Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Spring 2008 at Target


At the lamest in stocking toys Target nearest to me … hanging on the pegs like your average pegwarmer, Dinoco Mia & Tia and regular Mia & Tia … I didn’t even staged this … as you can see, barely any regular solo CARS on the shelf … no Mater, no McQ, no Sally, No Lizzy … but both sets of Mia & Tia Movie Moments … of course, there is still Woody & Buzz and Sally & Crusin McQ MM if you need those … but some normalcy.


Look like another two weeks before Chuki hits the shelf (along with Lightning Ramone for those interested) but otherwise, a time of stillness in the kingdom of CARS.

Though Mattel might wait until the Speedway of the South set release (late April?) to re-launch, re-stock, re-vise the sealed cases and re-energize the CARS market?

The test will be be … has the ‘mo’ been lost?

Will it be April madness?

Will it be like, “everytime I try and walk away, they pull me back in, woohaa,” (okay, I might be mixing movie quotes 🙂

And ‘CaseStalker,’ the Leak Less on the pegs looks clear, bright eyed (though not bushy tailed – now, that would be a variant! 🙂 )

So, see you all in a couple fortnights!



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30 responses to “Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Spring 2008 at Target

  1. Cars Mommy

    I am wondering if Target waited until their sale on Cars was over before putting out the sure to sell Mia & Tia packs? The sale that was going on for the past month or so just ended this week.

  2. Mike

    I got my Red twins before the holidays, but while I’ve seen Case C MMs hit the shelves and sell through, no Targets in Minnesota have been that well stocked on newer MM cases as shown in the photo. Our singles are equally bare, though and the Dinoco 400 sets are now marked down to $24.99. We too have just finished a sale on the MMs so I’m hopeful everything will be re-stocked soon.

  3. claeface73

    I do early morning stock at Target just so I can get the new stuff, and believe me, nothing has come in. I unload the trucks and I have not seen anything, by me atleast. Target has no grand plan for holding out, it’s like what was said, a case of singles maybe every other week, and a movie moment once and a while. I’m hoping the momentum will come back and getting up at 3 a.m. will be worth it again.

  4. EM

    I had a similar experience at a Target. They have had nothing-literally-for three months. I went in once about a month ago, though, and that is where I picked up my Blue Twins. It must have been a return is all I can figure.

    Also, I stopped into the local WM on my way in to work looking for the F/F and Gascap/Gaspirin MMs. They did not have those, but their 24 or so singles pegs were packed with at least 5, maybe 6, G cases. Everything was there–5-6 Toms, Tows, Dudleys, Charlies, Not Chucks, etc. I half wished I did not already have all of them just so I could have justified buying a few.

  5. EM

    You mention about 2 weeks for the H cases to be released (that means about four for me to get Chuki and Lightning Ramone as we always are a couple weeks behind). What about release schedules and case contents for the MMs and 3-packs? Did I miss the posts on those?

    (METROXING: I think the next Movie Moments & Gift Packs are both due in early April which means more like April 15th for wholesalers and who really knows for the main retailers – could be tomorrow, could be May or June 😦 )

  6. EM

    Sorry, nevermind. I found the Dec 29 post on the MMs and 3-packs. Lack of new releases is making me lose my mind, I guess.

  7. Mara

    Where are the Speedway of the South sets going to be sold? Will it be through Mattel only or will places like Target & TRU have them?

    (METROXING: No, only through the Hot Wheels Red Line Collectors Club – follow the link to read about membership & signing up).

  8. GourmetAnarchy

    You guys are lucky to have seen (gotten) your Mia & Tia MM packs. They have yet to be seen in my area of Ohio (Youngstown). Plenty of Gold 3 packs though.

    As for singles, I think the only ones my son needs are Bruiser Bukowski and the new ones (Chuki, Lightning Ramone…). I don’t buy for myself, too expensive. Only car that I have bought multiples of is Dale Jr.

    (METROXING: Bruser will re-appear with Chick Hicks as a Movie Moments … you do need the rare green Chick Hicks, right? 🙂 )

  9. Juan

    Targets here in FL are still empty.

  10. Rick Edwards

    At least your Target is stocking new cars. The two in my town have not put out any new cars in about 2 months.

    (METROXING: It’s actually a minor miracle this Target actually had stock. It’s only 5 minutes from my house and I’m usually in there anyway but I’m pretty sure the last new shipment of CARS they got was November … I don’t think I ever saw any Easter Mini’s there though I did use the Target online form to complain – they never actually directly responded to but perhaps this was their reply to me … maybe it’ll work for you also – good luck!)

  11. Mommy FAN

    I found the DINOCO Mia & Tia on sale price at Target in Frisco, Texas. Actually they had 2 packs of those. I bought one and came 3 days later and they still had it. The Tow and my name is not chuck found it at WalMart, and Guido Pitstop and official Tom found it at KB-Toys. Nothing new at Toys R Us but that’s it no more new cars in Texas.
    My son is waithing for “flea & flick.”

  12. Sarah

    My local WM in San Antonio, TX was overflowing with box G tonight; they had Cars hanging all over the toy department. I guess it pays to wander around a bit because Chuck, Dudley, Tow, Tom, PCM Guido and the whole gang were everywhere. Haven’t seen any MM there in forever and no new Mini Adventure Cars either. It does seem like new Cars are easier to find now than last summer. I see Bling Bling in every store I go to now but last summer that Car was a myth. Not the same for the new MM, the employees I’ve talked to say they haven’t seen any of the new ones yet. I see stuff on eBay so it makes me think we’re a little behind other parts of the country.

  13. Rebecca

    Went to Target tonight in Colorado Springs CO found gold Mia and Tia and that is it. Have not been near Walamrt lately, but will go in the morning. Still looking for Dudley…

  14. Rebecca

    Nothing new at Walmart in Co Springs CO… Getting tired of looking so started paying a little more and will purchase items online…..Especially cases of Cars

  15. Nancy

    Wish I could reach through the screen and pick up those two sets of Mia and Tia. 🙂 Have never seen them here or Dale Jr. Went to WM out of state and their pegs were full–of the old ones–not a new one in sight!

  16. Sarah

    Rebecca, Be strong! I can’t tell you how many times I gave up and bought a Car on eBay (for WAY too much $ when you add in the cost of shipping) and then the NEXT time I went to the store I found the same Car! You start trying to justify it by saying you’re wasting gas, it’s dissappointing to the kids not finding something new AGAIN, you name it. I feel your pain. Just like Nancy said I wish I could reach through the screen to get those Cars. I haven’t seen any new MM Cars in months. It took 6 months for me to find the red twins in TRU, the one and only time I have ever seen them. At this point my kids don’t expect a new Car every time we go to the store, and they don’t have a fit if we don’t find something new because more often than not we don’t find anything. I actually considered getting a job stocking overnight at TRU just so I would have a better chance of getting new Cars!

  17. Monica

    OK folks, here in San Diego, I have bought most of my Cars at Target, but I have to be relentless and I STILL don’t find some cars ever (still don’t have Dale jr, lots of the old WalMart exclusives of course, Bob Cutlass, etc). They never have any at TRU or WalMart. Anyone in SD have any hot tips for me? I am going to have to go to ComicCon this year, just to buy Cars darnit.

    (METROXING: Try Walgreen’s. I actually saw a SC Bob Cutlass there a month ago. While ComicCon is great, it is now a madhouse and a great, great show but tix are $20-$70 bucks + parking – not to dissuade you but unless you’re buying a lot of stuff – at the end of the day, it might end up costing you more … again, great show to see new stuff and buy up lots of other geegaws but just for CARS (unless of course, you’re planning on tunneling underneath Mattel’s booth and making off with the new 2009 CARS … then please send us photos from Mexico or where-ever fugitives from justice hide these days 🙂 … there should be local toy shows in the area – probably $5 bucks to get in – anyone selling CARS is probably selling them at $5 a piece but you can haggle if you’re buying 3 or more … unfortunately, there’s no national DB. You can try the Mattel website which lists some shows in their calendar. How about the San Ysidro Swap-Meet? THe problem with San Diego is the Comic Con sucks up the first 2,000 links on Google so even if there were another show, it’s buried … maybe the calendar section in the local paper?)

  18. claeface73

    My store go 0 easter minis, and that wasn’t so bad as what did come in today. two boxes of dinaco 400 sets. OHHHHHAAHHHHHHH. BOOO!

  19. EM

    Went to that same WM again this a.m. Still no new MMs, but they reloaded on three-packs and singles. There were again many Dudleys, Toms, Tows, etc as well as two sets of gold Mia/Tia. Looked like more G cases. Still have yet to see TowCap/Gaspirin and Flik/Flea. Since this WM is good about getting things to the shelves, I suspect that they still have old cases and not that they are beign swiped in advance. Also, I don’t do the Minis (yet), but they also had pegs overflowing with those.

  20. Rebecca

    Thanks Sarah. The truth is I will not buy from Ebay because their prices are crazy. I have gone to ordering them by the factory sealed cases now especially the Movie Moments. That is the only way that I got Mia and Tia, TowCap and Gasprin, and Flea and Flik. Toys R Us here has had nothing new since November when I happen to find Rusty and Dusty before Christmas and now I see them ever where and have several. Hope you find what you are looking for.

  21. Cat1

    In, Kentucky, we share your frustration. It’s as thought someone opens the cases at the store, takes out the new ones, and then places the remainder on the shelves. But, the joy on my little boy’s face (age 7) when he discovers a new car is worth the wait. I guess all treasure hunters must feel this way. Finding the treasure brings the pleasure! In today’s economy, discovering a new car for under $10.00, after the long hunt, is an affordable thrill. Stand strong Cars lovers; we are!

  22. CaseStalker

    Rebecca where do you buy your cases?

    Also in the picture at the top, case D had Dinoco Mia Tia and Red Mia TIA AND Flea Flik so I’m guessing someone got the Flea and Flik from that Target since it was most likely as case d. I may buy a case E off Ebay…

  23. Nancy

    I went to WM Monday for some supplies and made my rounds through the CARS aisle of course. Nothing new and not much there except old MM. Went back yesterday for the things I forgot and on my way to the toy aisles (hope springs eternal) passed the movie aisle. Had The Bee Movie in my hand and thought “I’ll buy this if I don’t find a new car.” $3. vs $20 went through my head. The CARS section looked just like the day before but I always look through them anyway. I pushed the first one aside and thought I saw an 8. Took a double look and there he was–Dale Jr. I grabbed that thing so fast. I went through all the others hoping to find another one for my neighbor boy but no luck. And no, I didn’t give him the one I found. At a meeting last night I had to tell somebody what I’d found and another lady almost shouted, “Where.” It was comforting to know someone else understood my excitement. Now….on to the red and blue Mia & Tia!

  24. Bill

    One of the best deals on cases is from ChildrensToyCloset. But, you need to have a plan to dispose of what you don’t need from the cases. With shipping you will pay a little bit more than retail for singles and a little less than retail for Movie Moments. I have also saved some $ on cases on Ebay. I have bought a few for less than the regular case suppliers charge. Just don’t get in a bidding war. Of course the best price per case is to buy from Mattel but it will require large orders and a bunch of cash. Hope this helps.

  25. Rebecca

    I buy my cases from just like Bill listed. I have also found that lists some movie moments like Flea and Flik when in stock. I have made a point to check it several times a day before they sell out. I also get some of them from when I first started, but paid alittle more. My theory is this I would rather spend the money on the case and sell the rest to friends than to keep going back and fourth to Walmart, TRU, and Target with the price of gas and leaving with nothing. is my favorite to buy my cases from and they are pretty reasonable. We have Cars Cars and more Cars but that is ok my child loves them.

  26. Rebecca

    Went into Target this morning at 8 and finally found Dudley Spare… 2 of them to be exact and I snatched them both up.. I have everyone made now except for CHUKI that came out in box H today.

  27. Rebecca

    Cat1 you are right about the store employees taking then out of the boxes before they even hit the shelves. I have gone into Walmart before and actually seen this happen and Target is done at night before the store even opens. Why place the old ones especially several ones on the shelves when that isn’t what people are looking for..

  28. CaseStalker

    Well my friend stocks at Target and luckily when he pulls from cases he helps me out (after himself of course) I actually got 2 MM Case E’s for 160 incl. shipping which is 6.67 each! and yes Bill I have a “plan” to dispose of the unwanted ones…

  29. CaseStalker

    Has anyone lese seen TJ on the WOC card at Target? I wonder what case that came in. Anyway it’s the only update I have for Target other than this dude said he got Flea and Flik last Friday here in Denver….not me.

    (METROXING: TJ isn’t scheduled until late summer … was that the European list you are asking about?

  30. CaseStalker

    Actually I went there and it was TJ on the original
    “supercharged” card not a WOC card. And Al Oft too. There were 2 TJ’s and 1 Al. I assume Target is getting those now to placate them? Or someone miraculously returned them to Target and they took them back even though they were a WalMart exclusive. Anyway they were on the pegs at Target.

    (METROXING: That sounds like the case … or an employee returned them … happens every once in a long while).

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