Mattel Pixar Cars: Factory 2006 Set Case – UNBOXING Photos!


Thanks to Noel who not only got the set but wanted to be the first in his town so he added the 2nd day shipping and there it is!

All nicely packed and in his house – in pristine condition!


It’s already a Merry Christmas!


Easy to spy the two exclusive CARS on cards peeking through the window – sorry for the watermark but you know, some eBayers are a bit lazy 😦



Of course, here’s the very cool back of the box design …


And closeups of the foil stickers indicating it’s factory sealed …



Reminder it’s a very small run …


The legalese & stock number …


And of course, the proof that it’s from Mattel … knowing Hot Wheels collectors, they would probably pay $79 for this packing slip πŸ™‚


And of course, I know the next thing Noel did was cut it open, rip open the blister packs and start playing with it on his lawn … as I’m sure the other 499 owners of this set are doing πŸ™‚

Or not …

Here are some interior shots from the Mattel HWC website:





Thanks for giving us a vicarious thrill, Noel – enjoy!


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14 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars: Factory 2006 Set Case – UNBOXING Photos!

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  2. $172 for toy cars? What a waste of money!

  3. Noel

    I’m sure in some people’s eyes it’s a waste of money. Have you ever bought an item other people would consider a waste of money?

    Think real hard before you answer.

  4. bob

    Hey Starling –
    Why are you on a blog site for information about things you consider a waste of money??

  5. It’s “Startling,” Bob. I came because this (for whatever reason) was one of the top sites listed on WordPress the other day.

    As for my purchases, I don’t think I’ve made any quite so useless since I blew $5 on Slim Jims when I was a kid.

    If I thought you were actually going to play with these, my opinion would be different…

  6. Noel

    That’s too bad startling, perhaps you should learn to live a little. You sound angry and annoyed that someone (me) spent close to $200 on a set of limited edition Cars from Mattel when it doesn’t affect you in the least.

    I just don’t get negativity. Some people are only “happy” when they are miserable and complaining about anything and everything.

    There are help groups for people like that, perhaps you should look into it.

  7. Nah, just my opinion. But seriously, if differing opinions get you thinking about recommending someone to seek help, it’s time to back away from the Internet.

  8. Noel

    Why would you come here just to insult someone who bought a set of cars from Mattel? There has to be a reason behind your post. Were you just bored or do you like to complain about everything?

  9. DLMcQueen

    There’s an old saying: “Don’t feed the trolls”

    Noel, I loved your first response!

  10. Thanks for the great detailed pics. I’m too like to enjoy the packaging of the items I collect.

  11. Mrs. ifindbooks

    Yep, I’m one of those mom’s – Excitedly snagging all of the newest Cars characters to eagerly take them home and watch my kids rip them open and start playing with them. They’re played with EVERY DAY and my 3 yr. old knows all 30 or so names. But today a stock person said yeah, get one to play with and one to save – and I got sick. Now I know I’m hooked. If only there were a direct from Mattel hotline for Cars addicted parents… maybe they could give me the skinny on where to find EVERY SINGLE ONE. I love your information! Great fix for a case-hovering-dying-in-anticipation mom! Thanks.

    (METROXING: Well, maybe you should check out our post on HOW TO COLLECT (or maybe not πŸ™‚ ) … the good thing is that mattel hasn’t retired anything so as long as you just want one of everything still in its blister pack, it’s “not” that hard (other than your bank account) though I think we’re around 80 by the end of the year (look for the checklist/spreadsheet link) … now if you decde you want to be a complete completist … well, it will be a fun hunt! Good luck!)

  12. My

    When you stop to figure it out and realize that the cars cost around 6 dollars a piece it is really a rip off. You can pick the cars up for 3 dollars a piece so why the factory set went for more then what the piecemeal price is is strange. Usually you save money buying in bulk. Now I know you say exclusivity but if that is the reason then we are creating a monster and next thing we know they will be lumping all kinds of things together and selling them at over priced bargains. Just look at Target with all it’s exclusives and holiday sets. They haven’t had an exclusive worth buying yet. The closest was the set with the 3 new cars but to get it you had to buy 5 pegblockers. So while at first I was excieted about the set and wanted it, now I have changed my mind and it is about the only thing I won’t add to my collection as I already have all the cars in it, and in there blisters.

    (METROXING: Yea, I mostly agree with you … the Factory Set could’ve been more enticing in many ways – they didn’t even make Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater a special card! They just stuck him in a Mater card but did add the name change at the bottom but yea, not exactly all that special (among 4-5 other things they could’ve have improved upon (like it should’ve been a velcroed opening so you could display and see all 27 CARS instead of just 2 CARS visible) … and yea, the Dinoco 400 set at $29 is definitely a rip – at $20 during the sale, that was much nicer … the stand, though paper is pretty cool and a nice display (See our PHOTO BLOG so if it goes on sale after Christmas, you might reconsider).

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