Writer’s Guild Strike: It’s Not Complicated – Studios Are Nitwits

By now, you’ve heard the Writer’s Guide is on strike for a better percentage of the residuals (royalties) from non-broadcast revenue (DVD’s, internet, etc …).

As usual, the lawyer suits running the networks are nitwits.

First, without writers – you have NOTHING.

A lot of people smirk and claim that what’s on network TV is crap …

Do you know why a lot of stuff on network TV is crap?

That’s right – the same lawyer suits who are nitwits decide which projects make it on the air – can’t blame the writers for that … because not only do they get to approve the projects they think are “good,” they are also in there meddling away on a daily or weekly basis …

… Writing infamous notes like the one for that scifi show of the 1960’s – “Get rid of the guy with the pointy ears.”

Almost EVERY show on TV that is/was a hit was turned by another network at one point or another.

What’s worse than nitwit lawyers running our entertainment? They don’t even trust their own decision-making (because if they spotted anything creative, they would try to step on it or eat it) … so they farm out that decision to “focus groups.” Focus groups are people in malls around the country willing to watch a thing, offer an opinion for $5 off at the CRAZY PRETZEL place.

In fact, SEINFELD was one of the lowest testing shows EVER.

(Now, I’m not saying all studio execs are nitwits but it’s a high percentage).

So now, here is their stand. They claim they can’t give a bigger percentage to writers because they don’t know how big the “rest” of the pie will get …


The don’t understand percentages?

IF the networks make MORE, ONLY then do the writers make a tiny bit more.

How the hell can they not get that?

AND they are trying to sell us that they are the “poor” ones in this fight – that WORKING writers make $200,000 – conveniently skirting over the non-working ones … BTW, how many executives at the studios are NOT making $200K a year plus they have a 401K and backrubs by Jeff Zucker (okay, maybe that’s just reserved for Bob Wright and Rupert).

Again, they don’t seem to get that writers will only make MORE if the studios make more … what don’t they understand about that?

That should be the WGA motto on t-shirts.

WE get more ONLY after you make MUCH MORE!

How can they not get that …

Unless they are nitwits.

Go writers! Go WGA!

Check out the blog.

Or the daily recap.

Another writer blog on the strike.

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