Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: The Art of CARS


If you missed it, Chronicle Books which is practically next door to Pixar in Emeryville publishes an “Art of …” book to go with each new Pixar release and way back in April of 2006, they published ART OF CARS.

© Copyright Disney/Pixar

As usual, it’s a classy and oversized book of sketches, drawings and well, the art behind the art … so if you need one more item for that CARS fan …

© Copyright Disney/Pixar

© Copyright Disney/Pixar

These are course, reduced down from the oversized 11″ by 17″ book but you get an idea of the dedication and fun that goes into each Pixar movie.

And for CARS fans – if you are ready to park the real car outside the garage, here is the town on Radiator Springs in its entirety … ready for you to re-create …

© Copyright Disney/Pixar

And the upper left corner is the court house …

© Copyright Disney/Pixar

The original price was/is $40. It was selling as a Bargain Book – Amazon only has it in its “used” section but there are some new copies available.

Great news – you can see these all “live” at the Petersen Auto Museum starting March 29, 2008 and through most of 2008 (until November). Details at our post here.

For younger kids, this DK Essential Guide to CARS is also packed full of photos & info.



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4 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: The Art of CARS

  1. Kalvin Wood (kalvin1703)

    New cars are ou! Including pit crew guido & tom race official. Also there are 3 packs including dirt track doc hudson, piston cup pace car & ramone lightning phase… I only seen them on Ebay though. I would have gave more detail but I wrote it all already (With more detail) but somehow it didn’t submit the comment


    (METROXING: Most of the posts have the 3-pack info like the main COLLECTING POST or WHAT’S IN STORES NOW … and Merry Christmas to you!)

  2. Graham lee

    It is good to know that someone is keeping up with all the latest news, thanks I think we are all looking forward to all the piston cup race cars being released, keep the faith looking forward to cars 2 the movie. thanks again Graham

  3. very gud
    i’d like to try and draw like this for my GCSE art project.

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