Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: “More Coming …” Toyfair 2008 Part II


Mattel didn’t spend a great deal of time showing off CARS 1:55 (the Mini Adventures line is another story – our more indepth coverage of the Toy Fair Mini coverage is coming separately).

We still have no word as where the “missing E to J” “new” CARS are … from the display at Toy Fair they are clearly ready to go and not prototypes they are showing off. New CARS shown at Toy Fair are incorporated into the main 2008 SEALED CASES post.

What else can we gleam from the CARS display?


There are actually different types of “Pitty” bodies (including a more correct-sized tire) and Pitty’s to come not announced …


Perhaps there will be more configurations in Gift Packs assortments besides this one … while it’s cool to get Crew Chief Leak Less & Stacy Pitty … not so much on the 19th version of Leak Less.


And the Pit Row Race Off “launchers” get refreshed with some old …


Um, RPM? I think I might have him, let me check …

Will they release every Piston Cup racer as a launcher? So, instead of charging us $29 a box for 6-7, Mattel will just charge us $7.99 times 36? (of course, above & beyond the $199 + tax + shipping + RL membership for the Speedway of the South entire set?)


Trunk Fresh Pit Row Race Off actually was on a card marked NO STALL so presumably, No Stall will be a launcher relatively soon?

So to speculate further, this could be Mattel’s new plan going forward – they could be dividing the line out to:

“Average Collectors”
“Serious Collectors”
“Ultra Completists”

Until December 2007, CARS were really only essentially available in two ways – on blister cards and in box sets. So, of course, whether you only collected the CARS you really liked or were a completist, buying them on blisters cards were your only choice. With the exception of Rollin’ Bowling Mater’s game/BJ Warehouse set and the Dinoco 400, the box sets only appealed to: openers trying to catch up, gift givers or ultra completists. For the average buyer, spending $2.97 to $3.49 a CAR was a great price point. The CARS were interesting looking and a good value as a “casual” reward or gift for their kids, the neighbor kids, the grandkids, etc … the Movie Moments were a little more but as a blister, it still represented a “casual” buy. A box set always appears as a more serious gift even at $9.99 – that set the bar a bit high as it were, box sets usually only sold well during the holiday seasons …

(The ultra completists do NOT count into this as they will buy anything as long as Mattel makes some effort … Ultra completists have the holiday ornament even though they were essentially a car re-released for the 10th time on a flimsy plastic tray along with a cardboard ornament 🙂 or ;-( ).

Average Collectors
So the singles & Movie Moments will still be geared towards the casual buyers – a quick cheap way to pick up a CAR. This line will mostly comprise of the CARS that hold the most general appeal and eye-catching interest. That’s not to say that Mattel is abandoning “new” CARS inserted into here but rather, only the CARS that will are appealing to everyone whether they are rabid CARS collectors or not. Of course, this includes most of the townies of Radiator Springs who most everyone knows by now but also obvious CARS such as Dale Jr., the Elvis RV, etc … who cross all barriers of interest … and while we fanatics want all the Pit Crews and maybe we’re even willing to buy 5 of each, for the average fan? They would definitely want My Name is Not Chuck but would they want Trunk Fresh Pitty or Mood Spring Pitty? That’s not to say they’re not going to buy any of the other configurations but they will carefully weigh spending anymore than $3.49 on a CAR on a case-by-case basis.

Serious Collectors
Serious collectors are going to buy up everything within reason. They are mostly completists with some exception. They are going to buy any new CAR in the single pack but they’re not complete completists … for instance, they obviously bought Leak Less as a single a while back but might be willing to buy Leak Less again in the Gift Pack since it includes Stacy, Leak Less Pitty & Leak Less Crew Chief … for Mattel, that’s an extra $3.33 in sales since if the other two were available as singles, the serious collector would of course buy them as singles and skip buying Leak Less again … of course, Mattel is going to try to push this as far as they can … witness the Charlie Check CAR with yellow tail-lights bundled in the gift pack with King & Lightning McQueen. Some serious collectors will skip it but for others, Mattel makes three times what they might’ve sold before. This is where the launchers (Pit Row Race Off) CARS are also an opportunity for Mattel to re-sell the same CARS. These collectors MIGHT buy the launchers or not but these collectors are definitely NOT going to buy the singles again of the racers already out … so for Mattel, they’ve doubled the odds on CARS already out in re-selling to serious collectors.


Completists/Ultra Completists
This audience, Mattel knows is pretty 100% on board. They only thing they have to be careful in is in not explicitly driving them away like a box set of 6 Lightning McQueen’s with the #84 Mac iCar for $29.99 …

So, if we don’t get the “missing CARS” as WM exclusives – we might start seeing a revised Gift pack & launcher collection.


And of course, beyond the Mini’s, Mattel is still trying to get us buy another line since the PULLBACK line is dead, how about a larger quasi-pullback with more options and directions?

The Movie Stunts lineup – hard to tell the exact scale but maybe 1:43ish? Or something between 1:43 & 1:55. Looks all plastic – not that interesting to me but there ya go:

Looks like the initial lineup will at least be McQueen, Chick Hicks & Boost.




PART I of the Toyfair post is here.


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19 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: “More Coming …” Toyfair 2008 Part II

  1. An exellent post on a good blog, you can make some money with your blog, like me at http://blogma

  2. Harry B

    Second Comment. Why is everything crossed out? Either a user did it, or it’s a glitch. Strange, yet cool.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the heads up – odd. Fixing now).

  3. after seeing more and more pit row launchers being released, I’ve finally made up my mind to stop getting this series..

    Can’t afford to have another duplicates of the whole 37 cars just for the might long launchers (37 in a row?!)

    btw, as a compensations to myself for not getting the whole set, I might just get the McQ launcher ^^;

    (METROXING: Mattel’s goal in 2008 will be to test just how dedicated you are to the new pay-as-you-go-Mattel-CARS-religion 🙂 I think you’re sounding like a heathen 🙂 )

  4. claeface

    So am I the only one wondering about the screaming Banshee that was seen at toyfare?

    (METROXING: I’ll get around to a MINI’s post this weekend … seems a tad large …)

  5. BMW

    Metronoxing, again About Serious collectors, you are making some good points.
    At some point we have to draw the line somewhere.
    I have decided that:
    No 3 packs unless at least 2 new cars like Gold Mia Tia are in the set. But this is really pushing it for me, just as you said paying another 3.33 for a car we already have. Passed on Charlie Checker and Dirt Track Doc 3 packs. Just not enough variation. $10 for one new car? no thanks.

    Launchers, I won ‘t buy unless its a first/new release car.

    Movie Moments, not buying unless they are cars that were not released as singles or in previous sets. I will only get the first release of each car avail in US whether on single or MM or 3 pack.
    But these lame variations have turned me off as mentioned above, Dirt Doc, Charlie Checker so passed on those, unless I can get on sale for $3.00 for the pack. 🙂

    For instance: Tex and Dinoco Mcqueen. Both came as singles. Leakless and No Stall, not getting as No stall came in the Dinoco 400, first release for him, as for V. Toupee and Octain Gain.

    I was a completist up to and including SC cars. it was fun then as it was easy to keep up. No longer will be. First release of a new car in US if it makes economic sense to me.

  6. Mike

    Check out the YouTube shots at Toyfair from fastlane250 featuring the Screaming Banshee mentioned by claeface.

    The Banshee making its appearance at the end of the credits on the Ghostlights short on the Cars DVD. I love that thing!

  7. Hi! BMW,

    I share the same thoughts in my Cars collecting, but with this only difference:
    “No 3 packs unless at least 2 new cars like Gold Mia Tia are in the set.”

    For me, although knowing that most probably mattel will release the ‘new one’ (from 3 pack) next time in single/dual pack, I will try to get it, afraid that mattel would forget about that Car in the end.

    So my strategy:
    “buy any first time release Car, no matter what pack they come in”

    but of course the dinoco 400, and huge Mack set are exception due to the price tag and availability in Kuala Lumpur. Fortunately, I had found the loose 3 racers and Bessie from ebay. 😉

  8. BMW

    Hi Neo Sk.,
    Like your thinking 🙂
    Makes sense what you are saying. I just can’t won’t buy that 3 pak with Dirt Doc. Now if he had real dirt and red wheels, well…
    Regarding first releases, well that has been my strategy as well all along, but if we know a car is coming on single (via having some prior knowledge of the upcoming cases, even though Mattel keeps changing) then I am thinking here wait, get it on the single.
    When has Mattel ever retired a Car? Only one I know is the chrome wheels Doc. Since it was an error and people made noise about him, they fixed it with the red rims. Yet everyone on ebay claims the red rims are rare! Maybe more chrome rims were made but in time the red rims will be more common.

    It is hard to know, but just trying to save the pocket book. Glad you were able to get the Dinoco 400 new ones. I am almost caught up except for Flea Flik. Almost as hard to find as Sarge was in the beginning and is now.

  9. first of all sorry to metroxing if this become kinda forum (BMW and I ;))

    For the dinoco white rims, its a pity that I custom paint it into red rims, then only days later realize that the red rims are actually not rare at all! In the end white one might be more precious.

    And I have really had to hate Mattel for the Dirt doc. There’s no dirt (like the Dirt McQ) at all seen and to get this I had to pay for another 2 dupes.

    and last but not least, Flea Flik was first seen about a month ago, but I thought they were released only in UK? Anyone can confirm it is already available in the US?

    (METROXING: No problem on the comments forum – while I suspect the white rim version will be harder to find – especially on store shelves but at car/comic shows, he’s never more than $3 to $4 so it’s not exactly difficult since the demand is just not really there – maybe 10 years from now when the HW guys come on board? 🙂 Yea, Flea & Flik are out in the US (was out in the Canada first and then EU/UK) … only in three shipments and one to a shipment – so perhaps this time supply might never meet demand and presumably will not be another Buzz & Woody – which unbelievable will be out on a WOC card in one shipment … at least it’s only one … for now).

  10. Blake

    I can confirm US PT Flea and Flick. I have every car to date and can confirm they are all available in the U.S. Good luck finding them LOL

  11. BMW

    Found Dudley Spare (2) and Charlie Checker on single card today. Yea, no need to buy the 3 pack for him.
    Buzz and Woodies galore on Super Charged at 2 Walmarts. There were also so many Ghostlights, Al Ofts, they were falling off the pegs if you even touched them. Saw something different. Out of 5 TJ’s all with liscense plates saying Tuff Guy. One of the 5 did not have a plate at all? Any one else see this?

  12. Blake

    Charlie Checker is a repeat of the wal mart exclusives is he not???

    (METROXING: Depending on how exacting you are: WM Exclusive CC named Piston Cup Race Official with red tail-lights. Gift Packs & WOC card CC – same car essentially but with YELLOW tail-lights).

  13. Peter Prager


    You mention “witness the Charlie Check CAR with yellow tail-lights bundled in the gift pack with King & Lightning McQueen”. What color are the taillights for the Charlie Checker single package? Thanks….Peter

  14. Joshua

    The other color is red

    (METROXING: Just to be complete:

    WM Piston Cup Race Car(Charlie Checker) – red tail lights
    Charlie Checker Gift Pack – yellow tail lights
    WOC Charlie Checker single – yellow tail lights)

  15. Will

    Where are these “Movie Stunts”toys at? I can’t find them anywhere!

    (METROXING: I think most stores have spent all their money on SR & Batman so maybe in another month or so?)

  16. Will

    Thank you for a answer on the movie stunts toys.

  17. Louis Decaux

    Toujours plus épatant !!!
    Toujours plus beau !!!
    Les voitures font un sérieux succès et toujours plus d’amusement !
    Moi, j’ai 31 voitures :
    29 voitures + 2 lanceurs : 95 et 86

    J’connaît 36 voitures de courses sur 43 !!!!!!!!!
    4, 8, 28, 33, 34, 35, 36, 39, 43, 51, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61, 63, 64, 68, 70, 73, 74, 76, 79, 80, 82, 84 (Apple Car), 84 (Revolting), 86, 90, 92, 93, 95, 101, 117, 121 et 123

  18. Louis Decaux

    4 : Tow Cap
    8 : Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    28 : Nitroade
    33 : Mood Springs
    34 : Trunk Fresh
    35 : Shifty Drug
    36 : Tank Coat
    39 : View Zeen
    43 : King
    51 : Easy Idle
    52 : Leak Less
    54 : Faux Wheel Drive
    56 : Fiber Fuel
    58 : Octale Gain
    61 : Vitoline
    63 : Transberry Juice
    64 : RPM
    68 : N20 Cola
    70 : Gasprin
    73 : Rev’N’Go
    74 : Sidewall Shine
    76 : Vinyl Toupee in a Can
    79 : Retread Roll On
    80 : Gask – Its
    82 : Shiny Wax
    84 : Apple Car AND Revolting
    86 : Chick Hicks
    90 : Bumper $ave
    92 : Sputter Stop
    93 : Spare Mint
    95 : Lightning McQuee
    101 : Tach – O – Mint
    117 : Lil’ Torquey Pistons
    121 : Clutch + Aid
    123 : No Stall

  19. Jimmy

    cool, im siked, im up to date collecting with roman dunes (no stall crew chief) Leroy and the other new ones as no stall pitty and leak less crew chief are out, ordered them should be here soon, but i hope they release them all, like maybe the racer and their crew chief and pitty tire man. i like those ones but the ones you rarley see look interesting 🙂
    peace out.

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