Producers, Option This!, Part III: Web Subway Dream Girl

In our now running series, we’re 1 for 2 in picking out random stories on the web that should be made into movies – George Clooney optioned the first post – okay, I seriously doubt he actually saw our blog post – othewise, he would have locked up the rights to #2.

Of course, most producers could just steal this story – dork sees girl on subway – launches website search. She’s seem kooky (are those flowers in her hair?) but then the guy seems like he needs a shower so maybe it’s true love … or at least a good reality show or a paint-by-numbers romantic comedy.

Yes, there was the HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE “On the Line” starring Lance Bass with the same plot … of course, now we understand why he wasn’t convincing as a hetro man in love.lust with Emmanuelle Chriqui … sort of like Ellen DeGeneres chasing after that guy in “Mr. Wrong.” For some reason, just not convincing …

Anyway, here’s the dude’s Dream Girl …


She’s Camille Hayton – link to Facebook page.

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