Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: All the CARS – Photo Blog


Looking For Adventure, Whatever Comes Our Way …




The Dinoco 400 Box – Not Just $20 For Three CARS …


Low & Slow




“Quart Low? Meet You at Flo’s …”



(Ramone? Yea, I seen him …)

Luigi’s – Where the Pixar Stars Go …


The Tunerz …



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21 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars Checklist: All the CARS – Photo Blog

  1. Sarah

    It’s nice to see someone else with their collection from Cars out for all to see and play with. I’ve become a “collector mom” because my 2 boys love this movie. We go on car hunts to find those hard-to-find characters. And of course we open them all! They’re pretty well played with, chips of paint missing, Yeti’s ice cream cones chewed off, DJ’s rear spoiler long gone. We got small shelves from Ikea to display them all, and to get my kids to pick them up from time to time. Mattel needs to come out with a case that holds more than just a few cars. I hope the rumor is true that TRU will carry the Curio shop again because I refuse to pay $100 for it on eBay. By the way thank you for posting about the Blu-ray McQueen; I can’t wait for ours to come in the mail! Maybe I won’t let them play with that one? This is a great site; you have the best pictures and info. Keep up the good work!

    (METROXING: Yea, toys are to be played with 🙂 I do keep an extra set but yea, just looking at sealed boxes is not enough fun for me … hopefully, we’ll hear more about the Curio Chop soon – only two more for 2007 (PM Guido & Tom Race Official) though apparently the “launchers” are in the warehouse … so good luck and have a fun holiday!)

  2. Nice collection! I really like the perspective on the pictures. Who do these belong to?

    Great setup. Really looks good with the playsets. I’ve got all the Cars but no playsets and nowhere to display them all like that.

    (METROXING: Yep, these are mine. I just cleared a couple bookcase shelves – if I had the room and the inclination to assemble it, the Ikea glass case is next … well, the best playset is Flo’s and still available at most TRU’s or if you buy it online, you get 20% off if you use Paypal … and many Kohl’s still has the Luigi’s – the others are tougher now …).

  3. Charley 2

    We had the playsets however they fell apart easily and I thought they were complete junk and a waste of money. I bought the curio on Ebay back in the summer for $35, Ramones for $22 and Luigi’s for $44. We got Flo later when it was released from TRU. I just resold them as used on Ebay and got my money back for them because I was not pleased at all. I only kept the Piston 500 Racetrack, besides that is the only thing my son plays with and we have the Cars rug and he just plays with the cars on there. Anyone else think the playsets are poorly made? I was very disappointed!!!!

  4. luke wells

    i think the play sets are too small. maby they could make them bigger and stronger

  5. CaseStalker

    The playsets are not cheaply made in my opinion thay are just too intricate for litle kids therefor easily broken. I had my kids play with them for a while them I put them away and now they are just for Dad’s display case.

  6. moviechick4

    they are too expensive let alone more than 20$ 4 three cars and they brek easily too but kids love tham and parents buy them they are characters from disney they have to make money

  7. Harry B

    Curse you.
    Torturing me by displaying some of the cars i don’t have.
    kidding, thanx for posting the pics. 🙂

  8. Harry B

    By the way, do you know why Dirt McQueen doesn’t have any teeth?

    (METROXING: Mattel is hoping you don’t notice their savings in white paint on that one …)

  9. Hi! Metroxing, hope you can shed some light on these questions.

    I’m an opener, just completed the ‘to-date’ cars collection after getting the lot bought from Ebay.

    After opening more than 70 packs of cars, its quite a surprise to find in Yeti and Crusin’ Ramone’s pack a little piece of catalog with Mack on a side. Here’s my questions:

    1. Are those little catalog ‘constantly’ attached at a particular character’s pack? i.e. Crusin’ Ramone and Yeti in this case, or is it totally random.

    2. About the Disney Cars Collectors Poster 2007, is it an foc item, or attached in the Cars merchandise for sale?

    I’m from Malaysia and really envy that you guys have the fun and thrill to queue and search though toy shops to get a particular Cars. Over here I have to rely on Ebay and paying a high postage to complete the collections.


    (METROXING: When you say ‘catalog,’ are you refering to the fold out poster? There are two versions, one poster shows Mack, the other poster shows Stormin’ McQueen. They were included towards the later runs of the Supercharged series – maybe during the summer only of 2006 – no one is quite sure as it was an oddball thing as Mattel didn’t publicize it – it was just tucked in under the CAR if you looked carefully. There was not a sticker or any announcement it was there … it was nice but it also wasn’t very complete as there were more CARS available than on the poster. Then Mattel abruptly canceled the last 3 CARS shipments of 2007 (box V, W & Z) and switched to the WOC cards (Box A-D have been released in the US) – no poster anymore. So, in theory, there are 40 CARS that might have the poster tucked underneath the cardboard sleeve of that characters name in the plastic blister (as there are 41 SC cards – white rimmed Fabulous HH had been discontinued so he definitely didn’t have one) but I guess it might be time to go back and really count to be certain 🙂 … you can take heart in that it’s not easy to find them in the US either …)

  10. Thanks for the explanation. The poster is indeed an oddball as it shows only part of the whole Cars collection..

    BTW, there is a bigger version known as “Collectors Poster 2007” which shows all cars release up-to end of 2007 (with a white circle for you to mark ‘purchased’), including FLIK & P.T. FLEA. At the lower left corner it shows “Free Cars Story Book when you buy 1 car”.

    I wonder how to get that? Is it available for free at toy outlets selling Cars?

    (METROXING: Sorry, now it rings a bell – that was a UK only thing. They had a promotion (I presume it ended) where if you bought 6 CARS, you could redeem for a free CAR, not a bad deal as you got Vinyl Toupee along with a poster … there is a sticker on the front of eligible CARS, if you go to our CARDBACK post – if you scroll towards the end, you cna see a small photo of Mater with the sticker).

  11. Megan

    Is the Mack (rig only) is that a small die cast sold on a ‘card’ or is that from one of the full mack playsets? I haven’t seen anything about that yet, is there another link or something if it is an actual individual card.

    (METROXING: No, that’s the only CAR in scale but not on a card -the all plastic Mack from various Mack playsets – for some odd reason, the cab is in scale but the trailer portion is always way too large …).

  12. Gervart

    great collection, but i see you don’t have flea and flik? oh and tom race official is out btw (only on ebay)

    (METROXING: No, Flea & Flik yet – they are still in a case – waiting to get the official US version before opening …)


    Has anyone seen the new —MINI ADVENTURES 2 PACKS? They are smaller than the normal release stuff but these are cool, i picked up BOOT CAMP SARGE AND LIGHTING——LIGHTING HAS NIGHTVISION GOOGLES ON!!


    RED DOC HUDSON w/ lighton top AND RED







    $5.49—-IN MICHIGAN

    (METROXING: Thanks for the update but we do have a post on the MINI’s – see the recap of all our posts).

  14. Phil

    Hi there
    hope someone can help
    you see I am collecting, started for my son after he saw the movie in the UK and just wondering if anyone can tell me is there a die-cast FRANK
    and a die-cast BESSIE
    as I would love to get hold of these
    please tell me That would Great

    (METROXING: No official DIECAST/METAL Bessie or Frank. Both are available in plastic and neither are in scale – Bessie in the Mega Mack Town playset and Frank in the Tractor Tippin’ Game (see our post above for the link to FRANK ON EBAY). That is the Frank you generally see for sale on eBay – they don’t point out it’s all plastic, too small and they took it out of a $17.99 game and will try and sell you Frank alone for $25. However, there are customizers or if you’re brave enough to try it – the FRANK ON EBAY post has a link to a $13 red combine that is the basis of Frank and it is diecast! Good luck!).

  15. Megan

    One more question, I have seen pictures of the Race Official Tom, which appears to be a ‘car’ however I have heard that Race Official Tom from the movie was the truck with the flags. I am confused. Which one is the Race Official Tom that is just about released and what is the name of the truck and is he being released?

    (METROXING: At first we weren’t sure which was which but when they released the charity auction set photo, since it was the only one “Race official” design other than the TOW TRUCK (which is called that) and we knew it was coming out first, by deductaion, we determined it was the “car” and not the pickup truck. There are photos on eBay but since we should be flooded with them soon, I did not bother to grab it. The truck has not been announced but the tow truck “official” will be out in a few months).

  16. Cakes

    buy the case?
    Besides ebay how do I buy these cars by the case?

    (METROXING: Check our I WANT TO BUY BUT WHERE POST – link above).

  17. for now on i am going to call me dj
    the only place that sells these near me are at the walmart supersenter in st.marys[i live in a small town]and they havent got that many new ones in.they have tons and tons of basicly only buzz/woody and mike/sully on the shelves.

  18. Ron

    I was at the store today and I noticed on the back 0f the package on one of the Cars they had Mack available. It was not a playset. He looked to be the same exact size as the Cars and had no cab. Unfortunately, I was in 5 stores today looking for a certain Car, and I can’t remember where I saw it! Do you know what I am talking about? I looked online and couldn’t find it anywhere. I am not sure if it is plastic, die cast etc. I appreciate your help.

    (METROXING: Were you at a Disney store? They are the only place where Mack is available as a metal diecast but he’s NOT from Mattel and not part of the line).

  19. Ron

    No, I was not at the Disney store. I was at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and Kaybee toys. I didn’t actually see Mack in the store, I saw him on the back of the package to one of the cars. He was the same size as the other cars and you could not put McQueen inside him because there was no cab. The only thing I could think of is maybe he is not released yet? I wish I could give more info but like I said I am not sure if he was part of a 2 pack, movie moments, supercharged, world of cars, etc.

    (METROXING: Well, it would be oddity … I have seen every card except for Pit Stop Guido & Tom Race Official up to now so I know Mack does not appear on any of them? You’re not thinking of RED, the fire engine are you? He does appear on the back on the Movie Moments cards? Mack is not on the back of new Launchers nor the 12-CAR launcher carrying case … the only possiblity are the gift packs of which I have only seen one? Unless it’s a surprise decision that one knows about, you appear to have been the only person to mention it).

  20. Ron

    I went back to all the stores and couldn’t find it. I guess I was mistaken. Thanks anyway for trying to help.

  21. h8tred 1

    I too would love to see a display case of some sort for all the open cars my daughter has. She has a set and I have a set (unopened). For the sake of collection. We have the same amount of cars. Our list is pretty extensive too.. We’re just missing a few of the newer ones that have come out. But I agree with alot of people out there, this is becoming waaaaaaay to expensive. Just this morning I picked up 2 Fred’s and 2 Dale JR’s..@ WAL-MART. So.. I’m stoked to show my daughter when she get’s home from school. She’s only 6 but treats her car’s collection like no other. She really takes care of them and loves the movie. I’ve had to purchase 3 of the regular cars cases in order to be able to fit the cars she has so far. We’ve also have some of them doubled up in the same slot in order to make them fit. It’s going to be a whole new can of worms when the rumered CARS 2 comes out with new characters. Thanks for all the good info and stories.

    (METROXING: Have you checked out our HOW TO DISPLAY post?)

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