Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: What’s in the Stores Now? (Winter 2008 UPDATE)


It’s March 3, 2008 and where do we stand now? Most of us are caught up (if you;re just starting out, check out our newbie checklist which shows which ones are easier to find).


Dudley Spare (Octane Gain Pitty)
Gasprin (#70) – Floyn Mulvihill
Gold Mia
Gold Tia
My Name is Not Chuck
Octane Gain (launcher)
PT Flea
Tow (Piston Cup Tow Truck)
Tow Cap (#4) – Rusty Cornfuel






Pit Crew Member Sarge
Richard Clayton Kensingston (Security Van)

(Here is our speculation as to why most of the “new” CARS have been pulled from the next 4-5 shipments).

Complete COMPLETISTS should also be aware the NEW WOC CARS also come in two card versions – some are sniped “New” on the front and there are versions that are not. NOTE – Ghostlight Ramone – hardly “NEW” by most measures of the word comes in BOTH versions. The first release wearing the ‘NEW” snipe that is pretty much a stretch (it is new in the sense that it is NEW to WOC and NEW as a non-exclusive CAR).





As Mattel says, “Just turn the hub to send vehicles rolling from the gravity launcher!” They also promise heart-stopping fun though I do not hope they mean that literally as I have eaten way too much bacon in my lifetime. 😉

Amazon also has it. It also comes with SNOT ROD.



“Each includes a die-cast vehicle with launcher. It’s your favorite racers from the hit Disney/Pixar movie CARS, in the new Pit-Stop Racers Assortment. Each includes a die-cast vehicle with launcher. Connect the launchers to recreate Pit Crew Row, then send your character cars into high performance mode with a pow! Assortment includes Lightning McQueen, The King, Chick Hicks, Octane Gain*, Leak Less and Nitroade.”


*Octane Gain has arrived in some stores.

They will retail for around $7.99.




Also on the shelves – completists should note that the Charlie Checker (Piston Cup Pace Car) has yellow tail-lights. The WM version had red tail-lights. If you’re arguing accuracy, pace cars in our world are just regular cars or in some cases, with souped up engines but in 99% of the cases, just like street cars – with red tail-lights (the pace car only has to be able to do 55 to 85 MPH so really, most any car can be a pace car).


Cactus McQueen, Dirt Track Doc Hudson (Red Rims) & Sheriff (2)
Pace Car (Charlie Checker), Lightning McQueen & King (2)
Lightning McQueen, Flo & Lightning Phase Ramone (2)




Box B (IN STORES though good luck finding Gold Mia & Tia)

Cactus McQueen, Dirt Track Doc Hudson (Red Rims) & Sheriff (2)
Pace Car (Charlie Checker), Lightning McQueen & King (2)
Gold Mia Tia & Dinoco Chick Hicks (2)






While not officially a treasure hunt/chase car in the normal scheme of things. If you purchase the Blu-Ray CARS DVD, for $3.50 (plus tax), you get a “free” CAR. It is limited to 15,000 and you have to sign up with Disney Movie Rewards.

ALL the info is available at our other post on signup tips, etc, etc.

The promotion has ended – eBay only – sorry.


Dinoco Mia & Tia
Flea & Flik
Tow Cap (#4 – Rusty Cornfuel) & Gasprin (#70 – Floyn Mulvihill)



(again, no older ones are retired – won’t rehash those to save space, I’m only listing the NEW Movie Moments packs)


Leakless & No Stall (#123 – Todd “The Shockster” Marcus)


YES, Curio Shop, Ramone’s & Luigi’s are ALL BACK!


Thanks to reader ‘Kristie’ who spotted them.

$19.99 – EXCLUSIVE to Toys R Us in the new WORLD OF CARS motif.


The newest one coming is the TRU only box set, DINOCO BLUE


Of course, the Dinoco 400 is still on Target shelves …



Thanks to “KristieD22,” Target on Amazon has it on sale for $17.99 – while you can search to see if it’s available at Target stores, I’m presuming Target retail matches pricing? And yes, that photo is incorrect but you get the Dinoco 400 set.


Not particularly exciting to TRU (it’s like 2006 all over again!):




If you’re collecting the Mini’s – our post on the Target exclusives



Not sure about your parts of the country but here in NoCal, we are pretty much stripped clean – Boost’s and Lizzie make up 95% of the individual blister cards here. But not much of anything else which means this Christmas/holiday season, another couple hundred thousand kids were welcomed into the CARS order of lunacy. Will they take up the baton and see past the 14 CARS listed on the back of the cards and realize there are 67 more? Will new mom or dad go on not a grail quest but a CARS quest – day, night – pulling off freeways from 5 lanes away when they spot the blue letters of WM or the giant red Target or the giraffee?

This is one reason Mattel is okay to keep shipping older CARS as newbies are coming in … but enough of Buzz & Woody, okay? So, break out your wallets. Last year, Mattel gave us breathers – this coming 2008? I have a feeling they are going to be going by a new old saying …

“A CAR a day, that’s all we ask …”

We will update this post when new CARS diecast items hit the shelves (or in reality, eBay).

In January/February the HK and NY Toy Fairs, we should hear more about what’s coming in early 2008.



If you want a recap of the Mattel Pixar CARS line from the beginning.

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect

Unlike other toys/hot items that stay hot for a few weeks or months – this Mattel Pixar CARS diecast line has pretty been SIZZLING for 16 months – not just rare but almost un-heard of.

Of course, we would love to tell you that if you show up here at 7:00 AM, you are assured of seeing it on the shelve un-touched … or course, that is not really possible with this line due to real demand and eBay “re-distribution” demand but we have tried to sum up why it’s seems impossible and some buying tips that while not foolproof, might make things slightly easier …

Mattel Pixar Cars: I Want to Buy But Where?


First, one way to skip the driving around is to buy sealed cases, here is a brief rundown on what that is AND what are the CARS coming this holiday season (the last two months of 2007):

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes

And what’s coming in 2008:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes Holiday 2007 & 2008

Or what the latest on the shelf cards & CARS look like?

Mattel Pixar: What’s in Stores Now

If you wish to plot out what CAR will make its first appearance & in what box in 2008, a friend of 2aDay has thoughtfully provided a spreadsheet you can download or it’s also been added to our online checklist/spreadsheet.


For those on the intermediate & advanced stages of this obsession (yes, I has the fever! I has the fever 🙂 ) … you’ll want a “field guide” to spotting what’s what:

A Basic Checklist (in spreadsheet form)

The checklist offers a few versions on how you like your poison 😉

Then of course, a more indepth guideline on how to collect them – just one of each? one of each available on a different card?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: How to Collect

As you progress further, you might need or want a guide to understanding what do the three different designs on the front indicate and how complete of a collector you want to be:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: Card Backs

Info on the Blu-Ray Dinoco “Blu” CAR

The LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE Disney Blu-Ray “Blu” Dinoco McQueen


Of course, by now, you’ll want to know everything and plan your budget carefully … Mattel will definitely release 35/36 of the Piston Cup Racers in one massive collector’s set but will they release them in smaller sets? Our speculation on why rioting is probably not necessary:

Mattel Pixar Cars: All the Piston Cup CARS-Speedway of the South Box Set

If you prefer to see some of the cardbacks in a larger file size or to view the two posters for a visual look at the CARS to collect, our FLICKER page is here.

Did you know the Blu-Ray DVD (for HDTV’s) will include a “name-spotter” feature that will let you see the names of 217 CARS within the movie?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect-Part II – 217 CARS?

And while we’re at it – pure speculation on our part as to what might be coming next?

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009? Part II

Mattel Pixar Cars: Mia & Tia – All the Possible Variants


Details on the Mattel sponsorship & CARS charity auction for CAAF (Children Affected by AIDS Foundation):

Mattel Pixar Cars & Children Affected by AIDS Charity Auction

While Frank the Combine on eBay seems enticing, you might want to know that he’s very small and all plastic but there are some other options …

Mattel Pixar CARS Movie: Frank the Combine – eBay Warning

Too much money in your bank account – starting collecting the other CARS line …

NEW Mini Adventures CARS & Playsets

The Sarge Recall:

Mattel Recalls Pixar CARS Sarge Diecast Metal Car

Nothing very insightful about what’s coming but still good to know that CARS is bringing in money and everything is looking smooth.

Mattel Pixar Cars: 3rd Quarter 2007 Earnings-Financial Numbers


Yes, more speculation & answers on our part but the stars and other things seem to be syncing up for a 2011 sequel:

Pixar CARS 2 Sequel: Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


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37 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: What’s in the Stores Now? (Winter 2008 UPDATE)

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  6. kalvin1703

    Thanks for putting them in a blog! 😉

    (METROXING: Thanks for the update & great photos).


    I live in NJ and need a few cars. I don’t like ebay. I need Darryl Cartrip, Dale Jr., Mario Andretti, Bug mouth. My kids are driving me nuts!!!! I’ve been to everystore looking for these.

  8. Karen

    I just purchased a Cruisin McQueen and there are NO eyes on the car. The front window is all red – does anyone know anything about this? Is it a mistake? Thanks!

    (METROXING: Yes, it’s a mistake … if you normally do business on eBay, someone will buy it from you – make sure to put ERROR in the title of the listing).

  9. Jeff

    I read that three of the playsets are available at various stores. (Flo’s at TRU, Luigi’s at Kohl’s)
    Which store is carrying the Ramone’s House of Body Art playset? Any news on more playsets or the re-release of the Curio Shop?

    (METROXING: BigBadToy Store still had Ramone’s but now finally seems to be sold out. I was very surprised to see Mattel re-issue Flo’s – a minor miracle … I was always surprised the Curio Shop was one of the town playsets, I would’ve thought kids would’ve prefered Mater’s Tow yard … if I had to guess, I would say that the Curio Shop is not coming back – and no, I can’t see paying $70 on Ebay for it … now, I would not be surprised if there were more playsets down the line – especially the Cozy Cone … The HK Toy Fair is in January, and the US Toy Fair 2008 is in February – look for announcements then …)

  10. Valerie

    Does anyone know where the Rusty Dusty and the Flik and P.T. Flea packs will be sold yet?

    (METROXING: Rusty & Dusty are definitely out … now whether it ever left the backroom to hit eBay instead of the store shelves or how many milliseconds it was actually on the shelf is another matter … also, note, the shipments have been pretty sparse and I’ll bet in some places, some stores may not have put them out because they have 85 other multi-packs clotting up the shelf (25 Buzz & Woody’s anyone?) but whatever you do, do NOT panic. Rusty & Dusty are NOT limited in any way and are scheduled to be in the next TEN multi-pack shipments plus honestly, while us fans and collectors will definitely want it, it will most likely be a pegwarmer in a few months as older cars in general do not excite the general car buying population especially since one is a van … no one has yet seen Flea or Flik yet – the next multi-pack shipment goes out in a few weeks).

  11. kalvin1703

    People in America are SOOOOOO lucky that you have Flo’s V8 Cafe & Luigi’s Casa della Tires available! Most of the shops in the UK only have Ramone’s! I see them everywhere! For about the first 2 months we also had Luigi’s & Curio shop but they sold out. And I’ve NEVER seen Flo’s!

    I still haven’t seen any Yeti’s, Bug Mouth Mcqueen’s or Cruisin’ ramone’s here in the UK but I’ll keep looking! 🙂 8)

    (METROXING: Well, with the exchange rate, you might just try buying it in the US and even with shipping it there, probably cheaper than in the stores there at regular retail? … Flo’s is $29.99 – in £’s – isn’t that amount the price of a knitting magazine in the UK? 🙂 …).

  12. jpkherd

    We were at a friends of our 5 yo last night and got onto the conversation about Cars Cars (that’s what we call them) and they are “collectors” too. They are openers whereas we buy two of everything so Dad can keep one in the package and son can open & play with.

    I would say we have a pretty successful collection based on the checklist available here.

    Our friends had one that I had never seen before and now I am on the quest. It was an “old Mater” (no hood & broken headlight) but it was painted a flat blue (same color as new Mater). The plastic tow hook area was black plastic (not grey) and the doors had some lettering on it.

    They did not recall where or when they got it, and I was curious if anyone here has seen or heard about this one?


  13. jpkherd

    That was quick! Apparently this is not a blister pack series version, but is included in the Mater’s Rollin’ Bowlin’ Game.

    It is a “Specially Decorated” vehicle that is used as a part of this game.

    I have added to my list!


    (METROXING: If you read our main post, it’s discussed in detail. Also note, KB Toys is having a clearance sale on the game for $9.98 so you might want to hurry).

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  15. Phil

    For all the Bay Area CA people:

    Some of the Walmarts in the East Bay have their exclusives, well the first run, in stock.

    The Walmart in San Leandro (880 and Davis) has Cactus McQueen.

    The Walmart in Oakland (880 and Hegenberger) has all of them, especially Cactus McQueen and TJ.

    The Walmart in Pittsburg (hwy 4 and Loveridge) has all of them, heavy on the Ghostlight Ramone.

    That is of 7 pm on Friday, November 2nd.

  16. lawrence

    Hi, can anyone help I live in the U.K and my sons have asked me for pit crew hudson hornet, fillmore, Rusty Dusty and most of all fred for chrismas but they are asking far too much money on ebay and I cant afford them. If anyone lives anywhere where these are a sensible price and wouldn’t mind sending me them, I’d greatly appreciate it. I will pay for postage and any other cost that you maybe out in doing so. I do have paypal. Any Santa’s helpers out there???

  17. Tammy

    Target has an exclusve set of 8, which includes Vinyl Toupee, Octane Gain, and No Stall. Just picked up today for $29.99. The drawback is the other 5 cars in the set have been around a long time.

  18. Gervais

    I dont get mattel. i have been looking for ages to find new cars in uk looking for a yeti today and managed to stumble accross 3 sets of rusty and dusty, mia and tia, flea and flick and mr+mrs king in a local toyshop! so if anybody is wondering when cars are released in uk, the answer is that it is too random to know.

    I have a vinyll toupee if anybody wants to switch for a mario and a darell
    contact me:

  19. Gervais

    by the way admin i was saying that the mystery collectors car was vinyll toupee and it comes with a huge collectors grid with the newes car being fred on it if you want me to scan and send to you.
    it wasnt packaged either, just in a jiffy bag.

    (METROXING: I have a copy of the poster but if it’s not inconvenient to take a photo of the CAR, even if it’s just a plastic bag – we like to look at everything 🙂 Thanks).

  20. lawrence

    hi gervais do u any spare rusty and dusty ones could really do with them
    a have a spare yeti

  21. John F.

    He Metro,

    Somewhere on this site there’s a picture of an 84 car display complete with Route 66 sign and what appears to be a signature of John Lasseter in the center. This display is also adorned with lighting and the Cars logo just below. Who’s display is this? is it a one off? Can I buy one for myself! Now that I’m closing in on the last of the lastest releases, I would like to get everything out of the Wal-mart bags and onto a beautiful display where they belong. (I’m just collecting all the singles)

    Thanks Metro!!

    (METROXING: Yes, right here. It is a custom one of a kind. At the end of our HOW TO COLLECT post, we do cover some case & storage ideas … just slightly nice than WM bags 🙂 )

  22. RML

    In case anybody is in the Boston area. I was at the Walpole Wal Mart today and all they had was the Wally world exclusives. They are starting to run low on the movie moments, so we should have some new ones of those soon.
    I still haven’t seen any of the “nascar” cars yet, but I did get all 8 exclusives.
    Just FYI.
    If anybody is from the area have you seen any of the “nascar” cars yet?

  23. ShawnKevin

    Hello there, I had the best Cars day! I searched two local Walmarts in Colorado for the last four exclusives but still nothing, but on my third store I found ALL the new World of Cars set! My question is though, I found Fillmore and Doc with the “new” logo and without it. Will all the new cars be like this? And when are the rest of the Walmart exclusives coming to CO?!?!

    (METROXING: That will be an interesting question on the “NEW” thing … Guess it’s time to update the Checklist …).

  24. fred is out

    (METROXING: As WOC? Or are you refering to eBay auctions? Or Ebay in Canada & the UK?)

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  26. jennifer

    Have you ever heard of Radiator Springs Ramone or Old School Ramone? They look the same but have different names. What’s up?

    (METROXING: Yes, that is the new names for the two old Ramones … just like it’s no longer Bling Bling McQueen but that’s Bling Bling Lightning McQueen to you! 🙂 )

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  29. Maria

    Any word when the cases slated for December 2007 will ship (beginning or end of the month)? I’m still looking for Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the Rusteze 2 pack, but otherwise ready for some new ones!

    (METROXING: Should have shipped or shipping in a week or so – should be the last of 2007).

  30. Juan

    I haven’t really started my collection yet but I am thinking about maybe just collecting the World of Cars releases. Is there any point or are they going to change the cards again and again and again?

    Is there any list avaliable of all the World of Cars being released and what number each car is? They aren’t releasing them in order but they have to have some sort of idea what car #50 or #06 or #101 will be right?


    (METROXING: Well, if you go by our EDITGRID checklist, you can see that there are @45 CARS in the WOC lineup right now, presuming that every car in the SC lineup comes out as a WOC CAR though there is some doubt as right now Lizzie, Nitroade and one other is not listed on any of the “shipping list.” That of course means nothing really as Mattel could issue them as a 3-pack with numbers, etc … so but @45 is a good count as of today … though between now and 2008, there are some 50+ CARS listed – BUT with Toyfair, SD Comic Con and other events, Mattel could announced dozens more at anytime. Both the Desert CARDS and the SC cards lasted about 7 months so it would not be surprising if Mattel swapped out again in September 2008 but there’s no guarantee or anything. Mattel could decide in the summer to switch – all we know is they’re probably too lazy to switch out before Spring 2008 but beyond that, WOC design & motif is living on borrowed times … and Mattel doesn’t normally like to say anything too far ahead – going by the theory – the less YOU know, the less YOU can hurt them (by complaining something is not out, by waiting for the next wave, etc …).

  31. Bill

    I started my collections with the Series 1 cards then continued with the Supercharged then WOC. I don’t really mind especially when I’m not going to pay out all that money to “Re-collect” all the different cards but for those with the means to do so it’s OK. I wouldn’t let what Mattel does with the cards in the future keep you away. My opinion, It’s about the Cars anyway. My advice is be patient and don’t get overwhelmed getting into the game and catching up. Make it fun,not a chore!

  32. Bill

    One more thing Juan. You can find all the Info. you need right here at this site. Metroxing is great!

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  34. Im so lucky!! Yesterday I found Rusty and Dusty,flik and flea,tow cap and gasprin, blue mia and tia!

  35. John

    Where did you find them, What city do you live in?

  36. I need to find the other cars please. And You can let them be released to stores.

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