Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Mini Playset Sale


Target & TRU both have the MINI ADVENTURES Dragstrip on sale – probably moving a little slowly at $20.00+. Target’s price is better – $15 than TRU’s at $16.99.


Target also has the MINI’s 2-pack on sale – $4.94? But with so few in stock and nothing new since a month ago, who cafes?

Toys R Us has the better sale on MINI’s 2-packs – Buy 2, Get 1 Free or @3 for $11.98 or about $4 a 2-pack … again, the TRU’s closest to me haven’t gotten any new MINI’s since the first shipment months ago …


This is a good chance to jump in – the older ones are the only ones listed online.



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6 responses to “Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Mini Playset Sale

  1. Bonita Bill

    I see Gasprin and Towcap 2 pack’s on E-bay.
    Are they in stores yet? Thanks for your help.

    (METROXING: Stores that received them have them in stock … I know that sounds like an idiotic thing to say but some stores are holding off on getting any more MM’s until they sell out the ones they have … and yea, by that criteria, in essence, you won’t be seeing any MM’s on that store shelf).

  2. Juan

    Bonita. I have not seen Gasprin & Towcap yet in stores here in Orlando.

  3. Juan

    KB has there Cars Singles — 2 for $5.00
    KM has Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all Cars
    Here in Orlando.

  4. Jon

    In TRU in the UK they have the Dragstrip down to £11.99 from £16.99.


  5. BMW

    Got Gasprin and Tow Cap today. Just waiting for Flea/Flik to be all caught up. Found Chuki and Lightning Ramone last Thursday.

  6. Sarah

    Have you tried the website? I got Flik/Flea there. OK it’s a process to get it but finally I got one and I didn’t have to drive all over town or pay too much on eBay. I saved it as a favorite and checked it about 20 times a day. Always said “out of stock” until one time it didn’t! Earlier today I was checking the tracking for Site to Store delivery (free!) and it showed it was available again. It gets delivered to the WM of your choice, you bring in the email saying it’s ready to be picked up and you dance out of the store! Still trying to find Towcap/Gasprin and Chuki myself. Good luck!

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