Disney Pixar CARS 2: Sequel Coming in 2011 (Update Confirmed – 2012!)


(OFFICIAL CARS2 LOGO – see new post)

According to DarkHorizons.com, they are reporting that CARS 2 is coming 2011.

“… the studio is filling up its schedule again with big sequels and franchise entries. Most exciting is that the studio plans to release a sequel to 80’s sci-fi classic “Tron” in Digital Disney 3D in the Spring of 2011. Previous reports had Joseph Kosinski in talks to direct.

The studio also has “Cars 2”, “National Treasure 3” and “Pirates of the Caribbean 4″ scheduled for that year as well.”

Guess that’s why they’re hiring animators.

Not that the date is a big surprise … room on Pixar’s calendar AND conveniently the year Disney is opening CARLAND … our original post on sequel news & thoughts.


If Mattel has any say, here’s the plot to maximize CARS on screen, CARS on sale and SEALED cases of CARS in our garage …

“After winning back to back Piston Cup’s (seen in glorious flashbacks of course), McQueen retires with Sally and the little subcompacts back in Radiator Springs where he teaches up and comng Piston Cupers … his kid-CARS don’t believe dad could once be a great racer so McQueen joins the great race around the world for one last thrill.”

That should be good enough for about 600 CARS? (in addition to the 400 we’ll have by 2010).

Clear out the guest room, kick out the mother-in-law, emancipate the kids to live on their own – we all need more room!

BTW, the story on DarkHorizons alludes to they think CARS was not a hit … of course, since Pixar sets a benchmark perception-wise, anything short of a $100 million dollar opening has the feel it didn’t hit on all cylinders, but I think DarkHorizons might want to take a look at the top 5 domestic grossing films of 2006 … humm, who’s that at #3?

Top Five Films of 2006

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”
$423.3 million

“Night at the Museum”
$250.8 million

$244.0 million

“X-Men: The Last Stand”
$234.3 million

“The Da Vinci Code”
$217.5 million

CARS was also the 2nd best selling DVD of 2006 – just a shade behind Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest at around 12 million copies sold – 5 million sold in its first week.


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18 responses to “Disney Pixar CARS 2: Sequel Coming in 2011 (Update Confirmed – 2012!)

  1. Phil

    Yuo need to give Jv Pixar News a link or something to credit them for the logo you took from them

    (Yes, they are credited in the original story link … of course, 99% of their logo treatment is borrowed by you know who 🙂 )

  2. Harry B

    Nice. Although I probable would have forgotten cars by 2011!

  3. Phil ('nother one)

    With McQueen going around the world to race, I keep seeing the image of McQueen dressed like the dolls from Its a Small World. Now there is a tie in!

  4. Sarah

    Hey Phil that’s pretty funny. Don’t be surprised if Pixar steals your idea!

  5. Connor

    Ill be like 18 by 2011 LOL
    I will forget cars dude

  6. nicola

    pixar need todo a seqal before 2011, like people have said they would have moved on from cars by then and babies now that will be old enough to undersatnd will have to watch the 1st one to undersatnd who every one is. mnd yo they will probably re-release the dvd by then into a platinum limited edition or something, just anopther way to make money. typical of big companies i say

  7. Joey's Mommy

    My son will be 4 yrs old this June (2008) every single day he asks me when “new cars movie” or “cars 2” is coming out. I can tell you that he is completely hooked on this movie- he watches it in slow motion, backwards, the introduction and the deleted scenes over and over again. ( Daddy taught him how to operate the remote control for the DVD player so he can be independent and we don’t have to re set it for him every 1:42 minutes).
    Moral of my story is that if Disney Pixar waits to do a sequel until 2011 it will be something that will not have the impact that it would now for anyone. My son sleeps with his Dynoco Mc Queen every single night. He takes him to the potty, to dinner, to play outside, on trips to the MD, or grocery store. hence, he is all chipped but my kid adores McQueen.
    I have spent a small fortune on the merchandise, collectibles, clothing etc. My kid can’t get enough of it- now…but it will fade way before 2011 comes around,
    Not to mention I am NOT getting him any more Disney PIXAR CARS items as it is getting ridiculous financially.
    So if they are doing this to drag out all the sales they are making a mistake because (IMO) parents are getting sick of buying merchandise for the same movie for 2 years.
    I want him to move on at this point- if you know what I mean?

    (METROXING: That’s very cute about McQueen 🙂 Yea, I know a certain 8-year old now who could care less about CARS now but was a fanatic a few years ago … but that’s the way things are now with so many choices … for other movies, they like to do the sequel not much longer than 2 years after the first one but CARS not only snuck up on them but it’s Pixar so 1-movie a year makes the schedule tough to shorn-horn another movie in. He might forget about CARS by 2011 but I’m sure you’ll take him to the sequel and he’ll probably forget about diecasts for a while but I’m sure he’ll enjoy the video games for the sequel 🙂 but hang onto his CARS … when he’s a little older, he might get that collecting bug that guys are known for 🙂 … Okay, we’ll meet back here 2028, I know I’ll have a hovercar by then 🙂 )

  8. MouseDreamer

    Joeysmom–I hear ya. My 4 year old is also obsessed with CARS. Must be a boy thing. *LOL* He just got a big lights-n-sounds Red (firetruck) for his birthday and he’s mad at me because I will NOT let him sleep with that big noisy thing in his bed. XD
    I think that by 2011, he might be a little old for CARS but he’ll still enjoy it.

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  10. Al

    My daughter is 3 right now and Cars is one of her all time favorite movies. Yes, she’s a girl, but she LOVES Cars. There was a time that she would watch it all day if we had let her. (we set the limit at 2) She can name all the characters, the colors they are supposed to be and who the “good guys” are and the “bad guys”. She also recognizes when songs from the movie are played on the radio or if she hears them on the overheads in the store. By the time this movie comes out (if it comes out in 20011), she’ll be 6 or so, and will probably want to go see it. Maybe. Who knows with the way kids change their minds. But I know I’ll take her to it and probably enjoy it myself. Although I do wish that it would come out sooner.

    As a side not however, I am surprised that they are even doing a sequel. Pixar doesn’t normally do sequels; Toy Story being the exception. So this had better be one heck of a movie.

  11. Lou Ann

    Yo have got to be kidding…. 2011?? My son, Sean, is 4 . He lives and breathes CARS. You guys can’t wait that long to get a new movie out. Comeon! Crank up those creative juices!! What are you waiting for? We did the Disney World thing earlier this month and Sean said the BEST RIDE in ALL the parks was Toy Story Mania. I can’t tell you how many times we rode that. If there is a CARS Theme Park, guess where we’re hanging out.
    Step up the production process on the movie PLEASE.

  12. Tika

    I really think it’s funny that everyone is thinking that their kids will be to old to care when “Cars 2” comes out. My son loves the movie, but Daddy fuels the die cast car collection. I know several families that have 2 collections. One to play with, and Dad’s that no one is allowed to breath on.

  13. Matt

    I am the same way Tika…I am getting 2 of each essentially, one for the kids to play with and one for my collection! I am 29 and this stuff is bringing me back to my 10 year old days of collecting baseball cards…it is insane how happy I get when I find some ones I do not have! 🙂

  14. lie-tea teens father

    Well, my son is 2 and since he saw the movie, we have invested a small fortune in our “Radiator Springs Collection”. I myself have seen the movie more than 100 times I’m sure. Funny what you notice after about the 50th time. We know a lot of parents who also have kids heavy into the Cars Movie. I think someone needs to re-think about the production schedule of Cars2, or all the money they will certainly lose.

  15. Steve: AKA: Poppa

    I read the Dark Horizons piece. Their analysis or perplexing concerning the sequel is somewhat erroneous. Cars, the movie, may not have grossed as well as the other Pixar movies, but, movie ticket sales is only the tip of the iceberg for Disney. The money to be made is in the royalties. You cannot walk down any aisle in a variety store without seeing Cars merchandise. A killing has been made on the royalties. There is enough material in the movie for many additional castings to be made. If you have little kids hooked on Cars, since I do not recall anybody mentioning it yet, Golden Books has several books out with the adventures of the Cars figures. You may want to check out the children’s book section at your local Wal*Mart, etc. Of course, after they have watched the movie for the 1,000,000 th time, they may want a bedtime story every night. Our granddaughter has a fondness for Sally. Hopefully, she will not want a real one for her 16th birthday.

    (MET: Most of the reviews were not outstanding but I think those reviewers had an agenda coming in with some high expectations for CARS – CARS simply delivered on storytelling, animation and characters you cared about – not sure what else you can ask for. The film was the #3 movie in the US for 2006 after PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN & NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM – $244 million is great in ANY year and later, it became the 2nd best selling DVD of the year which of course means that people liked it enough to pay $15-$20 again for it. Now, it didn’t do NEMO like business overseas because it was US racing circuit centric … but that’s not really a storytelling mistake, that’s more of a marketing mistake … and really, is that a strike against a movie just because it doesn’t do as well overseas as NEMO? And it wasn’t like it bombed, it made close to $200 million overseas … not exactly sure why they think a $450 million grossing movie is so un-worthy … I’m not saying NEMO isn’t great – it’s just a DIFFERENT story. Also, while I’m sure Mattel was happy it was not a movie with fishes or rats, it’s not like John Lassetter & Pixar sat down and said, we need to do a movie with merchandiscing possibilities … rather, John wanted to do a movie about his road trips with his family – it just so happens to fit nicely with merchandising … but of course, it’s like the 5% of critics who gave middling reviews to WALL-E … there’s always 5% in every crowd …).

  16. Elie

    I love cars. My Little sister too!! Her Room was reacently redorcrated with a cars theme. We watched our cars dvd so much that it broke and we had to go out and buy a new one. Though I think 2011 a long time to wait. Even my little sister is getting bored of it and asks when there will be a new one.

  17. Some Guy

    I think that cars 2 should be related to the game cars Mater National.

  18. Wulfette Noire

    I love Cars as much as my 2.5 years old son. As most people in the forum, I have my little stash of collectibles myself and buy another set for my son. (my husband thinks I’m crazy ha ha!)

    I really want more Cars stories, short film or books or anything so that my son can enjoy Cars without seeing the same thing over and over again. I found the Cars kids magazine (although another merchandizing act) very entertaining. My son was overjoyed with the monthly issues. I still think 2012 is a looong way away. But since Cars was a lovechild project, I understand and respect Lassetter to want to spend detailed attention to the sequel. I really hope it will be a good one.

    Advice for Elie: copy the DVD to a computer and watch the copy at home. Bring the DVD for vacation in grandma’s place. 😛 That’s what my son does.

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