Mattel Pixar Cars: All the Piston Cup CARS-Speedway of the South Box Set (2008 Update – Coming Soon!)

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57 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars: All the Piston Cup CARS-Speedway of the South Box Set (2008 Update – Coming Soon!)

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  2. These cars are great! I barely can’t choose which one is the coolest…..THey are all really great! Tnx for sharing these wonderful pictures…

  3. Yo has anyone seen the Dinoco 400 8 pack on Ebay? it has 3 of the new piston cup racers in it!
    I got the hook up and have one right here, not sure how to chare a pic but check ebay they are sweet!
    Apparently it is a Target Exclusive

    (METROXING: Dinoco pic at end of this post …).

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  5. Oh dear god I have to get & need all of them……my husband and I have been collecting them all for our 2 year old son who adores that movie….(as do we) please any info on where/when i can acquire these , forward to me! πŸ˜€

    (METROXING: Well, it’s either good news or bad – only about 8 of the CARS on the list are out … if you’re just starting out, read our post linked above the comments about what’s out now. The rest are coming in the coming in the next few months … and it’s not too late to get most of the town playsets for the CARS – again, check out the recap post (link above) for details. Our current ‘buying strategies’ is here. Good luck!).

  6. WOW!!! where do you find this stuff? How much does each car cost?

    Man, I need to make more time to get into my hobby of collecting (or at least just knowing they exist) of movie cars and diecast items. This stuff just TOTALLY fascinates me.

    As a kid, I created whole cities out of old race tracks, drawn roads and such for my matchbox cars. I wonder if I was the only one to do that???

    (METROXING: Well, it’s either good news or bad – only about 8 of the CARS on the list are out … if you’re just starting out, read our post linked above the comments about what’s out now. The rest are coming in the coming in the next few months … and it’s not too late to get most of the town playsets for the CARS – again, check out the recap post (link above) for details. Our current ‘buying strategies’ is here. Good luck!).

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  8. Danny

    Clue to 7 Mystical Cars???

    Has anyone had the patience or idea to look at the Race-Boards and Race-Position-Tower (you know, the one that says what car # is in first, second, third, etc…in the races)?

    Perhaps some of the car #’s shown are not in the list above?

    I will try to find some time, but feel free to beat me to it.

    (METROXING: Yes, I thought of that and then thought a nap might be easier … πŸ™‚ )

  9. startug

    I sure wish that these would sell at regular stores.

    (METROXING: We won’t know for sure until early next year but I’d be willing to bet they are available in other versions).

  10. startug

    I would so buy that set of Speedway of the south, because then, I would make a really good leap in my collection! I am guessing the price would be $133, including the fee, but not shipping.

  11. Thanks for the detailed news on the new release. I was really shocked to know what I thought – The whole set of every Piston Cup racer, will be a reality.

    Besides being a good news for Cars collector, it is also becoming a heavy financial burden especially for collectors like me who’s outsite US.

    And what makes us more disappointed is the release of McQueen BluRay for US and Canada only… now thinking of any way to custom paint a McQueen like that :p

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  14. Noel

    “If Mattel upset the collector’s club (maybe 30,000 members?)”

    I just joined a week or so ago and my member number is 46,134 just in case you wanted a pretty accurate number. I’m sure they get a couple dozen new members every week.

    I think $200 is probably a good guess for the pricing, I would hope they come on blister cards like everything else.

    (METROXING: Well, I figure about 10,000 are the same people, they’re just eBayers or dealers who signed up a couple times πŸ™‚ since each member only can buy one item … yea, I think $199 would be about right …_

  15. Pete

    I just purchased the Dinoco 400 set…..with a real oddity. The No Stall car has no eyes. That’s right, NO eyes. the box is sealed and I’m tempted to leave it that way and just get another set for my son to play with. Wondering how rare an error this is and if it increases the value.

    (METROXING: You can decide if it’s worth your while to try and sell it on eBay … error CARS do have some fans but since the error buyer is also going to be getting 6 “good” CARS in this case – they might not be as interested … check on eBay to swee what you turn up – trying searching for ERROR DISNEY MATTEL CARS or some variant on that …).

  16. Andy

    In the opening sequence when McQueen pits for gas, you can see a #65 in the 7th position on the leader board. This may be one of the “missing” cars that would bring the set to 43. Also, in your picture of the set there are two “Sputter Stop” cars.

    (METROXING: Some people are convinced #65 is Texas Tea … yea, I think there are some duplicates … though not my set 😦 )

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  18. Paulo Castanho


    First of all, my congratulations, regarding the information on your Blog.

    I’me a big fun of cars, (the movie and the diecast cars).
    One question regarding the pictures of all Piston Cup racers, if they are not (yet) for sale, where did you find them?. Are they custom made?

    (METROXING: The individual CARS were displayed at Comic Con last August – the mass CARS were an auction from overseas where a few sets slipped out the back door … they were production tests CARS and officially from Mattel – there are people making and selling customs online but this is/was different … now, the next question is – will there be smaller sets? And when will the Mattel Hot Wheel Collector’s Club version go on sale?)

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  20. DL Smith

    Great website.

    My little boy has spotted that Chick Hicks is covered with the other car sponsor names.
    The mystery cars could be identified this way?They are not easy to see but Sludgee, Varoom and Yum may be 3 others?

    (METROXING: Those are good guesses – especially Yum … since there are a lot of mentions of Yum …).

  21. Peter Prager

    Hi Metroxing,

    Would you please explain just exactly what is Texas Tea/Blue Hummer/#65 I see referred to on the list and in some comments? Does it exist yet? Thanks….Peter

    (METROXING: Peter … um, it’s a snipe hunt for those who steal our lists to re-sell on eBay πŸ™‚ … ).

  22. Chris

    You mention that Tow Cap & Gasprin are out. I’m just curious how they were released. What type of packaging and are they exclusive? I haven’t seen them anywhere or on Ebay. Have they been released somewhere other than the US? While we’re on that topic, have Flea and Filk been released in the US yet?

  23. Chris

    Scratch that last post. Upon further review of this website I see that Tow Cap & Gasprin come in a 2 pack (MM I believe) and Flea and Filk should be in the US around spring time.

  24. Connor

    Hi there,
    I have 2 Nitroade cars one it was hard two find and the other one i was greedy and didn’t want anyone else to buy it >:) but i noticed on one the front grill and the head light’s are diagonal :(.
    On the other one the light’s and grill are normal but the nitroade logo on the back is diagonal.

  25. Connor

    PMSL PMSL PMSL Pete the No Stall cars has no eyes LMFAO That is one hot car.

  26. Mood springs#33

    I want DINOCO400!

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  28. Bob

    Hello, I love all the facts and figures and world of knowledge everyone has been providing. Please keep it up! I have just two cents worth I wish to add, and I hope it worthy of the space I am using. First, while looking for anything that resembles the missing 6 cars, I have came across (5) names that just might be noteworthy: “Motion Doctor” “Texas Tea” “Sludgee” “YUM”, and “Varoom”. If anyone has any additional input, please inform us all. As for my second penny I wish to regretably state; There has never been enough spots for the 37 cars on pit row; not to mention all 43. MY POINT: Open aerial view only (6) buildings, each with only 4 each garage door that shows single sponsor above… Also Zoom in and count pit crew line spots to find only 21 places…So what gives… are the other cars suppose to drive around back to pit! My theory is (6) cars didn’t qualify and in some future movie will be address as such!

    (METROXING: Including yourself, others have gone frame by frame and no one can plausibly come up with the missing 6. That’s interesting about the 21 trailer posts – clearly they did not anticipate that with BR HD, people could actual freeze frame and count πŸ™‚ As for the NASCAR-like 43 CARS, the second line McQueen says in the entire film is … “One winner. 42 losers. I eat losers for breakfast.” but of course, for the race we saw, maybe they develop engine trouble early and by the time we really see the details of the story, they are already back in garage. While it’s unlikely now to have 6 CARS develop engine trouble early – 15-20 years in NASCAR, that could happen or uneven tire wear or something …).

  29. Bob

    I think I am the first to tell everyone that the No-Stall Car 123’s Crew Chief is the none other “TOM” painted RED… then I could be wrong…naaaaa(smile) Now go look at the Crew Chief for Car 61 Vitoline… Is that Mrs King or the pending soon to be released Lost “Van” painted green?

  30. Hi! Have you seen pictures showing all 6 “Pit Row Race-Off” connected together?

    Besides that, I wonder whether its true that when they’re connected, you can just press a button to launch all 6 cars simultaneously.

    (METROXING: Haven’t opened mine yet … waiting for the 36 CAR set … then I’ll set up my track πŸ™‚ )

  31. Did you have the piston cup racetrack? I bought it by luck when I first saw it in a departmental store which I rarely go.

    This would make a great scene setup with the complete set of piston cup racers coupled with the crews and stewards.

    btw, I’m still considering to buy or not to buy the pit row race offs. And if I bought them then I’ll have another dupes of Chicks, Leakless and McQ (single pack, mack transporters etc) ^^;

    (METROXING: Yea, the launchers are a tough call since it’s all the same CARS with just the launcher as the “bonus.” I got them – maybe someday if I have the room to lay the entire track out, I’ll add the laucher element – at least that’s my plan so far … πŸ™‚ )

  32. Nancy

    There is so much information here that I can never find what I want when I go back looking for it.

    I’m confused if these two cars will both be made and will use the same number. And are these the correct drivers names. They would not be in the world of NASCAR.

    84 Re-Volting Davey Apex
    84 Mac iCar Axxelo Fission

    Thanks to the people who suggested offering to hang cars if the stocker would check on which cases are in. I scored two cars and made a friend. She even went to the back for three more cases. Unfortunately they were all the same case 😦

    Would love more pictures and info from Toy Fair.,

    (METROXING: Yes, the dual #84 is the quandry is hard to explain other than … oops … my guess is they originally assigned “76” to the Apple car for the year the Apple I was launched but when they ran it by Apple, Apple wanted ’84’ for the year the Mac launched since the Apple I/II/III line is no longer in existence and why do marketing that reminds people of a dead line? But Pixar forgot, was too late or didn’t want to go to expense to re-render Re-Volting – hoping no one would notice … but certainly not the case πŸ™‚ … If you are applying NASCAR rules and certainly Pixar could claim the Piston Cup is not NASCAR, it might go something like this … “Since in Piston Cup, the driver is the car, the name & sponsor is more important than the number – the Mac iCar left and came back and wanted his old number back … Re-Volting was nice enough to share it.” Or perhaps Re-volting is really 084, the zero being very tiny … (again, NASCAR stops at 99, but Piston Cup might be different).

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  34. kenny

    Just got a question, you refer to a club, is the RLC, club your talking about or is there a different one.
    What do i look under if it is the RLC club, which i do belong to but havn’t seen any thing there about the Disney cars. any info would be great. thanks

    (METROXING: Yes, pretty much all the info on the Red Line Club (RLC) portion of the site is devoted to Hot Wheels – as far as I can tell, there have only been two official posts about Disney CARS – one was a production guide and one was to sell the 2006 Factory Set CARS, beyond that, there is an occasion mention in the forums but that’s pretty much it. Even Hot Wheels info is pretty incomplete … but hey, Hot Wheels collectors are used to that … so there probably won’t be much info about the Speedway set until it gets announced for sale … but you should have about 7 days warning so it’s not like it’s going to just appear on sale – so at least we have that).

  35. megaheat2008


  36. CaseStalker

    Get a magnifying glass and read Fillmore’s stickers they are hillarious!

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  39. CaseStalker

    what is the purpose of these blog links, just to show that they are pointing to 2aday as the source of cars info? The Boxing blog has never worked when I click on it. Anyway I don’t get it.

    On another note I was reading in the HotWheels forum and one of their Administrators did post on Mar 13 that the Speedway set IS coming and it IS sweet! (Ask Hotwheels thread)

    (METROXING: A lot of comments are “smart” spam these days, they appear to be written by a human but it’s mostly to boost their links – some we leave up, others we delete. If we spot one, we usually break the url link since it’s not a real website, they just copy half a paragraph that we and/or other sites write but unlike real “summary” sites, it’s all just random without any original content … yes, the HotWheels forum quote is in our Speedway of the South post).

  40. Juan

    Any idea how many Speedway of the South sets are going to be made?

    (METROXING: The last rumor number was 2,000 – which sounds about right, enough to sell out quickly but not so limited that people don’t feel like they have a chance).

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  44. PaZoOZas

    How can i could get all the cars at the same time… and what’s the price


    (Metroxing: Have you read our new post?)

  45. Andrew

    I called mattel and hot wheels and niether of them knew of this set

    (METROXING: Oh sure, if they gave out info over the phone, people would never stop calling πŸ™‚ )

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  47. jackdaddy2008

    I think the speedway set maybe a deliberate frustration release in that the numbers released simply wont meet demand. People will realise by Christmas that they can’t get it and that ‘Red line Club’ members could.

    What will happen??????????

    Mass sign up!

    Its happening now, but I think it will get bigger.

    Think about it.

    Mattel continue to ship cars that aren’t scrambled for as usual, but every month, release newer more collectable ones exclusively on the ‘hot wheels site’. $5 cars aren’t worth it, but $15 – $50 and upwards, probably are. It would n’t cost that much to pay a chinese worker to mail us a car! No shipping cost, no middle man, factory floor to your door!

    This is a test market and upsell of their direct site rolled into one.

    I am convinced that this is what is going on.

    It stinks that only Americans get a look in with the set though, it has basically eliminated the rest of the world from having a fair chance of completing their collection, unless………….. its a false dawn.


  48. Materlover

    Am I not seeing it? I can not seem to find anything on the Cars Speedway of the South box or paperwork which shows it to be individually numbered. The HWC description indicates only 1000 to be made and they are individually numbered. Am I not to believe what I read when something is being sold?

    (MET: Mattel has announced it was a “mistake” in the listing and they are not numbered. You can read through some of the comments in THIS THREAD about what is happening, how to respond, etc … (because of the holiday, the earliest is Tuesday when we will hear what’s next from Mattel).

  49. ShawnKevin

    I have received my Speedway set and I thought they are to limited numbered. I dont see any numbers on the set or the cars, where should it be? Thanks

    (MET: Yea, no numbers – Mattel is sending a letter. There might be a sticker included, not sure yet).

  50. Lorri

    For laughs, check out ebay item #150259397821
    Is this guy for real?
    Over 1300$ incl. shipping and its missing the best 5 cars???????

  51. msully

    Ridiculous! Especially when there at least 5 other COMPLETE sets for sale in the 800 or less range.

    What a joker.

  52. Stanley

    Yeah, but won’t it be sad if he get’s that amount?

  53. Lorri

    What a deal, ebay item 120277011977


  55. decaux louis

    4, 8, 28, 33, 34 …
    Toutes ces voitures sont dans le pack “MSS” (ou pour mieux dire, Motor Speedway of the South, Motor Speedway South) !!!!!!!!
    J’adore !!!!!!!!!!

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