Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: “More Coming …” Toyfair 2008


Well, the show doesn’t officially open until tomorrow.


Here’s an interesting quote,

“Disney’s “Cars,” which, despite no new film or TV content, generated $2 billion in retail sales in 2007 and has become a major priority for Disney that it plans to support with additional content in the future.”


“The biggest trend industrywide at Toy Fair — where toy manufacturers display their 2008 lines to the media, Wall Street investors and retailers — is the increasing number of toys being sold that connect to Internet play and, with the inputting of special codes found on the toys, unlock virtual worlds.

“Clearly, every single toy that is coming out now seems to have a Web site linked to it,” Samet said. “WebKindz was the first one.”

Disney on Monday will unveil its first line of Internet-connected toys, called Clickables. Developed in collaboration with its licensee Techno Source, the toys will be based on Disney Fairies and unlock an immersive virtual world that will be launched in the fall. Robert Marick, vp and GM at Disney Toys North America, said the technology goes beyond what’s already out in the marketplace and takes Internet-based toys to the next level. He said the technology will be applied to other Disney properties in the future.

Other toy lines that hook up to Internet worlds on display at Toy Fair include Mattel’s Barbie Girls, launched in 2007; Hot Wheels, launching this year; U.B. Funkeys collectible vinyl figures; and Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop. Warners said Mattel would be launching Funkeys to connect with a Speed Racer virtual world.”

An online world for CARS?


Meanwhile Mattel will be also be busy on ‘Speed Racer.’

“Mattel, the master toy licensee for the film, said all its Speed Racer toys will be co-branded with its Hot Wheels brand.”

Official SPEED RACER movie trailer:

Or if you prefer the HD version to download.

Toys, yea, just a few – here are some released photos …

Mattel is doing the CARS in different scales, here’s the 1:18 scale one …


Speed Racer Legos (nice) …


(much cooler …)


Speaking of toys & the internet, you can check out the Legos Indiana Jones sets coming out next summer and start playing the online game.

Or not exactly up my alley but for once, Ken does not look like a dork or as the clearly-gay beard of Barbie …


Christine Ricci plays Trixie – not a bad likeness of her.

Of course, in case you hadn’t noticed, they sculpt and reproduce figures not just for kids anymore … if this were the Supergirl of my youth, I think I might’ve read her comic …


(this is the DC Direct / Kotobukiya Supergirl Vinyl Statue)

But of course, some things never change – they will nearly license and sell anything …


If you’re a girl between the ages of 4 and 9, okay … if you’re a guy with a 5 o’clock shadow, please step away from the box …

Part II, the CARS part is up.


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15 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: “More Coming …” Toyfair 2008

  1. CARS II

    Cannot wait for your info. The suspense is killing us.

    I have a great case solution for any of your readers who actually let their kids (GASP!) play with their CARS.

    Custom Disney Pixar Cars Storage Display Case holds 73 eBay Item number: 350024913645

    Your site is the best! Thanks for all the info.

  2. Harry B

    hey, Like Cars II said, you site does rock

  3. Nancy

    Thanks for the pictures Ken. I am going to be in such big trouble!! I happen to love the minis so I see more collecting frustration in my future.

  4. Thanks for the photos! For me the 1:55 has been ‘trouble’ enough and I’ll stop myself from falling into the minis ‘traps’ :p

  5. CollectorMom

    Hey Cheesehead Ken,

    GREAT pictures! More, more, more!!

  6. Jill

    How did Cheesehead Ken get all those “Cars”, and how come I haven’t seen them in stores?
    I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

    (METROXING: Those are the Toyfair photos from the Mattel display – they will be out in the next 6 months – see the updated 2008 Sealed Cases post for a listing and updated photos).

  7. Jill

    I see Gasprin and TowCap on EBAY. Have they been sent to stores yet? If not when? They are so cool looking!

    (METROXING: They should be hitting stores his week – two to a case so good luck!)

  8. Jill

    What does Boxes F,G,H, & J mean? I know that they are different boxes that contain a certain list of “Cars” but when are they to be released. Will F be released before G, etc. I know the info is probably right there in front of me but I am so confused! HELP!!!! I make a run to Walmart almost every other day and if I see another Lightning McQueen on the shelf I am going to scream!!! The waiting game is killin me!! Although I admit to buying a couple of the mini cars it is just not as fun as buying the regular “Cars”.

    (METROXING: You can start on our first SEALED boxes post from way back and then the 2008 update. The LETTER code is Mattel’s internal code for shipping and generally F comes before G but sometimes they will ship them together. This letter code ONLY appears on the outside of the box (see photo in first post link) – after a while, you can tell what might’ve arrived at your store if a particular box was suppose to contain an older car like Green Ramone – and you suddenly see 11 Green Ramones but nothing else new – so you missed the “run.” Right now, we’re all waiting to hear what is happening after BOX G).

  9. Rich

    Will you have more info on Mattel’s display at the Toyfair? And if so, when can we expect to see it?


    (METROXING: Yea, I’ll try this weekend …”

  10. Cheesehead Ken

    Some more photo’s found from the toy fair. Banshee? Movie Stunts? Leak Less 3-Car Gift Pack?

    Click on “gallery” near the bottom for photo’s.

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