Happy Holidays One & All!

Thanks for a great year – glad to share in our obsession together!

Now that the glad tidings & holiday spirit are over, I’ll be the guy wedging my way into the back room and yelling, “I know you have the launchers and 3-packs hidden back here?! Where they be?! I’ve got cash … well, okay, this credit from returning the 40 Crusin’ McQueen’s … so where be the new CARS – Me wantee! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! … Are these 50% off? Because I put a sticker on it that says 50% off so I should get it?!”

Can’t wait for Wednesday! 🙂

But for the next two days, I promise to be polite, offer good cheer and goodwill towards all … but on Wednesday morning, I’ll be full of er, holiday ham and rum cookies … so you better watch out, you better not cry …


When McQueen is blue, the town tries to cheer him up with a display stand and lights.

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One response to “Happy Holidays One & All!

  1. We’re obsessed as well. I really appreciate the updates you provide.

    Check out the pic of the Cars my son has.

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