Mattel Pixar Cars: 3rd Quarter 2007 Earnings-Financial Numbers



No real surprises as summed up by Mattel’s CEO … recall cost us money, couldn’t sell as much stuff, Barbie down – Pixar CARS part of division up 29% (division also includes electronic games, Radica):

“Despite the challenges the company faced during the third quarter, the business has performed fairly well, even with some supply chain disruptions that impacted our sales during the quarter. International has continued to drive growth in every major region, and while the U.S. was down slightly in the quarter, we did continue to see strong performance from several lines, especially Core Fisher-Price® and our Disney/Pixar CARS entertainment property,” said Robert A. Eckert, chairman and chief executive officer of Mattel. “U.S. Barbie® performance was soft and remains an area of focus, although a good portion of the decline in the quarter was directly related to the supply chain disruptions.”

Third Quarter Highlights
• Worldwide net sales up 3 percent;
• Domestic gross sales down 2 percent and international gross sales up 10 percent;
• Worldwide gross sales for core brands: Barbie® down 4 percent; Hot Wheels® up 10 percent; Core Fisher-Price® up 19 percent and American Girl® brands flat;
• Gross margin decreased 60 basis points of net sales; SG&A increased by 50 basis points of net sales;
• Operating income was $310.5 million, and included charges of approximately $40 million related to the company’s 2007 product recalls, compared to operating income of $322.2 million in the third quarter of 2006, which included $19 million of non-cash compensation expense related to prior periods; and
• Earnings per share of $0.61 vs. prior year of $0.62.

” … Worldwide gross sales for the Entertainment business, which includes Radica® and Games and Puzzles, increased 29 percent, driven by strong performance of Disney/Pixar CARS and the addition of the Radica® product lines …”

PDF download of earnings here or listen to the conference call (WMP required).

All the toys they sell … well, I guess not all as the Pixar CARS don’t even have their own page … guess you’ll just have to use our page as a guide & checklist 🙂


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  4. Brian

    I am not surprised this was a great way to introduce kids to what cars are now and what they were. Including my favorite the mustang pace car and all it’s mustang parts. how awesome.

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