Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: Flo’s V8 Cafe Back on Sale (ONE WEEK)


Good news for people in the U.S. – teeth grinding for our overseas readers – Flo’s V8 Café is back on sale at Toys R Us:


There is also online ordering – if the link doesn’t work, just go to the website and search or scroll down to the bottom right, click on the Sunday ad circular graphic to view. Good luck.


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3 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: Flo’s V8 Cafe Back on Sale (ONE WEEK)

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  2. Bonita Bill

    I live in San Diego. Will there be vendors at the Comi Con event selling those hard to find Cars.

    (METROXING: Yes, though if you’re just going to buy CARS, not really worth your while to get a ticket and pay to park downtown … if your a collector or just interested in seeing the latest pop culture stuff – then definitely you’ll want to go – it’s a crazy show that will take you a good two days to see everything but if you’re just looking for CARS,. check out the smaller local shows. Check out comic book stores and ask what shows might be the area or see if there’s a Hot Wheels club in your area. Remember, if you can make a trip up to LA, Mattel has the mothership store in El Segundo, another further out in City of Industry – last I heard they were selling older CARS for $1 … and if there’s a good flea market, I would find it hard to believe someone is not selling CARS and if you’re good at haggling, show up when it’s closing on a Sunday … good luck!)

  3. Bonita Bill

    Thanks. I’ll check it out. Any suggestions about finding a Bruiser and Barney Bi-plane in san diego.

    (METROXING: The WM second wave set singles generally go for about $10 at one of the shows (Charlie Checker has dropped to $3), it includes sales tax and if you buy more than 2-3, they might knock another $1 buck off or if you don’t care if it comes on a WM card, Bruiser will be packed with Chick Hicks in about another month AND his single might still be out soon … Barney Stormin’ is due the early part of summer on a WOC card so you can either check out SD local flea marlets first or just wait a few more weeks/months …).

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