Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Checklist: How to Display Your CARS


If you’re collecting the Mattel Disney Pixar CARS and frankly, who isn’t … you might find you are running out of room … I’m eyeing this place as just about the right size for the collection as it’ll stand after 2008 …


Or something less fancy and more functional …


Or if you believe you can actually fit it all in your house now, reader Noel has a very classy solution, Ikea’s Detolf glass case with optional lighting kit – very nice and very classy – at a very nice affordable price.


Or a simple but functional bookcase from Ikea.

If money is no object, how cool would this look in your study? A custom-made old-style gas pump with the Dinoco logo? (Yes, this is the Sinclair Gas logo but you get the idea).


And while they might be now too small just to buy one now – how about this amazingly cool lighted CUSTOM display case for your CARS? (eBay link).


Another place that sells customized displays if you have the money to spend … Or here.

Not quite as customized for CARS but still cool looking … you might need to check with them if the CARS 1:55 fits onto their current cases …

Racing Products:


This might be the first plastic case specifically for CARS.


I haven’t actually seen or touched one in person but I’m sure others will jump on the bandwagon soon.

If you prefer them in plastic cases – Carney is one of the largest places selling diecast display cases. There’s also Great Display Cases, Display It!, ClearWater, Aculine, , Cases for Collectibles or if you want a spinning thing (wouldn’t the CARS fly around?) – check out also at Carney.

Though again the CARS 1:55 are an unusual size, so be sure and check FIRST!


The companies above that sell the plastic display cases should also sell the enclosures if you prefer to store the CARS unopened and sealed.

Or there’s this from Wal*Mart – it’s cool but small (only about 2 feet tall) – you can either use it to toss in all your CARS and playsets if you don’t mind some paint loss and dings šŸ™‚ or perhaps you can get like 10 of them to store all your unopened singles …


NOTE – I have NOT ordered from most of the companies listed above (well other than Ikea) so I am not necessarily recommending them … just offering you some links. Good luck!

(yes, this post was originally part of the HOW TO COLLECT post but I could never remember when people asked me about display cases šŸ˜‰ )


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12 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Checklist: How to Display Your CARS

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  2. Sarah

    I found some shelves at Ikea for our boys Cars collection. The Klang shelf is aluminum for $9.99 each, the Stripa shelf comes in aspen or white for $6.99 each. They come with a bracket to connect 2 or more shelves together. I think the aluminum shelves would look great with the cars but since we put this in our livingroom we went with the apsen so it would match (and they were cheaper). According to the Ikea website the shelves measure 31 1/8″ x 3 1/2″. We put the cars on the shelf facing forward so some cars (like Red & Mater) hang over the front but you can fit about 20 cars on a shelf. Obviously these shelves won’t keep dust off but my boys play with them so they’re within reach for them. Now Mattel needs to get on the ball and make a decent case to store all the cars in or a series of cases that stack or fit together somehow. Are you listening Mattel?!

  3. Harry B

    Hello, 3rd comment
    Wow, im on a roll

  4. ken

    we are looking for a complete list of the cars can anyone send me one plz

    (METROXING: Did you see our checklist?

  5. Roman

    Love the posts and all the hard work. Well done.
    A few questions as I am a father of 2 who has now become stuck in this mess… it sure is addicting.

    – Is there a complete visual list of all the diecast cars released. A giant “card back” of all cars in one spot?

    – I found a small jpeg of a “Cars Character” poster that seemed to do this. It looks like silhouette images from the front of the cards. I have the Jpeg but not sure how to get it to you? Its also small but looks like an official cars poster with logo and all.

    – Any leads on plastic carrying cases for the cars? I have seen some hand made stuff on ebay and the acrylic cases above…but need something 5 year old friendly.

    Thanks and keep the info coming.


    (METROXING: There is a poster that was offered during the later part of the SC series – we have a scan up on FLIKR, is that the one? Some people use fishing bait & tackle boxes as CARS carrying cases … as for the complete visual list? Email us back in a few weeks šŸ™‚ )

  6. Nancy

    Until I find something as reasonably priced that works better, I’ve been happy with the Mascar Ultima I ordered from Taylor Mfg. in Tualatin, OR.( I got mine on eBay but it’s possible to order directly from them–the price was the same. It’s lightweight, has predrilled holes for hanging, removable front cover. Only negative is that the larger cars (Mater, Stanley (too tall), Red and of course, Barney) won’t fit. Keeps little hands from my “don’t play with those” collection. Yes, we play with the duplicates I’ve been forced to buy to get the one I need–darn merchandising tactics.

    I love this site. Forgive me, I suckered into buying a list off eBay but they had the website addy on the bottom and that was worth the $1.50. Just sorry you didn’t get the money for it–you do all the work!

    (METROXING: If you don’t mind telling which eBay seller, I’d like to have a word or two with that guy … šŸ˜¦ ).

  7. Roman

    Cars Characters Poster is posted at

    (METROXING: Nope, hadn’t seen that one before, where did you say it from again?)

  8. Bryon1966

    regarding the cases, we have oodles here on the east coast, for a modest fee i will mail out the oval plastic carrying cases to anyone wanting one.

  9. Nancy,
    Thanks for your kind mention about our Mascar Ultima display. I know the Ultima is not designed for the Pixar Cars (Hotwheels), but you could try notching one side (or both) of the styrene base with a razorblade, to get the larger cars to fit. When the display is mounted against the wall, you can not see the notch.
    Don Taylor
    Taylor Mfg., LLC

    (METROXING: Don, the ULTIMATE looks nice – I’ll add it to the list but I don’t get why you would need to use a razor blade? The slots look pretty wide? Maybe a larger photo or a more detailed photo?)

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  11. Nancy

    I’d like to share photos of my display case but don’t know how. Anyone help?

  12. We have received quite a few inquires regarding display cases for the 1:55 scale Displays to fit these collectibles. Our standard displays are not designed for this scale but we do make custom sizes and have made a display for the CARS collection. If you are interested in our designs drop me a line and we can see what we can do for you. We can also send you some pictures of what we have custom made for one of your fellow CARS collectors.
    Thank You

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