How to Hook Up Your LCD Plasma DLP HDTV – HDMI? DVI? Component?

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10 responses to “How to Hook Up Your LCD Plasma DLP HDTV – HDMI? DVI? Component?

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  3. Greg

    I’ve used a couple different cables on my DLP television and they all look great. I have an HDMI cable now and the picture quality is fantastic.

    (METROXING: Yea, absolutely nothing wrong with HDMI other than the copy protection issue).

  4. Sound Advice, many thanks

  5. Tim Leyden

    Wow, most helpful thing I’ve read on HDTV yet, lots of stuff out there, but, none so specific -thanks

  6. Pete Pinto

    What connection do you recommend for optimal video signal quality if there is no cable or satellite top box, DVR, etc.??
    i.e. The only line coming in is the RF line from the cable company? Is there something to “enhance” the incoming cable signal?

    Please respond back to


    (METROXING: You could try a RF signal booster/amp – something like this but of course, there are probably a hundred different choices including set-top boxes that offer more options but this is a good thing to try first).

  7. Pete Pinto

    Are there any objective studies that compare video quality of LCD screens utilizing a standard cable analog signal?

    (METROXING: I don’t know of any off hand but it will depend on the refresh rate and if it’s set for your computer monitor or as a TV … higher end ones are either self-sensing or you can adust them automtically depending on input. If you can install a video card, you can input a TV signal via component cables and or even firewire …).

  8. David Grant

    “There was an intermediary DVI plug (even larger than HDMI) that was also a one connector cable that carries both audio and video but however looks more in place in the computer world. Since it did not carry the copy protection capababilty, it is being phased out by set-top manufacturers. ”


    1.) DVI (-I or -D, Analog or Digital) was never able to carry audio, hence the name Digital Visual Interface (DVI). Furthermore all DVI inputs for early HDTVs (or products that were capable of reproducing/passing audio as well as video) also had a separate stereo analog or S/PDIF digital audio input associated with the particular DVI input.

    2.) DVI-D, the cable and the interface, IS capable of supporting copy protection. The most widely adopted is called High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP). In fact, every DVD player (typically with upscaling capability) sold that has a DVI-D output HAD to have HDCP in order to support outputing of resolutions higher than 480p, due to licensing requirements. Conversly, LCD monitors that had DVI-D inputs that were produced without a DVI Receiver IC which supports HDCP is in capable of receiving any HDCP protected video sources, much to many a consumer’s dismay.

    3.) Copy protection via Component, S-Video and Composite analog video cables is possible. One version of analog copy-protection is called Macrovision and has been around since the days of Beta and VHS.

    4.) BluRay-HD should be Blu-ray.

  9. David Reid

    I don’t believe DVI carries audio, do the advantage of HDMI is that it does carry both in digital form.

    (METROXING: Yes, that was one of the reasons but it was always more devised for computers versus a cable connection – as the other reader points yes, there were things skirted over in our piece because it was a generalization – our guide is intended for the “average” person who just want to know why they have 10 connectors back there and which one to use 🙂 )

  10. Jim Landwehr

    One other thing I found with HDMI was the sound loudness fluctuated extremely between HD and SD, so as to be very annoying. At my wife’s request (and I want to stay married…) I went back to component cables.

    Does this make sense?


    (METROXING: That’s a new one to me – interesting …)

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