Mattel Pixar Cars: The Mattel Factory 2006 Set Case (SOLD OUT! 11/27 UPDATE)




They should be appearing on eBay soon. If you’re still interested and can wait, the first few on eBay will fetch a higher price but I believe they will drop in price after the holidays … but hey, it’s your money – spend it as you see fit 🙂



Introduced at Comic Con 2007, Mattel held a drawing for this set of 27 CARS called 2006 Factory Set‘ (everything up to Leak Less was the description). While no one has cracked it open (2 were raffled off – leaving @498).

The box featured the first 27 CARS all on desert back/classic design cards (both single & multi-packs) within the giant red box you see above.

THE PRICE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED – For Mattel, a reasonable $149.99 plus $12.95 for shipping (plus $24.99 if you not a RL Club member) or $188 ($187.93 to be precise). Though technically, after 24 hours, anything left will be available to the “general public” without having to pay the $24.99 to join the Red Line Club (RL Club) portion of their memembership

How to Buy?

Mattel will put up the other 498 on sale 11/27/2007 at the HotWheels Collector’s website 9 AM Pacific US Time.

Official photos from Mattel:

Back of Box:


If you open it, you’ll see the:

16 “regular” desert/classic art CARS
4 “regular” desert/classic art multi-pack CARS (for a total of 9 CARS)
2 “exclusive” desert/classic art CARS (Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater & Dirt Track McQueen)*

* Rollin’ Bowling Mater available in the BJ Warehouse Set (2006) or the Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater game. Dirt Track McQueen previously only available on a Supercharged card or as “Willie Butte McQueen” as part of the Radiator Springs Mountain Challenge playset.

Opened From Back:


The Exclusive CARS:


Previously Available In:




Presumably, they were going to start selling it off during the summer but since SARGE was part of the set, they had to pull them all back and replace SARGE. I think they also realized that the year was ending and while people might still be intrigued by a “2006 set” in 2007 – by next 2008, it would seem like they scraped a set together from the factory floor so they wanted to be sure it was out before year end …


While signing up for the HW Club is free, there is a membership fee to join the “Red Line Club” in order to buy something – you do get a free car with your membership but the membership is a yearly thing and goes by the calendar year NOT when you sign up so it will expire on 12/31/2007.

From Mattel:
“The Disney/Pixar Cars 2006 Factory Sealed Set has a production quantity of no more than 500 sets – very limited! Sets are individually numbered and priced at $149.99 + $12.95 S&P (shipping & processing) each (shipping to P.O. boxes within the U.S. by Expedited Mail pay the standard rate plus an additional $15.00). There is a purchase limit of ONE set per RLC™ membership — available on a first-come, first-served basis only while supplies last.”

After 24-hours, if any are left, they are available to the general public (ie: no $24.99 in the RL Club is required – the big IF is IF there are any left).


Hey, it’s your money, you can spend it as you see fit but I would like to point out a few things that might give you pause.

While it is limited to 500 sets, EVERY car is available to buy not just on cards but in sets and NONE are retired. There are NO CARS in the box that are not pretty much available on the shelves right now (albeit on Supercharged or World of Cars cards but still available is still available).

And on eBay, there is always a set of the desert back CAR cards available.

Basically, for $162-$188, you get 27 CARS that are all still available except for two that are only in this box on desert back cards:

Dirt Track McQueen
Rollin’ Bowling’ Mater

And you get a red box.

I should also point out that you can never open the box – you would diminish its value – ultimately, the question is if two CARS not rare nor retired but only available on a ‘limited to 500’ card in a limited box worth it for you?

That’s your call to make.

It should also be noted that all the cards for the individual CARS look like they are the wave 1.5 cards – featuring 16 CARS on the back and not the original 12-CAR backs from wave 1 so it’s value is hard to measure apples to apples if you are breaking up the set.


I think you should be able to sell it for a profit on eBay for the short term especially since it’s Christmas. But long term? While I think it should always retain what you paid for it but I suspect any price value increase will only match or more likely fall below the pace of inflation. The main reasons I think this set is not that strong in retaining collector value include:

Not the 12-CAR desert back art (wave 1).
No CARS retired from this set.
Wave 1 CARS & sets all available on eBay.
The Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater CAR not officially in the movie.

So, you can easily assemble a full set of the 16-back CARDS (wave 1.5) plus the Movie Moments multi-packs and buy the other two CARS as part of the game or as part of a playset (or on a Supercharged card) and all you are really holding unique is two packaging cards and a red box.

That’s not to say it isn’t nice nor that you shouldn’t get it – just that its interested audience is much smaller – more limited to packaging completists and not the general collectors – and again, it should retain its value, I just can’t forsee a major frenzy to own it in the future since there’s nothing preventing people from collecting it piecemeal.

(KB Toy is clearing out the Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater for $9.98 as part of the game and TRU has plenty of the playset in stock).

But I think what really will also hurt any future major runup of this set is that by the end of 2008, there will something like 200 CARS in this line – its uniqueness will be diminished. There is just too much to collect and this set is essentially a repeat when for $160-$190 dollars, people would rather pay for something new like the Piston Cup Racers.

Of course, this is just my opinion and I’m not claiming I’m going to be 100% right but just warning you that you should buy this set because you want it – not that it’s going to be some financial windfall …

Anyway, good luck!



If you want a recap of the Mattel Pixar CARS line from the beginning.

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect

Unlike other toys/hot items that stay hot for a few weeks or months – this Mattel Pixar CARS diecast line has pretty been SIZZLING for 16 months – not just rare but almost un-heard of.

Of course, we would love to tell you that if you show up here at 7:00 AM, you are assured of seeing it on the shelve un-touched … or course, that is not really possible with this line due to real demand and eBay “re-distribution” demand but we have tried to sum up why it’s seems impossible and some buying tips that while not foolproof, might make things slightly easier …

Mattel Pixar Cars: I Want to Buy But Where?


First, one way to skip the driving around is to buy sealed cases, here is a brief rundown on what that is AND what are the CARS coming this holiday season (the last two months of 2007):

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes

And what’s coming in 2008:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: New Sealed Boxes Holiday 2007 & 2008

Or what the latest on the shelf cards & CARS look like?

Mattel Pixar: What’s in Stores Now

If you wish to plot out what CAR will make its first appearance & in what box in 2008, a friend of 2aDay has thoughtfully provided a spreadsheet you can download or it’s also been added to our online checklist/spreadsheet.


For those on the intermediate & advanced stages of this obsession (yes, I has the fever! I has the fever 🙂 ) … you’ll want a “field guide” to spotting what’s what:

A Basic Checklist (in spreadsheet form)

The checklist offers a few versions on how you like your poison 😉

Then of course, a more indepth guideline on how to collect them – just one of each? one of each available on a different card?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: How to Collect

As you progress further, you might need or want a guide to understanding what do the three different designs on the front indicate and how complete of a collector you want to be:

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: Card Backs

Info on the Blu-Ray Dinoco “Blu” CAR

The LIMITED & EXCLUSIVE Disney Blu-Ray “Blu” Dinoco McQueen


Of course, by now, you’ll want to know everything and plan your budget carefully … Mattel will definitely release 35/36 of the Piston Cup Racers in one massive collector’s set but will they release them in smaller sets? Our speculation on why rioting is probably not necessary:

Mattel Pixar Cars: All the Piston Cup CARS-Speedway of the South Box Set

If you prefer to see some of the cardbacks in a larger file size or to view the two posters for a visual look at the CARS to collect, our FLICKER page is here.

Did you know the Blu-Ray DVD (for HDTV’s) will include a “name-spotter” feature that will let you see the names of 217 CARS within the movie?

Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: It’s What to Collect-Part II – 217 CARS?

And while we’re at it – pure speculation on our part as to what might be coming next?

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009

Mattel Pixar Cars: What’s Coming in 2008 or 2009? Part II

Mattel Pixar Cars: Mia & Tia – All the Possible Variants


Details on the Mattel sponsorship & CARS charity auction for CAAF (Children Affected by AIDS Foundation):

Mattel Pixar Cars & Children Affected by AIDS Charity Auction

While Frank the Combine on eBay seems enticing, you might want to know that he’s very small and all plastic but there are some other options …

Mattel Pixar CARS Movie: Frank the Combine – eBay Warning

Too much money in your bank account – starting collecting the other CARS line …

NEW Mini Adventures CARS & Playsets

The Sarge Recall:

Mattel Recalls Pixar CARS Sarge Diecast Metal Car

Nothing very insightful about what’s coming but still good to know that CARS is bringing in money and everything is looking smooth.

Mattel Pixar Cars: 3rd Quarter 2007 Earnings-Financial Numbers


Yes, more speculation & answers on our part but the stars and other things seem to be syncing up for a 2011 sequel:

Pixar CARS 2 Sequel: Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


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    good site sorry harry

  2. lawrence

    i would love one of these sets

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    I am raising my money for this!

    (METROXING: Let us know if you get one! Good luck!)

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    Thanks. So far, I have 30 some dollars. I will get it, because my mom signed me up at the site. I will finally have all the Wave 1 releases. I will get loads of money soon.

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