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Mattel Pixar Cars & Children Affected by AIDS Charity Auction


Of the many items being auctioned that night for the Children Affected by AIDS foundation are several one-of-a-kind CARS created by Mattel especially for the event. Event is also co-sponsored by Toys R Us in Santa Monica on October 27th.

caaf_dh_la_invite.pdf PDF Link to Event & Ticket Ordering Information.

For CARS fans, three were special custom items …

A Blue & a Red McQueen


(BLU CAR now available with DVD purchase – details here).

A Custom Case Signed by John Lasseter



Giant Photo of the CARS custom case & set is also here at ACTION FIGURE INSIDER.

Of particular interest is the auction for CARS fans are some CARS that won’t hit the stores for a few weeks or a few months including:


The Tow Truck & Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van)


Not Chuck with Pit Tools (nice addition and to keep him in scale)


No surprise, a Mia Tia Dinoco version.


Pit Crew/Lightning Bolt Ramone (next to Blue Ghostlight Ramone)


Pit Crew Guido with 4 Tires.

UPDATE – Set apparently sold for $13,000 to the President of Mattel (opening bid was $3,000). Info from AF Times.

Here’s are some photos from last year’s event (Jamie Lee Curtis & Dakota Fanning)



And from this year’s Honorary Event Chair …


Here is the full press release from the foundation:


Jason Priestley and Doris Roberts Serve as Honorary Vice Co-Chairs;
Andrea Bowen and Rumer Willis lead Skeleton Crew;
Universal Studios Honored with Ribbon of Dreams® Award;

LOS ANGELES, October X, 2007 – Honorary event chair Teri Hatcher joins Host Jamie Lee Curtis to support children affected by AIDS at the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation’s 14th Annual Dream Halloween® Los Angeles. Jason Priestley and Doris Roberts will serve as honorary vice co-chairs. Andrea Bowen joins the group as chair of the Skeleton Crew and Rumer Willis acts as vice-chair. Each Halloween while children nationally dress up and collect candy, children affected by AIDS continue to face daily hardships. This October, Joe Cristina, Mattel executive, Founder and Board Chair, of the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation (, accompanied by an array of costumed celebrities, invite families “under the big top” for a circus-themed Halloween celebration to benefit these children.

Jamie Lee Curtis will Host this year’s Dream Halloween® Los Angeles at the Barker Hangar in the Santa Monica Air Center from 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm on Saturday, October 27, 2007. Teri Hatcher will be presented with a one-of-a-kind doll by Mattel, Inc. modeled in her likeness while her on-screen daughter Andrea Bowen will be honored with a one-of-a-kind Polly Pocket™ doll in her likeness. Mattel will also create a one-of-a-kind Polly Pocket™ of actress Rumer Willis. A one-of-a-kind Hot Wheels® will be made with actor, Jason Priestley. All four celebrities have agreed to auction these unique items during the event with the proceeds benefiting the foundation.

Mattel, Inc. Chairman and CEO Bob Eckert and Toys“R”Us, Inc. Chairman and CEO Jerry Storch are serving as Event Co-chairs of Dream Halloween® Los Angeles.

Joe Cristina and Doris Roberts, will welcome hundreds of families to Dream Halloween® in-costume, where they will trick-or-treat for toys, meet their favorite cartoon characters, play games, create arts and crafts and enjoy delicious food from Chaya Venice, Drago, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Lucky Strike Lanes, Minx Restaurant & Lounge, My Chef Organic Meals, Pastries by Edie and the Law firm of Keesal, Young & Logan, Roy’s of Woodland Hills, and Universal Studios Hollywood. ,

In addition, Universal Studios will receive the foundation’s Ribbon of Dreams ® Award in the Industry Category for their work in helping the organization achieve its mission.

“We are blessed with the support of the Hollywood community, the toy and children’s entertainment industry and many others who help sustain the important work we do to provide basic needs for children affected by this horrible epidemic,” said Cristina. “In the past 14 years, events like this have helped us raise more than $26 million that directly helps the kids in our programs throughout this country, Latin America, and the Caribbean.”

Mattel, Inc. and Toys“R”Us, Inc. are Founding and Presenting sponsors of Dream Halloween® Los Angeles. Other event sponsors include American Airlines, Besser Design Group, Jill and Tom Barad, DHL, Freeman Companies, Latham & Watkins Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker, and Universal Studios. These generous businesses provide the underwriting, travel, décor, toys and other children’s activities that make Dream Halloween® an incredible success each year.

How to Attend
For tickets and information, call (310) 201-5033.

About CAAF
Worldwide there are more than 40 million people infected with HIV and more than 15 million children orphaned by AIDS. The number of children affected by AIDS in the U.S. alone is currently estimated at nearly 125,000.

The Children Affected by AIDS Foundation was founded in Los Angeles in 1993 by Joe Cristina, a Mattel, Inc. executive whose desire to help children was inspired by the outpouring of support he received when he disclosed his own HIV-positive status. The Children Affected by AIDS Foundation is the only organization solely devoted to providing social, educational, recreational and other critical support programs to vulnerable children impacted by HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and other countries.

CAAF accomplishes its mission domestically and abroad through four programs including domestic grant making, domestic initiatives, international grant making and international initiatives.”


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Guide to Installing Mac Leopard OSX 10.5 On Day One

For PC users, they don’t understand or even believe that on the Mac, you can randomly just upgrade your Mac and that for 99% of people, they can come back after 30-minutes when all is installed and ready, hit RESTART and while it might take a few ticks longer to reboot the first time, they are set to go.

I have upgraded an old iMac from 10.1 to 10.4 with nary a problem and again, PC users will flat out not believe me when I tell it runs faster and more stable … of course, I witnessed a virus app upgrade killing a PC hard drive so I understand the pain on the other side … Perhaps this analogy will be useful for you:

PC OS Upgrade much like a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT.

Hopefully, it won’t die on the operating table.
Hopefully it won’t rejected the transplant and die
Hopefully it won’t a staph infection and die.

It’s risky and if you can use the dialysis machine to get a few more months or years, so be it … it’s the last resort and/or for the very brave to get the transplant.


Mac OS Upgrade – much like buying a new SHIRT.

The labels tell you exactly what you will get.
You might have to wait 30-minutes after washing it before you can wear it.
There might a tag you forgot to remove – causing you a minute discomfort.

With that said – however – there’s the 1% chance you could encounter major problems so you have to ask yourself if you absolutely need to do it on day one?

If you’re buying a new Mac, no point in buying it beforehand, might as well wait and get it with OSX 10.5 Leopard on the 26th – can you wait 3 days 🙂

If you need your Mac for work and/or to make a living … why risk it unless your job is testing out OSes? There’s no real harm in waiting a few days or weeks until the small hiccups are worked out – in fact, the odds are pretty good there will be an updater or more importantly, small things may or may not work – printer drivers are not always in sync with major OS upgrades so while it might print “standard” stuff okay, if you need to print ColorSync colors on special thick art paper, it might not understand all the right settings … or system utilities that designers might need like font managers so while the odds are good all will be fine – why take a nap on railroad tracks?

But if you absolutely need or want to install Leopard on Day One – take this advice.

1) BACKUP your hard drive!*
3) Unplug/umount all your USB and Firewire external devices from you Mac.
4) Repair Permissions via APPLE DISC UTILITY**
5) Run OSX 10.5 installer.
6) Restart.
7) If everything appears to boot okay. SHUTDOWN. Plug everything back in.

For 99% of you, start testing out the new OSX and start blogging.

* If all is well, after a couple days, you can erase it and use it as your new TIME MACHINE backup drive.
** Some people say it’s un-necessary but it doesn’t really hurt anything – might as well do it.

TIME MACHINE is the new addition to OSX that will create a VISUAL backup of each and EVERY folder so you can visually “go back in time.” What’s also nice is that you can use several Macs on one hard drive. More details at Apple.

Here is the page to read more about the main new features.

Here is the guided tour video from Apple.

Amazon is offering a $20 pre-order discount (so hurry?). The 5-install (family) pack is also discounted.

Or PowerMax will include a free-shirt and a plush stuffed leopard.

One other difference – if you buy the Leopard package from the Amazon or PowerMax links above, you are buying the FULL version that can be installed on any Mac machine. The $9.95 upgrade disc (for recent Mac buyers) gives you a disc that will upgrade that specific type of machine so for instance, if you upgrade your Mac Pro laptop, you cannot use that disc to upgrade your iMac – make sense?


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Two-thirds of the World’s Workforce Controlled by 630 Thousand Execs

According to a new survey carried out by Ipsos Media, America’s senior executives, CEOs and other C-suiters from mid- to large-size companies have a enormous appetite for quality business information.

Their survey shows that the average American business leader is male, aged 51, earns $408,000 per year, and has a personal net worth of $1.7 million (no mention of being bald although that is a safe bet). As a group, they garner a total combined annual income of $246 billion with combined personal net worth valued at over $1 trillion.

Members of this group are eager “to acquire new knowledge and quality information”. Interestingly, more than half said money was not their key motivation (could have fooled me), showing quality of life is a high priority amongst the business elite (maybe that explains the $15,000 umbrella stand ex-CEO Denis Kozlowski charged to his company, Tyco).

The Ipsos survey shows that America’s 630,000 senior business executives represent over 72,000 companies, responsible for over $1.7 trillion in annual expenditures which represents a sum greater than the gross domestic product of Italy, or that of Russia and Australia combined.  Their payrolls are comprised of 144 million employees which is approximately two thirds of the US workforce or one-half of the U.S. adult population.

More key findings include:

  • Eight out of ten say they are not afraid to take business risks (like charging your company for $15,000 umbrella stands).
  • Seven out of ten agree that return on investment is a key factor in their business decisions (ROI to them or the company?  Are all Board of Directors on the take?).
  • Nine out of ten also say they are prepared to pay more for quality (see the umbrella stand).

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AT&T Has 20 MORE iPhone Questions

A few weeks after the iPhone hit the market, AT&T sent out an extensive 20-question survey (covered in this post).

Now, AT&T has followed up with another email survey – some questions the same – obviously to gauge differences between mid-July and now mid-October but others are more detailed in asking what you would like to see changed on the iPhone.

So be sure and answer the questions so they know what you think of AT&T, Apple, the iPhone – and what other features you might like to see …






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Photo Fun On A Friday

I stumbled across the following photo yesterday and got a good belly laugh out of it.  Let’s have some fun…generate you favorite headline in the comments section of this post and we’ll pick the winner (of our sincere admiration).  Here are some to get you started:

“Brains…we want your brains!”

“Appalachian Mining & Critter College Modeling Contest Winners Celebrate”

“Hey!  I told you NO zombies in the frat house!  Oh, they’re dues paying members?  That’s cool.”

Have fun!


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Coffee: What Am I Ordering Again?

cappuccino.png caffe_latte.png

When you’re all bleary eyed and wondering what the difference between a capuccino is and latté is (just don’t do it in Europe, they will laugh you out of the café) – is it steamed milk or steamed foam, here’s a handy dandy illustrated guide … this is a great showcase of what great design is supposed to be … illumination …

Design also generously available as a PDF and brilliantly, in t-shirt form

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New Star Trek Film In Development Names Kirk Actor

chris pine

Little-known actor Chris Pine has been chosen to play the young Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movie. Pine’s most familiar role opposite Lindsay Lohan (NSFW pic) in “Just My Luck” in 2006. The balance of the announced cast is looking pretty strong.

Here is what the teaser movie poster looks like:

star trek 11 poster

The film, which chronicles the early days of the Enterprise crew, will be released in the US on 25 December 2008. I can’t think of too many better Christmas gifts…well, I can but with JJ Abrams at the helm of Star Trek XI, the odds are quite good that the film will be boffo. There is that nagging Star Trek Movie Curse to avoid however so here’s hoping they dodge that sword of damacles. Now if we can just get Abrams to get Lost episodes out more quickly!

The movie will show the crew meeting at the Starfleet Academy and embarking on their first mission. It is rather hard to think that every buddy you would make at the academy would all show up for one of the most coveted jobs in the Starfleet (aka on the [Enterprise) is a bit of a stretch, but suspension of disbelief is my movie mantra. Besides, reworking the legacy of well know film properties has worked for James Bond and for Batman so this strategy should prove to work well for Star Trek.

Paramount Pictures is behind the film so you can expect the proper investments will be made. Shooting is expected to begin in November 2007.

The most recent Trek film, Star Trek: Nemesis, was released in 2003 so there has been plenty of time for that film to have faded from the old memory banks and allow a new team to take our imaginations where ‘no man has gone before’.

Here is what we know so far about the cast:

Captain KirkChris Pine

Kirk’s DadChris Hemsworth is coming out of nowhere to play George Kirk (James T’s dad) according to Variety.

Older Mr Spock Leonard Nimoy (what other actor had it so good? Long live Spock! He finally gets to play a Sarek role)

Young Mr SpockZachary Quinto (you hate him on Heroes as the arch nemesis Sylar) UPDATE: Follow this link for first look pics from the set including this shot of young Mr. Spock aka Quinto (courtesy of JFXonline – their watermark):

young spock

Scotty Simon Pegg (a nice choice! Remember Diary of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Grindhouse?)

Nero Eric Bana (I’m not a huge fan of Bana and I thank the movie gods that he was bumped from playing Wolverine in X-Men for Hugh Jackman who I thought did a bang-up job. Since no one knows what role “Nero” is set to play bank on the character name making him a chief rival to the ‘young’ Kirk) Update: Rumor has it that the Nero character will be Romulan.

Ayel Clifton Collins Jr. An actor that is on the rise will play a General and cohort sucking up to Nero played by Bana.

Uhura Zoe Saldana (Smokin’ hot is all I have to say..remember the hot pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl?)

Chekov Anton Yelchin (An actor born in the USSR should bring authenticity to this role even though he’s a bit unknown)

Sulu John Cho (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle actor…not exactly a recommendation but we have hopes).

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoyKarl Urban You may recall Karl as Eomer in Lord of the Rings and the main nemesis in the Bourne Supremacy.

Amanda Grayson aka Spock’s Mom Winona Ryder was recently announced as taking on this role which was played by Jane Wyatt on the original series. Which begs the question of who will play the younger Sarek? It would be odd to see Winona play opposite Winona as young Spock’s mom and dad. Since she is only six years older than Quinto as young Spock, there is either heavy makeup to be seen (we hope not) or flashbacks in store (again, not preferable but who knows…)

Christopher PikeBruce Greenwood will play the role which was to be the original captain of the Enterprise. In the pilot Pike was played by Jeffrey Hunter who later bailed out after the pilot was rejected thus making room for Kirk. Hs role as the first captain of the Enterprise was written back in with The Menagerie episode, one of the original series best imo.

It seems like if you worked with Abrams on Alias you have a shoo-in to be in this film (check out the on the actor profiles and you’ll see what I mean). That being said there are three additional actors announced for the film but not tied to specific roles yet which are: Rachel Nichols, Jennifer Morrison, and Greg Grunberg of Heroes.
Roberto Orci is the co-screenwriter who worked with Abrams on the tv show Alias. Let’s hope he has some chops for the big screen. His upcoming Amazon sounds intriguing especially if the rumored actress is cast. He has another big film with mega budget but hit and miss director Michael Bay at the helm called 2012: The War For Souls. He is rumored to be a big fan so that offers significant hope. The other co-screenwriter is Alex Kurtzman. Kurtzman is best know for his work on Transformers and MI:III. Check out a very good and lengthy interview with Orci about the new film here.

The Reykavik-based newspaper DV confirmed that representatives of Paramount are actively working with the local Icelandic film company Sagafilm in order to find suitable filming locations for the 11th movie outing of the franchise. Iceland, in addition to having undisturbed robust vistas, allows film production companies to reclaim up to 14% of their production costs. Not bad for film work, eh?

The long time production designer is being passed over for new blood as well so don’t be surprised if you see some things very different about this new (old aka prequel) Star Trek.

Abrams and Paramount are pretty smart about how to set the marketing in motion as well. There is a planned Star Trek: The Tour launching in January 2008 which will preface the film nicely I would think. Sign up for news on that here.

The cool blog even created their own trailer. Check it out:

Updated:   Check out the new (old) Enterprise!



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