Mattel Pixar Cars: Preview & Color Guide


Posted on the Mattel showroom, they are re-purposed here because they use a strange javascript that doesn’t work for everyone (or of course, you’re not signed up to get the email):

This is what the factory uses/will use a guideline … though apparently with the recent incorrect yellow rim Mario Andretti, hard to say who fell asleep at the switch.




PIT CREW GUIDO – looks like all the smaller Pit Crew guys (including both Pit Crew characters here will get the addition of a color-matched mini rolling tool chest and stacked tires to make it a less painful for us to pull out wallets out πŸ™‚




RAMONE (LIGHTNING PHASE) – there is clearly a HUGE fan of Ramone’s at Mattel πŸ™‚



Visit Our FLICKR page to view these at full size.



If you want a recap of the Mattel Pixar CARS line from the beginning.

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect

Unlike other toys/hot items that stay hot for a few weeks or months – this Mattel Pixar CARS diecast line has pretty been SIZZLING for 16 months – not just rare but almost un-heard of.

Of course, we would love to tell you that if you show up here at 7:00 AM, you are assured of seeing it on the shelve un-touched … or course, that is not really possible with this line due to real demand and eBay “re-distribution” demand but we have tried to sum up why it’s seems impossible and some buying tips that while not foolproof, might make things slightly easier …

Mattel Pixar Cars: I Want to Buy But Where?


First, one way to skip the driving around is to buy sealed cases, here is a brief rundown on what that is AND what are the CARS coming this holiday season (the last two months of 2007):

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes

And what’s coming in 2008:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes Holiday 2007 & 2008

Or what the latest on the shelf cards & CARS look like?

Mattel Pixar: What’s in Stores Now

If you wish to plot out what CAR will make its first appearance & in what box in 2008, a friend of 2aDay has thoughtfully provided a spreadsheet you can download or it’s also been added to our online checklist/spreadsheet.


For those on the intermediate & advanced stages of this obsession (yes, I has the fever! I has the fever πŸ™‚ ) … you’ll want a “field guide” to spotting what’s what:

A Basic Checklist (in spreadsheet form)

The checklist offers a few versions on how you like your poison πŸ˜‰

Then of course, a more indepth guideline on how to collect them – just one of each? one of each available on a different card?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: How to Collect

As you progress further, you might need or want a guide to understanding what do the three different designs on the front indicate and how complete of a collector you want to be:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: Card Backs

Info on the Blu-Ray Dinoco “Blu” CAR

The LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE Disney Blu-Ray “Blu” Dinoco McQueen


Of course, by now, you’ll want to know everything and plan your budget carefully … Mattel will definitely release 35/36 of the Piston Cup Racers in one massive collector’s set but will they release them in smaller sets? Our speculation on why rioting is probably not necessary:

Mattel Pixar Cars: All the Piston Cup CARS-Speedway of the South Box Set

If you prefer to see some of the cardbacks in a larger file size or to view the two posters for a visual look at the CARS to collect, our FLICKER page is here.

Did you know the Blu-Ray DVD (for HDTV’s) will include a “name-spotter” feature that will let you see the names of 217 CARS within the movie?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect-Part II – 217 CARS?

And while we’re at it – pure speculation on our part as to what might be coming next?

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009? Part II

Mattel Pixar Cars: Mia & Tia – All the Possible Variants


Details on the Mattel sponsorship & CARS charity auction for CAAF (Children Affected by AIDS Foundation):

Mattel Pixar Cars & Children Affected by AIDS Charity Auction

While Frank the Combine on eBay seems enticing, you might want to know that he’s very small and all plastic but there are some other options …

Mattel Pixar CARS Movie: Frank the Combine – eBay Warning

Too much money in your bank account – starting collecting the other CARS line …

NEW Mini Adventures CARS & Playsets

The Sarge Recall:

Mattel Recalls Pixar CARS Sarge Diecast Metal Car

Nothing very insightful about what’s coming but still good to know that CARS is bringing in money and everything is looking smooth.

Mattel Pixar Cars: 3rd Quarter 2007 Earnings-Financial Numbers


Yes, more speculation & answers on our part but the stars and other things seem to be syncing up for a 2011 sequel:

Pixar CARS 2 Sequel: Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


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20 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars: Preview & Color Guide

  1. kalvin1703

    great photo’s πŸ˜€ 8) πŸ™‚

  2. Harry B

    YAY. I’m the first to leave a comment on two sites. Oh, wait. Someone beat me. Curse you Kalvin! I was the first to leave a comment on the mini cars and i wish to leave the first o another

  3. kalvin1703

    πŸ™‚ Sorry about beating you Harry but I just wanted to say how great the photo’s are! πŸ˜€ 8)

  4. Harry B

    That’s ok. I really want to buy Not Chuck. I think Lighting Romone is kind of weird. I mean that would be the 3rd red Ramone in a row. Hydrolics, cruisin’ and now lightning. πŸ™‚

    (METROXING: If you’re buying the MINI’s, there are another two red Ramones plus 3 others in the first wave – someone at Mattel LOVES Ramone …).

  5. Harry B

    Hehe. They should rename the Cars movie. “about a Ramone.

  6. Steve

    why rename it just make a spin off

  7. Pingback: Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: Card Backs (World of Cars UPDATE)

  8. kalvin1703

    I was on today and I found about 4 or 5 people selling flik & p.t. flea. I’m not sure if they’re real or not but they look totaly real to me… But it had the SUPERCHARGED card and they said that it was a new release in the UK… Maybe Mattel felt sorry for us here in the UK and they wanted us to get something first for once. I then searched for it on and it was only pre-sales. they all had a photo of Luigi & Guido somehow… I’m quite sure that THESE ARE NOT CUSTOM. Have a look yourself! remember that it’s EBAY.CO.UK not

    (METROXING: They are legit. Yes, the UK has officially gotten them before the US. In fact, Flea & Flik’s first shipment is not supposed to be until late January … Mattel has canceled all the “2007” Movie Moments (Supercharged) in the US and has officially declared it 2008 and World of Cars: Movie Moments so all the shipments got re-arranged … most notably, Flea & Flik not arriving until shipment E … though Mattel might always add a shipment or perhaps put in a Flea and Flick instead of TWO Sally & Cruisin’ McQueens … but that’s probably asking for too much).

  9. kalvin1703

    I’ve always wondered… How did Lightning loose his spoiler/fin when the cars in Radiator Springs change his look. I think it might of been Sarge that cut it off but Lightning went to Sarge’s ebfore he went to Ramones which is the last time you see him before he turns into “Cruisin’ Mcqueen” but he still has his spoiler/fin there.

    (METROXING: The spoilers on the current NASCARS (not Car of Tomorrow’s) are held on by screws/bolts and a hook thing (if you look closely, on the back of the regular LM’s, you can see they painted the mold to show where they are) … all that needs to be done is loosen the screws/bolts and then remove the hook to take it off … presumably).

  10. Harry B

    Oh, ok. I was wondering about the spoiler for ages

  11. kalvin1703

    ok thanks! πŸ™‚ I’ve got very good news… when I was on today I saw people FROM THE UK SELLING FRED! There was quite a lot of them. I don’t think USA has them yet. The same people that are selling the Fred’s are also selling other cars like yeti, bug mouth mcqueen, darrell cartrip, mario andretti etc. THEY WERE ALL ON SUPERCHARGED BACKGROUNDS, INCLUDING FRED! I’m so excited waiting for them to appear up in Scotland! But I’m hoping to get all or most of the cars I need (Yeti, Bug Mouth Mcqueen, Cruisin’ ramone and all the cars after them) before christmas! but the prices are a bit too much on Ebay but I think it will be maybe round about March or something when they come out in Scotland… WHAT SHOULD DO!!!!!??????

    (METROXING: Fred should be arriving in US stores in about a week. The US has switched entirely to the WOC cards so if you’re looking to hold onto cards, guess you might just have to wait but if you’re an opener, prices have dropped in the US on eBay except for Fred, of course … though I guess shipping is the hard part … good luck!).

  12. Harry B

    Do you know when they will tur up in Aus?
    I’ve been waiting for ages!

  13. lawrence

    hi kalvin i have a yeti and bug mouth spare
    was going to put on ebay you can have them
    for shop price and p&p if you like my email is
    ps harry b will do the same for you

  14. lawrence

    list of my spare cars
    yeti x3` tex dinoco x3` king x2` bug mouth mcqueen x3` bling bling mcqueen x2`
    RPM x2` tongue mcqueen x2 ` `red wheel fabulous h h x2`
    `green chick x1 `
    lizzie x1 `and vinni x1`

  15. kalvin1703

    I will need to ask my mum first… Thanks for the offer. Hopefully she will let me buy it πŸ™‚ btw how much are you selling vinyl toupee for?

  16. Harry B

    Ok lawrence thanks

  17. Pettyfan

    Just thought I would pass this along, that I was able to purchase PT. Flea and Flik on a Super Charged background in London,Ontario, Canada this week. Was very suprised to see this.

    Im Not sure what case code it came from but the following Movie Momments were on the pegs also

    Red and Stanley
    Mr and Mrs King
    Rusty and Dusty
    Mia and Tia
    Guido and Luigi
    McQueen and Sally

  18. Kalvin Wood (kalvin1703)

    Sorry Lawrence, not aloud. 😦

    I’m want to ask you, “Pettyfan” if when you say London, do you mean London in England, UK?

    PS: This is “kalvin1703” but I’m logged on πŸ˜€

  19. Pettyfan

    Sorry, I should have made that little more clear
    I live in London, Ontario, Canada

  20. portlandjimbo

    Thanks for clarifying that. There is a London in Oregon but they have only one store and probably no cars.

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