Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Spring 2008 What’s Next?


Well, it was sweet while it lasted. From mid November 2007 to early January 2008, it was a nice 8 weeks of CARS, CARS & CARS. Shelves were brimming with new CARS and hard to find CARS – Pit Crew Fillmore, Dale Jr., Pit Crew Hornet, Dinoco Helicopter … and while not exactly brimming on the shelves, they were possible to find – Rusty/Dusty, Mrs. The King, and while not the best of value – they were also new and mostly available – Dirt Track Doc, Lightning Ramone, etc, etc …

And it was all going to get even better – Box E was brimming with new CARS: Pit Crew Member Sarge*, Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van) (2), My Name is Not Chuck (2) & Tow (Piston Cup Tow Truck) (2) plus a bunch of recent hard to find ones.

Ultimately we did get some new ones: My Name is Not Chuck (2) & Tow (Piston Cup Tow Truck) (2) & Ghostlight Ramone (2) (for completists) but of course, that was just the beginning of the change for the worse (recap below):


The BIG question is why? What happened to all those CARS announced and seen not only at Comic Con but also at the CAAF Auction?

And now to speculate:

Probability? 75%

That was our initial guess that WM had decided they wanted to play ball but only by their rules. I still think the astounding success of the promotion last year means we’ll see it again but it makes more sense later in the year. Between now and August, WM will be brimming with summer movie toys from Speed Racer to Batman to Indiana Jones to Wall-E so it does make sense to do it in late August, or Autumn when the “toy” movies of summer are gone and before the winter/holiday movies arrive – just like last year. So, while the CARS originally planned for Spring and early Summer will still be out, some of the original late summer ones will presumably be pushed back for another WM exclusive … or perhaps a tie-in to a 2-disc CARS DVD with bonus features which would make it around early November following the recent releases.

Probability? 65%

I think when commodity prices, inflation, crude oil prices, & dollar fluctuations started getting more serious late last year and early this year, it made Mattel go back and rework all the numbers. They realized they are going to be commiting a lot of resources in plastic & metal to support Speed Racer, Batman and of course, non-diecast lines like Barbie and the Disney hot properties – Hannah Montana & HS Musicial, I think Mattel decided CARS could take a little breather on their part without hurting the collectibility that much. A major part of this is also related to the amount of stuff Mattel is shipping to the stores now with the summer movies coming (especially with Speed Racer & Batman), there are literally only so many pegs a store is willing to commit to a manufacturer and to a type of product … and of course, Mattel is not going to turn over Hot Wheels and Matchbox pegs and space … they’d rather lose a couple or 5 CARS pegs until June or July when Speed Racer or Batman has had its main run and cuts back to a couple pegs – and then “take them back” for CARS

Of course, Mattel is not really giving up the space entirely, they are only re-configuring and adding in CARS MINI ADVENTURES for two reasons – as they present it to retailers.

First, they present it something like this for metal diecast cars – let’s say there are 60 pegs in a store devoted to diecast cars that Mattel is able to control (others are ERTL, Johnny Lightning, etc …) so Mattel presents it as such. 30 for Hot Wheels and Matchbox because parents and buyers have been coming into your store for 40 years expecting these … 10 pegs for the hot kids movie of early summer, Speed Racer, 10 pegs for Batman, the teen & adult collector movie of summer and 10 pegs for the line that two years, they keep coming back, CARS … this of course is a generality and will vary from some stores that might have 60 pegs for diecasts and others might have 200 pegs …

Part of retailing is to constantly present new and how much marketing they intend to back it up with. Stores like companies to come up with line extensions because people like new – hey, Oreos Cakester and anything that creates the aura of hip & new (otherwise, you’re mostly a big square box store that sells shampoo, diapers and motor oil), we have the perfect spin-off in CARS MINI Adventures, a few dollars cheaper but a “part” of the biggest hit lineup of toys since Star Wars – these are all plastic, smaller than 1:64 so completely different! (well, that’s how they sell to retailers – NEW but not so new – different but not that different! – new but really old new!) SOLD!

Probability? 85%

Of course, that’s always difficult to manage – other than the Star Wars line, there are not a lot of collectibles that are equal parts rabid collector/completists (to some degree) and also the casual/gift giving buyer but honestly, Mattel realizes that with CARS, they stumbled upon the everlastinggobstopper diecast line … if they decided to stop making anymore new CARS, CARS would still continue to sell – certainly at a much slower rate but still at a huge profit. It’s a self purpetuating line because kids are turning 2 or 3 EVERY DAY and parents will buy CARS on DVD as the natural course of raising kids in our culture today. It would be like denying them chocolate milk šŸ™‚ And it’s not like CARS is some obscure pop culture thing where you cannot walk more than 4 aisles without seeing some CARS thing so EVERYDAY if not every minute, some kid is being introduced to CARS the Movie and of course, who wouldn’t buy their kid a $3.50 diecast to play with?

The evidence of this and why those who think Mattel should ‘retire’ some CARS is wrong. Yes, there are stores who seem to be full up on CARS and never sell any but if you look closely, while there are always a few long-time pegwarmers, eventually they ALL SELL. Of course, Boost or Lizzie is not going to be as popular as McQ or Mater but eventually they all sell because everyday, kids are turning 2 or 3 and ready to play with CARS – and if a new to CARS parent can’t find a McQ or Mater, why would they start?

So, they have to keep shipping the “townies.” If you started today or a month ago, you’re more worried about getting the townies first and then you start thinking about Supercharged versus Desert Art … for those who got in at the beginning or a year ago, at this point in the line, you’re either all-in or you’re dropping out but Mattel realizes this – there is no way to convince 100% of (quasi) completists to stay in 100% of the way … people are going to drop out either way – if they had released all the “missing/more” new CARS or so of 2008 (about 10), a bunch of people might’ve dropped out because they said enough is enough, what do I want with more than 100 CARS and with gas nearing $4 a gallon, not worth driving around for naught … and conversely, since there are a lot fewer CARS to buy the last few months, some people have dropped out because they grew restless or bored that the frenzy is down. I’m not saying either is wrong or right – they’re your feelings – go with them. Search your heart šŸ™‚

Mattel hopes that if you drop out temporarily, you’ll be standing in a store in 2 months and realize, how many CARS am I behind now? And curse the day you thought you could drop out šŸ™‚

And meanwhile, everyday, some kid is going to see CARS for the first time or some Hot Wheels collector will realize – there are 99 CARS I don’t have – do I have it in me to start now? Can I get caught up in weeks? months? Welcome to Hotel CARSIFORNIA … where you can never leave šŸ™‚

And is Mattel scientifically separating the herd? From the Toy Fair 2008 photos, we can see new launchers and new Gift Packs with mostly Piston Cup Racers.

So where as we speculated Mattel might bundle 7-8 CARS in a box for $29 to resell us the 36-CAR Piston Cup Speedway of the South set, maybe it’s a smaller chunks that hurts us like a pirahna bite? Because they know there is a limit to the number of people willing to pony up nearly $300 for the set (with taxes & shipping – presumably).

So maybe it’s $7.99 at a time as 36 different Launchers? Or in combination of $9.99/$10.99 Gift Packs?

Just look at the Gold Mia/Gold Tia & Bling Bling McQueen** Gift Pack for $10.99 – instead of selling you a Movie Moments twin-pack with just “the girls,” Mattel has gotten you to buy one other CAR that you would not have bought.


Or this forthcoming Leak Less Gift Pack with his Pit Crew & Crew Chief … instead of selling you two individual CARS (Pit Crew & Crew Chief for $3.50 each), they will have re-sold you Leak Less along with 2 other CARS for $10.99 …


Here’s RPM on a Launcher for $7.99 – will you buy it again? Or Mood Springs with a Launcher for $7.99?


Some people will wait and hope that they get released on a solo card but of course, the main collectors won’t. BUT if they do get released on a solo card, many completist will buy him again … cue Mattel’s manical laugh.

It’s also smart in that they don’t have to make as many – the % of people who want the entire & complete pit crews is much smaller than the people who want Fillmore. Just look at the sales of Pit Crew Fillmore – lagging while you never really ever see any Fillmore’s pegwarming for very long so this way, they make it more valuable by making fewer and essentially selling it to you at a higher price.

So, I think that might be the gameplan for 2008. The single cards will be used to release “new” CARS that are of general interest, Chuki and of course, a car like the Elvis RV and while the sealed boxes will contain new CARS, they’re not going to make it 50% new like we thought. They are going to keep re-stocking McQ, Mater, Sally, etc … as people are still buying enough of them – not enough to knock over people and strip the shelves clear but to Mattel, that only serves to force them to ship faster – this way sales are steadier … and of course, do you feel like there’s less pressure to be completist, or will you just leave? That’s the balance Mattel is going to try and strike and your call.

Meanwhile, they will try and stack the deck the other way – with launchers/multi-packs that serve to sell you at least one CAR you might not have wanted to buy.

As for the Movie Moments continuing? Hard to say what’s going on there but it seems to be a store by store issue – some smaller stores might not get an new stock until the older ones are completely gone – especially at stores like Target that use one UPC for all Movie Moments – while larger stores might replenished automatically once stock is low – but then a department manager might not be willing to put them out. So as of now, I don’t believe they are canceled but beyond summer of 2008, that is much harder to forecast (HAZY. TRY AGAIN).

Also of course, sell Mini’s until they get the pegs back from Speed Racer & Batman.

We might have more answers at the NYC comic con on April 18th.

* I was always suspicious that PCM Sarge was only 1 to the box … as if Mattel was not really serious about that …

** Okay, technically, this Bling Bling McQueen is sporting the eyes of Dinoco McQueen, yes, really but 90% of buyers won’t really care …

ADDITIONAL RETAILER NOTE: AS EM & BMW brought up in the comments, there are always extraneous factors – for instance, one thing most consumers don’t really think about is retailer-manufacturer relations. We sort of tend to think that manufacturers offer things for sale and retailers buy them if csonumers want to purchase them. This is true of small retailers and was mostly true 20-30 years ago. But now, for instance, a retailer might not want a particular brand of fabric softener because it’s the 3rd best selling in America and they only want to devote shelf space to two because they’d rather carry palm trees … even though the 3rd best selling in that category is still a huge brand, they just decided two is enough and then they go back to #1 and #2 and say, we’ll only choose you two if you give us more advertising rebates and cut prices 2%. That’s the clout WM has … so while toys are more short term products, it’s essentially the same … as many have noted, Target’s seem mostly empty of Mattel diecast products – who is “boycotting” whom? Hard to say – maybe Target wants more $.99 Hot Wheels and less $2.49 Hot Wheels, clearly the $2.49 Hot Wheels are nicer but certainly there is not $1.50 extra raw materials in the $2.49 Hot Wheel, it might have another $.25 of materials, design and overhead but of course, it makes Mattel more money … or perhaps Mattel wants Target to guarantee X hundreds of thousands of cases of Pixar CARS for 2008 and Target is balking because who needs another 200,000 Boosts? Or perhaps Mattel is only willing to commit so many resources because honestly, it’s hard to tell how much “frenzy” is left in CARS (popular yes, crazy popular – always hard to gauge when the boom is lowered) and if Speed Racer bombs or Hannah Montana & HS Musical slows? Perhaps WM has told them, you have to ship to us first, “we insist” so Mattel has to decide, to not annoy WM with a 40% market share of toys? And let slide the relationship with TRU (#2 in toys) and Target (#3 in toys)? TRU clearly needs Mattel but WM can always cut back an aisle of toys to hold a buy 2-get 1 box of ammo sale šŸ™‚ . And of course, commodity & crude oil pricing plays a factor … maybe Mattel cuts back on production a little so they can bunch them closer together and use up more a ship to save a little on shipping? Unless the four parties involved in this actually come forward and say – it’s all just a guess and it might be all the scenarios here. WM is telling Mattel to make us your BFF (at least for 6 months) and perhaps Mattel is saying Target, “I’ll call you.” or is secretly telling Target, “Buy up another 100,000 and I promise to text you 10 times a day! … No, 15 times a day?” And Target is like, “Me’h, we got 100,000 tangerine chaise loungers to display at $39.99, who cares about you sending us more Buzz & Woody’s?” Meanwhile, the giraffee is just looking for a hug.

So, yea, it’s the real world intruding upon on our little paradise … blame it on the suits … or what we need to do is to form citizen commitees saying WM can only open 120,000 square foot stores if they only sell diecast CARS.



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27 responses to “Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Spring 2008 What’s Next?

  1. EM

    This is making me crazy!

    So what is the most recent case people have seen out? I think the most recent around here is F. Are there any 3-packs more recent than the Gold Twins?

    Targets in this area have become completely worthless for Cars–nothing but empty pegs since late Dec. Talking to the HW collectors, they say that Targets around here are not doing well for them either–possibly an issue between them and Mattel?

    I have two WMs that are very good–the new items seem to make it to the pegs, though I have not yet seen a Flik/Flea or the Racers MMs. We tend to be a few weeks behind, though.

    I have so far resisted the Mini’s and the Launchers, but I am weakening.

    (METROXING: It’s always difficult to gauge a supplier-retailer relationship … I’ll actually add my thoughts to the end of the piece – thanks for bringing it up).

  2. BMW

    Hotel CARSIFORNIA ā€¦ where you can never leave …
    great metaphor, yes, Cars are like a drug, one is never enough. Seems lately lots of people are indeed opting out, or scaling back, as you are indeed sensing the pulse of the cars collectors.

    commodity prices, trouble in the China factories ie., compliance with the more stringent lead content guidlines by Walmart, all possible reasons for the cancellation of the previously announced cars?
    yet short packing flea and flik keeps interest up.

  3. Being in Europe is even worse…the team leak less is high on my list, anyone that can help?

    (METROXING: Well, if you call it good news, it’s not out in the US yet).

  4. claeface73

    I think this is the death rattle for me. I’ve had a blast, but I think it may be time to move on. If anyone wants 70+ loose cars, I may be up to selling mine. *sigh.

  5. NJmomma

    So, im confused. Are new cars still coming out or not? I have a two year old son who got into the Cars craze about the first of the year. He’s currently got about 70 cars and theyre the only thing he plays with. He carries at least two with him at all times. He’s always asking my husband “new cars daddy?” when he comes home from work… but for about 6 weeks my husband has been unable to find anything new…. the newest one he got is my name is not chuck.
    His birthday is in April and i have been hoping to get him some new cars… and getting disappointed and frustrated that there dont seem to be any new ones to get. Come on Mattel, there are two year olds out here that dont understand your marketing nonsense, they just want cars!

    (METROXING: The chart above lists what’s still coming on the right hand side – minus variants, there are about 90 CARS out so far … be sure and use the checklist to see what you might be missing …)

  6. Mike

    NJmomma, I was in your position last summer when each trip to Target yielded my son a new car. At 3 1/2 he associated every trip to Target with getting a new car. That was a tough expectation to break as newer cars were harder to find and we didn’t want “Shopping = New Toy” to be the norm. I started searching for cars on my lunch when I had a greater chance to find the newest ones and began holding them back from him for holiday gifts or as rewards for good behavior. I gave him 20 cars at Christmas and just gave him 8 of the newest cars for Easter. Cars was my son’s first movie theater experience at age 2 and he still loves them as much today as back then, but he has no idea of what has been released because all of the pegs are empty when we go shopping together. At this point he’s not expecting a certain car to be available so it’s always a surprise.

  7. MarkUK

    My Girlfriend and I started collecting Cars late last year. We’ve now got 55, several of which were (for me at least) lucky finds. I think that I’ve now pretty much got everything that’s available in the UK, having only ever seen around another six or seven on the shelves that we haven’t got.

    I’ve now scheduled in fortnightly visits to my local Disney store for the days after deliveries, so hopefully I’ll finally be able to get my hands on some of those hard to find cars.

    (METROXING: I now vow to use ‘fortnight’ as often as possible – it sounds so officious and proper – of course, no one here in the states will have any idea what I’m talking about but that’s nothing new šŸ˜‰ …)

  8. Juan

    Fortnight isn’t that 2 weeks?

  9. husker_crazy

    As an avid ebay seller and buyer of cars, 1st collecting for my three “Cars” crazy boys turned part time powerseller, I am just as frustrated as myself… famished for new cars collector. I don’t know what the heck Mattel is up to, but as a previous poster admitted, they are getting tired and have retired from the Cars Craze. This is getting even more frustrating because as reality “collecting” goes, we shall starve in the warmth and feast in the cold, meaning, I bet that some pencilneck at Mattel suggested that starving the Cars collecting population is a great marketing strategy because in the Fall and Holiday months we can recreate the epidemic that is store surfing for the latest characters and make millions. ARRRGHH!!! Sorry Cars people of the world.. tonight and fortnight (KC, that’s hilarious) I think we will be left hungry again until the feast that is fall and the Holiday classic.

    (METROXING: Yea, and that Speedway of the South (late April?) might just be their re-launch strategy as it’s also when the revised boxes will have all shipped …)

  10. MarkUK

    What I find strange is the geographic spread of Cars availability. I’ve seen mentioned in a number of places the number of certain models sitting on pegs in US stores that I’ve not even seen in the UK. Also occasionally vice versa. Is this poor distribution by Mattel?

    I have spotted the peculiar ebay use of the word “rare”, a word whose meaning seems somewhat stretched when applied to green Ramone.

    (METROXING: Yea, once upon a time, you could pretty much count on shipments spreading westward and northward (when it comes to Mattel since one of its main warehouses is in Texas) but now, there is no real pattern because sometimes it stops at Mattel’s warehouse, other times it goes directly to the retailer … and then maybe it gets off a truck first so off it goes and a place nowhere near the coast like Tennessee will have it first … as for “Rare.” Yes, I believe it is rare in the sense that in that guy’s household, he has a limited supply šŸ™‚ )

  11. MarkUK

    Oh and Juan, you are correct. A fortnight is 2 weeks. It didn’t occur to me that it would be uncommon word in the US. Sorry.

    Mind you it’s taken me about a fortnight to work out that TRU was shorthand for Toys R Us.

    (METROXING: Personally, I thought was very cool. 2 weeks is dull, a fortnight implies a travel of great distances and time – an epic journey of hardship and triumph – much more in line with … er, us standing in line to buy toys … just as forefathers and forefathers before us – fighting off barbarians and such … at least, that’s shopping in our TRU).

  12. Jeanne

    We went into walmart last night march 27, and found new cases of cars getting unloaded in the aisles…. they are Case D still! not E not F…. why are we sooo far behind in missouri haha

  13. Juan

    Metro I agree with you on fortnight.

  14. Sarah

    I was in WM the other night checking out Cars again. Lo’ and behold I see a strange looking Lightning McQueen. “Why does this package look different?” I wonder. It was a desert card with the original 12 Cars listed on the back & the License to Win promo. Where on earth did this come from?! Obviously in the expanse of WM’s stockroom it got lost for a very long time. And though I have half a dozen LM repeats already how could I pass this up? It was serendipity! And it’s in pretty good shape. Now if only I could find the new MM.

    (METROXING: Probably the stocker that hid it quit šŸ™‚ )

  15. Bill

    One of our local WM had Singles and MM on the original Series 1 cards out this past week. They had most all of each one. This was in NC. None of our other area stores had any. I thought it was strange to see these on the shelves.

  16. CaseStalker

    Looks like MM’s Case E is now out in circulation! see ebay, and same with Singles Case H!!! Whoohoo , all this right after I bought 2 cases on Ebay (for cheaper than i could buy in stores though.) we’ll see if my E cases get here before target or WM stocks any.

  17. CaseStalker

    “Flea and Flik” so0n to be the new “Mike and Sulley”?

    (METROXING: Right now, unlikely – as it’s only going to be in 2 MM shipments so a) it could be the rare Pixar parody MM thus upsetting people as much as the 9 million Buzz & Woody’s on the shelf … b) it will be released in a box set or c) the late summer & fall MM boxes will be packed with Flea & PT Flik thus upsetting people as it sits next to the 8.97 million Buzz & woody’s in November 2008).

  18. Rebecca

    Case H is currently out on Ebay and that means the stores here in Colorado Springs CO will take forever to get it. I have found that all our local Walmarts discounted all the Movie Moments and will not be replacing them. Why I don’t know. I use to be able to go to Walmart at 2 am in the morning on my 1 1/2 hour break from work to find my new cars before anyone else, but due to the fact that break schedules have changed that is hard now. At least I am off during the week when people are at work so maybe that will help. Forget TRU they never have anything.. Maybe I will try Denver..

  19. CaseStalker

    I’ve got Denver covered Rebecca…sooo .. ;0 JK!
    ***must protect my cars territory***But if you must come, a store closer to you, S. Quebec WM, has a cool manager and will check the back sometimes. I go to a different WM and when I go out I usually go in right after they put out the pallettes but before the “old night stocker nazi” comes in. Thus my name,CaseStalker. One of “My” Walmart’s looks to still be stocking MM’s and Target too. BTW METROXING I vote for C!

  20. Rebecca

    CaseStalker thanks so much for the information. I don’t go to Denver to often, but I found everyone every made so far because I just found Dudley Spare this morning at Target so we are good to go. Thanks again!!! My brother works in Denver and is moving to Castle Rock so maybe this will become easier for me.

  21. EM

    I am in the area also (which is why I offered to help Rebecca). Targets here are still stocking nothing, though, as I have lamented up top. but WM still seems to be putting out the MMs.

  22. Charley 2

    I work at Target and We have had empty/nearly empty pegs since December up until two weeks ago. We are finally getting a steady shipment of Cars in. Today we got P.T. Flea and Flik. I work stock and we got two cases in and there was one in each case. We got some Red Tia/Mias and Dinoco Tia Mias. We got tons of Dudley Spares/Not Chucks/Tows/Official, etc. Also got gift packs, however this shipment did not have the Gold Tia Mias, the last one did. I didn’t even know Leakless is going to have one, so I am excited about that! I don’t get into the Mini Cars, and neither do a lot of our guests because we don’t sell much of those, If it were up to me I would clear those pegs out and make more diecast Cars ones. Our Target sells out of Cars quickly at our location and today all we had left were some Bling Blings and of course () Green Ramone. Waiting helps…you should have seen the look on my boy’s face when I showed him P.T. Flea and Flik. (They are cute!) I wasn’t too thrilled with the Gold Mia/Tias, they seem drab, but of course my son wanted them. So yes, the Targets were all pretty slow but we seem to be back into a steady flow, at least for the time being.

  23. Charley 2

    I heard there might be a Tar McQueen? Anyone have any info? Anyone also have any other ideas on new ones besides the ones they haven’t released the names to yet? My son mentioned it would be cute if they had a Ghostlight Mater with a little lantern on the back of it. I doubt they will ever make Frank, if they do I bet he will be the jewel of the collection (besides the special edition blu-ray dinoco mcqueen of course.)

  24. Charley 2

    If they make one more different colored Ramone I am going to scream.

    (METROXING: I think they have pretty much run the gamut on Ramone’s but wasn’t there a scene where he was painting car hoods in the movie … in theory, there could be more Ramone’s … just give us fair warning so we can cover our ears šŸ™‚ … Yes, Tar McQueen is listed for Fall 2008. I suspect it will Cactus McQ with black pieces instead of green gunk … a lighted Mater would be very cool – no word on Frank …).

  25. shooter357

    Charley2 , I also work for Target and my store had also been out till 2 weeks ago. I also noticed that the new shipment seemed to come in right after the TPC sale had ended. My theory is that they were using the sale to clear off the shelves of the pegwarmers to make room for the new stuff. (not proven). My local WM had full pegs but they are all of AL Oft and Ghostlight Ramone from last Christmas.

  26. Charley 2

    Shooter- you have a great point, I never thought of that. We had a million Boosts and Sally and Crusin McQueen Movie Moments for what seem liked months. That sure did clear out our store. My local Walmart too has the ugly Cactus McQueen, the Blimp and Ghostlight, though I saw a Ghostlight in one of the single cars case we put out a few days ago, I guess they are starting to make the Walmart Exclusives available anywhere now. Are you getting a lot of Movie Moments in? I had to backstock a ton of them this morning.

  27. Charley 2

    Just out of curiousity, how do cases end up on E-Bay anyways? Do people sell them out of the backroom at stores or something? I always wondered this. And the listings on E-Bay which are pre-sells and the lister states he has “ordered the item directly from the manufacturer” so he will be getting them on ‘x’ date?

    (METROXING: A lot of small dealers buy directly from Mattel (they are serviced by local/regional reps and get product after it goes to Mattel’s warehouses) – anyone can join as long as you’re willing to buy X amount per quarter & have a tax license. Some of these sellers just do internet, go to comic/toy shows or mostly eBay … they do get a date from their rep when product is likely to ship but it’s not always correct because while they are not allowed to presale on eBay for longer than 30-days, some guys stretch it a little and blame the manufacturer).

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