Steve Jobs Can Now Erase That Pesky Woz From His Photo Collection

This video blew me away. Can you imagine Mac users getting this resident on their Powerbooks? All I can say is, “Gimme!”  Seamless reality distortion is now a reality!

“Seam Carving For Content Aware Image Resizing”…It may be so cool from a personal usage standpoint but it is downright disturbing to know that some of the first buyers of this type of technology will certainly be the MSM and perhaps even governments and rich celebrities.

What the heck is seam carving…? It is a type of digital manipulation where you can carve entire people out of images with almost zero distortion left behind.

For example: Have some really cool photos in France with your ex-spouse but want to keep the images without that person? No sweat. Fire up this software and, POOF!, they will be gone as if never there. Your memories of hell in France are transformed into the cool solo trip to Paris. Voila! C’est magnifique!

The two presenters mentioned in this presentation at SIGGRAPH 2007 are Shai Avidan of Mitsubishi Electrical Research Lab and Ariel Shamir of The interdisciplinary Center & MERL.

I first Stumbled across this video on the DailyMotion website in French and then searched for it on YouTube so the ogre at the gates of WordPress would let me embed the video file.

Anyone else out there know about this stuff? Is there any way to keep the folks in Redmond as far away from this as possible? Heh.

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  1. FYI, you can embed DailyMotion videos here at —
    TIZMANIAN: Thanks for the tip, Barry!

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