Mattel Pixar Cars: The LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE Disney Blu-Ray “Blu” Dinoco McQueen (LAST WEEK!)


Well, it was nice while it lasted.

The Mattel Pixars CARS line – nothing really exclusive … nothing really limited but that dream world had to end …


Mattel is designating 15,000 of these CARS as a limited time & production exclusive.

In order to get one, you have to buy the CARS Blu-Ray DVD*

Then sign up at Disney Movie Rewards (free signup).

What is Disney Movie Rewards? You earn points for DVD’s and theater ticket purchases … benefits? As they note …

“Disney Movie Rewards is an exciting adventure where you get rewarded by doing what you and your family enjoy doing already watching Disney movies!

Enjoy these great member benefits:

* Access to exclusive Disney Movie Rewards one-of-a-kind experiences, digital downloads and Disney merchandise

* Savings and special offers on Disney DVDs

* Special preview opportunities

* Chances to win exciting prizes in our Disney Movie Rewards Instant Win Games

* Special Disney Movie Rewards eNewsletter on exciting upcoming Disney movie releases

In this case, by purchasing the Blu-Ray DVD version of CARS, you get a code to enter …


(BTW, the code below is incomplete and has already been used, it can only be used once).



While the CAR is “free,” you do have to pay $3.50 + tax (in certain states) to have it shipped to you.

Each DVD comes with its own code so only one car per Blu-Ray DVD.

You can however purchase more than one Blu-Ray DVD and get a “free”/$3.50 CAR with each purchase but you’ll need to sign up with a DIFFERENT email address for another Disney Rewards Club membership – membership is free but your points will be diluted since you’re not keeping all your points in one account but two.

AGAIN, one CAR per email account.

It’s fine to use the same STREET/MAILING address but no PO Boxes.

The CAR will be sent in a plastic bag – no card! (in a padded envelope).

Also NOTE: Their website seems to be easily bogged down so if you want your transaction to go smoothly, do it very early in the morning or very late at night!



BTW, Disney is now offering a $10 rebate if you own the original CARS DVD & are buying or have bought the CARS Blu-Ray disc. You can download the PDF at the Disney Blu Ray DVD site so you can do the math if it’s better to buy the BR disc minus $10 (presuming you have the regaular CARS DVD) and mail it in the next few days or …


The Blu Ray CAR has shipped and as of this week – selling for around $40 with shipping … though pricing may be skewed as it might be a gift so people are willing to spend a few dollars more – in the next few days, we will be closer to actual pricing though the CAR might be a sellout in a few days or presumably before January 1 and then what will pricing patterns be?


A lot of people have run into problems with getting a confirmation number back after you submit your credit card info – instead they get a weird error code – but it seems what happens is your information got submitted okay but the return page from the website gets messed up. If that happened/happens to you, email them from the EMAIL address you gave and you should get a response that your order was accepted.

If you don’t a reposnse in a few days, then try their customer service number is: 1-866-246-8646 Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Central Time.

And yea, open to US and non-Quebec Canadians ONLY – sorry everyone else …

Shipping time should be fast as fufillment is ongoing.

You can check your status of your order by going here.

Here is a photo of the actual CAR in its beautiful plastic baggie … and yes, it seems to be more purople than blue …


Here’s the offer on the sleeve of the Blu-Ray DVD



ALSO – Don’t panic or think if the DVD has no sticker on the front in regards to the Blu CAR promotion – IT’S ALL FINE! Every Disney DVD comes with a Disney Reward code inside. As noted, the memberships points and the CAR are separate issues so after you enter the number, it’s smart to realize you just purchased a DVD that qualifies you for the CAR offer … for instance, I purchased the Ratatouille DVD which has a separate number and after keying that in, I get the Ratatouille offer which are Disney pins to buy or an entry into their sweepstakes. Buy the Blu-Ray CAR DVD, get the Blu CAR offer AUTOMATICALLY whether there is a sticker on the front of the DVD or not.

And of course, the Blu CAR is ONLY offered with the Blu-Ray DVD purchase and NOT with the regular DVD (that came out last November).

So, okay, go! Good luck! Promotion ENDS on January 30, 2008 so HURRY!

As of today (January 20), people are still reporting no problems in coding in and getting a conformation but you only have a little over a week so hurry!

* In case you’re wondering what is Blu-Ray or how does it compare to HD DVD or regular DVD, here’s our take on the matter.

Full Sized Screenshots at out FLICKR page.

This is the FINAL RELEASED version (same as the bagged one above) – a couple of crucial differences from the Disney supplied shown at the very top and the same photos they used on the website & promotional art – the Dinoco logo on spoiler and much more purple than blue in color … so purple & with logo, not a fake or a custom, this right below is the FINAL release version of ‘Blu Ray’ McQueen.



If you want a recap of the Mattel Pixar CARS line from the beginning.

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect

Unlike other toys/hot items that stay hot for a few weeks or months – this Mattel Pixar CARS diecast line has pretty been SIZZLING for 16 months – not just rare but almost un-heard of.

Of course, we would love to tell you that if you show up here at 7:00 AM, you are assured of seeing it on the shelve un-touched … or course, that is not really possible with this line due to real demand and eBay “re-distribution” demand but we have tried to sum up why it’s seems impossible and some buying tips that while not foolproof, might make things slightly easier …

Mattel Pixar Cars: I Want to Buy But Where?


First, one way to skip the driving around is to buy sealed cases, here is a brief rundown on what that is AND what are the CARS coming this holiday season (the last two months of 2007):

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes

And what’s coming in 2008:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes Holiday 2007 & 2008

Or what the latest on the shelf cards & CARS look like?

Mattel Pixar: What’s in Stores Now

If you wish to plot out what CAR will make its first appearance & in what box in 2008, a friend of 2aDay has thoughtfully provided a spreadsheet you can download or it’s also been added to our online checklist/spreadsheet.


For those on the intermediate & advanced stages of this obsession (yes, I has the fever! I has the fever 🙂 ) … you’ll want a “field guide” to spotting what’s what:

A Basic Checklist (in spreadsheet form)

The checklist offers a few versions on how you like your poison 😉

Then of course, a more indepth guideline on how to collect them – just one of each? one of each available on a different card?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: How to Collect

As you progress further, you might need or want a guide to understanding what do the three different designs on the front indicate and how complete of a collector you want to be:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: Card Backs

Info on the Blu-Ray Dinoco “Blu” CAR

The LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE Disney Blu-Ray “Blu” Dinoco McQueen


Of course, by now, you’ll want to know everything and plan your budget carefully … Mattel will definitely release 35/36 of the Piston Cup Racers in one massive collector’s set but will they release them in smaller sets? Our speculation on why rioting is probably not necessary:

Mattel Pixar Cars: All the Piston Cup CARS-Speedway of the South Box Set

If you prefer to see some of the cardbacks in a larger file size or to view the two posters for a visual look at the CARS to collect, our FLICKER page is here.

Did you know the Blu-Ray DVD (for HDTV’s) will include a “name-spotter” feature that will let you see the names of 217 CARS within the movie?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect-Part II – 217 CARS?

And while we’re at it – pure speculation on our part as to what might be coming next?

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009? Part II

Mattel Pixar Cars: Mia & Tia – All the Possible Variants


Details on the Mattel sponsorship & CARS charity auction for CAAF (Children Affected by AIDS Foundation):

Mattel Pixar Cars & Children Affected by AIDS Charity Auction

While Frank the Combine on eBay seems enticing, you might want to know that he’s very small and all plastic but there are some other options …

Mattel Pixar CARS Movie: Frank the Combine – eBay Warning

Too much money in your bank account – starting collecting the other CARS line …

NEW Mini Adventures CARS & Playsets

The Sarge Recall:

Mattel Recalls Pixar CARS Sarge Diecast Metal Car

Nothing very insightful about what’s coming but still good to know that CARS is bringing in money and everything is looking smooth.

Mattel Pixar Cars: 3rd Quarter 2007 Earnings-Financial Numbers


Yes, more speculation & answers on our part but the stars and other things seem to be syncing up for a 2011 sequel:

Pixar CARS 2 Sequel: Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


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38 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars: The LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE Disney Blu-Ray “Blu” Dinoco McQueen (LAST WEEK!)

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  2. Harry B

    Yay, close to first comment!
    Now according to my mum, we don’t have a bluray player, meaning we shouldn’t buy a blu-ray disc, even if it means not completing my cars collection. Can you help me out with this. I mean is there anyway to buy it without the help of Evilbay

    (METROXING: Yea, eBay would be the only likely place to find a code without a redemption … if you plan on buying a PS3, you can hang onto the disc or see if anyone wants to buy it from you …).

  3. Pingback:

  4. megaheat2008

    ok,ok, without this website i’d be #*!~#*/, Metroxing again thankyou, i will add BESTBUY here in berks county has on hand six more movies (blu-ray discs) to get the limited edition blue dinoco mcqueen cost is $29.99 they give you a five dollar break at the register the new price becomes $24.99,+applicable taxes of course,Me the greatful-yes i broke down and bought 2 out of the eight “i hope” it’s all worth it !!!!! ( STILL LOVE THE PRICELESS EXPRESSIONS MY LITTLE ONES HAVE ON THEIR FACES,AND ALLWAYS WILL) !!!!!!!!!!!

    (METROXING: Yea, when kids express do the pure unadulterated joy thing, it makes it all worthwhile 🙂 The Blu Dinoco will be one CAR that should always be one that people will chase after … at the rate it’s selling, it will gone before long!).

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  6. Brad

    any news on whether red mcqueen in CAAF auction will ever be available?

    (METROXING: I think they mentioned 50 were made, leaving 49 un-accounted for – not sure if they have others to auction off or if they were given to people at Mattel or Pixar or Disney … I’m sure eventually some will creep onto eBay …).

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  10. Chris

    Just some FYI – I just got back my Blu-Ray send away car and it came back with the Dinoco sticker on the back spoiler like the one from the CAAF auction.

    (METROXING: Yea, heard that so that’s nice … not so nice for the guy who paid $300 in that eBay auction …)

  11. ChrisA

    I just got mine today and was wondering if anyone else’s was more purple than blue? I guess mine is the one the paint ran out on; but I like it and I uniqueness is OK by me.

  12. Hi! Metroxing, any idea how to check the availability of this car Blu. I’m thinking to ask my friend in US to get it, but scare that it is out of stock when I bought the DVD and submitted the code.

    (METROXING: Someone reported that they were at around 12,500 and redemption have slowed to a trickle … you should probably buy it this week and some people may have bought it as Christmas gifts and on the 25th, there might be another mad rush to redeem so as long as you get it before the 24th and register, you should be okay).

  13. DLMcQueen

    My conformation number was 12,871 at about 3PM eastern time on December 18th. The redemption rate has slowed so much it makes me wonder if there’s a shortage of Cars Blu-Ray discs.

    (METROXING: I don’t think there’s a shortage as much as not everyone carries it – most WM only stock 1 or 2 of each BR/HD DVD’s … plus since most of the BR CARS disc do NOT have the sticker on the front, most people who bought it for Christmas have not even opened it yet … I’ll bet the redemption will be closed by the 26th as people finally open it and sit down in front of the computer).

  14. megaheat2008

    Metroxing,wanted to share,I have recieved my Blu-ray Dinoco Mcqueen today and it does have the Dinoco sticker on the rear ? Wow, how awesome this car is to add to my sons collection!!! Also while on my “Daily Hunt of the Week” ,WAL-MART found 1,not,2,but 3 cases off the pallets on the floor,I found RUSTY AND DUSTY RUST-EZE Movie Moments (WOC)-also,while HUNTING @TOYS-R-US “I HIT THE MOTHER LOAD-3 PACKS-SINGLES,MOVIE MOMENTS MINI’S PLAYSETS IT’S THERE WOW THE GROWN UP HAS SHRUNK BACK INTO KIDHOOD ALL OVER AGAIN I WAS SO EXCITED AND FOR FACT SINCE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS AT TRU ARE NOW IF NOT KNOW US FOR HOW MANY A YEARS THEY SEEN MY FACE LIGHT UP : ) whheewww HHEEEWWW cannot believe it “DARN FEELS GOOD” to get the jackpot !!!! Just sharing,and THANKS!!!

    (METROXING: Nice score! I’ve been too busy but will try and update the BR post this weekend. Thanks!)

  15. Steel_Fly

    I’ve received my Blu-Ray McQueen and I agree with ChrisA, it’s more purple than blue. The paint also looks thin in spots. It doesn’t look near as nice as the pics in this post. Sure it’s unique, but I’m disappointed. It will go in my son’s display case anyway.
    Congrats to megaheat2008 on the score. I’m mega jealous. Lol

  16. Cars_Mommy

    I hate to bother anyone, but I am looking for an unused Cars Blu-Ray movie rewards code. My little boy is almost three and all he asked Santa for this years is Cars. My area is full of the so-called collector’s who grab everything up and then jack up the prices to astronomical levels on ebay. I can’t even find the blu-ray around here. I would buy it online but the cst is too steep for us, especially since we don’t have a blu-ray player!

    If someone has an unused code I would be more than willing to pay it. I just can’t see supporting those scalpers on e-bay! Will even trade if there is something in my area (Northeast PA) someone is looking for but can’t find!!

    I know I won’t get it for Christmas, but my son’t third birthday is soon after that and I just know it would make his day because it’s a Car he doesn’t even know exists! (He keeps the card backs from his others!! lol)

    If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it!
    Please e-mail me at:
    if you have a code or even some helpful suggestions!

    Thank you so much!!


  17. Thanks for the reply. So can I say every code from the Cars bluray DVD would ensure the buyer 1 Blu Ray McQueen? Or do they produce more codes than the number of available McQ (15,000 pcs)?

    (METROXING: I’m going to presume that the code is available in more than 15,000 DVD’s – it’s only the first 15,000 that get redeemed … just like the Rataoutille DVD offered me some Disney pins which I have zero interest in – there are people who bougt the DVD who don’t care anything about CARS – yea, hard to believe … in terms of redemption we’re pretty close to the end – less than 1,500 at the last count I saw which was a few days ago …).

  18. I’m now in a deep dilemma whether to proceed to ask my friend to get the DVD.. Due to some problem I couldnt contact my friend in US and now its after Christmas and I afraid the 15000 will just run out.

    And if this happened, I wasted $25 on the DVD which I couldn’t play.. 😦

    (METROXING: The last count was around 14,000 or just under but that was a few days ago – at this point, it’s pretty hard to predict because most people who are CARS collectors probably already knew so you might still be okay in the next couple days … The slight good news is the CARS DVD seems to be region free so as long as you have a Blu-Ray worldwide … though of course, it’s NTSC).

  19. I’d like to share the good news that my friend has successfully bought the DVD and redeemed the Blu Ray for me ^^.

    when I log into my Disney Movie Rewards account, I see the ‘get the blu ray mcqueen’ banner and when clicked on that, the system showed “Our records show you have already redeemed for this promotional prize”. This safely means that I have safeguarded one BluRay McQueen right?

    Thanks again for my friend Denise in getting the DVD, and Metroxing for your information!

    (METROXING: Great! Yes, you should be pretty safe – as I think 98% of everyone who wants one has redeemed it and whatever number you got 14,000 something? should be a pretty accurate count. You can tell your friend it will cheaper to mail if she puts it in an envelope versus a box … (or she can re-tape the one Disney sends).

  20. Carslogic

    Does anyone need any of the cars, I have a few extra.

  21. Mia&Kevin Sweden

    “Carslogic” and anyone how maybe have some few extra Ray Blue McQueen.

    If anyone could help us we it would be great.
    Please e-mail me at:
    (we forgot to write down the mail at the last note)
    Hi Everyone!
    We looking for the Ray Blue McQueen but it very diffecult to buy in and from Sweden. We can´t reg. us at the Disney website

    I have a son Kevin, he is 7years (Born at 010101 )
    He is one collector at the Disney Cars.
    and wenn we see that note from “Carslogic” I have to ask.
    Are that the Blue Ray McQueen you have some few extra??
    We hope it´s, so maybe it could be a birthdaygift for Kevin
    What have you for price, if you have one of course.
    We still hope
    Thanks for a good site.
    Mia& Kevin from Sweden

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  23. Juan

    I was able to order my Blu Ray McQueen today. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive it?

    (METROXING: Shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks now).

  24. ootoobeah

    Anyone have any idea if there are any Blu McQueens left to ship out? Am debating whether to buy the DVD without a Blu-ray player just for the car for my son. If they’re gone then I guess I shouldn’t really bother. Thanks.

    (METROXING: It still seems to be listed so I would presume Disney is going to offer until the 1/31 … but I can’t say 100% …).

  25. Connor

    Ebay sellers might aswell take our wallets/purses and take our money and Credits cards stick em in there pocket.

  26. CarsMama

    Well…we thought we had one but here’s the letter I got today in my email. We ordered the Blu-Ray on 1/26 and had a confirmation email and everything. But low and behold…

    Dear Disney Movie Rewards Member,

    Recently you were offered the opportunity to receive a Blu Lightening
    McQueen car for entering the Disney Movie Rewards Magic Code found
    inside Pixar’s Cars on Blu-ray Disc.

    Due to an overwhelming response to this promotion and the limited
    availability of inventory we regret to inform you we will be unable to
    fulfill your order. Your credit card has not been charged the $3.50
    shipping and handling fee.

    You are a valued customer and we would like to take this opportunity to
    offer you a replacement product. Please select one of the titles
    listed below for the same $3.50 shipping and processing fee.

    * Eight Below

    * Chicken Little

    * Bridge to Terabithia

    * Sky High

    * Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

    * Remember the Titans

    * The Wild

    * Dinosaur

    * Glory Road

    * Haunted Mansion

    * Meet the Robinson’s

    * Underdog

    * Invincible

    Simply reply to this email with your selection and your preferred
    format (DVD or Blu-ray Disc). Your credit card will be charged the $3.50
    for shipping and processing.

    The offer for a replacement product is only valid until March 31, 2008.
    Please remember to make your selection by this date.

    Again, we apologize for the matter and value your loyalty.

    Disney Movie Rewards Consumer Relations Team

    What a giant bummer!! My son was so excited, I haven’t even told him yet that it’s not coming. Hope other people had better luck.

  27. GourmetAnarchy

    That sucks. I didn’t even attempt to go after one because my luck would have gotten me that same letter.

  28. tricked

    The whole promotion was a fraud!!!!!!!!

  29. Yeah, I had the confirmation number and got the “we regret to inform you” letter, too (disappointed dad; super-disappointed 5-year old).

    I don’t even have a Blu-Ray player–I bought the movie just for the car.

    Those movie titles remind one how Pixar has saved Disney’s behind–couldn’t they at
    least have offered a Pixar film?

    (MET: You should write back or call – and see what they have to say – you never know …).

  30. jackdaddy2008

    I am so gald I bypassed the whole process and just bought one on ebay. Only cost me $70 inc postage.

  31. Noel


    Did you ever get your hands on one?

  32. jackdaddy2008

    In light of the Ransburg thing, I frantically checked my blu ray mcqueen to ensure he wasn’t just some stupid pretend to be variant!

    Thankfully he is real.

  33. Heather from Maine


    How can you tell if a Blu Ray Mcqueen is real? What should you look for?


    (MET: Well, there aren’t too many “fake” ones since by buying (and or then selling) a Blu Ray DVD, you could buy one for @$4 … and the offer was still available on the last day of the long redemption period (from November to January), there are not a lot of fakes … the only difference is that the back spoiler has the DINOCO logo (some of the above pictures were supplied by Mattel – no logo). Another way to tell the real Blu Ray McQueen is that they are actually closer to purple than Blue).

  34. Heather from Maine

    Thanks Met!

    Just to make it clear…

    The “real” Blu Ray has NO Dinoco logo and the color is closer to purple than blue.

    The “fake” has the logo on the back spoiler.

    Do I have that right?

    Thanks again!

    (MET: Sorry for the confusion, the real Blu Ray McQueen HAS the Dinoco logo AND is closer to purple than blue. The photos provided by Disney for the promotions, the DVD art and the website are ALL missing the Dinoco logo (see the first photos above) and as you can tell, the CAR appears quite blue in color … I just added a larger photo of the FINAL RELEASED Blu Ray McQueen – with spoiler logo & as you can see, quite purplish … Hope that helps).

  35. Heather from Maine

    Thanks for clarifying and adding the photo.
    Much appreciated!!!

  36. Heather from Maine

    Well, I broke down (as usual) and purchased a Blue Ray McQueen on eBay. It arrived at my house yesterday and it looks real nice. It’s definitely more purple than blue. No paint chips and the decals are ok except for one which was placed on the car a little wonky. It’s the tiny “Lightning McQueen” decal that’s above the side window. It’s not too bad though.

    My son really loves it!!!

    I placed the car inside a toy car display case that has a mirror-like bottom and faced the car so you can’t see the wonky decal.

    Over all, we are very happy with our new car!!!

  37. James

    I got mine today from ebay, cost me £31.50, really pleased with it, completely intact with the original order code and printed reciept. hope everyone else manages to get one who wants one!!


  38. jammes

    is it true disney are now making more blu ray mcqueens? i got mine in june and it has the date code april 08. (1348ea)more than 15000?????

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