Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Motor Speedway of the South Non-News Update (Now With Date Prediction :-) )


Since we still get questions about the forthcoming Motor Speedway of the South set, here’s a recap of where we stand. Let me know if there any other questions.

What is the “Motor Speedway of the South” Set?

This seems to be the current official name of the 36 Piston Cup Race Set. It will be a giant box that includes all of the Piston Cup racers seen in the movie, CARS. Yes, this will include the Piston Cup Racers already out including:

Lightning McQueen
Chick Hicks
Dale Jr.
The King
Leak Less
No Stall
Octane Gain
Tow Cap
Vinyl Toupee

So, the set will include 24 “new” Piston Cup racers and 12 “old” ones.

(Official Sneak Photos here).

When is the set coming?

There is no official word by Mattel but that would be like Apple announcing when the next iPod will come out or which Ivy League university Jessica Simpson will be attending so as official as it gets, one of the moderators on the OFFICIAL Mattel Hot Wheel Forum had this to say:

“It is temporary planned for release here on the site sometime at the end of Spring/beginning of Summer. When we get the rest of the information, I will let you know…


HWC Chris”

Additional post by Mattel Admin on Hot Wheels Board:

So that could mean as early as end of April or by early June.


Is it absolutely positively going to come out during those three months (April, May or June 2008?)

Likely, yes – absolute guarantee? No. Why?


Until it’s on the shore and ship shape, why take chances?

Where Can I Buy One?

ONLY at: HotWheelsCollectors Club

And more specifically, RED LINE Club members are given 24-hours priority online to buy one.

But when will it go on sale?

Again, in the next three months most likely AND Mattel will give us fair warning – either 7 or 10 days notice. So, it’s not a sneaky surprise.

Is this RED LINE CLUB an exclusive club?

Anyone who lives in the U.S., and has a credit card with a credit line of $29 – you can sign up. And of course, you’ll need internet access.

Do you have to live in the U.S.?

Technically no but you MUST have a U.S. mailing address (military FPO should be fine).

International out of luck?

Directly yes. If you can find someone with a U.S. mailing address and a U.S. credit card, you’re obviously okay. Using an international credit card is iffy as Mattel might insist that the billing and shipping addresses match. You can also try and buy a U.S. prepaid credit card (or you can send a friend/relative money to buy a prepaid credit card).

What’s the Mattel Red Line Club, how is it different than the Hot Wheels Collector’s Club?

Bigger shrimp at the parties … okay, just kidding … The Hot Wheels Collector’s Club is FREE. Sign up to get emails and you can join in some of the forums.

The RED LINE Club is $25 a year + ($4 shipping).

The two big differences are:

You get a “free” Hot Wheel special limited edition diecast car AND
You get a 24-hour priority window to buy things at the Mattel store.

The car this year is quite nice and even if you want zero Hot Wheels in your house, you can pretty much sell it on Ebay for $15-$30 dollars, essentially making your membership free … (each color was limited and in order of signups – they are on the last batch – purple).


What is this priority window thing you speak of?

Every so often, they announce an “exclusive car” such as this one coming up on April 8th:


As you can see, when I took the screensnap, there was a little over 10 days left – it usually goes on sale at 9 AM Pacific Time of whatever day. So at some point in the next three months, the counter will go up for “Motor Speedway of the South” and you’ll have 7-12 days before it gets to zero and goes on sale.

RED LINE CLUB (RLC) members get 24-hours where only they get to decide if they want to buy something. AFTER 24 hours, if there is any inventory left, it will go on sale to ANYONE who is the regular Hot Wheels Collector’s Club member (aka: general public).

Are there on occasion Hot Wheel cars left over after 24 hours that others can buy? Yes.

Do I think the Motor Speedway of the South set will last more than 24-hours?


It’s NOT going to be a cheap set but I doubt it will last much longer then 4-6 hours.

How much will it cost?

Mattel priced the 27-CAR 2006 Factory Set (also a RLC exclusive set) at @$5.51 per car and really, every CAR was available elsewhere at $149 (there was some packaging differences) or about $200 after shipping + tax + RLC membership … since this is 36 CARS, if you presume based on the same cost scheme, it will be @198 + shipping + tax or @$250 … (+ the RLC membership) though now with the recent price bump by Mattel for retailers, I think we might be looking at $249 + tax + shipping (+ the RLC membership) putting the final cost probably closer or over $300+ … but that’s just a guess. That might be too scary for Mattel to try and sell so they might fiddle with the numbers until it’s closer to $260-$275 “out the door,” (not counting RLC membership costs) so perhaps $229 or $239 + shipping + tax.

I’m getting my economic stimulus relief check so I’ll be loaded, can I buy four?

Each RLC member is generally entitled to buy only ONE of whatever during the priority window so if you want more than one, you will need a second PAID membership and another email address – your shipping address is okay, you are allowed 5 memberships at the same mailing address.

To recap:

If you want to buy a second membership, that’s another $29 + a DIFFERENT email address (same shipping as membership #1 is fine).

If you want a third membership, that’s another $29 + a DIFFERENT email address (same shipping as membership #1 is fine).

After FIVE memberships, you will need a new credit card and a new shipping address but if you’re willing to spend $1,400 buying 5 sets, you can hire someone who can help you buy more sets.

So, of course, on ordering day, you’ll have to buy, log off and then log back on.

Can I just wait until eBay?

If you’re the gambling type, good luck! This will be an interesting freaknomics test – how much premium can a $300+ dollar item fetch hours or days afters it goes on sale at Mattel? Consider that you’ll be paying for “his/her” shipping + shipping to you so why not just buy it yourself as a RLC member.

Should I sign up now on the RLC?

In theory, membership to the RLC is limited to 22,000 members, that’s how many of the Hot Wheels car Mattel has readied for 2008.


First 4,000 to join or renew: Boss Hoss in chrome with red stripes!
Next 5,000 to join or renew: Boss Hoss in Spectraflame® red with white stripes.
Next 6,000 to join or renew: Boss Hoss in Spectraflame® ice blue with black stripes.
Next 7,000 to join or renew: Boss Hoss in Spectraflame® purple with white stripes.

They are on purple so we know there are already 15,000+ memberships sold – leaving less than 7,000 memberships left. Will Mattel turn away the 7,001st person? I can’t imagine they would on some oddball principle (aka: Mattel turning down money?) but do you want to test out the theory if you’re 100% sure you’re willing to pay $275 to $300 for the Motor Speedway of the South set?

As I noted, the car is really nice this year and people are willing to buy it on eBay for 50-100% of the cost of a RLC club membership so why not?


How many will be available?

The rumored number is 2,000 … even if the RLC is maxed at 22,000 members, clearly most are Hot Wheels fanboys* so they might not care … of course, I’m sure there are hundreds of eBay powersellers with a dozen memberships … so if you’re going to buy this, take the day off or book a conference room with a fiber optic broadband when this goes on sale to get in the queue.

*If you’re a noob to the HWC Club or the RLC forums, note, there are a majority of Hot Wheels citizens there who think of CARS as johnny-come-lately and that we’re horning in on their club … there was an undercurrent of resentment when the Factory set was offered last year but some are coming around …


As part of your RLC membership, you also get the “badge” and a poster which I forgotten all about until I just got this the other day.


As you can see next to it, it came in not just a tube but a giant box with foam peanuts via UPS so a $2 box, a $1 tube, $.50 worth of peanuts and $5 UPS shipping to mail me a slightly wrinkled poster of er, questionable value – no wonder RLC membership costs $30 … I guess I do appreciate Mattel going back to press to mail me this poster but honestly, I’d much prefer a coupon.

See ya’ll in the cyber line …

Final Predication

I’m going to say it’s going to go on sale May 20, 2008. Why? First, it’s a $300 item and you want to do it after tax season and this year, a bunch of people will also get the economic stimulus check by then. Second, if you want to sell an item for $300, you want to do it after payday – people feel flush and rich. If you have a “higher” priced item, you never want to ask people to buy it a few days BEFORE the paycheck arrives and a lot of people pay rent/mortgage on the 1st so middle of the month is generally better. It’s a Tuesday and everything from the RLC goes on sale Tuesday. So, my guess is previews will go up before the 8th and the countdown will begin 10-12 days beforehand. Again, good luck!

The original post and individual photos.


Will they be (re)-released as singles? Here are some things to weigh and consider. Of course, $250-$300 for a bunch of CARS you will presumably only get to look at and not even get to play with is a lot of money – I totally understand if you are unable or unwilling to make a financial commitment this large (or you live overseas), that’s a choice you’ve made – it’s just a bunch of CARS, no biggie but you’re thinking, maybe I do want them but I’m just not willing to spend $250-$300 or about $6-8 a CAR all at once … keep in mind 12 of the CARS are already out and while Gaspirin & Tow Cap are a little more work, presumably you have the other 12 already. Now, all you need is the other 24.

My feeling is that Mattel is not going to walk away from you – we have already seen Gift Packs with Piston Cup racers not out yet (from Toyfair) so if the set is $300, that’s about $8 a CAR, conveniently about the same price as a “launcher.” And while there are only 5-6 molds for all the Piston Cup racers, there is no way Mattel is going to only paint 2,000 Mood Springs, Mattel is clearly going to re-release most if not all as launchers or in Gift Packs.

BUT and note that it’s in caps, that does NOT mean you might see them all in 2008 or even in 2009 … and while the line is assured in 2008 and probably most of 2009, ONE NEVER KNOWS. NOT EVEN MATTEL …

No one knows what will be out in 2009 … maybe the line is so slow they are back to the 14 townies … or as Mattel has hinted, that there will be exclusives in the set available no where else BUT AGAIN …

What Mattel considers “NEW” and “EXCLUSIVE” are not necessarily the dictionary definition – now, it might actually be but it might be like seeing Ghostlight Ramone on a WOC card with the snipe NEW. Technically, it is new and Marketing-wise, it is NEW but in the strictest dictionary sense, no. Or the WAL MART Exclusives … appearing in Sam’s Club (same company, different division) a few months later – again, technically at Sam’s Club, you had to buy an entire box to get some of the WM CARS but to the average person, exclusive means ‘exclusive’ as in the actual definition of UNIQUE and UNAVAILABLE elsewhere BUT Mattel has their own dictionary.

So, they say the Motor Speedway set will contain exclusives – but how exclusive?

I believe it will be exclusive as in packaging or maybe it will not appear until 2009 in a box set or some other configuration … however, the caveat to keep in mind is that Mattel INTENDS to release them in another configuration but will it actually be guaranteed on the store shelves? Impossible to predict – so while Mac iCar might be out on a single blister card, maybe it’s 2010 before it appears … so how does this affect whether you buy the Motor Speedway set in 2008? Will you open the set?

So, while the odds are pretty good ALL the Piston Cup racers will eventually appear in Gift Packs, Launchers, Box Sets or even as singles – when and IF is another question.

Mattel gets your money either way:

You either buy the Motor Speedway set and never open it to maintain its maximum value and buy the various re-releases in order to open & play with them …


You buy them individually at $8+ (as Gift Packs, Launchers, Box Sets, etc …) eventually.

Mattel does not lose money either, it’s just whether you pay them $300 upfront and continue to buy them to open or whether you buy them in smaller gulps.




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18 responses to “Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Motor Speedway of the South Non-News Update (Now With Date Prediction :-) )

  1. Harry B

    Nice, but I live in Aus, so will it ever come here.

  2. Connor

    I live in Aus to so im pretty peeved at the moment…

  3. MarkUK

    The final price may be around $300 in the US so the fact that it won’t be available here in the UK doesn’t bother me as you can bet that if it was it would be priced at £300 (around $600), that’s usually the way with pricing over here. So I’m not too fed up as it would be too rich for my blood anyway.

    Hopefully, as with the earlier Target and TRU exclusives, they’ll eventually go on general release either as singles or double packs.

    (METROXING: Going by the Gift Pack & MM releases, you won’t have long … though of course, you’ll be paying £7.99 to £11.99 … on the other hand, I cannot find good fish & chips to save my life here on the West Coast so that’s something …).

  4. GeorgeHP

    Any new news on other Cars? Like Fred or the Screaming Ban chi (from the Blue Ray exclusive) “Ghost light” movie?

  5. MCL Sydney

    what a great site you got here btw! interestingly enough I think they’ve closed and presume not taking anymore RLC members until 2009? So any suggestions on buying the set without RLC? eBay would cost an arms and legs!!!! also do you know anyone in particular owns a Red Rangsburg?

    (METROXING: Membership still seems open – remember to sign up for the HW Club first and then you can signup on the RLC – plus you have to have a US address & US credit card. No one has spotted a Red Ransburg out even on eBay all this time – quite amazing).

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  7. Sarah

    Just checked the Hotwheels website. If you’re a RLC member you can log in and SEE THE SPEEDWAY OF THE SOUTH SET!!!!! It’s totally awesome! No price or date yet. I think they have 2 special Hotwheels cars to sell first and then I think your prediction about the end of May is true. The Cars are packaged to look like their racing with LMQ, The King and Chick Hicks in the front. Stop reading this and Check it out!

    (METROXING: Okay, Sarah, I’ll get out of meeting the Pope and update the site … and yea, very nice looking …).

  8. Sarah

    I looked at the Speedway of the South set a little more. The Cars are all in one box, similar to the Target exclusive set. It’s a large rectangular box with all the Cars facing left. You can see the Cars from the front, top, and left side of the box. I think it’s supposed to look like they’re racing or about to start the race. The background looks like a crowd scene. I’m guessing the Cars are attached to the base with clear bands or plastic ties. You can also see a picture of the back of the box and a few individual Cars. The only info Hotwheels gives is that it will be available in May with more info to come. It’s AWESOME!!!!!

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  10. captjohn

    Either I’m a complete idiot, or they’re not taking any more RLC memberships. The only thing I can join is the free one, and all the ‘join’ links for the RLC lead to an info page with no way to sign up. Am I too late? I even tried another browser in case they were doing something funky with the website….

    (MET: You have to join the (free) HW Club first – then you can join the RL Club for $29).

  11. jackdaddy2008

    This is a load of horse……………

  12. captjohn

    Yeah – I joined the free club, but I still had to send an email to support to find out how to join RLC. Clicking “Join Now!” still just brought me to the info page. I had to go to to join RLC, and as far as I can tell there’s no way to get there from the RLC pages on And then even after I joined and paid, I still can’t get to the RLC sections of the site. Oh well – at least their cars are better than their website design.

  13. jackdaddy2008

    I think you have to go into the online shop and add a membership to your basket, then pay.

    Due to shipping, you are just as well getting 2, they don’t charge you shipping for the second one.

    If you sell the two cars they send you on ebay, you will pretty much make your fees back.

    The whole point is that you are buying a place in their q!

    Also, if you can afford 2, you are essentially getting a set for free, because these WILL sell for double on ebay as a starting price, so buy one and then list it and rip off us Europeans (who through no fault of our own) never had a chance to buy it like you did.

    Also, does everyone think that if we search for the Hot Wheels cars they give away free to newer red line members on ebay, that this will give us a pretty accurate reflection on how many members have signed up just for the speedway?

    Think about it, a hot wheels collector would probably keep the car or at least give it to their kid!

    A motor speedway of the south set buyer, thinks ebay!

    I know it won’t be 100% but it will be a good indication!

    I am checking it out right now.

  14. Lorri

    Speedway of the south definitely on sale May 20 as reported on RLC, I saw today.

  15. grandrapids

    CARS Motor Speedway of the South Set

    Ka-chow! This Set Races to RLC™ Members on May 20!
    by HWC Eve


    “Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed.” Those are the opening lines from the Disney/Pixar flick Cars, which became an instant classic among racing fans when it was released in 2006. Well, here’s your chance to be a winner like Lightning, with the Cars Motor Speedway of the South set! You won’t need a pit pass when the RLC™ 24-hour Priority Window opens on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 9:00 AM PT — just be sure you’re signed in and ready to race!

    Relive the excitement of the controversial opening race that took place at the Motor Speedway of the South any time you like with this 36-vehicle set. Led by Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, and “The King” Strip Weathers, the cars from the race are encased in a Cars-themed box with a speedway background. This beautifully made, sturdy display sits on an acrylic base and comes packed in window box so you can easily see your favorite characters. A number of vehicles are making their debut in the Cars line with this set, including the frequently requested Apple stock car! Open ’er up and you’ll find these most-wanted vehicles from the movie:

    * Lightning McQueen #95
    * The King #43
    * Chick Hicks #86
    * RPM #64
    * Nitroade #28
    * Mood Springs #33
    * Shifty Drug #35
    * Easy Idle #51
    * Transberry Juice #63
    * Apple Car #84
    * Retread Roll-on #79
    * Gask-it’s #84
    * Shiny Wax #82
    * Bumper Save #90
    * Lil’ Toquey #117
    * Clutch Aid #121
    * No Stall #123
    * Fiber Fuel #56
    * Trunk Fresh #34
    * View Zeen Corrective Windshields #39
    * Faux Wheel Drive Dirt Decals #54
    * Dale Jr. #8
    * Octain Gain #58
    * Tow Cap #4
    * n2O Cola #68
    * Sidewall Shine #74
    * Revolting Rebuilt Alternators #84
    * Tank Coat #36
    * Leak Less #52
    * Vitoline #61
    * Gasprin #70
    * Rev ‘n’ Go #73
    * Vinyl Top in a Can #76
    * Sputter Stop #92
    * Sparemint #93
    * Tac-o-mint #101

    But like a pit stop with Guido, blink and you’ll miss it! The Cars Speedway of the South has a production quantity of no more than 1,000 sets so they’re extremely limited! Sets are individually numbered and priced at $299.99 + $12.95 S&P (shipping & processing) each. Canadian customers shipping to Canada pay the standard shipping rate plus an additional $5.00. Shipping to P.O. Boxes within the U.S. by Expedited Mail pay the standard rate plus an additional $15.00.

    There is a purchase limit of one set per RLC™ membership. If quantities remain after the RLC™ 24-hour Priority Window, it will be available to all HWC™ members and RLC™ members may purchase one more. This item is available on a first-come, first-served basis only while supplies last.

    Not an RLC™ member? You can still get in on the benefits if you join the Red Line Club™ for 2008 now!

    Offer available to RLC™ members only for a
    24-hour Priority Window: 5/20/08, 9:00 AM PT

    Any remaining quantities available to
    ALL HWC™ members: 5/21/08, 9:00 AM PT

    If you have any questions or comments,
    please click on the Discuss icon below and post them

  16. Carlos

    There is a typo. The Gaskits car is #80, not 84.

  17. eric

    It is appalling that adults would collect these and not even consider the children mattel is hurting by not releasing these TOYS~$1300.00 on e-bay for “speedway of the south”, thats sure making things easy on families, Disney and Mattel should rethink their approach. I have never understood toy companies and thier willingness to make slacker toy poachers rich withinstant “collectibles” i.e. popular items short productions. Why not flood the market with these items that everyone obviously wants and make the slackers earn a living

  18. collectormom

    eric, I know it’s hard to believe but adults collect toys too. is an adult collector site; they offered the SOS set. Every toy offered from them says on the package that it’s for the adult collector.

    I think it’s unreasonable to think that a set this large would sell for what it cost from ($300) in a retail store. The average consumer would laugh at that price. This set was a collectible before it even went on sale.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m defending Mattel because I’m not. I wish Mattel would release new Cars more often and make lots of them so any time you go to a store a new Car is there. That would stop the slackers for sure.

    By the way did you know this site has changed to You should check it out; lots more info over there and right now there’s a contest!

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