Mattel Pixar Cars: NEW Mini Adventures CARS 2008




I tried to resist but I broke down after 3 seconds after holding one of the CARS Mini Adventures 2-pack. I am way too easy.

So, if you decide against collecting these, my advice is do not look closely at them and do not pick them up … you will be a goner like me … they are just so gosh darn cute …

Each 2-pack has its own “theme.” Note, they are all plastic and not diecast and they might be a sqoosh on the small size for kids 3 and under so you will have to display and play with them until they turn 4 … or 34 before they can pry them from your hands πŸ™‚

Keep in mind as this is a new series and unlike the 1:55 series history and fan base to now, we cannot be certain all of these listed below will be released or released as configured – it will all depends on how sales goes in the first 2-3 months – that will be the main determination if this line will feature all the CARS listed here and of course, if it continues. If sales are weak, we might only see the main characters repeated and not expand out into the expansion of characters in Box F (for example) or of course, if sales are as slow as the pullbacks, they might just be canceled outright after the first few boxes …

After the initial buzz, I have to say that if Mattel wants to continue with this line, they will need to start dropping the prices. I have been to several stores fully stocked with the playsets which are not selling at all – the MINI CARS themselves are selling okay but nowhere near the sell-thru rate of the 1:55 CARS. The main strike against this line is that it’s not canon to the movie and of less interest to a lot of people … it also doesn’t help that people realize 2008 is a year of over 100 1:55 CARS announced … and presumably even more coming out! So if Mattel wants this line to thrive, they are going to need to drop prices and skip the hokey playsets (the submarine playset?) (the King/McQueen launcher is okay) … they are probably going to need to make the 2-packs around $3.99 – I think at that price point, people might pick up some because they’re cute and if they can’t find the 1:55 CAR they want, they might feel the need to buy something …

But in any case, here are the SEALED BOX announced:

BOX A (in stores):





And no surprise, Mattel is still packing ‘new’ cases with repeats:

BOX B (in stores):





BOX BB (shipping – February):

1StopDiecast is reporting that Box C will go to WM so you might have to look for these at WM only:

fire-mcq.jpg & Fire Chief Mater

Boot Camp Doc & sheriff-military.jpg

Plus – No Photos Available

Pit Crew Ramoe & Pit Crew Flo
Sheriff Sarge & Sheriff Crew Fillmore

BOX C (shipping – February):




Red & Fire Chief Doc


mcq.jpg & Pit Crew Mater (No photo available)

Plus – No Photos Available

Boot Camp Sally & Boot Camp Mater
Boot Camp Ramone & Boot Camp Flo

BOX D (shipping – TBD):


sheriff.jpg & Deputy Mater

fire-mcq.jpg & Fire Chief Mater

Boot Camp Doc & sheriff-military.jpg

Plus – No Photos Available

Peace Corp Luigi & Peace Corp Guido
Sheriff Lizzie & Sheriff Red
Pit Crew Ramone & Pit Crew Flo
Pit Crew Mater & Pit Crew Sheriff

BOX E (shipping – TBD):

sarge-mp.jpg & fillmore-military.jpg

Plus – No Photos Available

Boot Camp Sally & Boot Camp Mater
Pit Crew Luigi & Pit Crew Guido
Boost & TBA
Fire Flo & Fire Ramone
Police Luigi & Police Guido
Pit Crew Sally & Pit crew Lizzie

BOX F (shipping – TBD):

sarge-fire.jpg & fillmore-fire.jpg

Plus – No Photos Available

Peace Corp Luigi & Peace Corp Guido
Snot Rod & TBA
Peace Corp Sheriff & Peace Corp Doc
Sheriff Ramone & Sheriff Flo
Boot Camp Luigi & Boot Camp Red

BOX G (shipping – TBD):

No Photos Available
Peace Corp Luigi & Peace Corp Guido
Boost & TBA
Snot Rod & TBA
Fire Flo & Fire Ramone
Police Luigi & Police Guido
Pit Crew Sally & Pit Crew Lizzie
Boot Camp Sarge & Boot Camp Fillmore
Peace Corp Sheriff & Peace Corp Doc
Sheriff Ramone & Sheriff Flo

BOX H (shipping – TBD):

mred.jpg &doc-fire.jpg

sarge-fire.jpg & fillmore-fire.jpg

fire-mcq.jpg & Fire Chief Mater

Plus – No Photos Available

Boot Camp Doc & Boot Camp Sheriff
Sheriff Lizzie & Sheriff Red
Pit Crew Ramone & Pit Crew Flow
Sheriff Sarge & Sheriff Pit Crew Fillmore
Pit Crew Luigi & Pit Crew Guido
Wingo & TBA
Boot Camp Luigi & Boot Camp Red

Our original CARS MINI ADVENTURES post plus a preview of the playsets.

ALL our CARS posts are here.

From Jon in the UK, here are some logo & design differences for the UK versions …




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27 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars: NEW Mini Adventures CARS 2008

  1. ShawnKevin

    Just curious, I was at Walmart and Target and saw all the new minis and the Pit row sets. I also came across three new 3 pack, the Dirt Track, Piston Cup, and McQueens Crew, are these limited or promotion or a new line? Thanks

    (METROXING: The MINI’s are a new line. As to whether it will even mildly successful or wildly successful will depend on us πŸ™‚ The 3-packs and pit row launchers ARE part of the Mattel 1:55 line … we are scheduled to get them for the next few months (the launchers only come in 6 versions so far) but the 3-packs are scheduled into early summer. I suspect both line extensions (3-packs & launchers) will sell well … the MINI’s are harder to say …).

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  4. Steve, AKA Poppa

    With reference to the Mini Adventures line of cars, “Lee’s Toy Review,” issue #181 (November, 2007) has a substantial pictorial display of this line. The article indicates there will be 100+ different mini’s during 2008.

    (METROXING: I’ll check it out – thanks!)

  5. Thanks for the warning. I’ll be sure to avoid the toy aisles with the kids for the forseeable future.

  6. GourmetAnarchy

    I was at WM last night and I didn’t see the mini packs shown above, but I saw McQ and King in a race set (looked like they go down a hill and jump at the end) and I saw Ramone’s Car wash. Hadn’t seen them on your site.

    (METROXING: The playsets are in the other post – link at bottom).

  7. Bill

    Do you know why the time shown on my comments is always 1 hour ahead of the actual time here (NC). Just curious.

    (METROXING: It might be I never set the WordPress clock – I think we’re on Malta time πŸ™‚ )

  8. Chrissy

    I have had no problem finding these at all. We are just looking for the set with red in it. We also got all the playsets. If only the diecasts were this easy.

  9. Jon

    Metro, my UK mini Dinoco set has different logos on the back to the US ones – do you want a scan or are you not that bothered?!


    (METROXING: That would be great to see – email to us at metroxing (at) – thanks!)

  10. todd

    Hay, Metroxing

    Will be finding out more info. about the toy fair on Wednesday. The woman in charge of registration is on vacation and won’t be in till then. TheWe should have no problem getting in.

  11. todd

    Will be finding out more info. about the toy fair on Wednesday. The woman in charge of registration is on vacation and won’t be in till then. The people we spoke with said we should have no problem getting in. Talk with you soon.


    (METROXING: Sounds great, Todd – drop us an email line and let us know – thanks! metroxing (at)

  12. Jon

    Hi Metro, the scans have been sent to your Gmail address – take a look!


    (METROXING: Thanks, will do a post later today).

  13. Jon

    Do you have any pictures of the new Minis eg Luigi and Guido? There are lots of new ones on eBay, but your pics are always bigger, bolder and better!


    (METROXING: Sorry I haven’t seen them yet – anyone with scans or photos?)

  14. Sandy

    Did they discountiue the line. The walmart in my area doesn’t seem to be carrying them anymore… possibly due to high prices? I think they’re so cute and “my son” wants the intire bootcamp and fire department line… along with the rest of them of course.

    (METROXING: Unless your WM is a tiny one, they are on the next plan-o-gram and apparently a new red pallet is out or should be out on FRIDAY (the 15th) so start looking around your WM – the Mini are 1/4 of a pallet … though the playsets for the Mini’s are not selling as well so if you want them, grab them quick …)

  15. Sarah

    I just came from Target where I picked up new Holiday Special Mini Adventures Cars. They are in the Easter section, not the toy aisle. There are 3 sets based on Fillmore’s Festival; a red, white, & blue Sarge with Fillmore, a bright green LMQ with a rainbow mater, and a light blue Ramone with a purple & pink Flo. All totally adorable and they come with an Easter egg so you can hide it for your kids when they hunt for eggs. Don’t shop with your kids because they won’t be able to wait until Easter next month!

    (METROXING: Cool, I was wondering about that Mater that was rainbow colored. I’ll have to go check it. I was in Target earlier but didn’t think to go look there … just checked, saw the slot – hope they didn’t sell out already, if you are able to take some photos, would love to post them – metroxing (at) – thanks!).

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  17. John


    I am trying to get the entire set for my son as he is a huge Cars fan. I live in between 3 WalMarts but never seem to get there before most of them have been gobbled up. At this time, my son only needs Doc & Red, Lizzie & Red, and Boot Camp Sally & Mater (unless the Boot Camp Ramone & Flo are out yet).

    I have seen these three on e-bay, but I would rather get them from the store. Your post had the numbers for the Easter Egg ones and I was able to use those to get them, but I was wondering if you knew the numbers for any of these. Also, am I able to find out from WalMart when they are expecting shipments?


    (METROXING: The WM pallet contains: Fire Chief McQueen & Fire Chief Mater, Boot Camp Doc & Boot Camp Sheriff, Pit Crew Ramone & Pit Crew Flo & Sheriff Sarge & Sheriff Crew Fillmore – the stores that have received it seem to selling it at an okay rate but clearly not at the rate of the regular CARS so you should be able to find them once they arrive at your store – perhaps you can start and ask the toy department of they’ve received or have put out their red pallet of CARS? It’s hard to tell with WM since some items are embargoed until a certain day, some items are embargoed but at the discretion of the manager and others they just ignore and put them out whenever … (or if they don’t have room for the pallet, the CARS will go on the shelves).

  18. Amanda

    Personally I was against the minis, I thought “Oh great, more to collect”

    HOWEVER, they are very cute and they have grown on me. Now when i can’t find regular cars I get mini’s and that keeps my son happy (pixar cars are his potty training incentive, and its WORKING)

    I plan to hit Target and two WM’s this weekend when i travel off the mountain. Are there any other Nationwide type stores i should check while I am in the city? (its not a big city, but bigger than Tahoe where I live)

    PS: Thanks for the Target and Easter tips, I never would have known to look in the Easter isle.

    (METROXING: Yea, same here. I thought – eh, m’eh but then I saw them … and I was a goner πŸ™‚ … The only store that might have them is TRU but that there aren’t as many around anymore – you are probably better off making a map of Target’s & WM’s … some smaller stores carry CARS but since Target hasn’t gotten anything recently, I doubt places like Mervyn’s, Long’s, Walgreen’s or Kohl’s has gotten any … our friends at Children’s Toy Closet just added cases of Mini’s … some are doubles so you have one to open and one to save or you can try trading them. The Easter ones are exclusive to Target so look there first … thanks Sarah for being the first to notice them!)

  19. John


    Do some parts of the country get the Mini Adventures before others? I live in MA and haven’t seen any of the second wave. I had to order them from e-bay to get them for my son. I know that California already has the entire second wave including Boot Camp Ramone & Flo, Boot Camp Mater & Sally, Boot Camp Sheriff & Doc, Police Lizzie & Red, Police Fillmore & Sarge, Fire McQueen & Mater, McQueens Team Ramone & Flo, Fillmore’s Festival Luigi & Guido. Am I not getting to the stores on time or have they not been shipped to MA yet?


    (METROXING: Unfortunately, there’s no discernable pattern. I would say it’s most likely the next boxes of Mini’s have not been shipped yet to MA – and sometimes it’s the other way around even though most of the shipments tend to dock on the West Coast so unless you need it for a birthday, it’s probably cheaper to wait … or even check our sponsor, Children’s Toy Closet if you’re willing to buy an entire case – they are carrying the Mini’s now).

  20. collector by marriage

    Anyone here anything about Red and Fire chief doc? Haven’t seen him anywhere!!!

    (METROXING: I don’t think the D (?) box has shipped out to a lot of places).

  21. John

    In response to “Collector by Marriage,”

    I swear that I saw those at Target several weeks ago (just as my son was getting into them). I would have bought them right there if I had known how hard it would be to find that one again. Oh well, what can you do?!?!

    If you can find the UPC #, call Target and WalMart and ask them to look them up. I don’t know it, but I have found out from my local WalMarts that some others are on order. Unfortunatley, they don’t give me a date of when they are coming in. Also, if you do get the UPC #, please post it here.

    By the way, the UPC # for Fillmore’s Festival Guido & Luigi is 27084 62431. Good luck.

  22. maybe this will help…found these new ones @ Kmart in DROVES!

  23. luke wells

    i heard on a site called know your stuff that there are more playsets on the way wich are luigis tyre shop with normal luigi figure, the wheel well with normal sally figure, and lizzies curio shop with normal lizzie.(i think thats how you spell curio shop). and these have to be real because there was pictures of them in there box in a big factory

    (METROXING: Link?)

  24. a

    imin the uk and there are like no red&doc sets atall!

  25. GourmetAnarchy

    @ a

    There are none to be found here either…

  26. a

    ive finally got 1 now-wahoo!

  27. a

    yeah-‘luke wells’do you have a link ???????????

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