You might scroll through the comments from this post to read some of the advice from UK buyers – hopefully, it wlll be of use to you).

  4. Dan

    Hi, I work at Wal-Mart and have an update for Cars Fans:
    The end of September/Beginning of October Sales Paper for Wal-Mart will have cars advertised, including the die cast. Also a re-release of the dvd with a new bonus Wal-Mart exclusive dvd. This merchandise is being received in the stores now on three different display racks. Most stores are holding the racks in the back until the tab breaks, which will be next week. These racks will be displayed in the front aisles as you enter the general merchandise side of the store…not in the toy dept. These racks also contain the new Wal-Mart exclusive cars. Racks should be out on sales floor by Sept. 29th.

  5. Dan

    Sorry I forgot to add: One of the display racks has 20 each of Cactus McQueen, T.J. Hummer, Ghostlight Ramone & Al Lightyear Blimp. The other 4 Cars were not on the racks that our store got.

    (METROXING: Thanks for both updates!)

  6. nicol

    cant believe theyve made all those new cars, i live in uk and it will be ages before they get over here. cant wait to collect them all though

  7. Tony


    I was in my local Wal-Mart store this morning 09-22-07 and they already had the racks out. It had the four you mentioned.

    I also remember someone posting that the only place you could get Flo’s V8 Cafe Playset only on eBay and they were going for over $100. I was in my local Toys R Us store this morning and they had 10 on the shelf and 4 more in an unopened box. These were at the front of the store where they usually have their clearance items. They were selling for $29.99. They had a whole wall of Cars toys. As I said these were at the front, not in the aisle that they generally stock this stuff in.

    (METROXING: The original Flo’s was selling for $80-$200 on eBay but now that the IDENTICAL “Supercharged” version is out as an exclusive, prices have fallen accordingly and some TRU have tons while others still empty but if you want one – don’t wait!).

  8. Tyler

    Hi, I just went to two different walmarts tonight. Went everywhere around the store and found no new cars or the DVD. The Walmart workers said they show nothing about having or getting the new Cars DVD w/ Bonus DVD. They look at us like we are crazy. Can anyone please tell me where you are located for the ones who are funding the 4 new cars. I’m in the Tampa Bay area in Florida.
    Thank you!!

    (METROXING, Here are the stock numbers – if you find or call a friendly employee, they might help you look it up:

    027084574388 TJ HUMMER
    027084574326 CACTUS MCQUEEN
    027084574333 GHOSTLIGHT RAMONE
    027084574340 LIGHTYEAR BLIMP

    Good luck!)

  9. Tony

    I found mine in California. I was talking with the Toy Manager and he said he had ordered a lot of boxes of Cars, but has not received any lately. He said he was surprised about the new cars on the center display. He said he did not order it and did not even know it was coming in. I think this is one that Wal-Mart commits to, but has no control of when it will come in. I went in the store early in the morning and picked up my four new ones. I dropped by after work and the display only had about 12 cars left. So if it had 20 of each car, that would be 80 cars total. This means 68 were sold from this morning til the afternoon. I am sure the eBayers swept in and bought them and now they will be selling them for about $10-$20. I wish Mattel would literally flood the market with these things and put these eBayers out of business. I mean most of us are just trying to buy a nice set for our children.

  10. Kalvin Wood

    I have a question; How come in the film Octane Gain is orange but in the Dinoco 400 set he is yellow?

    PS: I think tar mcqueen is just the normal mcqueen but he has tar over his “lucky sticker”

    (METROXING: Hopefully, that box was either just bad lighting or a prototype … and yea, I have a feeling TAR MCQUEEN will be around the effort Mattel put into BUGS MCQUEEN πŸ™‚ )

  11. Hey guys

    Im in Australia and the cars epidemic is absolutley crazy here, The prices we are found to be paying are crazy i have tried to look up cars on the wal mart web site from here but cant find any on thier site. Does anyone know an online shop other than Ebay to buy these cars at a reasonable price Not $30+ dollars each Thanks Rob

  12. Tony

    Rob Harding,

    The only one I have found is this site: DELETED

    (METROXING: Sorry, Tony – cannot recommend or willing to recommend that store to ANYONE. I think they are price gougers. I have no problem with eBay – people willingly pay what they want but this other place, they buy it wholesale but jack up the price HUNDREDS of percent, that’s just wrong. If you’re going to open a store, your certainly entitled to sell it at what you want but I am not willing to help them publicize the store. You can actually check Amazon – click on “USED” even though they are not actually used – small sellers who will sell for much less, the selection is not very complete though and the search is wonky now that it’s MS LIVE technology but try MATTEL PIXAR CARS. Be sure and try or – not sure if they mail overseas. You can also search for BIG BAD TOY STORE – good prices but not necessarily always in stock – best prices on cases but again, they don’t usually hae it in stock so it’s hit or miss. If you’re looking for older ones, the prices at eBay have fallen off drastically).

  13. Justin Bellace

    can you e-mail me a list of all of the new car toys that are coming out. I am a really big fan and have almost every toy.

  14. Wendy

    When I click on editgrid, to get the full list, I just get a blank page. Is it because I am using Mac OS?

    Any help would be appreciated

    (METROXING: That’s odd. It looks okay to me – I only use Macs πŸ™‚ – hopefully it was just an odd glitch when you tried it earlier. Let me know if it still doesn’t work).

  15. Tammy R.

    I am in Western Kentucky and was at a Walmart tonight. We purchased Cactus McQueen and TJ – the only two new ones I saw. They had a few of each. AND, we bought them for $2.97 each. The other ones I’ve purchased have been $3.49 (ish).

  16. Matt

    I live just outside of Louisville, KY. This past Saturday (9/22/07) I found the four new cars at my local Wal*Mart. There were several Ghostlight Ramones left, about 4 or 5 Cactus McQueens, and only 1 each of TJ and Al Oft the Lightyear blimp.

    I suppose Ramone will be the easiest of the four to find, since there are so many variants of him already available.

    Great site, by the way.

    (METROXING: Thanks. Looks like you got there just at the right time πŸ˜‰ )

  17. Luis Queiroz

    Lucky you All cause iΒ΄m from Portugal and here i cant get haf !!! itΒ΄s an intense struggle tryng to get the most i can. For Example FloΒ΄s V8 Cafe heaven wasnΒ΄t sell at Portugal. So if SomeoneΒ΄s kind enough to bougt it out there for me i would appreciatte…..

    take care

  18. Kyle Gendron

    Happened to be in a Wal-Mart yesturday and came across a TJ that someone had left at the empty checkout next to us. While we were walking towards the Toy Section I noticed 2 big Cars displays but didn’t stop and look.

    I’ll have to go back to a few different one’s during the week and look for the others. My son loves Cars (as do I… hehehe) and love playing with the different characters.

    It was great looking at the list and seeing some that are coming out. EXCELLENT! Just what our wallet needs, more Cars toys to add to our collection. πŸ™‚

  19. Ray

    Hello, I just want to say thanks for all the great information (now I can start a budget for next year)! I have 7 sets going right now (1 of each car for each of my 3 kids to play with, 1 of each car that I will keep in the package for each of my 3 kids so that their kids have them to play with, and 1 collectors set for myself that will hopefully be a completist set, even down to the poster inserts & plastic hangers). By the way, does anybody have a link to a list for an absolute completist?

    Also, do you have any case assortment numbers for the upcoming Movie Moments cases? I know that everything is a little messed up if it had Sarge in the assortment, but hopefully Mattel will have some more made soon to correct that! πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: That’s quite a task you have ahead of you. Good luck! Actually, if you look closely at each “box” listing for 2008, you’ll see the code number – with the letter following it as the year progresses … and yes, Mattel counts October 2007 as 2008 so while they will continue with the 2007 list (see other post) through to W (the Y/Z boxes are already out) – by next month, they will CONCURRENTLY start 2008 (and you thought the year was fast). So, box A will be out in next 3-4 weeks. If you follow the EDITGRID link above to our spreadsheet, that will give you a pretty good head start. The BY NAME tab is probably of most interest to you … I should warn you that you in 2008, Mattel looks like they are continuing the NEW CARS with “Supercharged” Cards but that repeats from 2006/2007 are getting new cards – there is a hint they might read “Supercharged Flashback” or “Pixar Toys” but so far, there’s no confirmation so if you want McQUEEN again as a SUPERCHARGED FLASHBACK, you have another big task ahead of you … Good luck! Though keep in mind that Mattel is also going to release that very limited 500 set of “2006 Set” which will contain about 8 CARS available NO where else on the Desert back cards so there is completist and then there’s completist πŸ™‚ and 😦 )

  20. Hey Guys great site full of great info,
    Thought you would like to know that over here in Australia we are just starting to see some of the new cars like Bling Bling McQueen, Tex, and rpm #64 but still no sign of any others.
    Do you know if the Wal Mart special edition will be released anywhere in Australia as $30 plus dollars is an insane price to pay.

    Thanks angain keep it up

    (METROXING: ALL of the Wal Mart cards will be “re-released” next year to all retailers so as long as you don’t need it right now or on a Wal Mart card – there’s always 2008).

  21. faith

    Hello All
    I stumbled accross your web site yesterday. Wanted to thank you for the info recieved. I went to Wal-Mart This morning and picked up the four new cars, the were pretty full too! So I picked up 2 sets

    (METROXING: Sounds like you struck gold, there’s not much on the west coast – somoen told me there was some in Hayward but that it was already sparse … if you run across more, drop me an email at metroxing (at) – I’m interested πŸ™‚ )

  22. carole

    I was in walmart close to my home in Utah this afternoon and found all 4 of the new cars. I am collecting 5 sets total for my children and one to keep in the packages. I have four boys who love the cars thanks for all the updates. Keep up the good work!!

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  24. Sharon

    went to two walmarts today as I am trying to get two of each cars for my grandsons as they are 2 1/2 and 5 years of age and love the cars; no luck. I guess in Maryland they read the instructions and won’t be out until next week.

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  26. Kalvin Wood

    Does anyone know a website to get cheap new cars which you can pay for in Β£poundsΒ£ (AKA: Darrel, juinor ect.) And if there’s none then can you tell me when those cars will come out in shops in the UK

  27. Many Walmarts will have the cars exclusive display “shipper” out today. I got all mine last week but there are some managers that actually pay attention and told me so. I thought I was bad at 3 of each car but 7 Ray? I think we’ll all see the value be less than now in 15 years when everyone and their dog tries to sell their complete in-the-package sets. Plus at this rate Mattel will never stop producing them, it will be as common as hotwheels.

    (METROXING: Here is our thoughts on collecting CARS …)

  28. Kalvin Wood

    Hope you don’t mind me asking but where do you find out all this information!? It’s great

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  30. galaia2004

    I like your thinking as to what Tires McQueen might look like. I originally thought it would just be a normal McQueen with Cruisin’ McQueen wheels on.

  31. galaia2004

    I meant to add that the McQueen with Cruisin McQueen wheels would be as he was in the movie after being fitted with whitewalls at Luigi’s but before getting a respray at Ramone’s.

  32. Danny

    ATTENTION International Customers.

    I just got off the phone with Mattel Customer Service in regards to the lack of new Cars outside the US. They told me that these Cars will NOT be available internationally.

    Apparently, “Tech Services” does not see a demand for the die-cast cars outside the US (or they want to meet the demand within the US???). They also said the Wal-Mart exclusives will NOT be available either.

    Keep in mind that Mattel is doing a terrible job of keeping their customer service reps in the loop about the status of any Cars product (particularly the die-cast models) and perhaps the rep I spoke to was more misinformed than any other!

    Please do NOT flock to Ebay and drive up the prices as they already inflated. Simply call Mattel customer service and log your complaint. The number for Canada and the US is 1-800-524-8697. Check the Mattel website for contact info in other countries. Your complaints WILL make a difference.

    (METROXING: Here’s our new recap and why int’l is getting the empty shaft 😦 ).

  33. Pam Whittaker

    I, and every kid out there are wondering,I’m sure about Frank the combine tractor. Where is Frank? My son uses a big red plastic car and pretends that it is the “monster tractor”, when he is tractor tippin:)

    (METROXING: Well, here’s our warning about the Frank you can find online and the ERTL one you can buy that is what some customizes use to make a Frank …)

  34. mike

    Is there a Dale Jr? Confused b/c on ebay there are some listed. Some are obviously customs and mention that in description, however some listings say it is latest release from the Cars line.

    Has the recall hurt the line? I ask b/c on ebay, the norm has always been, the newest releases go for crazy amounts, but the new ones on there now (Blue Ramone, Cactus, etc.) are not selling for much over the cost at the stores.

    (METROXING: We added a ‘buying status‘ post and our checklist/speadsheet lists everything OFFICIAL in a handy dandy format. The Dale Jr. will be difficult to obtain because a) it only ships one to a box and there haven’t been that many boxes with it in there – especially since the recall effectively canceled two shipments which no one knows if it will be replaced by Mattel and/or the retailers and b) Dale Jr. sells something like 25% of all NASCAR merchandiscing so even people not collecting CARS will want to add to their Dale Jr. collection. Honestly, Mattel could ship a box with just Dale Jr’s and I’ll bet it would sell out in minutes. And yes, the WM CARS have fallen a little faster because I wonder how many were swooped up by eBayers with no intention of collecting becayse it has fallen very fast to “normal” parameters. I saw an auction close last night for around $20 with shipping certainly reasonable considering it would cost you $12+ gas + tax + your time + luck to get a set. So I advice EVERYONE to buy a set if the price seems reasonable even though the CARS are listed to come out next year and while the line seems to be going great – YOU NEVER KNOW. Better to have the CARS in hand! As for price drops, it is consistent. The first week of release generally will sell for $15 to $40 dollars and then eventually they fall to near ‘normal’ pricing – though the last 4 releases are out of whack since we’ve pretty much gone 2 months AGAIN without any new CARS (in the non-exclusive line))

  35. galaia2004


    Yes, there is an ‘offical’ Dale Earnhardt Jr that has been released in the US – this came out recently along with Bob Cutlass, Darrell Cartrip and Mario Andretti.

    My impression on prices is that the usual new cars (Dale, Andretti etc) are still going for high prices on eBay, but the Wal-Mart exclusives seem to be going for ‘reasonable’ prices. This would suggest that there is a lot of the Wal-Mart cars about, and they are fairly easy to get hold of (therefore keeping prices down). It will be interesting to see if this continues, and whether these are re-stocked.

    While I am writing… has anyone noticed the Pizza Planet van in the movie during the opening scenes of the final race? Will we need to wait for 2009 for this one? πŸ™‚

  36. Justin56

    When will the Elvis and stuff be made?

    (METROXING: The Elvis RV is scheduled for late next year. I will add dates as we get closer to actual release – things tend to change and not be finalized so I don’t want anyone to think they are firm dates).

  37. jorge zavala

    hi im from and here is very difficult to find all the new cars. I really want t buy them but here teh sold them at and each cost like 9 dollars the normals and the new ones or rares cost 30 35 dollars. I really want to bought them so please if somebody can contact me to do a bussines relationated with this cars mail me at I really want to bougth like 20 cars including some that maybe for you are old like tex dinoco, yeti, bug mcqueen, tongue mcqueen. please contact me im sure you could help me THANKS!!

  38. jorge zavala

    sorry i dont put where im from, im from mexico

  39. lpitzer

    My thoughts on Tires Mcqueen is that it will be when he first comes crashing into town at the beginning of the movie and crashes thru Luigi’s leaning tower of tires and drives off with tires stuck over his eyes and in his mouth.

  40. kalvin1703

    Where is “Ramone – Old School” in the film? And what does he look like?

    (METROXING: That’s a good question. It may be nothing – it might be Ramone in a new packaging – at this point, hard to tell …).

  41. Danny

    Ramone – Old School…
    With as many variations of Ramone as there are, I think Mattel has “maxed” him out….I do not see any other variants possible (unless they make a color not shown in the movie).
    In the “Our Town” (Old School???) flashback, we see what is currently Cruisin Ramone.
    At the same time, if you look at the forecast (2007-2008) shipping list, there is no Cruisin Ramone forecast.
    By process of deduction Old School = Cruisin?
    Another note regarding the forecast shipment list: Piston Cup Racer is most definitely Piston Cup Pace Car (which are WM exclusives but only for the time-being). There are 2 cars with last name Hover and Hoover….my guess is they should be spelled the same and that they are either copters, or the 2 fighter jets accompanying “Marco”.

    (METROXING: Yea, I think you are right about Ramone – Mattel is adding new cards to the mix for the CARS we already have – a great way to resell everything since completists will have to have it even if it’s just the same Lightning McQueen on a “Flashback” card but for new to the CARS craze, they won’t really care … of course, if they care, they’ll only be about 150 CARS behind to catch up πŸ™‚ )

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  43. Hi, pal.

    Great photos! Can I use some in my blog? – here, in Brazil, itΒ΄s hard to find informations about this amazing line.


    ps: I wanna link you, off course!

    (METROXING: Sure, no problem as long as you link back – thanks for asking!)

  44. Jacki E

    It’s really hard to figure out which ones are released yet or not. I finally by chance found Bob Cutless, Yeti and Crusin Ramone today in TRU. Got the new 4 too. This is a great site!! Thanks!

    (METROXING: I try to keep the post updated – so I will note if it seems to have arrived everywhere or not – for instance, FRED & The DINOCO HELICOPTER have not been seen anywhere so it’s listed as such while because the Sarge recall, shipments are haphazard so while technically Dale Jr, Cartrip, Bob Cutlass have been out for months, actually finding them is not easy but SCORE! πŸ™‚ … so the next 4 WM Cars are filtering out but no real signs of Fred or Dinoco Heli just yet).

  45. Hey Homes

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been collecting all the McQueens in their factory sealed packages and I’m seeing lots of new McQueens here, but I was wondering when they’re going to be released in Canada. Anyone have any idea?

  46. Barry

    What is the name of the #11 car shown in the second large pic at the top? It’s not listed anywhere that I can find. (Blue with a gold top, red 11?) thanks!

  47. Barry

    Oops. Mario Andretti! Okay, how about the light green with the gray top? No number and in both top pics it is facing the other way

  48. Danny

    Barry….Light Green car with gray top is Dusty Rust-eze (to be sold with his brother Rusty (light green Dodge van) as part of a Movie Moments set)

    Hey Homes…I have had conflicting info on Canadian (International) shipments…scroll up to my posting on October 3rd….another Mattel rep told me they WOULD be available, so who knows for real. Last MQ to hit outside US was Tongue…still waiting for Bug Mouth and Cactus. We non-Americans are about 20-odd cars behind i.e. 3-4 months.

  49. kalvin1703

    Today I went to my local WOOLWORTHS shop (A shop that you find quite a lot in the UK) and I seen the following wave 3 cars: Tongue McQueen, Red/hydraulic Ramone, Ferrari, RPM #64 & Tex Dinoco. I was surprised to see RPM & Tex in the UK! I paid Β£10 for RPM when it was selling for Β£2.23! I didn’t have Tex so I bought him.

    Anyway, I was supposed to write about the collector’s car… I’ve got 3 of the 6 codes so once I have the 6 codes I will try and get a photo of what the collector’s car is. But once you have the 6 codes and sent them to the website, you have to wait 28 days for them to deliver it.

    Also, if you don’t stay in America and you want the second lot of Wal-Mart exclusive cars don’t bother buying them of Ebay just now. Because when the first lot came out they were selling on Ebay for about Β£60. within about 2 weeks they’re down to round about Β£20 (That’s what I bought mine for & it was buy it now including P&P). The second lot are going for about Β£40 just now so I’m waating for prices to drop. 8)

    (METROXING: Yes, definitely wait on the WM Cars – in some WM, they are actually just sitting on the shelf (the 1st 4) … the online price seems to have pretty much fallen to list price – @$12 plus shipping so yes, don’t buy too early! … and be sure and let us know what the “collector” car – there are some anxious completists here in the US scared it’s something not available here πŸ™‚ ).

  50. kalvin1703

    And I forgot to ask. Is the Dinoco helicopter (Big version) part of the DieCast line? I’m not really sure if I should buy it.

    (METROXING: Not technically. It seems a little big to be in scale and while you can hold 3 of the 1:55 (I think it comes with an all plastic Mater), that’s a bit steep ($19.99+) for a 3-car carrying case … though conversely, the other one (coming on a card) is way too small …).

  51. Martin

    Hi, I’ve got a Fillomore Bully – but can’t find any details about this one. It looks just like a normal Filmore/Fillmore but the Bully and the ‘O’ appears unusual. Are you aware of this variation?

    (METROXING: I’m stumped – what’s a ‘bully?’ for us here in the US … πŸ™‚ )

  52. ShawnKevin

    I was wondering if you knew where the Limited Edtion 500 2006 set would be available to purchase?

    (METROXING: First, you have to sign up on the HW Collector’s Club email (see above link), they send our sporatic emails and offerings for collector cars on a specific day & time … if you want to buy it, you have to join the club (I think it’s $29.99 a year though you get a free collector’s car) and on that day and time, you have to log on to buy – whether you get in and get it is another question as everything is limited. It’s hard to say how popular this set will be – on one hand, everything has been released in one form or another and how much will the set be? $100? $200? $300 (the last Batmobile car at Comic Con sold for $300) …)

  53. kalvin1703

    Some people are becoming very impatient waiting for Bug Mouth McQueen, Cruisin’ Ramone & Yeti to come out in shops in the UK.

    Do you know when they might come out here?

  54. Angelo

    Hello … what online store, buy all new models, present and future of Mattel Pixar Cars?

  55. kalvin1703

    hello, I’ve got some great photo’s of dinoco helicopter (DieCast), Pit crew Filmore & FHH in their FLASHBACK CARDS. do you want me to send them to you?

  56. SCOTTY T

    Does anyone know, besides Ebay, where you can buy cases of cars if you are not a wholesaler?

  57. nicola

    This site is so cool, i love it. I love buying the new car for my 4yr old son, but its so hard to get them over here for a resonable price. Americans have it the best getting them 1st, wish we in uk got them alot quicker. we always seem months behind in getting things from US.

    Never mind get used to it i suppose, thanks for the updates on new cars, cant wait to see them

  58. kalvin1703

    Martin, I went on Ebay today and searched for “Fillmore bully” It looks exactly the same as the normal Fillmore… The name on the card has not changed either. I wonder why it’s called bully?

    (METROXING: Nothing turned up in my search – you in the US? Is bully some slang word for oil/petrol can or bandana?)

  59. kalvin1703

    I noticed yesterday in the UK that they have started selling the MEGA BLOCKS (lego) Lightning & Mater on their own SUPERCHARGED cards. The pieces aren’t joined up on it (although, there is only about six pieces but I suppose it’s for the younger kids to practise building).

    (METROXING: I think there are three sets, I’ve seen two in the US).

  60. kalvin1703

    Sorry about the comments I leave, I might stop writing them for a while. I think they’re starting to get annoying

    (METROXING: No problem, happy to get any info … keep writing … as long it about CARS … or you’re entertaining us πŸ™‚ )

  61. Rick

    Does anyone know when we might see the second set of 4 from walmart? A few weeks ago, i happened to be in my walmart in central pa and tehy were actually setting up the display. You can only imagine my excitement as i found 4 new cars, both with and without the new logo. Now, the crates are empty and there are no new cars.

    Also, on a side note, i have been walking into my local target for months. Just a few days ago, the shelves were bare and i was ready to walk out. I looked one more time and saw the Dinoco 400. I screamed like a little girl i was so excited. And just yesterday i went into a KB toys and in a huge basket of Cars, i found the king & mrs the king movie moment and mia & tia movie moment.

    I have the Cars Craze! I am trying very hard to become a complete completist$$$$$$. Still can’t find an old Mater.

    Happy Cars Hunting! (more exciting than buying from ebay)

    (METROXING: “I screamed like a little girl …” NOW, THAT I WOULD’VE LIKED TO HAVE SEEN πŸ™‚ … unfortunately here in NorCal, my response has been more childish than child-like (stamping of feet, cries of anguish, swearing like a drunken sailor …) but great day for you!)

  62. CHRIS


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  64. Lui Lai Man

    My little son is the collector of Mattel Pixar Cars , I want to ask that will I buy the cars (Holiday 2007 & 2008) & (3rd Quarter 2007 Earnings-) in HK later? Or I have to buy these through the internet?
    Waiting for yoyr reply, Thanks a lot!

    (METROXING: I don’t think anyone has been able to figure out Mattel’s international shipping schedule or worse, their intention if they will continue to stock/ship international – even Canadians seem to complain they are 3 months at least behind the US … there was a Yahoo HK Auction (click link to see) so someone in HK has access to a factory ‘backdoor,’ πŸ™‚ … they look like Euro versions … so it looks like they’ll eventually make it to Europe … as for HK? Sorry, I don’t know … I’d be interested to know what you get in HK though – send us another email if you find some!)

  65. Mike

    Rick or anyone else… What is the retail price at Target for the Dinoco 400 set? If I buy it I will probably have to do it on eBay, but want to wait till the price drops down closer to the “retail price” but I don’t know what it is.

    (METROXING: Right now, it’s $29.99 in stores, $34.99 online).

  66. Pingback: Mattel Pixar NEW World of CARS Cards: Read ‘Em & Weep :-) « TWO A DAY

  67. Mike

    Metroxing, the link about to the Dinoco 400 set is now selling for $62. I think this is price gouging and it should be removed. Thanks for the infor though!

    (METROXING: Thanks, Mike – Updated).

  68. Charley 2

    My Target store I work at got in 6 Dinoco 400 sets today. I had never seen it, so of course I got one even though we just need the 3 cars. We sold the other 5 in the first couple hours the store was open. (To collectors. I am starting to get familiar with the same people that come in every single day at 8am to check our Cars.) I haven’t opened it yet, much to my son’s dismay, because it is to my understanding those same cars will be ava. in a 7 or 8 pack set with the other new Piston Cup racers eventually. Does anyone know when those are supposed to come out? And are they going to be exclusives too? Oh yeah, and my Target store has NOT gotten any Mario Andrettis, Dale Earnhardts, CarTrips or Bob Cutlasses yet. ):

    (METROXING: My opinion is that none of the box sets are very exclusive and that eventually the three Piston Racers will appear in another form or another box – hopefully with fewer repeats – but as to when?).

  69. Charley 2

    Oh yeah, if anyone wants a Dinoco set, let me know. I can get one anytime. We got our first shipment two days ago and sold those in one hour, and we got another shipment two days later so we should be getting a lot more.

  70. Charley 2

    One more question I forgot to ask – why are Bob Cutlass, CarTrip, Mario Andretti and Dale Earnhardt so hard to come by? These are the only ones I need? Are there only so many in a box? I got all of the other ones awhile ago and I am getting tired of waiting, and the price seems to not be going down at all (even going up) on E-Bay. Any info would be appreciated!!!

    (METROXING: The original plan was boxes, T, U, V & W all contained all or most of the 4 CARS you list so the prior plan would’ve kept most stores in stock through December but somewhere along the line Mattel decided that it was time to start fresh and switch to the WORLD OF CARS design (presumably with a new UPC) to prevent any chains like Target from confusing the SUPERCHARGED from WORLD OF CARS in their computer system and possibly reject them. So of course, another mini delay – so when box T & U hit in August and then no V & W in September, it was obviously not enough to meet demand – so hopefully as shipments A & B roll out, things will be better soon).

  71. croukie

    Is the ‘Bully’ mystery allready solved?
    Solution is simple: ‘Bully’ is Fillmore’s charachter in the German spoken version of the movie. And they call Mater ‘Hook’ over there. Take care all!
    A Belgian fan.

    (METROXING: Thanks! No one had an idea – thanks!).

  72. croukie

    Hi again, went after the word ‘bully’ and it’s probably a composition from ‘BUs’ and LIeferwagen’ (a ‘Lieferwagen’ is a small delivery truck). So BULI became BULLI and that became the more Englisch word BULLY.

    (METROXING: Thanks!).

  73. croukie

    Although according to Volkswagen it’s because of the ’roundish’ looking front of the VW-Bus.
    Thank you twice Wikipedia!!!

  74. Martin

    Bully mystery solved then ! Thank you!

  75. Danny

    Brian Antenna Ball…

    …may be the “baby” car we see immediately after the fighter jets fly over the stadium. He actually has a foam fighter jet antenna ball.

    Also worth noting is his cute baby bottle (a quart of oil with a bottle nipple on it)…what brilliance!!!!

    (METROXING: You are probably right. I was thinking the vendor might be too expensive to recreate, the “kid” with the foam antenna ball is mostly likely right on target. Thanks).

  76. Joao


    (METROXING: Updated out Where to Buy post to includes SEALED BOX DEALERS).

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  78. SCOTTY T

    I got the Walmart flyer in the mail today, for Nov 04-08. They are listing their exclusive cars in the flyer. These are the second set of cars with Kori etc.. I don’t know if all stores nationwide,will have them in their flyers. If you are in northeast PA, near the Poconos be prepared!

  79. Marvie100

    Scotty, The ad is nationwide. I checked the ad online for Colorado and California, and they have the same listings as you’re mentioning in PA. Hopefully the stores will actually have cars. Where I live we have 4 Super Wal-Marts within a 30 mile radius. I’m also going to check the Long Beach area Wal-Marts this weekend. I have all the four first edition exclusive, and am now hunting the second four.

  80. Bill

    At least WM does not do like K Mart did here a couple of weeks ago. The flyer advertised buy 2 get 1 free. No Cars on the pegs the entire week ! Great promotion K Mart!

  81. Martin

    Mentioned by Kalvin1703 on 15th October.
    I got a free Vinyl Toupee Car in the post today from Mattel. Some UK Cars have had promotional stickers which allow for claiming a number of items – one of which is this free surprise car. Sadly its not carded and just loose but never mind a freebie is a freebie!

  82. Phil

    For all the Bay Area CA people:

    Some of the Walmarts in the East Bay have their exclusives, well the first run, in stock.

    The Walmart in San Leandro (880 and Davis) has Cactus McQueen.

    The Walmart in Oakland (880 and Hegenberger) has all of them, especially Cactus McQueen and TJ.

    The Walmart in Pittsburg (hwy 4 and Loveridge) has all of them, heavy on the Ghostlight Ramone.

    That is of 7 pm on Friday, November 2nd.

    (METROXING: PITTS must’ve gotten restocked – last time I was there, there was nothing other than old pegwarmers … – nothing from wave2?).

  83. JMOMMA

    Got Walmart paper today in the mail. (New Jersey)They’re advertising the next four!!! Get ready. I’m going today to see.

  84. KristieD22

    The Walmarts in my area, southern Wisconsin, have had the second set of their exclusive cars in a totally stocked everyday for the past two weeks. A pleasant change from just seeing Sally and the Sheriff sitting there all the time. We were lucky enough to snag Mario Andretti and Darrell Cartrip from a box just sitting there in the middle of the aisle, waiting to be put on the shelves.

  85. Gordon

    Just a quick question: Has Mattel already released the other 498 factory sealed sets (of the series 1 cars)? Or does anyone know the release date? Thanks.

    (METROXING: Release pushed back due to SARGE recall … New date? No word).

  86. Mark

    Is there a similar case by case list of what cars are included in the twin pack cases like for the single car cases at the top of this page? I put together an all inclusive checklist for what is thought to be coming out on singles but had to add Rusty, Dusty, Flik, Flea and Mrs “The King” because they were not listed above. I have 128 unique (129 if you include the FHH white and red rims) cars listed on a spreadsheet (released and future releases). I have a group of six parents trying to get these for our kids and it is updated showing what everyone needs so we can shop for each other. We don’t play the Mattel variances game and only look for one of each car but we did buy the corrected red rim FHH. Does anyone have a higher count list or would like to compare lists?

    (METROXING: Have you checked our spreadsheet checklist or our How to Collect post? Both discuss different collecting choices. Mattel issued a listing for the two packs but it looks like it will all be revised with more 3-packs coming … so as soon as we get the info …).

  87. Nicole

    what about frank?

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  89. I have had a hard time finding darrell cartrip. I also need the dinoco helicopter and the two sets of movie moments:rusty and dusty – and flea and flick. Does anyone know a good place to try. I live in Kentucky. I do know that I have had good luck at kb toys for some of the movie moments. I found two mia and tias and a mr and mrs king the other day. Just in case anyone lives around here, I also found out that target is going to sell their exclusive the day after thanksgiving with the new racecars vinyl toupee etc.. for 19.99. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions on new places to try. Walmart here either isn’t stalked at all or has the same old things.

  90. RICH


    (METROXING: Maybe the ART OF CARS book – might artwork you can scan in?)

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  92. Grace

    Can you recomend a cheap online store to buy cars that is not e-bay.

    (METROXING: Have you checked our WHERE TO BUY post?).

  93. Grace

    I went to a toys r us and the manager opened a new case for me! So just ask someone thats works at toys r us to help you and they sould be very helpful. (The Toys R us in Balieys crossroad in Va was!)

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  95. kalvin1703

    Sometimes I’m about sick and sometimes just about start crying when I’m looking at this website. Such as when I seen all those new Movie moments coming out!

    But still, great info! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: Yea, this line is getting crazy … I’m afraid to really count but I think we’ll be at around 200 next year end …).

  96. Michelle

    I did a REALLY stupid thing, we were in toys r us and they opened a case B for us while they were stocking, we got everything new out of it, and OOPS, somehow we mistaken the new FRED for Mater, so oh yeah now we can’t find him. BUT to ANYONE who needs
    I have a code to get the Limited Edition Lightning McQueen BluRay Car.
    Anyone intereseted in some trades. I have a few I NEED.

  97. lawrence

    Hi there Michelle,
    can the code you speak of be used for uk? Also, what else you need, anything we have here you can’t get??? Where are you from??? list of my spare cars –
    yeti x3` tex dinoco x3` king x2` bug mouth mcqueen x3` bling bling mcqueen x2`
    RPM x2` tongue mcqueen x2 ` `red wheel fabulous h h x2`
    `green chick x1 `
    lizzie x1 `and vinni x1`(the free code uk version)


    Hey metromixing, how about a section dedicated to trading?

    I know there are a lot of us who are disenchanted with ebay, but would like a place to trade with other collecter/enthusiasts.

    I know I have a number of doubles that I would love to trade.

    Think about it!


    (METROXING: WordPress has no “forum” option as much as I’d like to set it up. I don’t mind if you want to swap emails here informally in the comments section – though it’s not a very efficient method, I know … I’ll look into setting up a forum and let you know how it goes).

  99. Tyler

    I saw the post about the custom mack trucks. I’m also trying to do the same thing and not wanting to spend $200 + for them. They look very real! I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of paint to use for the plastic parts. And also how to get the paint to match. Or has anyone heard of a professional place that will do it? Thanks for any info you may have!

    (METROXING: Yea, that’s WAY too much to spend on a custom … sorry, I have no idea how to paint or customize, I’m just an admirer … you might try do a seach ‘diecast custom forums’ and start reading and/or participating in the forums to see what they do. If you have a train or RC hobby store, they can probably give you some leads on books to start with. Good luck! And hey, at $200-$300, it’s more than a hobby! πŸ™‚ )

  100. Fred Ferguson


    You can call me anytime and I can refer you to a guy that does custom jobs of everything Disney Cars. My number is 915-342-6180. Whoever hosts this site is simply “The Man” – wow!!


  101. SCOTTY T


  102. Kasper

    Hello everyone.
    I didn’t realize how huge these cars were for collectors until I stumbled across this site while looking for a complete list of cars already released and available for purchase.
    My son has almost all of them but he’s 7. His toys are not collectors, he rips the package open and plays with them. I just got most of the newest ones that came out. I have 18 put up for Christmas and was just looking for a list (with photos) so I will know what he is missing. I don’t know them by name so I need pictures to use as a checklist. Does anyone know where I can find something like that? Good luck to all of you who are looking for cars to complete your growing collection and thanks for your help.

    (METROXING: You can view the different cardbacks here … our FLIKR page which shows them in larger size and the two posters which should help. At some point in the future, we might get around to taking individual photos of everything. Good luck!).

  103. SCOTTY T

    Is the Scott Riggs car, (which comes with a case of Valvoline oil) considered Hot Wheels or Disney Pixar Cars? What scale is it?

    (METROXING: The Scott RIGGS CAR is a 1:64 CAR in line with Hot Wheels but NOT part of the Disney Pixar CARS line which is 1:55 scale).

  104. Charley 2

    Hmm…wonder why at Target we are not getting any new Movie Moments, just old ones like SnotRod/Boost, Sally/McQueen, etc. We got a box with Dinoco Helicopter/Cutlass and CarTrip two weeks ago and thank God I got them right when we opened the store. I got lucky that same week and went to the Walmart and they had all four exclusives new ones out. My son has all of the single cars out now except Fred of course. But we don’t have any of the new movie moments yet as all I see anywhere is Mike and Sully and that is the only one we have about 20 of in our store. Does anyone else have this problem? Not finding Movie Moments but all the rest?

    (METROXING: Our Target’s are empty all around …).

  105. Charley 2

    Oh yes, and I have seen listings on E-bay for the single cars in the Dinoco 400 selling for nearly $20 a PIECE! plus shipping! Just buy the Dinoco 400 box (especially this Friday) and save your money. lol. I don’t understand why people do this.

  106. Steel_Fly

    Hey fellas,
    I hit two Target stores, two Wal-Mart stores, one Sears (one with a toy Dept.), one Kohls and one TRU. I had a few hours to kill.
    The Sears and the Kohls were a waste of time. I was looking for the playsets. But they didn’t have anything at all.
    The Target stores were low in inventory for the most part. The singles were the same ol’ same ol’.
    But at one of them I did find an Andretti. (World of Cars version) I suppose that might mean they are seeing the latest case lots and will be stocking up for the day after Thanksgiving. I did see a few MM sets and quite a few Dinoco 400 sets.
    Wal-Mart is already stocking their shelves with their exclusives. One store had well over 150 cars out. Unfortunately, there were only 4 out of the 8. Plus a few regulars. Not many Movie Moment sets.
    Now the TRU was pretty impressive they had a lot of singles out and a lot of MM sets. Quite a few were the new series. I was able to get a V8 Cafe playset and two uncommons.
    I think you might have some luck tomorrow. Of course there is always 5am on Fri.

  107. Gervais

    This is for Tyler and anyone who thinks the custom mack trucks are a waste of money.

    I am in the prosess of making my own Octane gain mack truck and let me tell you, its alot of hard work.
    I have the book to the art of cars and in it theres a Pic of a few of the race car trailors at profile.
    I scan this at high res and import it into photoshop where i edit and flip the image to fit both sides of a 1:55 mack truck.
    Spray the mack truck with the right color paint and then spray a gloss coat over that.
    Print the photoshop images onto thin gloss paper and stick to the truck with adhesive spray. there you have it.
    After buying the materials for the job its about $100 not to mention getting a copy of photoshop.
    Il send a pic when im done if you want

  108. Charley 2

    Why are they making so many Ramones??? My theory is that the maker of these must love him or something. There are way too many of him. Now a lightning Ramone will come out? What next?

    (METROXING: Yea, I think we are at the end unless they actually create a Hydraulic Ramone that raises up … though I think they could so a Ramone with a spray gun … but I think that would actually be it … unless they release a short film next year with Wall-E as is the rumor and who knows, it could be titled, Ramone is trapped into a crazy car painting factory and needs to be rescued by Lightning πŸ™‚ )

  109. Mike

    I Work at Target In Iowa and we got 7 C Cases in last night. Had not seen the check list and was rather disappointed when I saw what was in them. Could be wrong, but it seems to me that every new case has at least 1 new car in it. While there were good ones likew Fred, Pit Crews, there was nothing new that was not in the B Case.

    I live near 4 WM’s and 1 is like a collectors dream. They have 2 huge bins in the middle of the isle that must hold 800-1000 cars each. Every 2-3 nights they get in what has to be 5-10 new cases, A and B’s and just dump them in the top of bin. Went this morning and saw at least 15 Dale Jr’s and all 20-30 Freds, along with all the others from the new cases.

    (METROXING: That’s pretty amazing – on the West Coast here, they seem to get 1 box per WM …)

  110. Mike

    Is the C case the only case that has been released that did not include a new car? Saw we had 7 C Cases on pallet and about fell over. We did not even get any B Cases in. Wa snever so let down when I saw no new cars in there. The B case was much better.

    (METROXING: C is a “refill” case which is actually a nice change of pace for Mattel – last year, the problem is while the March case might contain 3 new CARS, the rest were all 2006 CARS … and in April, there would be 2 new CARS but the rest? Sally, Mater, Sheriff, etc … so at least in case C, they aren’t any NEW NEW but at least it is over 50% CARS from the last wave (wave 4) and 25% from the last 6 months like TEX DINOCO & YETI which some people might not have gotten yet. Look for case D in the first week of December).

  111. SCOTTY T

    I was looking at your checklist. Who/what is Texas Tea the blue Hummer?

    (METROXING: See Comment above πŸ™‚

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  113. I was just wondering if there were any more cars released after the fred single. I did find him and the pitcrews,but I didn’t know if any more had been released since. I think I have them all up to that point other than one called tom race official,pitcrew guido, and texas tea. What do those look like, does anyone know? I am also still looking for the movie moments of dusty & rusty, and flea & flik. If anyone knows where to go to get those, please let me know.

    (METROXING: Fred is out, Tom Race Official & Pit Crew Guido are the last of the 2007’s … Flea & Flik are only available in Canada & the UK (other MM’s are out) … as for Texas Tea, read the other comments πŸ™‚ )

  114. brenda

    thank you guys so much for all your info. we were at wal mart at 11;45 at night on nov 15th and they opened the case and we found 2 bob cutlass 2 darrell cartirp and 1 mario andretti .my husband found world of cars pit crew doc and dinoco 400 set and court room crew and tractor tipping and tunerz at a nj target .thank you for your info.

  115. SCOTTY T

    I think the thrill is gone. I bought my son a Dinoco 400 set over a month ago and he hasn’t opened it yet. He ignores the new Hudson and Filmore. He only plays with the helicopter. I usually buy one car for him and one for my collection. Since his interest seems to be gone, he will save me alot of money. I am now waiting to receive my Blu-Ray Dinoco McQueen and my 2006 collectors set from Mattel. Thanks for the info. I have every car,(Easter and Halloween included), Mack truck x4, race set, and exclusive except for one (Sam’s club). This is like having a job! For you Walmart shoppers, I find the bigger the store, the newer the merchandise and the greater likelyhood of finding new releases. Good luck hunting! P.S. I have read this entire blog several times and I still don’t know what Texas Tea is!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (METROXING: Pretty impressive! … If you manage to keep it all together, I’ll bet when your son is all grown, he’ll be like us – nostalgic for simpler days when every toy was free and meals were placed in front of us every 4 hours πŸ™‚ ).

  116. Rich

    The back of the cars in Case C do have pictures of the cars that are in Case D. It was neat seeing the Pit Crew Guido with his accessories next to him.

    I wonder if there would be a way for us to get Mattel to release all of the playsets again (not just Flo’s V-8). I was able to ebay the Casa Della Tires and Ramone’s House of Body Art and it cost me around $40.00 for each including shipping. I figured that wasn’t too bad for items that can no longer be purchased in a store. It’s a shame that my son won’t be able to put all four corners of the playsets together, but there is no way I will ever pay what the Curio Shop is going for on ebay.

    Good luck to all who are still hunting. Be patient and hopefully you’ll get lucky. I was in Kay-Bee toys the Monday before Thanksgiving and they put 6 “A” cases out right in front of me, so I was able to pick up the Helicopter and 2 Pit crews.

    If the stores continue to order the cases as normal after Christmas, I think we’ll find most of these very easy to find within a month of their original release.

    (METROXING: I was going to say that some larger Kohl’s still had the Luigi’s but Ramone’s which was kind of a laggard and was around $22 nearly the entire time but man, once it sold out at the last place I saw – BigBad Toy Store (as noted in our post) – it skyrocketed in price – love or hate eBay – it’s a pretty accurate barometer …).

  117. brenda

    i was wondering if anyone knows if mattel is coming out with the drink hat rv guy? he is my fave. let me know and does anyone have a pic of texas tea?? thanks

    (METROXING: We should more about 2008 after Toyfair – late January).

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  119. Kristin

    Hello, I was just wondering if there are two different versions of the red Mia & Tia’s out there in regards to there “eyes”. Thank You!

    (METROXING: Someone reported it early on but it appears they may have gotten an error one (or they have their own vision problems πŸ˜‰ ) since no one else has seen one like that … it’s not considered a variant but just an error. I deleted it from the checklist).

  120. brenda

    i wanted to know if mattel is coming out with any new mack trucks or any new mack truck variations? and any crushed cars? thanks

    (METROXING: They are coming out with the “damaged” King as a multi-pack later in 2008 but that’s all that’s announced. I think people really want more trailers so hopely Mattel will repond …).

  121. Kieran, UK

    Just want to say that you are doing a great job!! I have a three year old who is obsessed with Cars and your knowledge has helped me work out which ones are available. I am U.K. based, so am using the web to help get him all the more recent versions, and even joined the HotWheels RLC club to get him a factory sealed set! It’s going in the loft for 30 years now!!
    Is there a way you can set up a distribution list to sign up to all your latest updates/wealth of information?
    Thanks for all your efforts!

    (METROXING: I think WordPress has an RSS feed? I do update most of the main CARS posts as we go along. There is a link to “ALL to the Mattel posts” in one post – link above … and I do update the checklist when I can … to check your version, note I put a version number in the comments box).

  122. John F.

    I agree with you Kieran! Metro is the Authority on these diecast cars. So good that people are selling this information on Ebay. I’d be completely lost if I didn’t have this web site. From the looks of things, I’m going to be on the hunt for most of next year. I’ll need to invest in a bigger display case if they keep coming out with all these different variations.

    Good on you Metro!

    (METROXING: Thanks! Hopefully in 2008, Mattel will have worked out all the kinks in their distribution … and yes, we are all going to need a bigger display case).

  123. Charley 2

    Yeah!!! Two weeks ago I got fred, mia/tia and mr. mrs. king. We (target I work at) got a new shipment FINALLY of Movie Moments and there was one RUSTY AND DUSTEEZ! Or however it is spelled. I have to agree with Scott though, this has become my second job. As of right now with the exception of Flea and Flik my son has every single car out. The only way this is possible for me to do is because I work at Target. I can’t imagine how much harder it is for people that have to do more work at finding them. It has gotten to the point that I am ready to give up but my son’s interest hasn’t went away and I think I want them more than he does. We are not collectors by any means, we just like to play with them. But has anyone noticed how some plastic pieces (Such as Sully’s horns and Tex Dinocos sideview mirrors) fall off easily? I had to superglue them on.

  124. Charley 2

    I just saw a response that Flea and Flik are only ava in Canada and the UK? Why is this? And I haven’t seen the Guido Pit crew or the Tom Race Official yet, which are supposed to be out soon. I hope they come out before Christmas so I can get them……Any delays known of? I have yet to see these surface on Ebay so they must not have been released yet…

    (METROXING: The MM shipment with Flea & Flik has been pushed back to Jan/Feb in the US – box D should ship in the next two weeks …).

  125. Eric Marshall

    Hello, I’ve seen on a few Cars checklist that there is a Car called Texas Tea? Does anyone have any info or pics of this piece. Thanks.

    (yea, not real – just to see who might be copying our checklist verbatim … map makers and directory publishers do it also …)

  126. Scott

    This the greatest site. Thanks for all the info.

  127. scott

    i have a hamm without the eyes painted on any idea what its worth

    (METROXING: If you do an ebay search on error with Disney mattel CARS or some variant on that – there are collectors who love error cars but it’s not a huge windfall πŸ˜‰ unless the whole thing is painted the wrong color or something …).

  128. brenda

    i wanted to know if mattel is coming out with any ltd cars that light up and the peterbuilt truck??? and dirt track tj??

    (METROXING: No new word for 2008 – Mattel did hint there might be new trailers – most likely all plastic like Mack but that’s about it …).

  129. Nancy

    Any possibility of the train being released? My son is addicted to the Cars and loves trains. I had to paint a Lionel set to match what is in the movie, similar to making your own Frank. But wouldn’t the cross-promo, (more money to be made) be an incentive to Mattel to put one out?!

    (METROXING: I think the reason there wasn’t a tie in was that people are surprised by the longevity of CARS so there’s always hope they can put a deal together now but maybe too much time has passed … the toy train companies are all smaller and may not be able to put together a large enough commitment (ie: royalties) to interest Disney/Pixar – it might take a few more years when the (presumed) sequel comes out … but because the toy train companies are smaller, it could be one of those things that just suddenly appears because people don’t track their rumors as closely as we do with toys or electronic games … so it’s great you made a set already!).

  130. startug

    Case D has now shipped Metroxing, just letting you know so you can post it up soon.

  131. Hi, besides ebay, how can I buy these cars by the case?

    (METROXING: Read our I WANT TO BUY BUT WHERE POST, our new sponsor Children’s Toy Closet is offering boxes from $48-$60 …)

  132. brenda

    why is dale jr so hard to find?? every case has all the new cars but no dale jr. why is he so hard to get?

    (METROXING: Partially because everyone – even people who are not CARS collectors want it – Dale Jr. sells 25% of all NASCAR gear … so it depends on where you live (in NASCAR’s more popular southwest corner of the US?) – so anytime he appears on the shelf, someone grabs it. WM recently got a giant special holiday shipment with some Dale’s in addition to the last shipment but note, Dale Jr., will not re-appear until the middle of 2008 so it’s not going to get much easier – sorry!)

  133. brenda

    this is for cakes the only place you can buy the cases is they have all the new 2008 cases and 2008 movie moments

    (METROXING: Check out WHERE TO BUY post for a listing of several places to choose including others with 10-25% lower prices than 1StopDiecast).

  134. SCOTTY T

    I ordered cases D and E on Evilbay. I paid $55 for each case and $14.95 for shipping. I think I got a decent deal. If you go to Evilbay and want to buy a case, try to stay away from the high “Buy It Now” option. Sellers are getting stuck with cases because alot of them have older cars and only maybe 5 new ones. If you watch and wait, have patience, the prices will go down after about two months. I know everyone wants to be the first to get the new cars. Why spend $20 on a new car as soon as it comes out, when you can wait alittle while and get it at cost! As I stated in a previous post, the bigger Walmarts get the new cases pretty fast. The problem I have is, the Walmart where I can get the cars asap is about 30 miles away. I now have every car (54,with more coming), Mack x5,Blu-Ray Dinoco,2006 Master Set,Walmart, Target, Bj’s,ToysRus,Sams Club box sets,Halloween,Easter,Chirstmas,Mater bowling,all four playsets (Radiator Springs Curio Shop etc;)and all race tracks. The only thing missing from my collection is the Townies box set and the Flik and Flea double set. I am thinking about making a New Years resolution and stop collecting. Do you think I will have Disney Pixar Cars withdrawals?

    (METROXING: That’s pretty impressive Scotty, you are dedicated … well, I can’t speak for you but I can tell that once I commit, my rationale is always, I’ve come this far … I know, that doesn’t help you much … ;-| … I think the bottom line is that as long the collecting is still fun … and in the case of CARS, it’s pretty hard to argue against this line since they’ve done such a nice job … there are others where the sculpts or design isn’t that great but you can’t remember why you started πŸ™‚ … so good luck in your decision … I would give you advice but in case it turns out bad, I don’t want you to come to my house and pull all the tires off my CARS πŸ™‚ …)

  135. Jill

    Hey Brenda, I found Dale Jr. @ Walgreens a couple of weeks ago! I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited!!!
    Hey Metro, I am trying to find the Piston Pace Car at Walmart but haven’t seen it or about three others. The only ones I have seen are TJ, Ghostlight Ramone, and the Blimp. Any ideas?
    Love your website, thank you!

    (METROXING: Yes, for some odd reason, they re-stocked the first wave plus it’s also part of the Sam’s Club pack but as for ones in wave 2 – much harder to find … though the Pace Car (now also called Charlie Checker) is part of a 3-pack that’s coming – see our post on WHAT’S IN STORES NOW).

  136. Jill

    Woops, wrong car name! I meant to say the Tom Race Official.

    (METROXING: Tom Race Official should just be arriving in the stores).

  137. Jill

    Okay so there is one called the Pace car! I thought so my sister told me it was the Tom Race Official! Thank you for your info!

    (METROXING: Yes, they do look a little similiar since they are mostly yellow with blue especially in the tiny photos but side by side, you can tell the difference).

  138. 007adan

    Hello, I am an avid collector and have found that alot of hard to find cars are actually in the stores, you just have to look a bit. At Toysrus the employees like to hide them in the overhead storage bins above the displays, just lift these up and you will be suprised at what you find. At walmart Try looking all the way down on the floor, some stores have a 6 inch gap from the floor to the bottom display shelf where employee’s are hiding these harder to find cars. I have also had luck looking a shelf over or underneath where people are hiding cars.
    Good Luck with this Tip

  139. brenda

    ok we are in florida 12 minutes from disney … when is dale jr coming to florida??? what case is he in??? he is usually in ohio las vegas or new jersey. also what case is mia tia tom race and pit crew guido in??

    (METROXING: Dale is included in a special WM Christmas allotment, in larger stores, it’s all in a giant green (?) pallet bin … Dale was also part of shipment B which went out last month. Unless he is added to another shipment, he won’t be back until summertime. Mia & Tia (red ones) went out two months ago but stores are still putting it out. Tom Race & PC Guido should be hitting the stores this week for places that have not received ut yet. Good luck! CARS are available at the DW but are $6 and there’s no guarantee …).

  140. brenda

    thanks so much we have friends at disney who call us to let us know what they have we get a discount with our season passes will keep an eye out also what case is flea and flic in??

    (METROXING: Flea & Flik aren’t available in the US until Spring – though if you have any Canadian friends, they can look for you in Canada).

  141. Bill

    At a WM here in NC the other day I found 3 Supercharged U cases which each had 1 Junior. These were with a shipment of M1054 WOC cases. It’s strange. I live about 20 min. from Dale Jrs. house and I see the Junior Cars alot. The WM Christmas display was a step in the right direction but you would think that out of 40 Cars they would have included more than 1 Junior. Hope you find one.

  142. brenda

    thanks bill that was so sweet

  143. brenda

    hey who is vinni?? lawrence let me know thanks

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  146. JMOMMA

    Was christmas shopping and was like a kid when I finally found Fred, PC Fillmore, PC Doc, Dale Jr. and the helicopter. I actually found a few in Walgreens.

  147. Maria

    What’s the deal with Target not carrying the Cars anymore? Anyone know why? Funny I was just at Target today and there were no individual or duo packs there and the space where they used to be is filled with other toys. The little sign above where they were is also gone. As if it isn’t hard enough to find them!

    (METROXING: That’s a little more extreme than most, I would say that in 70% of Target’s in my area, there have either ZERO CARS or 2 – usually Boost and Lizzie but the pegs are all still there … I also noticed the Hot Wheels pegs are also COMPLETELY EMPTY so it might just be really poor ordering on Target’s part or maybe they are mad at Mattel or Mattel had warehouse problems or a combo of all three – yea, not exactly smart depending on who is to blame …).

  148. brenda

    hey guys how can you buy the test mold cars?? (fred blu ray mcqueen gold mia tia)?? thanks and merry christmas

    (METROXING: Mattel usually tries to keep a hold on them – either saving them or making sure they are destroyed. Sometimes they are legally given away to employees but usually, they make it out some back door – usually overseas … where Mattel’s controls are less stringent).

  149. brenda

    is mattel coming out with the dirt track doc hudson?? its doc with the red rims and dirt on the sides so it is the same as dirt track mcqueen.

    (METROXING: In fact, it’s already out – it’s part of one of the 3-packs … red rims, no dirt …)

  150. brenda

    any way mattel is coming out with the leaves mcqueen? it is lookalike to bug mouth mcqueen so its mcqueen with leaves

    (METROXING: Nothing yet but why not πŸ™‚ )

  151. KristieD22

    Just an FYI, if you don’t already have it, visit the Target website and they are clearing out the eight pack of cars…(Lightning McQueen, King, Chick Hicks, Leak Less, Vinyl Toupee, Octane Gain, No Stall and Nitroade.)

    (METROXING: Thanks, I’ll update the post. Here’s the link, $23.99 )

  152. EM

    For some reason the Wal-Marts in Colorado (I get to hit four superWMs on my drive to work) tend to get the new cases pretty late. On the 24th, three of the four had overflowing pegs, but by the assortment, it was clearly case B (and I have still not seen a C). Freds and Dale Jrs galore and no Guido or Tom. The good news is that they all still have 20-24 pegs dedicated to CARS. The Targets in the area have drastically scaled back their pegs for CARS. I can’t figure it out.

  153. nitroTODD

    I have been spending a lot of time lately looking for new cars recently myself. I have also spent a lot of time talking with store employees. Here’s what I know. Target is not reducing their CARS selection, they are having trouble obtaining their supply. It seems WM has successfully shown that their contract must be filled before others are supplied. Target is left waiting for shipments that never arrive. Mattel is struggling to get supplies to Target and has missed several deadlines in part due to shipping problems and in part due to problems related to recalls.

    WalMart has different stores! Apparently, all WalMarts are not created equal. I live near a supply warehouse and some WalMart Super Centers are not all that Super! Stores are classified based upon sales and the area they reside. Stores in affluent areas will have a wider selection and better stock. Stores in poorer neighborhoods, especially those with 5 finger discount problems, receive less merchandise and limited supply. This comes from a regional director, albeit disgruntled. The current sale at some WM’s (CARS for $2.97) is to reduce inventory for the incoming onslaught of boxes.

    If your in the Disney/Orlando area, then go to Downtown Disney and the World of Disney. In the Pirate room they have a small shelf of CARS, but the latest and newest CARS. The Once Upon a Toy store has the common cars only. I have found the Pit Crews, Helicopter, Darrell Cartrip, and others only at the World of Disney. The price is $6.00 for each, but with an annual pass you save 10%. They have Box D in with orders not to open until the first of the year. Also, they are only opening the lettered boxes in order when the other lettered boxes are out.


    (METROXING: Lots of great info – thanks! I was wondering why Targets had all these empty pegs – I knew there was a reason they weren’t taking down pegs but I just chalked it up to shipping glitches – the two Targets nearby are even empty of Hot Wheels!)

  154. Bill

    You are absolutely correct about the different WM stores. I live near about 7 or 8 WM within a 30 mile radius. One store, which is in the top 60 in toy sales among all WM in the US, gets the new stuff in 4 to 8 weeks sooner than any of the other stores in this area. TRU stores in this area are also very different when it comes to availability. However this seems to be as a result of employee poachers picking out the new stuff. Same problem with 1 Target in the area.
    Happy New Year!

  155. KristieD22

    I agree about the Walmarts. I hit one on the way home last night and scored 7 new cars. I got 4 of the mini adventure set and 3 of the Pit Row Racers. I’ve never seen any of these at the Super Walmart nearest to me.

  156. Danielle

    are all of the mini cars out yet? i have 6,but have not seen the one with the fire truck.

    (METROXING: Check our new MINI ADVENTURES post – most current post).

  157. EM

    Can I ask where people are generally finding the Minis and the 3-packs? As I said above , I hit several WMs almost daily and none even has pegs for these. I also regularly go to one area Target and it does not either. There is a TRU, but I have not been there in months. Is that a better bet?

    (METROXING: I think people have only seen them in TRU & WM – though of course, it all depends on your area stores – from shipping to scalpers to poor merchandiscing …)

  158. brenda

    hey guys i got back from disney today and FINALLY FOUND DALE JR!! there was only 1 in the case

  159. brenda

    any news about the low rider ramones?? let me know thanks

  160. Brush

    EM, I picked up three 3-packs today at Target. Had the ones with dirt track doc, charlie checker (pace car?), and lightning ramone. They also had a ton of minis including a race set I hadn’t seen before. I’ve seen the minis at the big three (WM, TRU, TGET. Good luck!

  161. croukie

    Hello Brush, have at home also a few 3-packs with Charlie Checker (Pace Car) and he has in stead of red rear lights dark yellow rear lights. Anybody else who noticed that? I live in Belgium.

  162. brenda

    hey where are you in belgium?? because flik and pt flea are where you are so keep in eye out. the pace cars lights are usually silver or clear .usually cars like that are called errors which mean wrong also could be a euro car . like bully is fillmore in german and mater is hook in german.

  163. brenda

    brush where do you live?

  164. croukie

    Hey Brenda, I know it’s an error car, and they came from the US so it’s not a euro car… And Flik and Flea are not in belgian stores yet. Will take a while I think…

  165. brenda

    em the walmart here has gotten cases late too. but i found 7 pit crew docs 7 pit crew fillmores and 4 heilpocter. the world of cars shipment got in pretty early too. the mini sets got early too but are gone and sold out. now at wal mart all there is green ramones and mcqueens. soon they should get better cases for 08 but find out soon and disney has all sallys and sheriffs but i found dale jr! take care

  166. Brush

    brenda, I live in the pacific nw. Today I found 9 of the original desert characters at TGT. Must be clearing old backstock for the new year??? I’m also seeing tons of the mini models. Haven’t come across pit guido or tom race yet, but I know they’ve arrived in the area.

  167. brenda

    ok brush . the target in nj was overstocked with many new cars dinoco 400s and all the cars 3 packs (tractor tippin trunerz courtroom crew) wal mart did not get tom or pit guido but has many pit docs and pit fillmores mcqueens and ramones but in the baby isle there is in end cap with many new cars . i found quite new cars such as darrell cartip bob cutlass bug mouth mcqueen and mario andretti also if your in the cars isle look on the other side theres a end cap of more new cars too. the best place to find cars is tru (toys r us) they have the flos v8 cafe and tru exl 2 packs of cars fab hudson hornent and doc and tonque and mcqueen. they have quite the best cars inventory . if you are lookin for dale jr you might not find him untll may 2008 because mattel makes very little of him but i found one in a z case!! the pit row racers should hit the nw soon with tom guido mia and tia ( jan 14)

  168. Graham lee

    Hi, do you think thay Mattel in all their, plans ? will ever get around to doing the Peterbilt lorry or Semi, as you say in the US, is the one that says i’m not a mack i’m a Peterbilt for land sakes, turn your lights on moron, I think he is great

    (METROXING: Yea, it’d be great to get a bunch of the trucks – hopefully, yes … though the big question is plastic at $19 a truck or maybe like $39 for metal?)

  169. david from france

    Concerning Peterbilt, if he’s built ! I hope he will be such as Mack sized!

    Because I have been rather disappointed by the size of T.J Hummer and Dinocco Copter :-s

  170. n.aaron

    I was just got a call from KB Toys telling me that they had Pit Crew Member Guido and Tom Race Offical in. All their diecast vehicles are on sell $3.00 ea. And if you request for certain cars, they will put it on file and call you when they come in. That’s how I’ve been able to get all my son’s diecast. There isn’t enough time in the day to drive from one store to another. lol Hope this helps. Happy New Year!!!

    (METROXING: That’s pretty good service!)

  171. startug

    Oh good, now I can trust them.

  172. n.aaron

    Does anyone know why Wal-mart has all their Movie Moments on clearance? What’s going @ Target, almost all their Cars Products is on clearance as well.

    (METROXING: Most retailers like to sell down as much as they can – they usually take inventory at the end of January … if I had to guess, I’m thinking the retailers are telling Mattel – okay, enough with the MM’s that don’t sell – one reason why Mattel might be transitioning to the gift packs (note they are not called 3-packs) …)

  173. Jill

    I don’t know if any of you have a Cool Cuts (a hair cutting place for kids) but I went to take my boy to get his hair cut and I found Mia & Tia, Rusty & Dusty, Mr. & Mrs. King and The Piston Pace Car. I was in heaven! Now all I need is Flea & Flik. I guess not really considering there are more coming out! Thats what makes hunting them so much fun!!!! Happy New Year to you all!!

    (METROXING: Do they actually sell CARS there or were you next door? πŸ™‚ )

  174. Bill

    Most of the WM in this area are getting ready for inventory in Feb. Knocking .88 off of the MM probably won’t move these as fast as the TGT $5.99 deal this past fall. The WM folks around here say they will not get any more orders of MM until the long term peg warmers are gone. If Mattels answer is to transition to the Gift Packs these are fastly becoming the early 08 peg warmers at TRU and TGT in this area. Mattel needs to realize that all these duplicates will end up just like the MM. I was in one WM this AM who has already done inventory. They had a large end cap with pegs full of WOC singles and 2 large storage tubs in the floor that were both completely full of all of the M1054 D Cars, but no new MM in the store. Also, the area TGT stores each have 100+ Dinoco 400 Sets. My guess is that folks haven’t forgotten the $19.00 special on these the day after Thanksgiving.

  175. n.aaron

    What’s in case M1054D? Any of the new releases?

    (METROXING: 2008 info is here)

  176. Jen

    Ok..So my son who is 4 loves the movie Cars. We bought him his first diecast car about 7 months ago and now this is all he wants. I didn’t know how deep I was getting myself into when I first bought him his first car. Trying to find any of the new cars (the ones that we’re released 5 or 6 months ago is impossible) And now Mattel is comming out with more! I love the treasure hunting trying to find the cars but when your still trying to find the same on for months it is just agravating. And Ebay…I won’t buy them for 5x’s the price.
    I did however come across the new 3 pack “gift pack” today at Target for $13.99. I’m not sure if they we’re to even have the cars on the shelf yet? Because when I took it to check out “item not found”. They did find the price for me and I left with them in hand and with a big smile. Each pack has (1) New car Dirt track Hudson, Lightning Ramone & Charlie Checker a.k.a (piston pace car) I don’t believe you can find these cars in a single pack. (Though you can find The Piston Pace car….This was one of the cars I have been searcing for too) So now my son will end up with another McQueen (he has 7 or 8 of them now) Duplicate Flo, Duplicate Sheriff, Duplicate The King.
    I don’t know how rare these 3 packs are/or going to be but I suggest you check your local store to see if they are in.

  177. GourmetAnarchy

    Went to local TRU and saw that there were about 15-20 V8 Cafe playsets on the shelf.

    Also, at a local Big K, there were a metric buttload of MM, which included Tex/Dinoco McQ, Mr. & Mrs. King and Luigi/Guido/Tractor.

    There were other more common ones like McQ & Sally, Flo & Ramone, Mike & Sully, etc…

    Oddly enough I was able to find Leak Less after not seeing that car for almost 8 months.

  178. n.aaron

    Was @ TRU today and I found… Toys “R” Exclusive Flo’s V8 Cafe Playset on sale for $14.99 and as I was looking up I saw… Lugi’s Casa Della Tires Playset for $19.99 and Radiator Springs Curio Shop Playset for $19.99. Talk about patience. For what I paid for all 3 today, it sure beats going on Evilbay and paying for just 1 playset. So glad the rumors are ture and TRU and Mattle brought back the playsets.
    Could not find any new diecast though. But did get the 6 out 7 of the Mini Adventures set. Has anyone seen “Radiator Springs Fire Department”

    (METROXING: You had a busy day! I do not believe I have seen that particular mini playset but great deal on the 1:55 playsets!)

  179. n.aaron

    How do I know if I am going to get the “Treasure Hunt/Chase Car” Blu-Ray Lighting McQueen when I order the Blu-Ray Version of Disney Pixar Cars? Please help!!! πŸ™‚

  180. brenda

    hey is mattel coming out with the low rider ramones???

    (METROXING: You mean like a hydraulic Ramone that is actually hydraulic?)

  181. brenda

    no a ramone that you pull up and push down low rider style where you can adjust the body

  182. GourmetAnarchy

    This is what my son has so far

    (METROXING: Very nice and no dents or paint scrapes πŸ™‚ )

  183. n.aaron

    Just ordered my Blu-Ray McQueen. So I guess there are a few left. How long do you think it will take to get to me?

  184. KristieD22

    I’m not sure if anyone has brought this up yet, but according to the back of the card, Tom Race Official is actually called Race Official Tom.

  185. jason

    I’m looking for some EMPTY cases. I need 2 empty singles cases and 2 empty Movie Moments cases (ANY WAVE IT DOESN’T MATTER) Can anyone help?

  186. jason i have 2 single cases go to my web site and we can talk this site dont like me putting up my add u can have the cases just pay shipping i live in mass. i love helping my fellow cars collectors in any way i can i could also get the other cases if u r despret. my friend said that he saw that some one needed help keeping up with the cars line and if help is needed please let me know. or

  187. Jen

    Went to my local Walmart. Checked out the shelves for new cars. The shelves we’re still a bit filled, and they didn’t have any new ones to choose from. I was about to leave… Saw an employee stocking shelves in the toy dept. stopped and asked if they had anyother cars. I am soooo glad I asked! He came out of the back room with a new case in hand. He opened it up and I start looking. I found 2 Offical Tom’s and 2 Pit crew Guido. These we’re the only new cars in the case and I grabbed them and hurried to the register very happy.
    I am going to call the store later on today to speak with the manager on how helpful the toy associate was. He could of continued his shelf stocking and said he didn’t have any. But went out of the way for me. First time I’ve had an employee actually go looking for cars. Everytime I go, I usually ask and find that a lot of associates don’t want to be bothered. Very Happy…..
    Waiting for more cars to be released..
    Still on the hunt to find Tia & Mia, Bob Cutlass, Kori, Barney and Dale Jr.

  188. brenda

    i got back from walgreens today and found race official tom. i was in shock to see him there.

    (METROXING: Walgreen’s might be getting more stock – our local one is a tiny Walgreen’s and they had Bob Cutlass …)

  189. brenda

    this is for jen. dale jr is verry hard to find i found one in a case d at disney i was in shock!! mia & tia are on ebay with bob cutlass dale jr kori & barney not expensive either you might want to check out ebay. you can also check out the toy isle in walmart by the plants there are movie moments packs there that mia & tia might be in. good luck

  190. GourmetAnarchy

    I went to Kohl’s today and I came across Luigi’s Casa Della Tire. Thing is, it’s the ORIGINAL it has the 2005 Copyright date on the bottom and came with Luigi, Guido, Sally, LM & Doc.

    Any idea on the value of this? I will be looking @ eBay prices for it. Lemme know.

    (METROXING: A month ago, it migt’ve been worth $60-$80 but now, not much more than the list price since you can buy Luigi’s for $19 though without the 5 CARS … though also, those 5 CARS are not hard to find … so unless someone is trying to get a set of every playset including the Kohl’s only version, I would say right now, it’s worth the least it ever will but if you want to hang onto it – eventually, Luigi’s will be out of stock again …).

  191. n.aaron

    Hi Again… To all of those who are having a hard time finding PC Guido, Race Offical Tom, Dale Jr. Mike Andretti, Darrell Cartrip, Fred, PC Hudson, PC Filmore, and Dinco Helicopter… I was @ KB Toys in Killeen, TX and they had over a dozen of each one plus all the other cars. I have a few extras too if anyone wants to trade. Still waiting for Tow Race Truck, Not Chuck, PC Sarge, Richard C. Kensington. When will they hot the store shelves. Also the Wal-Mart here has now moved all the MM to a clearance isle. Their new floor plan only shows pegs with single cars and mini adventure. What’s up with that?

  192. brenda

    n. aaron the only car i need is pc guido i have tom what are you looking for to make a trade?? email me at thanks so much

  193. brenda

    i got back from wal mart and found 4 new pit row racers mcqueen king nitroade and leakless and i found 3 superchared cars (bling bling ferarri tex) i think they are clearing out the old backstock.check out your local walmarts

    (METROXING Some WM are selling the MM as low as $2 but I believe most reports are that they are selling in the $7 range. 5 Launchers have been released, he only one not out on the shelves that featured on the back of the card is OCTANE GAIN).

  194. brenda

    just to let eveyone know mattel released race tow truck, my name is not chuck and ghostlight blue ramone. you should check your wal marts,

  195. brenda

    hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got back from wal mart and found my name is not chuck. i was in shock to see him there . there was only 1 in the case.

  196. brenda

    i m soooooo happy!!!!!!! i was at walgreens and i saw a manager stocking cars and i asked if he had any cases and he said 1 e case sooo he got it and i opened it and i found race tow truck , ye haw!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. Alison

    Does anyone know if the large RV that is known in the movie as McQueen’s Biggest Fan will come out as a diecast? He’s one of my favorite characters from the movie!

    (METROXING: Everyone is waiting and hoping. Mattel sort of implied we might see more trailers this year so we shall see … Toyfair is next month so we should hear more about 2008).

  198. Alison

    Also, where do you all keep the cars? My son has the racetrack carrying case but we’re searching for something else to hold all the others

  199. brenda

    alison, go onto ebay and punch in custom disneys cars there is a case that holds up to 73 cars. good luck with this tip,

    (METROXING: You can add a link (as long as it’s not your auction πŸ˜‰ … if it is your auction, just drop us a note first).

  200. brenda

    no the girl who is selling this is not me. she is in nc i am in fl. thanks

  201. brenda

    when is dudley spare coming out??? hes octain gains pit crew

    (METROXING: As usual, he’s out but most shipments won’t hit until the last week of January/first week of February).

  202. brenda

    i got back from wal mart and found red mia & tia & dinoco mia & tia. i could not beleve it!!!

    (METROXING: You’ve hit one lottery – better try another one! πŸ™‚ )

  203. brenda

    which other ones are released besides dudley spare??

    (METROXING: Well, we’re crossing our fingers that Mattel doesn’t make any more changes – if not, Box F should be a doozy!

    Dinoco Crew Chief (2), Dudley Spare (Octane Gain Pitty) (2), My Name is Not Chuck, Race Official Tom, Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van) (2?), Tow (Piston Cup Tow Truck) & Trunk Fresh Crew Chief (2)

    Could it BE that good? Hard to say but here’s to wishing, hoppin’ and prayin’!)

  204. Neal

    Do you have all the cars you have photos of on your flickr page. If so how did you get them?

  205. croukie

    I wish I had!!! It’s not my page, I posted it so that everybody can enjoy…

  206. Collector by marriage

    I was just wondering if you knew anything about the twin packs that are from the disney online shopping site? The pack has two cars and then two collector cards. It says on the cards 2 of 12, 1 of 12.
    That means there is 12 in the set correct? The back of the package only shows ten. We currrently have

    3/12 Mater
    4/12 Sally

    5/12 Ramone
    6/12 Flo

    7/12 Doc Hudson
    8/12 Fillmore

    the package also shows

    Lightning McQueen & The King
    Sheriff & Sarge

    I looked on ebay and found the Sheriff & Sarge but didn’t see anything of lightning McQueen…and to my calculations that is only ten cars. Not twelve. what are the other two cars?

    Do you know? Or does anyone else know?

    (METROXING: For other readers, these are the 1:64 scale cars and NOT the Mattel 1:55 scale CARS).

  207. Juan

    Can I use your pics?

    (METROXING: I believe they actually belong to that user on FLICKR. You can check the license choice – the normal setting is “all non-commercial use” is okay with credit but they might’ve selected something more restriction – however if you link back to it – you should be fine).

  208. brenda

    just to let eveyone know wm reduced the mm to $5.00

  209. Alison

    Just wanted to thank Brenda for her posting about the cars organizer that was on ebay. I purchased the system of 5 cases and my son and I are having a blast putting all his cars in them. finally, something to keep them organized!

  210. brenda

    alison! i am sooooooo happy you got it! i knew you would love it!!! i will keep you posted on any other neat finds!

  211. brenda

    i got back from wal mart today and found the pit crew member guido, new mini set of flo & ramone and the 3 pack with lightning ramone. check your wal marts

  212. Kdippong22

    We just got back from a road trip and being from the midwest, we checked a lot of the Walmarts and Targets along the way. We were disappointed to not find anything different, being as we’ve heard and read that they get most of the new releases first. While I was rereading this page, it said that some of the piston cup racer have been released already. I haven’t seen any of them, so where do you find them? And as for the minis, I can’t seem to find Red and Doc Hudson anywhere. Any siting of that set yet?

    (METROXING; Don’t forget to read the 2008 page and what’s in the stores post … Tow Gap and Gasirin have just hit but not only are your odds slim, they haven’t arrived most anywhere yet. It seems WM’s are either empty and waiting for the exclusives?? or finally re-stocking the older boxes … as for Target, not sure what their excuse is … and Red & Doc are just hitting the shelves …).

  213. Kdippong22

    Walmart sure was waiting for exclusives. I went today and found another display, similiar to their last exclusive releases. One side was mini adventure set, another was the actual minis, another was the three packs, and then finally single cars. We scored My Name Is Not Chuck and Tow. The exclusives were the mini packs. We found Red Lightning Ramone & Flo, Camo Doc Hudson & Sheriff, Black and white Fillmore & Sarge, and Yellow Lightning McQueen and red and white Mater.

  214. Daniel

    does anyone have the hudson hornet with silver rims. i found mine at a local LONGS for 2 bucks……

  215. brenda

    i think i figured out the last car that is missing. its tire share#35 he is seen in the crash talking to octane gain . he is blue & white with light blue flames

    (METROXING: I’ll check it out – you have an exact time?)

  216. Kdippong22

    For anyone unaware yet, Target has already released their Easter collection. They are three sets of mini adventures. Something caught our eye though, unlike the previous sets Target has released, Ramone & Flo eggs come in either blue or green eggs, as well as Lightning McQueen & Mater. Sarge & Fillmore can only be found in red eggs. I haven’t seen any previous eggs where they come in two different colors. I don’t know if it’s really anything or just more randomness to it all.

    Also, is the box lists on this page going to be updated to reflect the changes made by Mattel on Feb 1, 2008?

    (METROXING: Lots of changes – guess I should point that out for people still reading this old post … For the CARS mini – check the front page)

  217. Amanda

    Hi folks. I have a stupid question. I am a mom, and my 3 year old is collecting cars to PLAY with. So we really don’t care what version they are or what card they came off of. I went though the entire list and made my own list (including the new stuff) and came up with 139 individual cars. Now I know some are CALLED something else, some come in different packs etc. We just want a complete set and we don’t care how they come. Complete means each different version of a car, but not two IDENTICAL cars just because their card has a different name. I even buy hard to find cars off ebay without a card. So does anyone know, if you counted each car they have released or that is currently releasing, how many are there? We counted each color Ramone as an individual car (since they are different), and obviously PC cars are different than regular.

    In fact, if anyone wants to look over my list and help me correct it I would be really grateful. My email is
    the list is in a microsoft excel spreadsheet.

    (METROXING: Not a dumb question – it is confusing – have you looked at our checklist/spreadsheet? If you’re just starting out, read this post & follow the link to EditGrid – if you’re further along as you are, read this post & link to EditGrid).

  218. Amanda

    Thank you, I looked at the posts and the Opener list. I notice it has 91 cars on it… BUT
    My list has like 141 or something, so where did I get the extra 50 cars? For example, my “other” mom picked up some cars yesterday for us, I haven’t seen them yet. But she said it was “Dinoco Tia and Mia” which i would assume are blue and I didn’t see them on the list. Mr. and Mrs. The King. Is The King the same as the Mr. The King that will be in that package when it arrives?
    Also, on the Opener list the other Race cars from the movie aren’t listed, but you have them in one of your posts here somewhere. Is that because they aren’t available as of now? Another example that is listed as being released now is Cora/Kathy Copter, but she isn’t on the Opener list. Elvis RV seems to be in a list of cars coming out now/soon but again, she’s not on the Opener list. I included ALL of the cars I can find named on my list, even if they aren’t available now, they exist somewhere right?
    Uggg I am so confused!
    But seriously, if you happen to have 5 minutes to spare and could look at my list and see what I am doing wrong I would be grateful. I just made the list for a message board group of a few mamas like me, we just want a play collection.
    Yours entire blog here is a wealth of information that we all refrence to a LOT, lol.
    Now if we can just find some of those hard to find cars. For instance, I looked forever for Darrell Cartrip and Fred, finally got them but somehow ended up with 2 (ordered off ebay but never heard from seller so thought I got ripped off and bought them in the store, then they arrived) so now I have an extra of each and now its ALL I can find in the stores, so I can’t even find anyone to trade them with!
    Oh one last question, does anyone know if they will be making a Cars 2 movie?
    So if you do have the time to take a peek at my list its

    Thanks so much!

    (METROXING: Send me the list at metroxing (at) … but if you go to the Editgrid spreadsheet, you’ll also see a TAB for BY NAME & PACKAGING, you can see where many releases are simply the same even though they are in different packaging. Yes, the list could be slightly updated which I will do tonight but I don’t believe there’s more than a few to add to it. The list does NOT include items until they are released – just like this past month & next month, Mattel has pulled 5-6 new releases from the boxes … the 2008 SEALED BOX list does list everything announced but that is just it – just announced. Until the shipments are confirmed, we try and hold off listing it on the checklist. Each spreadsheet page also has a “version” number top left – see the red tab dot? That tells you if you’re current. The opener list is at 2.6 but I’ll update it 2.7 by tonight. Then it will cover everything that is out in the U.S. if you open it … so for instance, Charlie Checker is listed twice because there are two versions – one with yellow tail lights and one with red – whether you choose to collect that or not is your choice … for instance, Lightning McQueen has been re-released over 15 TIMES if you count all the box sets! Not kidding! Lightning McQueen has not changed since the first release from the first day so if it says Lightning McQueen, it’s exactly the same CAR (see our post on I BOUGHT ONE, NOW WHAT) so on the opener list, he’s only listed once … of course, if it reads Bling Bling McQueen, he has his own line … hope that helps but go ahead and email me your list …Also read our post our thoughts on CARS2).

  219. Kdippong22

    Amanda, stay away from Ebay. You may have to wait a little longer to get them on the store shelves, but you won’t end up paying 4 times more than the car is at the stores plus the $6 shipping. We have almost every car available to date and haven’t purchased a single one from Ebay.

  220. Amanda

    Oh the ones I buy from ebay are from a certain vendor only… I get a better deal than if I went to buy it in the store since the nearest walmart is down a mountain from me πŸ™‚ I don’t just buy from anyone, lol.
    Thank you so much, off to study more!

  221. Alison

    I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong area but does anyone know where I can get (online) one of those play mats/rugs? I see them on Ebay and they are called something like DISNEY PIXAR CARS PLAY RUG/MAT and they are 39 x 52″, however I don’t want to spend $25-$30 plus shipping on it. Stores in my area don’t have them and neither do websites for walmart, target, TRU, Kohls.
    thanks!, Alison

    (METROXING: The play rug is pretty weak if you ask me – it’s basically a random drawing of a town & roads with stylized representations of King & LM weaved in – all and all, I think kind of weak and I would presume much more effort required for a kid to push a CAR around the carpet pile versus the flat playmat – of course, for me the biggest problem is it’s not in scale. The playmat is at least in scale and has roads with the town represented … two links above are for Amazon (playrug is 3rd party seller & note – for playmat, you get Crusin’ McQueen & not Sheriff as pictured).

  222. GourmetAnarchy

    My local Kmart has these on sale for $13 or $14. Came with plastic Sally and McQueen that come apart, and the wheels don’t move.

  223. Alison

    Thanks for the info. Good to know.

  224. brenda

    i wanted to know if mattel is coming out with the new amp # 88 dale jr, he is green & white with amp decals, 88,and the 2nk one is blue & white , national guard , 88, also, is mattel making conehead sally?? p.s. i think tar mcqueen is a dirt track coverted with tar on his body & wheels,

    (METROXING: The Dale Jr. question is an interesting one. I would guess that he would only be available as a red 8 since that’s what he wears/is in the movie … since if you had done a movie with the real Dale Jr about his life in say, 2004 – you wouldn’t go back and replace him with his current car but as we noted, how much longer does Mattel have a license to sell a red #8 car? Was it a “forever” license since the license is with Dale Jr and not Budweiser or DEI? (I’m presuming Dale Jr. pays DEI a little something with each check he gets from Mattel?) … yea, Tar McQueen is McQueen with tar … no word on Sally, it would make sense but oddly, Mattel seems to content to re-sell us the same Sally since 2006).

  225. brenda

    yes, i think mattel will stick with the red 8, i was thinking about frank, maybe mattel will make a mini set of frank & tractor? , the frank that comes with the tractor tipping set is about the size as a mini car, maybe they will make a movie moments set of frank ,mcqueen ,and mater?? , or maybe tractor tipping with mcqueen, mater & frank?? , tires mcqueen might be a mcqueen with barb wire and 2 tires on his eyes & in his mouth,?? ,is mattel making a painting luigi & guido with green paint rollers ?? ( luigi washes the window) ( guido paints the wall outside) maybe a gholstlight mater with the lantern??

    (METROXING: The only problem with Frank in scale is he would not fit a MM pack – he would have to come in a separate box. Tires McQueen is definitely coming late summer – no word on new Luigi, Guido or Ghostlight Mater but none of those versions would surprise me πŸ™‚ )

  226. William Rea

    hey there, I recently got very lucky when I was at Mervyn’s dept. store in Upland, CA. and was looking for a new shirt when I noticed they had a toy dept. and lo and behold there was: Dale Earnhardt, Bob Cutlass, Mario Andretti, Yeti and Hamm, 5 which I couldn’t find anywhere except on ebay but wasn’t really willing to shell out the $ for them (my 4 yr. old son is the one who collects them and plays with them, so it’s basically just trying to get all of the cars, not interested in which wave or year they came out on) so I was happy with my $20 receipt for 5 very sought after cars πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: Nice score!)

  227. brenda

    what date is the team leakless 3 pack & the trunk friesh pit row race off coming out?? i got the email that all abord toys got in yeti, tom race, pc guido , dale eanhardt jr, ( red 8) cutlass , cartrip, andretti, fred, not chuck, dudley spare, mr & mrs king , rusty & dusty , red & dinoco mia & tia,

    (METROXING: Coming in Box E of the Gift Packs – probably early April … our 2008 post is here).

  228. brenda

    i have to say about target, the target in sparta nj was overstocked with a ton of new cars , they were falling off the pegs, and the 3 packs ( tunerz, tractor tipping, court room crew & the dinoco 400 sets)

  229. thanddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  230. brenda

    is mattle making the pit row race off : vinyl toupee , nostall, dale jr, dinoco mcqueen & chick hicks? , i got lucky today to find : dudley spare, charlie checker ( yellow lights) mini set with sally & fillmore, & pit row race off chick hicks (:)

    (METROXING: Well, we saw Trunk Fresh displayed in a No Stall blister – so perhaps that’s how Mattel is going to go, buy 36 racers in a HWC exclusive for $250 or buy them individually with a luancher for $7.99 each? Maybe that’s the plan).

  231. GourmetAnarchy

    Funny, I too found Dudley Spare and Charlie Checker today.

    I could have even picked up 2 sets of Gold Mia & Tia but I didn’t have the money.

  232. Jon

    The comment on Jan 24 by Croukie shows all these custom Mcqueens. Does anyone actually know how they get the stickers off so that they can repaint them, then stick them back on? Or do you think they scrape the stickers off, paint the car then apply new stickers? It would be fun to paint up some duplicates, but how do they do it?!


    (METROXING: That guy has factory access. I suspect for most people, it’s much harder work. I would guess you have to replicate all the tampo decals and then soaking off the current ones, strip off the old piant and repaint the shell. There are some instruction websites around along with books on how they do it … but I’ve never tried so good luck!)

  233. brenda

    jon, i make custom cars & sell them on ebay, when i paint i paint around the numbers, it takes time but you can do it, what are you looking for?? i also make custom cards too, soon i will have on ebay , jeff gordon fred, jeff gordon doc, earnie irvin darrell cartrip, earnie irvin ramone, # 98 fingerhut mario andretti , #16 keystone beer mcqueen, # 33 skoal leakless, # 42 coors light silver bullet rpm, email me at

  234. brenda

    i was thinking about the train, maybe mattle will make a set like mack of the train with the cargo backs??? or a mini set of the train & mcqueen? with the tracks?? it would have to be eletric with a button you press to make it move & have the horn honk with a lancher that makes mcqueen jump in front. tires mcqueen might be a plain mcqueen with the cruisin or flo wheels on it ? or maybe mcqueen with the painting tape on at ramones? what about stanley? is mattle making a die cast stanley that goes with lizzie? and i thought of mario andretti with the red rims he wears/uses them in the movie,

  235. brenda

    i was thinking about the train, maybe mattle will make a set like mack of the train with the cargo backs? or a mini set of the train & mcqueen with the tracks?? it would have to be eletric with a button you press to make it move & have the horn honk with a lancher that makes mcqueen jump in front, tires mcqueen might be a plain mcqueen with the cruisin or flo wheels on it? or mcqueen with the painting tape on at ramones?? what about stanley?? is mattle making a die cast stanley that goes with lizzie? & i thought of mario andretti with the red rims he wears/uses them in the movie,

    (METROXING: Well, technically Stanley is always just a statue in the film or was there a flashback where Stanley was still “alive?” …)

  236. Alison

    I just have to share…after months of not seeing any new CARS at my Super Walmart, I stopped there this am and lo and behold they had
    Dale Earnardt Jr
    My Name is Not Chuck
    Dirt Track McQueen
    Dinoco Chick
    and the Tow truck (I think he’s just called Tow!)
    πŸ™‚ happy day, happy day

    (METROXING: See … All you have to do is come back everyday to look πŸ™‚ (well πŸ™‚ for them). )

  237. I don’t think this is entirely true. You can’t modify

  238. Bill

    Why in the world is Mattel putting Al Oft Blimp in case M. Our area WMs have tons of them on the pegs. At one store I counted 10 pegs completely full of Blimps. This store has no room for new cases because of the Blimps. I understand that Mattel is intentionally “slowing” the Cars line to help launch Speedracer but come on people, give us a little something. The Cars buyers have been pretty good to you for 2 years. I also heard that there is serious consideration being given to dropping the Movie Moments and keeping the Gift Packs as the multi-packs.

    (MET: In NorthernCal, I have not seen a blimp on card since January and before that, very few blimps – Ghostlight Ramone seems to be only pegwarmer and maybe just a couple).

  239. jackdaddy2008

    You could sell those blimps over here in the uk in a couple of days at $6 – $10 a time!

    They have never come out over here.

  240. Bill

    I guess everyones not loaded up on Blimps like we are here in the SE. Ghostlight is the next biggest peg warmer at WM. I was in TGT today and they had 1 Dinoco McQueen, 1 Fillmore, and the rest of the pegs were full of Green & Yellow Ramone. TGT is almost out of MM. They have the price reduced again to $6.49. WM has MM scattered all over the toy dept. on side kicks. Mostly Mike & Sully & Buzz & Woody. But, Speedracer is selling really well. I guess we’ll have to be patient while Mattel makes some “new money” and tries to start a new craze. At least I had a MM F Case show up today.

  241. jackdaddy2008

    Ghostlight is rare here too selling for $10 on ebay uk, plus postage! I haven’t seen one in the shops, just like Chuki and Lightning Ramone.

    We have he same problem with Yellow and green Ramone though, they really need to swipe them off the shelves and melt them. Its bad PR to have so many of one item, looks like they just don’t care.

    3 stores I went to on Thursday and went back to today hadn’t sold a thing in diecast cars! I asked the staff!

    The UK is sooooooooooooo bad for collecting.

  242. I carry the Dale Jr cars, if you’re still looking for them.

  243. whatever

    If anyone is interested at all currently has Flea and Flik and Gasprin and Tow Cap…. Hope everyone that needs these can get them….

    Here are the website to order from:

  244. Hello
    My son is CARS crazy. I was very impressed by the list on this website (wordpress) and very very interested in the possibility of purchasing whole boxes….I have a registered business name and was wondering if anyone new the legal/contract side to purchase the boxes direct at wholesale prices?? Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

    (MET: The best pricing is of course if you set up an account with Mattel. There is a minimum of a few thousand per quarter you need to purchase so if that’s something you’re interested, just go to the website and click on the Business2Business area. If you’re more interested in just buying a few cases here and there, you can’t wrong with our sponsor, Children’

  245. John

    They are going to be selling lightning storm mcqueen’s in factory sealed boxes??? Does that mean that the SDCC one’s aren’t worth squat??

    thanks MET!

    (MET: Well, the next release of LS McQ will be on blister cards (presumably) but not limited (presumably) IF it ever gets another release …).

  246. John

    so does that mean that the ls mcq from sdcc are considered limited releases? does that mean all the speedway of the south cars such as apple car are limited releases regardless of whether or not they will be rereleased?


    (MET: Maybe this post will help?)

  247. GB Cedillo

    What is so special about the Speedway of the South Cars compared to the Dinoco 400 pack?

    Does Octane Gain, No Stall or Vinyl have different markings/extra markings/smaller a bit?

    I’ve got all 3 from the Dinoco 400 pack. Thanks!

  248. bobby

    i have all of the cars but i dont have the new dale jr 88 one… i met dale the other day & had my 1;24 scale dew impala signed on the hood, but looking for a 88 can be hard, i think the speedway of the south is not worth your money… id pay my bills…

  249. sue

    john… my cars set i had to give to a friends son… so go collect the cars… i have a question,, how come there is not a ac-delco logo on leakless?? ( in the busch series kenny schrader drove the #52 ac delco car)) maybe my mistake…

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