Moving Day is NEAR For Two A Day (WordPress)

We are getting ready to move!

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While we had a great time here at WordPress, it was starting to get a little cramped and simple things like posting charts was complicated so we’re moving to …

or if you prefer,

Don’t worry, we’re packing ALL the posts and even ALL your comments so it’ll all be there soon.

Right now, there’s not much there but we’re moving as fast as we can and trying to learn PHP & AJAX … well, one of us is … I’m busy using a microgram scale to verify the weigh difference between the Thailand Hudson and the China Hudson. Just kidding!

I have been busy on two important CARS project – one which is ready to go … yes, we have t-shirts now … in part to help us defray the cost of the move, most of them CARS and collecting related. Hope you like them:


Or this one that’s hard to read on the website but it reads:


The Secret Code
No Promo – Filmore – 39 Posters SC
Canadian SC – Canadian MM SC – Tuf Guy – Yellow Tail Light

+ about 15 other choices in dozens of t-short configurations, all at our new CafePress Store –


Unfortunately, due to Mattel, Disney, Pixar & CafePress all lawyered up, there are lots of words, images and photos we’d love to add on there but can’t.

Of course, Cafe Press is all on-demand, so once you order it, they print it up and send it out to you – there’s no cost to us and of course, you don’t have me looking through my office to find an manilla envelope to mail you a t-shirt … πŸ™‚ So, thanks for your support and enjoy!

See you at in the near future!


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4 responses to “Moving Day is NEAR For Two A Day (WordPress)

  1. Jon

    Have you thought about contacting Mattel or Pixar about the site? Then after they realise how good it is they will make yours an official website (perhaps!), we’ll get all the official information, you will get some cash for it and you can use all the official logos etc and not have to worry!

    Here’s hoping!

    (METROXING: Thanks. It’s hard enough trying to find someone at Mattel to talk to πŸ™‚ )

  2. Juan

    When ru movnig?

    (METROXING: Hopefully soon, we’re still testing out to make sure everything works).

  3. Harry B

    Waaaawwww! *sniff*

    So sad, I had a lot of good memories here…well not really.
    I could help you cantact mattel, I know a guy whos dad knows a guy who… well i have my sources. I’ll tell them the site and something else and yer. That is if you want to. If you do, just tell me.

    Thanks for the updates and everything else,
    Harry B. Bradwirle

    (METROXING: Harry, drop me an email at metroxing (at) … I’m presuming the email above is not real πŸ™‚ either that or your IQ of 299 allows you to keep track of a non-sensical email address along with knowing PI to 100 decimal numbers πŸ™‚ )

  4. Harry B

    PS: Harry B. Bradwirle is my posh name, it’s really just Harry Bradwirle

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