Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: How Much is Cardboard Worth To You?


Until the last hundred years or so, paper was expensive and not something you would just randomly throw away … it’s only in the last few decades where paper is not worth the paper it’s printed on … sure, some things on paper are not cheap. If you have around $30 million, you can buy the Magna Carta coming up for auction … or for around $135,000, you can buy one share of Berkshire Hathaway (aka: one stock certificate) … so paying $246 for a cardboard photo of the Blu Ray McQueen CAR might be considered a bargain.

eBay auction.

You do also have to pay for shipping but you do get a $3.50 CAR as part of the deal.


It is nice looking but $250 nice? Well, I’ll let you be the judge. Though with three days to go, what’s it going to top out at? $500?

Clearly, Mattel should start selling an $11.99 make-your-own-blister-pack kit so people can find a cheaper solution than spending $300 to house their Blu Ray Car.

If you haven’t gotten one, they are still taking orders andshipping the Blu Ray CAR.

NOTE – I have NOTHING to do with this eBay auction 🙂 If I had the time and design skills, I would charge you no more than $99 to house your Blu Ray CAR 🙂 and I would throw in shipping for FREE! 🙂 , I swear!


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9 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: How Much is Cardboard Worth To You?

  1. Bill

    I live in Bonita CA. Just south of San Diego. My local TRU off of th 54. I found an original Ramones house of body that had been sitting above the cars section under a bunch of the holiday merchandise. I got it for $5. I’m stoked.

    (METROXING: Best deal ever! 🙂 )

  2. lizzyfirt

    hello, i’m lizzy!

  3. Mike

    Hello, I have been collecting since October and I find this site great and very helpful. I have most of the collection (not the full doubles sets) but all of the cars. Missing just Pit Crew Member Fillmore and some of the newest releases; like Pit Crew Member Guido. I have a lot to say about these cars and will be writing you to discuss. I have met a few people collecting in my city, just before work (i work about 5 mins away from a TRU) and these people are actually waiting outside like me to see “whats new” i exchanged cell number with one guy that was looking for a Dinoco Helicopter and as i was looking for Fred we doubled our chances. This is something i never did was collecting to this extent, but these little guys are just so much fun to find. I just received my Blue Ray Mcqueen the other day and that was amazing ( the fellow) with the “Exclusive 1 of 15,000” blister card. I’d like one… Well keep up the great work, see ya in the isle.

    (METROXING: You in Canada? I’m missing a few obscure things like the SC English-only Dinoco Helicopter and the SC Fred without a license plate, I’d be happy to swap you 2 CARS for each 1 you find or just buy them off you – whichever is easier (US cards okay?). Drop me a line at metroxing (at) if you run across either – thanks!)

  4. Bill

    Dear Metroxing,
    Explain to me the term SC. I can look in Chula Vista, ca. I go to TRU every day. Walmart and Target about every other day.

    (METROXING: Sorry, reference to series. First Series – Desert Art/Desert Back/Classic/Original, Second Series – Supercharged (SC), current one – World of CARS (WOC). MM = Movie Moments multi packs …)

  5. Daniel

    i found my hudson hornet with silver rims at longs. what a great score!!!!!!! i want a blurau mcqueen!!!

    (METROXING: Mattel is still mailing them out, you have 6 more days!)

  6. Harry B

    Hah ha ha. HAHAHA. Gosh I haven’t laughed this hard in a while I might pay 50 for a REAL blu-ray blister card with the blu-ray McQueen, but 250 just for the card?

    So, i’ve been on a long holiday and haven’t posted in ages, so sad.
    Although I’ve been away, i’ve still been searching for and new cars i haven’t gt, but still no sign of ANY!

  7. Carslogic

    I have some of the new and original desert Cars. I will trade/sell any of them for the following: Barney Stormin, Pace Car, Charlie Checker, Bruiser Burkowski, Dinoco Mia and Tia, P.T. Flik, Not Chuck, and Tow. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Thanks.

  8. kathy

    how do i get the complete list of all the cars

    (METROXING: Have you seen our online checklist?

  9. husker_crazy

    Thanks for doing an article on my auction. It’s a kick getting the attention of possibly the best “Cars” site on the net!! Since.. and even before the auction, I have told so many “new to Cars collectors” about your site. I’m sure you know that the biggest distributors on ebay have your site on their favorites list. I just want to say thanks for being the absolute best in new information and I myself check your site once a day for the newest news in “Cars”

    (METROXING: Thanks – you did do a great job on the cardboard 🙂 )

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