UK iPhone Launch To Cost Serious Poundage


Nov. 9 in Britain will be a retailer’s day to remember. Apple has announced that will be the day they offer their iPhone to the public. The price set for the retail sale is GBP 269 (USD 537). Ouch!

Plus, users will have to sign an 18-month contract (no 12 month option I guess) at GBP 35 and GBP 55 per month to use it (which converts to USD 70 and USD 110 per month). There is a limit: 1,400 internet pages as part of fair usage agreement. Stingy, what?

uk iphone rates

The 8GB device will run on the O2 network, and customers who switch to O2 will be able to keep their old phone numbers.

Asked why the device was more expensive in Britain , Mr. Jobs said: “The majority is, of course, the VAT. The US price doesn’t include any sales tax and the UK price does. That is the majority of the difference. Then there is a little bit more because it is more expensive to do business here.”

Apple would not confirm how long its contract with O2 would remain exclusive (anyone over the pond know?).

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