Hasbro Mighty Muggs Checklist: Star Wars, Marvel & Indiana Jones!

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The quick snapshot of Mighty Muggs at Comic Con 2008 and our new Mighty Muggs Trading Post.


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236 responses to “Hasbro Mighty Muggs Checklist: Star Wars, Marvel & Indiana Jones!

  1. Azron

    Where’s R2?

    (METROXING: Don’t worry – there are at least 4 other waves scheduled for 2008 – they haven’t announced what’s in each one yet – just they’re coming πŸ™‚ )

  2. calmixx

    These are soooooo simple . . . Great design – FUN !

  3. hi

    I like all these mighty muggs! :O

    I like all these mighty muggs! :O πŸ™‚

    My birthday is in June! I might get 1 !! πŸ˜€
    / \

    / \

  4. Dash

    These rock. I love how much love they are giving the Imperials!

  5. Charlotte

    one female character?

    (METROXING: Well, most toy companes operate on the principle that “girl/woman” characters don’t sell as well … I do not agree with their way of thinking … maybe they should find some better designers/scuplters πŸ™‚ )

  6. Sarah

    We picked up Spiderman today at WM; I asked my 3 y/o if he wanted Spiderman or Iron Man and was surprised he picked Spiderman. He looks OK other than the big white “eyes”. Waiting for Captain America now. Wonder Woman would be awesome! Or She-Hulk.

    (MET: I haven’t seen any of the Marvel ones at WM yet … though I am complete on the SW ones).

  7. At first my bf and I were just going to resell the entire lot that we have because we needed the money….But i got attached to them and can’t let them go..

    My next would probably be jango, grievous, venom and dr. doom.

    thanks for this post!

  8. Creepy Blue Monkey

    Wave Three Marvel will include Doctor Octopus, Thor, Ghost Rider, and Black-Suit Spider-Man.

    There’s also a movie-version of Iron Man, the Indiana Jones Golden Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a green camo Clone Commander figure for Star Wars, but all of thsoe are convention exclusives and thus much harder to find.

    (MET: Thanks for the update – I had seen a small pic of the Golden Idol, thought that was oddly too large but had not heard of the new Marvel ones – time to ask Hasbro for some new PR photos. Thanks!)

  9. Sarah

    I just ordered Iron Man and Wolverine on Walmart.com. I spoke with an employee from WM & Target and they both told me they only got one box of Marvel wave 1, with only one of each figure. The WM kid told me they were getting ready for Hulk, Indiana Jones, and a new Batman movie for toys so they weren’t really interested in the new Marvel stuff since it had no supporting movie. That may have been his personal opinion; I didn’t ask. TRU hadn’t gotten them yet. I did Site to Store shipping again so hopefully they’ll be at the store in less than a week like last time when I ordered Flik/Flea. And it’s free!

    By the way I think the reason why Sally from Cars is blue is so she’s more appealing for boys to play with since she’s a girl.

    (MET: That’s cool, yea, that makes sense … the Marvel figures definitely sound like something the comic stores are more inclined to carry).

  10. I picked up the Mace Windu Figure on Monday and I gotta say… these things are awesome! I am thinking on picking up one Marvel character but methinks I’ll just get Star Wars ones….

    (MET: Yea, hard to buy just one …).

  11. Master Priest

    I just picked up the first two waves of Marvel Mighty Muggs today. I think these things are so cool. I have them set up in fighting poses (Spider-Man vs. Venom and Hulk vs. Thing) for now. I also turned the boxes so the tops are facing and lined them up on the shelf. Surprisingly, it looks very neat. Good job Hasbro! Anyone know the release date of Marvel wave 3 or whats in wave 4?

    (MET: Wave 3 should be out in early June – not sure what’s in wave 4).

  12. Josiah (Again)

    Wow, Wave 5 of the Star Wars line looks awesome! Although I do gotta agree, that Anakin isn’t that great…
    I picked up the Obi-Wan figure a while ago… he’s okay, Mace is DEFINITELY the pick of Wave 2 though

    (MET: Yea, they’re doing a great job on these … not so good for our wallets πŸ˜‰ )

  13. Picked up Dr. Doom tonight…..what a cute little thing! Who knows- maybe I will start collecting the whole line.


  14. Moncealyo

    I was able to find the marvel second wave at target! Captain America is the one in that collection. Still need a few from star wars to complete my collection. I installed a shelf in my office because I’m running out of room. They look really cool. I have two rows of muggs. On the front row they are just on the shelf and on the back row I put the packaging box then placed my muggs on top of it. Five boxes across. Surprisingly it looks great. I have noticed that target and kmart get one wave of four at a time at least in my neck of the woods. Good luck finding them πŸ™‚

    (MET: Nice Target there, just a few SW ones – no Marvel ones here at Target ;-( though yea, they even did a great job on the boxes.)

  15. Allegrya

    I’ve gotta have them all!!!!! I’m going to Wizard World Philly so I’ll be checking to score some deals with these lil guys. πŸ˜€

  16. collectormom

    I can’t find Captain America anywhere!
    Wonder Woman would be awesome.
    WM.com has them online; most with free site-to-store shipping.

    (MET: Last I checked, WM.com only had a few online though the ship to store feature is nice).

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  18. Nicole

    My son has Luke Skywalker- his dad bought it for him this weekend. His hand comes off just like in the movie!

    (MET: That’s cool, I got it but haven’t displayed it yet …).

  19. derian

    hi i think these thing are great i have 1 marvel mighty mugg and it is iron man but star wars i have han solo,chewwie,darth vader,boba fett,luke,obi-wan,mace windu,c3po,the princess,commander cody,jango fett,and lando.

    im planing to get the whole marvel set and star wars set but stormtrooper and darth maul htf gotta buy them on ebay.looking forward to the 4th and 5th set of star wars and what im trying to say is I WANT THEM ALL


    (MET: Yea, they did a great job with them).

  20. derian

    i want set 4 so bad for the star wars

  21. Moncealyo

    Some of star wars are hard to find but just keep checking hasbro’s website they restock everything there but you have to check often. Wal Mart online had the stormtrooper the other week but it sold out before I could get my hands on it. If you can’t wait then ebay but remember this isn’t a limited edition series so its all going to come out again especially with the release of the clone wars movie.

  22. JoeRocket

    Picked up all but the hulk from wave 2 of the marvel line… apparently everyone is sold out of the hulk! I also nabbed Jango Fett while i was at it and felt something was off with him but couldn’t put my finger on it until I got him home and next to the others. He’s in a box with vader on it! He hasnt been opened and the insert inside is def his… yet he came in a vader box??? wtf? Anyone else seen something like this? Email me if you have πŸ˜€

    (MET: That’s a new one).

  23. derian

    this is to the JoeRocket.well the reason about the vader on the box is that i live in canada and they only sell the boxes with vader on the front the store must have bought it from canada.

    (MET: That’s interesting – guess because of the language requirements, it’s easier just to do one box for everything?)

  24. There are 42…I have 11(han chewie vader obi maul c3po jango wolverine spidey iron man and venom)I am pretty satisfied with them!

  25. Josiah

    Can’t find Star Wars Wave 1 anywhere now (ARGHH) but I managed to find Venom today so I got him, he looks pretty neat

    (MET: Wave1 might only be in the comic stores pr online now – most WM’s got no more than two cases).

  26. Heather from Maine


    Like I needed to start collecting these too…like I needed another hole in the head.

    Visited my local WM today looking for more Cars and there they were… Capt. America, Hulk, Thing, Dr. Doom, Wolverine, and some of the Star Wars Muggs. Sooo cool!!! Great colors, designs and graphics!!

    I lined them up on the shelf so my 4 year old son could tell me which ones he liked the best. Of course he pointed and said “I like all of them!”

    I was going to get all of them, but then reality set in….these things are $10.44+tax a piece! We settled on just getting the Marvel ones. Although we enjoy watching the Star Wars movies, we are bigger Marvel fans. My son didn’t really recognize the Star Wars characters anyway.

    Hulk does look like a big green baby but we couldn’t just leave him there by himself!!!

    Seriously though, thanks Met for turning me onto the Muggs…now, like Cars, I just need to find the other 1000 that are or will be coming out!!! LOL

    (MET: Nice to know the Hulk’s tantrum worked πŸ™‚ – yea, they are pretty cool).

  27. Will

    wheres R2-D2? hes like the best dude in SW!

    BTW: C-3P0 is suposed to have the silver lego (if you look closely in the films you can see the discoloration)

    (MET: Yea, everyone’s waiting for R2, after all, he’s the real leader of the Rebellion … πŸ™‚ … actually – yes, both C-3PO’s have the silver leg but one is definitely a darker gold – but of course, they’re no longer in stores so I can’t tell if it’s a variant or an error …).

  28. Heather from Maine

    I agree with collectormom-Wonder Woman would be pretty cool. So would Superman, Batman and Joker, but I believe they are all from DC Comics not Marvel. I would think since The Thing came out, the rest of the Fantastic Four would too? Any of the X-Men would be great!! Professor X, Magneto, Cyclops, Storm, Mystique, Jean Grey and Sabretooth!!!

    (MET: Yea, too bad DC is not going to be part of this line but Marvel has just a few more characters πŸ™‚ … between SW & Marvel, they & we might be busy for just a tad …).

  29. Heather from Maine


    Do you have any more info on the SDCC Iron Man Mugg? I can’t seem to find a pic of the actual Mugg. How much do you think it will be going for at Comic Con?


    (MET: No pic yet, Hasbro released an illustration – it looks nice, it’s the current IRON MAN mask – gold and red – looks nice … at the Con, it’ll probably be $15 or less would be my guess – they’ll also have the Indiana Jones idol and Commander Gree).

  30. Heather from Maine

    Thanks Met!

    I did see the illustration and it does look great. I would love to get one… but I won’t be going to CC. Checked ebay and like the LS Mcqueen some people are pre-selling them for a lot!

    Do you happen to know how many will be produced?

    Thanks again.

    (MET: Unknown so far but I don’t think it’s too limited at the show).

  31. Nick

    Wow, the most complete picture set I have found! These things are a lot harder to find here in Canada (Vancouver) I managed to get Han plus Spiderman, Venom, Iron Man and Wolverine from Toys r Us and Dr. Doom/Hulk from some comic store. I’m dying to get Vader, Chewiw, Indy…. *sigh* so many!

    (MET: Yea, they came fast & furious).

  32. Heather from Maine


    Did you know there is a SDCC exclusive Peter Parker Mighty Mugg? Limited to 3,008 pcs.

    Saw them on ebay of course.

    Not sure if I like the design.

    The body has a green sweater vest, tie, brown pants and shoes but the face is half Peter with glasses and half red costume Spiderman.

    It looks a little strange.

    (MET: 3,000ish sounds like just the right amount to be perfect trade bait πŸ™‚ )

  33. collectormom

    Finally found Captain America at WM. Yippee!

    Here’s a thought for Hasbro; Moms with boys play Superheroes with them so you need to make more female characters. I know traditionally boys don’t play with girl characters but…..

    Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Invisible Woman, Bat Girl, Super Girl, Poison Ivy, Harley-Quinn, any will do! I have no idea which of those are DC or Marvel but anything’s got to be better than Princess Leia with her dorky buns.

    (MET: I’ll do a post on the DC Anime ones – very, er anatomically correct … well, maybe not so much anatomically correct as super enhanced in more ways than one …).

  34. Heather from Maine

    Good for you collectormom!

    Yes! We definitely need more female Mighty Muggs!!!

    Yesterday I unboxed Capt. America for my son to play with and he hasn’t let go of it yet. He loves it. He has tested the durability of Capt. America a few times by throwing him across the room to make him “fly”. The toy past its test!

    Does anyone who’s going to SDCC have any room in their luggage for one exclusive Iron Man Mighty Mugg? I’ll pay in advance with extra for your trouble. (Should I even start…..like the LS Mcqueen list!!! LOL)

    I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.


    (MET: LOL … I had not thought to test out my Capt. America by launching him … πŸ™‚ )

  35. Luke

    wow that peter/spidy is awesome lookin i have to get that!!!

  36. Luke(again)

    well…clone wars! Good pick for wave five including the CW tv show coming out! Marvel wave three is awesome have to get Thor and Doc. Ock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Aaron

    Very nice! I live in England, and I’ve only seen the first two Star Wars waves in stores (just saw wave 2 earlier in TRU). Due to the size of the Muggs (and my already huge toy collection!), I’ve been holding off getting any, but I don’t think I’ll be able to resist for long after seeing the upcoming sets.

    Grievous and Dooku are almost definites, and I’m seriously considering Asajj and Indy too. AHHHH! 😐

  38. rStrange


    I just HAVE to get my hands on those Marvel exclusives… I’ve been collecting them all and I have 5 of the 8 that are available right now..

    but wow I really MUST have that Iron Man exlcusive and the Peter Parker one too!

    Anyone going to SDCC08 that can get me those 2, I’ll pay you DOUBLE for what you pay for them!!

    email me at rubenstrange@gmail.com if you’re going or you get your hands on one!

  39. derian

    i got set 4!!!!!!

  40. derian

    if anyone knows a place called comics america thats where to find them early!!!!i got set 4 today and i went there like3 weeks ago to 3 weeks ago i got the 3rd set i live in canada and i still havnt seen the 3rd set in stores!

  41. derian

    hasbros gotta hurry with the boxes for set 5 for star wars,really the 4th is on ebay for like 3 weeks and still they havnt made the boxes for the 5th,well at least that i know of but really we need the 5th set!!!!!

  42. collectormom

    The “correct” DC female characters may be a little too adult for playing with my kids. πŸ™‚ I did however look at the Marvel site to check out some girlies that Hasbro needs to make;
    Invisible Woman
    Marvel Girl
    Spider Woman
    Thor Girl

    Just to name a few! Marvel has about 400 females to choose from; I’m only looking for a few to get so I can be the girl superhero when I play with my boys. Thor-Girl would be awesome!

    (MET: All good choices … though She-Hulk scares me πŸ™‚ But I would buy the rest!)

  43. Heather from Maine

    I didn’t know there was a Thor-Girl!!! Cool!!!

    Went on a toy shopping spree today.

    Found SW Wave 4 and Mace Windu at Target. Of course I had to get all of them!!!

    Scored Iron Man and Commander Cody at TRU.

    Don’t know if anyone is into Transformers here, but I found and purchased the new line of toys from Hasbro called Transformers Animated Activators at WM. It features the characters from the new Transformers cartoon that is on Cartoon Network. They look really nice. They remind me of the Go-Bots line by Playskool which was geared towards 3 year olds and up. I purchased the whole Go-Bots line for my son but unfortunately they were discontinued a few years ago. This new line of Transformers sort of have that same cute, chunky look but are more challenging to transform, for 5+. Of course Bumblebee is our favorite!!!

    (MET: Yea, the animated ones do look cool, I decided to pretend they didn’t exist πŸ™‚ )

  44. Heather from Maine

    I wish I had your will-power Met!

    (MET: Some willpower, I’m surrounded by 400 cars, 50 Mighty Muggs … I’d be the Super Hero who is all powerful except for the days he blacks out while holding a credit card in my hand … besides, I know TRANSFORMERS, they’re like rabbits, no such thing as not just one but not just a dozen … πŸ™‚ )

  45. Edd

    I live in the UK so its not that easy to find most of them but I have Darth Vader Chewbacca and Wolverine. I really want all of the Indiana Jones ones and a lot of the Mavel ones. I know the Indy ones aren’t out yet but I can’t find the Marvel ones anywhere.
    I also really want the Golden Idol exclusive but I’ll probably never get one if they are only sold in the SDCC.

    (MET: Hopefully, the Marvel ones are on their way … maybe just the comic shops? The Indiana Jones aren’t scheduled for the US until July … so anyday now …)

  46. derian

    for set six of mighty muggs star wars they should have hoth luke or han,snowtrooper,ewok,and r2d2, and finally jawa.

    like come on you need an r2 and ewok and jawa they gotta have they just have to.

  47. Dylan

    I was planning on buying the Spiderman one first before I bought the rest of the set because I’ve been obsessed with Spiderman my whole life.

    I went to WM today (I live in RI) and I was searching behind other action figures and I finally found it!!

    I bought all the Marvel Mighty Muggs today at WM thanks to them having 1 last Spiderman :]

    90 dollars later, I completed my Marvel collection… CANT WAIT FOR WAVE 3!!!!

  48. Brent

    I am hoping for some super heroines as well. Would love to see:


  49. Brent

    Oh, I forgot about Crystal (Medusa’s sister). How cool would her figure be with those big round circles on the back of her head. And of course Invisible Woman with a clear body.


  50. derian

    how come the writing is so small

    (MET: Looks normal at my end (?) … no changes to the post from my end)

  51. Nick

    Does anyone know when Marvel Wave 3 will actually be released? I have waves 1 and 2 and I pre-ordered the Peter Parker one from some site.

    (MET: Should be in a couple weeks? They seem to be no more than a few weeks apart).

  52. derian

    nvm met it was just this morning i guess

  53. derian

    that would rock if they had a r2,ewok,and jawa.

    wouldnt they?

    (MET: I’m sure they’re coming πŸ™‚ )

  54. **

    i ❀ mighty muggs my first one war clone commader cody i want 2 get the arc trooper that i just and i wuz wondering where i can get it thanks.

    (MET: Wave 1 – 3 of SW is already out and probably sold out in most places but you still might find Commander Cody on the stores shelves – usually the best pricing. Most speciality and internet places are charging more than $9.99 … Wave 4 is definitely on the shelves at Target, WM & TRU so hurry).

  55. Edd

    To what you replied eariler to my comment: There are no comic shops over here. I can only find them on Play.com and somtimes in GAME and Gamestation.

    (MET: If you live near a a WM, you can sometimes order online and get free ship to store which is a good deal. Hasbro.com just started charging taxes everywhere so it’s not as a good deal as it once was but still might be cheaper than most places selling it for $14.99 if you’re planning on buying lots of stuff).

  56. Edd

    Don’t have WM here either. Well I’ve never seen one. I’m just going to have to wait.

  57. **

    thay gotta make more clone troopers such as:
    commander neyo
    utapau shadow trooper
    galctic marine
    omega squad trooper
    and a snowtrooper

  58. rStrange

    I pre-ordered a Peter Parker from ebay…

    and I can say is this: I think I’ve lost my mind over these things!

    I had to pay quite a bit and I know it doesn’t guarantee one either but the seller I bought from said he has “never NOT been able to get an exclusive” from SDCC. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    I haven’t spotted an Iron Man pre-order online yet, let me know if you do!

    (MET: I know the Peter Parker is ‘limited,’ I’m checking to see if the others are as well).

  59. faithingruden

    these things are great!! I recently picked up a princess leia that has an ObiWan sealed inside it. The blister inside is molded for leia’s cinnamon buns, but shes not inside. There doesnt appear to be ant accessories in it either.

  60. derian

    πŸ™‚ i think if they came out with ponda baba (warlrus man) because his personality is just so awesome.

  61. derian

    πŸ˜‰ dr evanzan would be cool too:-)

  62. **

    i just went 2 WM and i bought vader and boba now i got like 7 of them i wuz gunna get yoda but then i saw jango. ya, freakin sweet

  63. jon

    Does anyone know about the variant paint schemes for darth vader and the stormtrooper? I picked up a darth with extra pupils. I heard that the stormtrooper comes in a light blue and dark blue paint scheme as well.

    (MET: Well, my ST’s have the darker blue gills/lines … slightly darker than the PR photo above (the ones photoed above might not be color accurate – might be under bright studio lights. My Darth has no extra pupils but I do have the darker C3PO).

  64. creepybluemonkey

    Nice pictures. I would love to see this line expand to other properties besides Indy, SW, and Marvel. DC Comics would be great but seems out of the picture due to the DC agreement with Mattel.

    I’d seriously consider buying Muggs based on the classic GI Joe vs Cobra toys I grew up with. Destro, Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Baroness, etc. All would be free to license as Hasbro owns the brand!

    Other movies would make great Muggs. I’d buy a Predator, Alien, Robocop, or Terminator without blinking.

    (MET: I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joe ones, though the movie is not coming out until next year so maybe then … yea, those are all good ideas … and yea, too bad about DC … no more like the Mego days when one company could get all the licenses …).

  65. Moncealyo

    Hi everyone I saw on ebay that there is a px exclusive mighty muggs admiral ackbar. I don’t collect toys other than mighty muggs what is a px exclusive? I dont know if its real but it looks cool if you are into seafood πŸ˜‰

  66. jon

    they also have a shadow stormtrooper exclusive

  67. **

    does anyone know when star wars (wave5) is out in new mexico

  68. Baxter

    2 more new Previews Exclusive Mighty Mugg Star Wars figures were announced. They are Ackbar & Shadow Trooper.

    See link:

    A Previews Exclusive! Whether for play or display, this hip version of the Mon Calamari leader, Admiral Ackbar, is sure to bring a smile to the faces of collectors and fans alike! Sporting his usual off-white on white uniform, this funky version of the Alliance Fleet commander proudly flaunts his large character head and chunky body. The whimsical figure is decorated with Ackbar’s amphibious good looks – and is ready to take his rightful place as a must-have for your collection! And, just so the Empire doesn’t feel left out, the Shadow Trooper flexes in his black battle armor and matching blaster accessory – and is ready to take his rightful place as a must-have for your collection! Each fun, detailed figure is based on its galactic movie counterpart and is made from 100% recycled awesome! Window box packaging.
    Product Number: HAS15496
    Shipping Weight: 2.38 pounds

  69. Excellent website. Ill definately be watching this for awhile. Im absolutely hooked on these!


  70. Baxter

    Hey guys,

    I thought I’d share a picture of the Mutt Williams Mighty Mugg , which is part of the Indiana Jones wave 2 series.

    (MET: UPDATED – Thanks!)


  71. A cool future con exclusive would be a transparent Sue Storm! Kinda like the “spirit” star wars figures.

  72. Toad

    Does anyone know if someone has made a custom blaster for the Starwars Boba Fett Mighty Muggs? If so, I would like to hgave the instructions, or if I could buy one? He just looks weird standing next to Jango with two blasters… Any hep would be appreciated.

  73. Heather from Maine

    LOVE the Admiral Ackbar & Shadow Trooper Mighty Muggs!!! They are a MUST HAVE!!!

    Will they be available thru big retail stores like TRU or smaller comic book and independent toy stores?


    (MET: Diamond/Previews exclusives will only be in comic book stores, online stores and indie toy retailers – but yea, both look great).

  74. Heather from Maine

    Ok. Thanks Met!

  75. Baxter

    Hi MET,

    Thanks for updating the site with all the new Mighty Muggs. However, I think you may have accidentally removed some of the other pics like Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, Captain America.


    (MET: Okay, I think everything is fixed now – let me know if there’s still a problem. Thanks).

  76. Muggsy

    I’m an avid toy collector and look for the hardest to find toys quite often when I travel out of town.

    I’ve been exclusively collecting 25th Joes, Transformers, and Star Wars 3/4th’s…. until one day…. Darth Vader and Stormtrooper showed up on the shelves with these funky designs. They had such an appeal to them and my instinct says these things are going to be hot. My instinct was telling me to get these things NOW!! This was back on wave 1 era. Did I pick them up? No. Sigh….

    I was afraid to get hooked on something else draining my wallet.

    I started liking them more as more waves came out. One day, two days ago, I saw a Venom and hadn’t seen one anywhere else! I picked it up and put it down and picked it up again and continued to fight the urge. Finally I put it down and walked away from Walmart. The force of the Muggs was so strong. That night, I went to work researching these Mighty Muggs, right here at your site and studied what’s available and what I like.

    I did it! I went out and purchased these six that I have so far and love them!!

    – Iron Man (original)
    – Spider Man
    – Wolverine
    – Captain America
    – General Grievous
    – Commander Cody

    Guess which one was the hardest to find or at least more rare?? Captain America… how odd. Why is this? Was it short packaged?

    Now I need to zoom back to that Walmart and get Venom before you guys do! Ahh!

    What do I want next that’s available? I don’t want any of the others except:

    – Boba Fett
    – Darth Maul
    – Jango Fett
    – Asajj Ventress
    – Captain Rex

    – Venom
    – Dr. Doom
    – Thing
    – Black Spiderman

    – Indiana Jones only
    – None of the other Indiana Jones Muggs

    Of course the exclusives…

    Everything else looks too plain for me.

    I bet Hasbro is going to start spinning off very weirdly and making Transformers Mighty Muggs, which should be somewhat impossible to do, given the limited physique of the Muggs mold. What do you guys think?

    (MET: Capt. America is packed 1 to a Marvel case so he is/was there on the shelf – I’ve seen him on several WM shelves so he should be available. The Indy guys haven’t hit yet … I think they could do Transformers but in theory, you buy a Transformer because can um, transform so a non-transforming transformer might cause the Earth to stop spinning πŸ™‚ so that might be a reason they do not do a Transformer version though honestly, I think people might give a 2-second pause before adding it to the cart πŸ™‚ )

  77. Cam

    I would love to see some WWE mighty muggs. Imagine an Undertaker with his hat, a Batista, or a Ray Mysterio. Now that would be something πŸ™‚

  78. Djae

    Hey Met,
    I’m an avid collector of star wars mighty muggs but I try to avoid buying it at the local stores where I live. (Toronto,ON) The reason why I do not buy them here is because all of wave 1 and wave 2 figures are in a Darth Vader box. No cool designs on the top of the box whatsoever! Do you know the reason for this?

    -Thank you

    (MET: In the US, we get different art on the box for each character … there’s not much writing on the outside of the box but I presume it’s because they don’t want to go to the trouble for the French (& Spanish?) language requirements? Yea, that’s too bad because the design & art on the outside box is one of the nicest concepts I’ve ever seen – simple but classy and you could almost just display the boxes … )

  79. I think they should make these mighty muggs if they havnt already jarjar binks 300 muggs and transformers muggs. and maby halo muggs.

    (MET: Okay, Jar Jar would have to be brilliant for me to get one πŸ™‚ )

  80. Pat

    I was wondering if anyone knew about the purchasing at the SDCC for these guys. A friend of mine is going and I wanted to know if he would be able to buy two Ironmans (Ironmen?) and a Golden Idol or will he just be able to purchase one of each? Thanks

  81. Monica

    OK, I finally took the plunge and bought one of these guys. Lando was sitting alone on the shelf and I could not resist him (Heather you were so right about that). I may limit myself to Star Wars though and will only get the ones I love. I think Admiral Ackbar sold me on the whole thing.

    (MET: Yea, Lando is pretty great …).

  82. Heather from Maine


    I KNEW IT!!

    Yeah, I thought I would limit myself to the Marvel MMs but that didn’t last long.

    When I saw Star Wars Wave 4 sitting on a shelf at Target, I had to get them.

    I’m sure I’ll end up getting the Indiana Jones MMs as well. How can I possibly say no to Harrison and Sean!!

    Picked up Venom from WM yesterday. Very creepy cool!

  83. Mr. Faithful

    sw wave one came and i held back. Lord Vader and darth maul sitting there, waiting for me. yet i resisted. wave 2 went by and i did not flinch. but there was something about Jango, mabey it was the way he held his two blasters that made me say i just cant take it anymore. 9 sw muggs later i am not only addicted to these things but it has spilled over to family members. im talking people who are not even that big of marvel or star wars fans.
    cant wait until wave 5, what happen to young ani, dooku looks great. always on the look out for a vader, with the four white dots or the two.

    one more thing, dont you hate when you get to the store and fing a mugg you need but the box has been raped. I HATE THAT!

  84. Monica

    I know, I tried to resist when I saw the Wave 1 SW muggs too. I can’t tell you how many times I picked them up and looked a them, then put them back. But resistance was futile.

    I will probably not be able to say no to Harrison, Sean and Shia either.

  85. Josiah

    O my gosh! Every time I come back here, I see even more awesome Muggs that I can’t wait to get!

    I bought Grievous off ebay because where I live we don’t even have wave 3 yet… it’s all wave 2 (Star Wars)

    Oh yeah, and by the way, anyone with a Facebook account can add the Star Wars Mighty Muggs application I created!

  86. Monica

    As for Transformers Muggs, plenty of Transformers toys do not transform and people still buy them. Their heads are pretty round too. I think it could work. I’d love a Bumblebee.

  87. Heather from Maine

    How about Lord of the Rings Mighty Muggs?

    Fodo with the ring necklace around his neck
    Sam Wise (Gamgie?)
    Gandalf the wizard with his staff, both The Grey and The White
    Legolas and Arwen with their elf ears
    Aragon with his sword
    The dwarf (Gimbli?) with his axe

    Sorry if I misspelled the names…

    They could do so many LOTR Waves!!

    (MET: Hey, we don’t need GOOD idea πŸ™‚ … we don’t need 1,000-Mighty Muggs good ideas, we need bad ideas like GOLDEN GIRLS Mighty Muggs or BIO DOME movie Mighty Muggs πŸ™‚ )

  88. Monica

    Oooh yeah LOTR, that could be really good Heather.

  89. JeedaiProphet


    I gotta admit, these are basically the only toys I really buy any more (‘cept the new Joker fig:p ). Don’t know why, but I love these little f-ers. Mostly in it for SW, but there’s some cool Marvel figs I gotta get, and a couple of the Indy figs are must-haves. So far, I’ve got Obi, Jango, Cody, Luke ESB (w/removable hand!), Yoda, Grievous, Palpatine, Spidey, & Venom.

    Gonna have to get someone to pick up a couple of the SDCC exclusives. My GF even likes the Mighty Muggs, she got Iron Man and Hulk for herself, so I’m gonna have to get the movie version of Iron Man for her, and the fertility idol is too awesome to pass on. I wouldn’t mind the Akbar and Parker sitting on my shelves either…

  90. Nick

    i’ve got every single star wars up to the current wave, both vader and storm trooper variants, every single marvel…i can’t stop looking for these. Besides working at TRU, on my day off i hit at least 5 walmarts, 4 targets….seems like target gets em out first…i can’t stop collecting these things….it’s crack.

    (MET: So your email name of ‘zerosleep’ is very accurate πŸ™‚ )

  91. **

    when is the clone wars series out??

    (MET: Should be out in the next few weeks).

  92. tyler

    these are the muggs i have so far Thing, Darth Vader, Lando, C3po, General Grivous, Venom and Clone Comander Cody.

  93. derian

    i am preordering the previews exclusive

  94. Brian

    I went to Target yesterday and they had more Marvel wave 1 figures in stock. It looks like the cases contained 2 spiderman, 1 iron man, and 1 wolverine. There was no Venom.

    For Star Wars they only had Lando Calrissian & Princess Leia.

  95. DarthVader

    Well…I now have all of the Star Wars muggs to date including an extra Darth Maul. I have 4 Marvel muggs….Spidey, Wolverine, Hulk and Thing. I also have the Comic Con and Previews exclusives ordered. In addition all of my boxes are in pristine condition as I will not even buy one if it is not in perfect condition. I just can’t wait for Indy. Any idea when they are going to hit the shelves?

    (MET: That’s pretty impressive. The Indy ones should be available in the next few weeks … surprised they were out closer to the release of the film …).

  96. Monica

    Just found Wave 4 SW at TRU today and bought Bespin Luke and Grievous (don’t like the Emperor and there was no Yoda).

    Also saw Marvel Wave 2 at WM.

  97. Brian

    I just got the battle damaged Luke Skywalker at WM last night. I wasn’t going to get it, but one of the posts aboved peeked my interest when the removable hand was mentioned. The more I look at the figure the more impressed I am with it. the paint job is done well. Hasbro really hit a home run making Mighty Muggs. I hope they continue to make more in the future.

    My wish list for future Muggs:
    -Magneto (purple cape in all, just like doctor doom’s greeen cape)
    -Dare Devil
    -The Prowler
    -USA Agent
    -Moon Knight

    (MET: Yea, the Luke hand is the clincher, that must’ve been a fun meeting πŸ™‚ … “hey, we do make it so his hand can fall off,” “Yeah!” πŸ™‚ )

  98. Heather from Maine

    Picked up C-3PO and Spidy at WM yesterday. They look great!

    Looks like WM got in a few boxes of Mavel Wave 1 and 2. There were two Capt. Americas among several Iron Man, Spidy, Hulk and Wolverine. The MMs’ boxes were in pretty good shape. The paint jobs aren’t very consistent though.

    Can’t wait to open up battle damaged Luke! I let my son pick one MM a week to open for a special treat and he hasn’t picked Luke yet. I might have to allow myself a treat too and open him up! : )


    i collect star wars old vintage figures an saw the vader one couple weeks ago an didn’t have a clue what these mighty muggs were but im hooked now -im up to no 3 now from ENGLAND an they are proper hard to find

    (MET: Yea, just when we thought there’s no way they could suck us into another SW line … πŸ˜‰ )

  100. Heather from Maine

    Walmart.com has Iron Man MM available if someone is still looking for him. : )

  101. Brian

    Toywiz.com has a handful of stormtroopers in stock, but they cost $60 each. Ouch!

    For people on the west coast I have found a lot of wave 1 muggs at the Things form Another World stores.

    For people on the east coast I have found a lot of wave 1 muggs at the Newbury comics stores.

    Good luck everybody. I just picked up the Emperor at WM. I couldn’t resist the forced lightning.

  102. Arnold

    im an urban toy collector here in manila philippines…fell in love with these mighty muggs figures thats why i bought em all except for darth vader and c3po (cant find em) heres a link to the photos of my mighty muggs collection πŸ˜‰


    (MET: Wow, you landed the Indy ones already? Nice. Still haven’t seen any around here).

  103. Arnold

    the figures got here first before the movie….maybe because wer near china and hongkong thats why we get to see the toys first. πŸ™‚ btw, do u know when are they releasing the blank ones??

    (MET: The only thing I heard was by year’s end … I guess you’ll let us know first, right? πŸ™‚ ).

  104. Jesus christ its tough to find any mint.

    Everywhere I check I find one I need from the SW line but Ill be damned if they arent all jacked up.

  105. Cant wait to get my hands on the SDCC exclusives!

  106. rStrange

    You know, it’s not that I JUST noticed this and I’m sure everyone else that collects these has… but what’s the hole on the bottom of the foot for?

    Does is serve a purpose?(are there stands for them or something?)

    Just wanted to see if anyone else knew because I’ve looked all over the net and I haven’t found an answer…..yet……

    (MET: That should be right – Hasbro sells pegs for SW figures so they were probably planning ahead).

  107. dxrxthy

    You are definately smoking some crack if you don’t think Yoda looks right. He is awesome. And Leia is iconic. The bikini is just an excuse. If she pointed that blaster in your face you would poop your pants…

  108. derian

    leia in bikini would be so awesome

  109. Josiah

    I finally found the new Waves, a special Comic store supplied them for me. I got Yoda, I think you might actually like him Met he has definatley become my Fave

    (MET: Yea, I broke down and bought Yoda … πŸ™‚ )

  110. Yoda was my first and will be tough to beat as my favorite!

  111. Josiah

    Oh yeah, I thought I should mention. When I got my Yoda, the Comic Store had lots of Indiana Jones wave 1. They had three or four of every character, so they are hitting the shelves right now I’m geussing…

    But alas, I won’t be able to come back for Mugg updates for about 2 weeks so, goodbye everyone!

  112. Cam

    Anybody know when SW wave 5 will release? I have seen some websites that suggest August, some September and some even October, 2008.

    (MET: They might be taking a break but I’ll bet it’s timed to Clone Wars – which is mid August so I would imagine in a month or less?)

  113. Lindsay

    I am trying to find Darth Vadar and Boba from set 1 I can’t find them anywhere. Has anyone seem them lately? I’ve looked at WM Target and Toys R Us. Anywhere else I might look?

  114. SMC

    They are selling Darth Vader now on toysrus.com. i cant find Boba anywhere…he is the only one i’m missing.

  115. SMC

    Nevermind….they are not available anymore…they were yesterday. sorry

  116. Lindsay

    i just had a friend of mine that lives two hours away in a small town look for me and he found both Darth and Boba so I’ll have them soon.

  117. SMC

    did your friend find more than one boba?? any chance you can send one my way?

  118. avocado

    have 2 bobas for sale

    just need darth maul

  119. Mr. Faithful

    how much for a boba?
    also, noticed that star wars . com had a lot of hard to find wave1 muggs, like chewy and captain solo. they are 12.99 and like 6 or 7 bucks to ship groud.
    can’t wait for count dooku. he looks great.

    p.s. anyone else begining to live, sleep, eat, muggs, lol.

  120. Cam

    i have heard a rumour from a collector buddy of mine that there may be some DC muggs this fall. Will we see a Superman? – hope so.


    for those of you looking for boba fett – GAME stores in england all have loads of them – every GAME shop ive been in has had at least 2 or 3 in them

  122. ryan

    finally found capt america today at WM…completed my marvel sets!!

  123. Those look pretty cool, I’m going to have to keep an eye out for them.

  124. Brian

    Just picked up Indiana Jones mighty muggs today at a local comic store. The paint job on the figures look great. I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy them, but once I saw them I had to have them.

    The store also had a bunch of marvel wave 1 figures back in stock. Nothing new for Star Wars.

  125. george

    i got captain america and i love it i also got a luke skwalker

  126. avocado

    boba is 29.00 USD

    but willing to trade one for darth maul

  127. Avocado. I should be able to find you a Darth Maul for that Boba. I should be able to confirm thursday evening.

  128. Lindsay

    So when it says summer for the next starwars wave when does that mean?

  129. Moncealyo

    Just wanted to drop a bomb and tell everyone that briantoys.com has a lot of the wave 1 star wars!!! I finally got the stormtrooper πŸ™‚ You have to do an individual search or you won’t find it. I hope you find what you want but it might not be there for long. Happy hunting.

  130. Brooklyn

    I only own Venom…And I’m pretty satisfied since he is my favorite of them all…Though i might think about getting others…But i luv me Venom..he’s cute in a twisted way.



  132. Heather from Maine

    So there is a new version of Chewy.


    What other MMs have more than one version?

    (MET: It definitely looks different … wonder if the actual is actually different … humm, I’ll see if I get an answer. People have reported Darth Vader with different eyes and the Storm Trooper with lighter color “vents.” I have a C3PO that is definitely darker color).

  133. Creepy Blue Monkey

    The Indy waves, as you have them pictured, only have three figures each. Since the standard Muggs assortment seems to have four figures, is it perhaps too much of a leap to assume that each Indy wave will be packed with an extra of Indy himself when shipped to retail? Seems logical to meet demand for the one sure-fire seller of that assortment, but I was wondering if you knew.

    (MET: That sounds logical as you’re right – there is 4 to a box).

  134. Brian

    Thanks for the tip Moncealyo. I ordered Boba Fett, Storm Trooper, and Chewbecca from Brianstoys.com. I typed in “mugg” into the search feature and the figures came up.

  135. Brian

    toysrus.com has indiana jones muggs for $10.49 each.


  136. Clyde

    So . . . My girlfriend got me the Wolverine MM about three weeks ago for my B-day and it blew my mind! I haven’t really been into toys for a while now (don’t hate on me, everybody πŸ™‚ ) but I’ve always been a huge comics guy.

    Anyway, once I got Wolvie, I had to check out what other ones were available; I came across this sight (which, by the way, Met, is really well done) and targeted the next ones on my list. On Friday, I picked up Hulk, Cap, Thing, and R+B Spidey at an Urban Outfitters in NYC . . . at $20 a pop (that’s New York prices for ya . . . thankfully, I had a gift card). For people who have an Urban Outftters near them, you might want to check them out. The price was high, but their selection was pretty good.

    (For those who live in NYC, this UO (in Soho) had the figures I mentioned plus Iron Man, Dr. Doom and a bunch of Star wars (but no Chewie or Darth).

    Anyways, I’m pretty hooked . . .

    Can’t wait to hear what Marvel figures are next in line . . . and would it kill Hasbro to get the DC liscence?

    (MET: Welcome back and thanks πŸ™‚ … Of course, in NYC, you want to check out Forbidden Planet or Midtown Comics and of course, the very nice Times Square TRU).

  137. Geoffrey

    I’ve finally been able to collect the first 2 waves of marvel woohoo!! Now i’m just waiting to get the third. Has anyone wondered why its so weird that the Idiana Jones series only comes in waves if 3?

    (MET: I could definitely see Wave 1 with an extra Indy but will wave 2 include an extra Mutt?)

  138. shingetterprime

    there are news already of TF Mighty Muggs accdg to tfw2005.com. I wonder how they’ll pull that off. I won’t be surprised if GI Joe will have their versions as well.

    i’ve been trying to get a hold of some SW figs but they’re extra harder to find. Marvel and IJ are everywhere but SW is just almost nonexistent here.

    will there be more Marvel waves after series3?

    (MET: I’m guessing they can scrap together a few more Marvel characters … and yea, I don’t think anyone would be stunned to see Joe or the Transformers … πŸ™‚ )

  139. Clyde

    I love Forbidden Planet and went there first and all they had was the emperor who, in my opinion, isn’t exactly one of the standouts of the set.

    Also, went to Target today and picked up some SW muggs (DV, DM, Chewie, Han) for my buddy. Gotta do my part to spread the virus y’know?

    (MET: Yea, you’re right – the Emperor might be the weakest of all so far … and very nice of you to infect your friends πŸ™‚ )

  140. rStrange

    I wonder why they aren’t going to package the Ghost Rider MM with a plastic chain or something?

    I think it’d be perfect if they did (considering it’s his weapon of choice).

    But hey! I’m just judging from the picture above, maybe they actually will put a chain with him?

    (MET: For the most part now, Hasbro tries to supply a PR photo with any accessories (they didn’t in beginning) so I suspect he does not come with anything).

  141. Heather from Maine

    Went to WM the other day and they had Darth Vader (two spots on eyes), Chewy and Jango Fett.

    Purchased Jango Fett. Love the double blaster pistols!


    Any more info on the new version of Chewy?


    (MET: Guy at Hasbro we know is on vacation so no confirmation yet …)

  142. Moncealyo

    Sad update on SW wave 1 muggs at briantoys.com. They only got three stormtroopers and they sold out ONE minute before I placed my order.

  143. Neb

    I want those. NOW.

  144. Murph

    looks like http://www.lesavocado.com dropped their prices after seeing brianstoys!!!

  145. Seeing all these convinces me more to start collecting them!

    Although I only want the Indiana Jones and Star Wars sets… But I’d probably get the Wolverine!

  146. DarthVader

    Does anyone know what retailers are carrying the Indiana Jones Muggs? I have been looking all over and haven’t found them yet. No comic book stores in the area have them either. I have been checking TRU, WM, and Target to no avail. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

    (MET: I think they just started shipping – might still be at warehouse).

  147. mtutick


    I saw Indy and Cairo Swordsman at TRU last week.

  148. venom_mania161

    I so want Venom, he’s too cute! There should be a She-Venom Mighty Mugg for his girlfriend LOL!
    I love Mighty Muggs! πŸ˜€

    (MET: I think this makes it official – more Venom fans than Spidie πŸ™‚ )

  149. SMC

    bigbadtoystore.com is taking pre-orders on the Admiral Akbar and Shadow Trooper Muggs. 34.99 for the pair.

  150. venom_mania161

    Ok, 2nd comment I have done on here! I have at least 6 Muggs in my collcetion and my brother has 18 or 19 (lucky duck), I still want Venom though! I want the Hulk badly too, he’s just too cute looking like a big green baby saying “Take me home as a cute placement in your Muggs collcection!”. I pre-ordered Indy, and YAY: He came in! I just love that funny look that Indy and Han Solo share! I have Spider-Man (Nicknamed Spider-Girl or She-Spidey sometimes because my brother has one, badly injured from ONE toddler, hospital needs), Iron Man (In Muggs Hospital because of bad injuries from a toddler), Princess Leia, (In Muggs Hospital too!) Indy (Of course, luckily NOT damaged) Chewie (Needs to be put in hospital), Commander Cody (Badly injured too from the toddler incident)
    Ok, looks like ALL of my Muggs were damaged badly from that toddler throwing them on the ground, except for Indy, boy is he lucky! And I don’t think that little Iron Man was damaged that much in the movie, but he sure has a lot of bandages and all the MM’s took up almost all the first aid stuff! Sleep well Muggs, you need your hospital beds!

  151. HulkStoleMyBike

    I’ve got most of the Marvel muggs, no venom or wolverine, can’t find them, and can’t wait to get my hands on Ghost rider and Thor, but was a black suit spidey really necessary? Why no Lando Love? Am I the only one who loves me some Billy D? Any way, is there any update on Wave 3 for marvel? Keep us Updated MET, your doing a great Job!

    (MET: Since we’re only about two weeks until SDCC, I don’t think we’ll hear anything new until the show – and while Hasbro is selling the 3 exclusives already – they might just selling other things …)

  152. DarthVader

    Thanks Met and mtutick. I hit TRU today and they finally had them. I was able to pick up all three. That now makes all 18 current Star Wars, All 8 current Marvel, All 3 current Indy, and all the SDCC and the Previews exclusives pre-ordered. Time to bring on Star Wars wave 5, Marvel wave 3, and Indy wave 2. May the force be with you all!

  153. collectormom

    HulkStoleMyBike; awesome name

  154. Brian

    I hit WM and TRU yesterday. WM had some wave 1 & 3 SW figures. TRU had Indy and Marvel wave 1 and 2 figures. I have noticed Venom is getting harder to find in most stores.

  155. MightyMuggVertigo

    I’m up to 18 Muggs now. Thinking about doing a custom Deadpool and Silver Surfer. Can’t wait for SDCC, hoping for the announcement of the next waves and possibly some Joe Muggs. Just imagine a Destro or Cobra Commander. Fingers crossed everyone.

  156. Dj Mighty

    Hello my name is Dj and I’m a MM addict. I’ve got 20 so far (majority SW and Indy). I heard rumor that a Marion Mugg will be coming soon, also I was able to find Wolverine, Spiderman, and the Thing at Toysrus.com (they were mislabeled as “might” muggs) and I got Ironman @ WM – I go every friday after work and so far I’ve been lucky! I’m also set to go to comic con, hopefully in addition to the exclusives they will have the hard to finds to purchase like Venom… Hope to see you there!

  157. Clyde

    So, I just pre-ordered the SDCC Iron Man Mighty Mugg from http://www.imperialoutposttoys.com. They appear to still be accepting pre-orders for SDCC IM, plus the other SDCC limited muggs.

    Thought y’all would like to know πŸ™‚

  158. Monica

    Scored Indy Wave 1 at WM today, woohoo!

  159. Heather from Maine

    Nice score Monica!

    Went to all the usual stores today and no Indy but I did see Darth Maul, Chewy and Han Solo at TRU.

    Oh Indy…I’ll find you some day! πŸ™‚

  160. Joeofmars

    I bought my first Mugg today! Hulk is so awesome! There were only 2 Hulks left, no other Marvel ones, a bunch of Wave 4 SWs, no Indy’s. This was at WM. I want more Muggs!

  161. mtutick

    hasbrotoyshop.com has all of Indy series 2 in stock right now. Thought I would pass it on.

  162. mtutick

    Sorry for the double post, but I thought I would that it’s a preorder showing 9/22 ship date. I guess that’s the approximate release??

    (MET: Hasbro’s pre-release dates are not particularly accurate 9/22 usually means about 10/1 … they almost never ship before retailers get it – they don’t want to annoy anyone so stores will get it before or around 9/22 but not Hasbro.com).

  163. Brian

    I went to TRU this moring and they had Indy wave 1, Marvel wave 1 & 2 (no Venom), and Star Wars wave 1 figures. I picked up Boba Fett and Stormtrooper.

    Mighty Muggs rule. I’m really impressed with the Indy figures. The paint jobs and packaging are awesome! Have a great weekend everyone.

  164. Heather from Maine

    Unfortunately ordering online from Hasbro, TRU and Amazon is a gamble. They do not pack the toys well for shipping. I only order toys from them which are unlikely to break or I don’t care to much about the boxes being damaged during shipping.

    I prefer to find the MMs in stores so I can go thru them and find the ones that don’t have crushed boxes or bad paint jobs.

    I did order a few MMs from Entertainment Earth. They were shipped out yesterday. I have never ordered from them before, so hopefully the MMs will be packed well and I’ll receive some nice ones.

  165. Brian

    I agree with Heather. Ordering MMs online is such a gamble. Most places do not pack the toys well for shipping.

    Getting them in the stores is so much funner. Plus like Heather said you can go thru them and find the ones that don’t have crushed boxes or bad paint jobs.

    I hope Entertainment Earth works out well for you Heather!

  166. I stopped by a random Walmart yesterday and was able to snag 3, YES, 3 Darth Vaders and finally got me a Jango Fett in a mint box!

  167. Lindsay

    I haven’t been able to find a stormtrooper anywhere and he’s the only one left I need. Also I haven’t seen any Indy ones yet is that because I’m in KCMO and they just haven’t shipped here yet?

  168. Heather from Maine

    Thanks Brian!

    I hope so too. I’ll post when I receive the MMs. πŸ™‚

  169. DarthVader

    I too agree with Heather. I just finally ordered a venom from ebay because the only one I had ever found in a store was completely jacked. Well I carefully picked one out that said “Mint in Mint Box with sharp corners” and when I received it…it was packaged just fine…but one of the corners was creased and it was not something done during shipping. I was very dissappointed. I have not heard back from the seller yet but from now on (other than my exclusives which I had to pre-order online) I will buy mine in a store after I have carefully checked the condition of the box and the toy itself. Happy Hunting to everyone!!

  170. Ive hit SEVERAL Wm’s and Targets and have yet to see any Indy series hitting yet.

    Cant wait!

  171. Quick question…is there any extra value to the Vaders with the “extra eyes”? I just checked and all 3 have them.

    (MET: Right now, it seems hard to determine which one is harder to find – what about eBay? I’m sure completist collectors will want both πŸ™‚ )

  172. Heather from Maine

    I do feel for you DarthVarder.

    People’s opinions of what is consider “mint” tend to differ. I always ask the eBay seller to describe the condition of the box even if they say it’s mint in the auction. As long as I know about any flaws before I buy something, I’m usually ok with them. I just hate surprises!

    But I think we all have to accept the fact that none of the boxes that these toys come in are free of flaws. A lot of the dents, creases, marks, etc happen when the boxes are folded and formed. Also damage can occur when the toys are placed into the boxes. Then you add the packing and shipping out from the factory to the warehouses, then to all the different stores…the toys go thru a lot of traveling.

    I purchase collectable Barbies as well as MMs and Cars and I have never seen a truly mint package. I have to be realistic about it and ask myself…What is more important to me? As long as the doll or toy is mint or near mint, who cares if there is a small dent on the corner of the box? Especially if it’s a rare toy or doll!

    Now all of this is coming from a person who had major OCD! I had to have everything perfect…house, clothes, collectables, etc… Then I had my daughter and I started to accept a little more mess here and there. Then….my son came along and everything went to POT!!!! LOL πŸ™‚

    Collect what you love and have fun!!!!

  173. can anyone confirm/deny that Hasbros going forward with a GI Joe MM line for Aug 08? Heard from a friend whose said first waves to include Cobra Commander, Duke, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow. Seems like too strong of a first wave to me, but definitely excited if true.

    also, managed to score a Tatooine Luke, Obi Wan, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett today at WM. Pretty awesome I thought.

    (MET: We should hear more at SDCC in two weeks but I would be stunned not to see Joe or Transformers ones coming – MM’s is a hit!).

  174. Anonymous

    Theres another website where to get mighty muggs. Its called amazon.com
    they have iron man, spiderman, black suit, spiderman, venom, hulk, wolverine, and dr. doom. and some star war and some indiana jones. i have 1 question, where is the other marvel characters, like human torch and daredevil?

    (MET: They are a little spendy at Amazon – normally, highly recommended).

  175. Monica

    Saw all the Wave 1 Indy Muggs at TRU today!

  176. Toht ,Irina Spalko ,Indiana Jones (White Tux)
    they are all wave three of indiana jones mighty muggs.
    look on entertainmentearth.com
    they will update you on the pictures.

  177. MightyMuggVertigo

    “It’s Dr. Jones to you lady!”
    Super disappointed in the third wave Indy’s. Where is short round?

  178. MightyMuggVertigo

    Sorry for the double post but I just picked up a Vader and Chewy from WM and upon opening them I noticed that they aren’t made out of the same material. They are hard plastic. Anyone else noticing this? Kind of crappy if you ask me.

    (MET: Hummm, does the Chewie match the color of the one I have up or the possibly new variant/release?)

  179. Cam

    Is the new wave Chewy different from the original? e.g, different colour?

  180. MightyMuggVertigo

    @ MET

    Yeah it matches color-wise but i’m sure it’s a 1.3 version because the Vader I picked up at the same time has the double white eyes. Plus I check the WM I bought it at just about every other day for new Muggs, so I know it was a recent delivery.

  181. Josiah

    Hey, I’m back! I got my General Grievous in the mail and I’m not really a fan of the cape. It doesn’t work with the figure at all, and it just feels like its in the way but, General Grievous still looks great without it!

  182. mtutick


    What do you mean about the material? I’m curious.

    I only collect Marvel Muggs and all 6 that I’ve opened (waiting to open Thing and Dr. Doom still) are made of a hard plastic material. Was the original Star Wars lines made of something different?

  183. Iron Man

    When is the next wave coming out?

  184. Iron Man

    i am so mad that i jus ordered a iron man mighty mugg an the new SDCC Exclusive Iron Man Mighty Mugg is coming out. Is it true that its coming out july 27?

    (MET: There are going to be two Iron Man MM’s. One is out, the yellow & red suit version. SDCC will have the gold & red version).

  185. MightyMuggVertigo


    Take your Hulk for example. Grab him and tap your finger on his head and arms and then tap your finger on his legs or torso. You should notice the difference in material. The head and arms are made of vinyl, not sure if thats 100% true but let’s go with it, then the legs and torso are just hard plastic. Well on the Vader and Chewy i’ve bought they are entirely the hard plastic material that the legs and torso are made of.

  186. freshgatorboy305

    I see c3po… but what about r2d2??? Are they not a big roll in all the films? I MUS have an r2 unit to go beside 3po!!!!

  187. Garetto

    yeah i got the C-3PO and i ws wondering wheres R2 so hope it comes

  188. HulkStoleMyBike

    So I went camping this weekend, and went to a WM in a small po-dunk town in Alabama near the state park, and decided to look for MM’s there. I found a Wolverine, one I need, and was so upset to find it in a dirty, grimy box that looks like coke had been spilt on it. Luckily I found Bespin Luke and that made it a bit better, but I would have loved for both to have been buyable, let alone mint.

  189. Lindsay

    I’ve got a Darth Vader MIB 17.00 to your door. Let me know if you are intrested.

  190. Iron Man

    Where do i find a web site that has a $10.oo hulk mighty mugg and fast shipping???

    (MET: Hasbro.com has fast shipping if they have it in stock, otherwise, call your comic book stores in the area, they pay more so they’ll charge a little more – maybe $12.99 to $14.99 but you’ll save on shipping. Also Walmart.com does ship to store but it might take a week or so …).

  191. MightyMuggVertigo

    Just came across a Transformer forum and an Target employee on the forum has apparently come across a DPCI number for Transformer Universe Mighty Muggs. Seems pretty legit from what I can read. This could be some awesome news. Plus here is when we will get some more excellent news:

    “Thursday, July 24,

    11:30-12:30 Hasbro: GI Joeβ€”As Hasbro ramps up for the summer 2009 blockbuster movie release of GI Joe, Aaron Archer (Hasbro Design), Michael Ritchie (Hasbro Marketing), and Michelino Paolino (Hasbro Design) discuss this year’s product line, entertainment, and other initiatives. Panelists will include special guests that you won’t want to miss, plus Q&A! Room 7AB.

    Friday, July 25,

    1:15-2:00 Hasbro: Star Wars and Indiana Jonesβ€” Derryl DePriest and Justin Kreter (Hasbro marketing), are joined by Brian Parrish, Mark Boudreaux, Dwight Stall, and Brian Wilk (Hasbro design) to talk about what the Hasbro design and marketing teams have in store for the remainder of 2008 in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones lines. Plus a special sneak peek into some 2009 secrets and a Q&A session! Room 7AB.

    2:30-3:30 Hasbro: Marvelβ€” Jerry Jivoin, Michelle Favaloro, and Scott George of Hasbro marketing and Brian Wilk, Josh Lamb, Steve Redinger, Dwight Stall, and Logan Lubera of Hasbro Design present the Hasbro Marvel line, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Marvel Legends and Super Hero Squad toy lines from 2008. Also, see a sneak peek into the 2009 line and a Q&A session! Room 5AB.

    Saturday, July 26,

    12:00-1:00 Hasbro: Transformersβ€” Aaron Archer and Jared Wade (Hasbro Design), and Michael Ballog and Jared Jones (Hasbro Marketing) present all the latest toys from the new Transformers Animated and Transformers Universe toy lines. See a sneak peek into what Hasbro is doing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Transformers in 2009! Room 7AB.”

  192. SMC

    Took the weekend in Boston. There is a place called Newbury Comics. They had a bunch of wave 1 star wars muggs plus several of the other waves. I finally found my Boba to complete my set!!!! they also have all of the new Indy muggs and some marvel. All the muggs were 14.99. I also stopped in 2 urban outfitters in Boston and they have tons of muggs for the star wars and marvel lines…20.00 though.

  193. Brian

    If GI Joe muggs are made I hope they do Firefly and the twins Tomax & Xamot.


  194. My 8yr old son has become an avid collector of MMs. He already has 17, and can’t wait to get more. The recent news about Transformers has him ready to go shopping. He has however, been waiting to see if a Hellboy MM will be available in the near future. Has anyone heard any news about Hellboy MM???

    (MET: Hellboy would be … um, hella cool … but he’s not Marvel – I’m not exactly sure what Hasbro’s license with Marvel is in regards to adding in other properties …).

  195. HulkStoleMyBike

    So after complaining yesterday about finding a grungy wolverine, I stumbled into a walmart near my house that for some reason or another I hadn’t checked yet, and stumbled upon a gold mine, both Wolverine and venom to complete my marvel set, and Yoda one of my sought after star wars MM’s, I can’t believe I hadn’t checked that WM yet.

  196. MightyMuggVertigo

    Hasbro now has the Blank Black and the Blank White ones up on there site but they are not available yet.

  197. Brian

    I noticed the Walmarts in my area (NH, MA) are just starting to get the Indy Muggs. TRU is still the only place I have seen in my area that has been getting the SW wave 1 figures back in stock.

  198. Pingback: Men are never grown up « si Gendut Hideout

  199. Lindsay

    I have a MIB Darth Vader, if anyone is willing I will trade him for a Stormtrooper. He’s the last one I need to complete my set. If you are intrested just let me know.

  200. Are-Jay

    Previews Exclusive Marvel Red Skull & Thanos Mighty Muggs pics at Marvelousnews.com. They look pretty awesome!

  201. Brian

    The Red Skull and Thanos look awesome. I can’t wait to add these to my collection!

  202. rStrange

    Ok, so I just found this: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=HAS15677&mode=retail

    Red Skull and Thanos Mighty Muggs!

    I knew the line-up needed more villians!

    But, I’m wondering why I hadn’t heard of these new Muggs until just today…

    Wonder what’s next….?

  203. Heather from Maine

    Thanks Are-Jay and rStrange for the heads up on the Red Skull and Thanos MMs.

    They’re really nice! Ordered mine! πŸ™‚

    BTW, this MM blog is over on the new site takefiveaday.com

  204. The SDCC Muggs should be 20.00 a piece until they sell out and you have to pay more from the dealers.

  205. Interesting Fool

    I’m upset they re released wave 1 + others of Star Wars MMg’s. I think that was a weak move by hasbro I figured my MMg’s would be 4 times the value at the end of this year. I am a avid collector of the MMg’s and have doubles + of each one produced to date. Any one else agree that it was a weak move for the re realeases. The Older vaders I have also have the 4 eye pattern. Haven’t checked on the different plastics being used though, interesting. It wouldn’t surprise me at the rate that MMg’s have grown if they are even using recycled goodness any more πŸ™‚ 😦 .

    Late John

  206. Brian

    I’m glad they released SW wave 1 agian. This way fans and collectors don’t have to pay high prices for those hard to get figures like the Stormtrooper. I say more MMs for everyone.

    I think it’s weak they are releasing figures as exclusives. Just sell all the MMs in stores so everyone can buy them at an affordable price. I’m not going to preorder or pay $20 for a MM. That’s a rip off. I would love to add the Red Skull to my collection, but I won’t pay a high price for it.

    Hopefully the exclusives will shop up in the future in stores like TRU or Walmart.

  207. MightyMuggVertigo

    I am glad they are releasing more of the first waves as well. Technically these are toys made for children. Hasbro has two bottom lines, first is their profit and second is making toys for children. They could care less about investment value of their toys. They don’t make any extra money if they release low numbers of these items. I would hope that they saturate the market with them as long as they can keep profits up. Adults shouldn’t be buying these things in bulk, keeping them from some kids that really just want to play with it, just so they can turn a profit. It really bothers me that people are selling these on ebay for at least double what they are worth. Sorry, just my two cents. Rant over.

  208. Jewbags

    For the whiner who is complaining about Hasbro re-releasing the Wave 1 toys: keep crying, please. It’s all too amusing. πŸ™‚


    i can see both points of view. true mm fans know the difference between the re-release and the originals, so the people who want the true 1st ed. wave 1 will still pay top dollar, and the not so hard core fans get what they want. i could care less, cant wait for the count dooku and those blanks.

  210. Josiah

    Hey, just searching the web today and I found a pic of the Comic Con Iron Man, here is the link


    (MET: Thanks – we have it updated on our new site and Mighty Muggs post (see link at top of page) along with pics of Thanos & Red Skull).

  211. druling

    100% awesome. got most of the marvel. jst waiting on the next wave (thor, ghost, doc oct, blackie) majority of star wars as well too. jst need to find darth vader one dot eyes. as pictured. i have the 2 dot eye one. ooh cant wait. heard of red skrull n thanos coming out in sept. man talk bout a a collection. ooo n er one needs to check out the super hero squads too. jst as cool. gotta get a glass case for my addiction.

  212. DanMattEgg

    Just scored the Indy Jones and the Mola Ram…the only two I cared about in that collection. Hoping for the Boba Fett in the near future. 3 cases came in at local Tarzay and all were 1 han solo, 1 darth vader, 1 darth maul and 1 chewie…………anyone trade a boba fett + $5 for a stormtrooper (that is, if i come across one)???

  213. nik

    they just released that there will also be 2 preview exclusive for marvel. red skull and thanos..seen a pic and they look awesome def getting them

    (MET: See updated post at TAKEFIVEADAY.com)

  214. HulkStoleMyBike

    Interesting Fool, no, I don’t agree with you. Don’t you think it’s selfish to say someone else shouldn’t be able to buy what they want just so I can make some extra money, or to say I don’t want other people to have them so I can remain on my collector high horse? Honestly, I’m glad they are re-releasing them, any real fan of the property would want the toys for personal value, not future market value. Also, real fans would want to share the experience, not horde it for themselves.

  215. Interesting Fool

    OK. I am not a seller bet a collector. I am not trying to turn a profit. I have not resold 1 MMg yet. Mabye i’m just weird and like to have thing that increase in value thats why i’m speaking out i guess. And if Hasbro is making these for kids why are all of us adults buying them?

  216. I bought the first wave of indy mighty muggs at toysrus today.

    They seem to be htf!?!?!

  217. amg

    dΓ³nde los consigo en mΓ©xico??

  218. Garetto

    mighty muggs have squares on the bottom on there right foot. anyone know wat its for

    (MET: Hasbro sells stands for other figures … presume we’ll see stands soon …).

  219. Ethan Redman

    My son and I started collecting them for his surprizes for being a good boy.He has Spiderman, Ironman, and Thing.Today were going to Wal-Mart to get him a new one.He wants to get the Hulk.Ethan loves his Mighty Muggs.

  220. Darkside Games

    They have announced PX Exclusive Red Skull & Thanos Muggs, and Marvel series 4: Human Torch, Silver Surfer, Galactus, and another Wolverine.

  221. shingetterprime

    check out the Transformers Mighty Muggs on the way:


    on the back of the box of Optimus Prime, we see

    consider all 4 bought!

  222. shingetterprime

    there were also sightings of GI Joe Mighty muggs which included

    Storm Shadow
    Cobra Commander
    Snake Eyes

  223. El Guapo

    New waves at comic con.
    Transformers optimus prime, megatron and bumblebee.

    Gi Joes! Snake eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander and Duke.

  224. shingetterprime


    confirmed also from comiccon
    marvel’s next wave of mighty muggs:

    first appearance iron man
    ultimate captain america

    all coming 2009

  225. derian

    hey to let you know the 6th set of mighty muggs star wars is hoth solo,IV vader,plo koon and tarkin,and the 7th is darth malak and darth revan .

    here is the link

  226. toyburglar

    Just back from San Diego and let me tell you there are some very cool muggs coming out ! Red Skull, Thanos, GI Joe Duke, Storm Shadow, Snake-Eyes… even Optimus Prime ! These little figures look quite impressive. It definitely looks like this may be the toy line that bridges the gap between vinyl/designer toys and the mainstream.

  227. Mr. Faithful

    the link derin gave is great, Tarkin, hoth solo, and plo kloon kick a@%. this mighty mugg habbit is getting more and more expensive. my wife gets furious whenever my kids or i come home with a new one. OH WELL, THEY ARE SO COOL!

  228. Mr. Faithful

    whoops i ment derian! sorry for the typeo derian.

  229. I’m so glad there’s something for my wife to collect now – LOL.
    We are loving the SW line – got ’em all and looking forward to Ackbar.
    I ordered a couple of blanks – I’ll send you pics when I’ve been at them with my paintbrush πŸ˜‰

  230. derian

    should i try to get the sdcc set now or should wait a while????

    Just curious cuz i am tell my parents to get me them for christmas and i say to get them now they say later.

    so to prove to them can any one tell me including MET????

    (MET: since Hasbro’s online store is selling them, pricing will only start to go up after the sell out …).

  231. rStrange

    Wow, I haven’t checked this post in a while and I wanted to see what’s going on on this side!

    What’s everybody doing here? Come join us over at the new post : http://www.takefiveaday.com/2008/03/03/hasbro-mighty-muggs-checklist-star-wars-marvel-indiana-jones/

    Where everyone else is, it’s updated with the latest pics and MET even added a Mighty Muggs Trading Post for everyone.

    Come on! What you waiting for?


  232. plampitan

    I just picked Boba Fett with his rocket pack. πŸ™‚ Awesomee!!!

  233. hey guys. check out some of my Mighty Mugg photos:


    Enjoy! πŸ˜€

  234. skylor25

    MIGHTYMUGGS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am about to get black-spider man from WM.!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. dbrooks19


    I am after information on UK stockists of Mighty Muggs as i am currently having difficulty in finding certain Muggs and have to resort to ebay at the moment. http://www.mightymuggs.org.uk suggest to try play and another store called urban retro. Do you know of any others?


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