Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: What’s Next After Box J

From the Toyfair photos and setups, it’s somewhat safe to presume they’re moving all the pit crews and most if not all the pit guys to the three packs (Gift Packs) and going by the recent shipments – they seem to going to two of each of two new CARS per sealed case … (though, keep in mind Mattel counts re-releasing the WM8 on WOC cards as “new,” along with many of our our old favorites … of course if you’re started collected CARS, yea, finally Fillmore … if you started in 2006, you might not be jumping for joy.

So, what’s coming next?

Well, Revised Box J has been announced which is shipping in this & the next 2 week timeframe:

After that, there has been no official announcement – Mattel will be at New York’s Comic Con in a few weeks (April 18) so maybe we’ll get more official word or see more forthcoming displayed.

The following is what WAS SCHEDULED but is now considered ALL CHANGED. But based on the theory that most Piston Cup Crew Chiefs and Pit Crews are moving to the Gift Packs, here’s what’s most likely still coming in BLACK … what’s most likely NOT coming in GREY and what’s “new” that may or not still be coming:

Here’s what’s being reported as in BOX K (unconfirmed but presumably correct):

Bug Face McQueen (2)

Crusin’ McQueen
Darrell Cartrip
Dinoco Helicopter
Dinoco Pitty (2)
Ferrari F430

Lightning Ramone
Octane Gain Pitty
Pit Crew Member
Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Pit Crew Member Guido*

Race Official Tom

Tongue McQueen
Van (2)

*Just listed as Guido but most likely PCM Guido.

We will probably get Van and maybe another of the “MISSING” CARS (list at end) or more likely, another WM8 CAR as one of the “new” CARS.

This looks like a catch-up box so it’s probably safe to say that this shipment probably isn’t going to change much – the Dinoco Pitty will probably be replaced by whatever else was considered “new” in Box K.

Box M of course is of greater interest to someone who did not find all the WM CARS last autumn but based on the new box configs, I highly doubt we will see all the RED “new” ones in this box. The blimp is also coming out as part of a Gift Pack so Mattel might put the blimp in CASE L …

For some odd reason, Mattel seems intent on not re-releasing Sarge so one of the “new” in Box M might get moved to here since this is really just a ‘catch-up’ box.

I might even venture that by here, Mattel might be done with Speed Racer & Batman and back to giving full attention to CARS. I might even be willing to go out on a limb and say this case might be mostly accurate. One other reason is that for some oddball reason Mattel loves helicopters and blimps (blimps are all plastic so that makes sense $ wise).

So, here are the CARS originally promised from Box E to Box P (around mid March 2008 to Summer 2008) that are still “missing” (other than Piston Cup crew CARS which again we’re presuming are part of the Gift Packs now). Though if Sarge really returns, Mattel should pack 4 to a case but that might be too logical ;-(

Of course, 4 of these are not really new (Sarge, Barney Stormin’, Al Oft the Blimp & Kori, but Mattel thinks they’re new) so 10 “new” and 5 boxes to come (not counting case P) … which of course, works out to 2 “new” in the next 5 shipments … which should bring us to the the end of summer. July is Comic Con also …

So, the heavy action (other than the Speedway of the South set) might be on the Gift Pack, launcher side of things until the end of summer.



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43 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: What’s Next After Box J

  1. Sarah

    Hey Mattel what’s the deal with Sarge? My son just figured out we used to have Sarge and now we don’t. I got my voucher ages ago but we’re all still waiting to get one of the main characters again. I would love to be in one of those meetings where all the changes take place. Maybe Mattel needs to sit down with kids and parents who love these Cars and they can all figure out a better distribution system. Clearly there are kids and adults totally hooked on Cars but does Mattel have to make it so obvious that they’re trying to suck the life out of us (and our money of course) by making so many changes?

    (METROXING: Sarah, can you or anyone give me a high res scan of the voucher? Have they all been redeemed? Thanks!)

  2. Stanley

    I agree. Mattel should be listening to parents about Cars (reading these posts on this site would be a GREAT place to start!)

    Why wouldn’t they include Sarge now, since they probably have figured out the paint issue? If they included two to a case, you know they wouldn’t sit on the pegs for more than 2 minutes. The first minute would be spent by the buyer in amazement that Sarge is actually being made again….The second minute would include the time it would take the buyer to get up off the floor from the impending heart attack.

    And, if Mattel wanted to save face in the shadow of the Sarge paint debacle, wouldn’t the smartest move be to release Sarge again to the public that was jipped by Mattel?

    Just my two cents. Hey, let’s all go stand outside of Mattel, and tell them if they release Sarge again, we will all buy one of the following, to empty the store pegs:

    Boost and Snot Rod two-pack
    Yellow Ramone
    Bling McQueen
    and possibly Mike and Sulley

  3. EM

    Should not Cora/Kathy Copter, Jay Limo, and Ron Hover be listed among the ‘missing’ cars from E to P? That would bring the possible/probable total to 13 ‘new’ ones (9 minus the WMs and Sarge) in the next five cases.

    Also, are ‘Van’ and ‘Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van)’ in that list referring to different cars? If they are actually the same, then it is back to 12 and 8.

    (METROXING: Of course, I’m just speculating, I’m only guessing that P will be close to the original config only because Mattel loves helicopters for some oddball reason (and blimps though for the more obvious plastic use reason) but of course, who really knows. I’m not sure that Mattel really knows 😉 … And yes, VAN is the minivan who along with his wife “MINI,” get lost in Radiator Springs (they navigate the main street still torn up before LM has fixed it) … while the SECURITY VAN is really an SUV that tries to block out the reporters from seeing the photo finish where LM, King & Chick all tie … and yes, in theory, all the Piston Cup crew members are technically missing also … but it seems a pretty safe bet they’ve all been shifted to the Gift Packs (from Toyfair photos).

  4. claeface73

    One of the nice things about not being a parent, I didn’t send my Sarge back. I mean, I’m not putting these things in my mouth, so I’m safe there. He’s been sitting in my case the wholetime, just smiling.

  5. Sarah

    I haven’t seen Sarge in so long I forgot he was smiling!

  6. Kevin

    Has anyone thought about what it takes to make sure all the old Serge’s are off the shelves? Just because you don’t see them in the stores doesn’t mean they still aren’t coming in. I work retail, and I do agree they need a better way of getting things done both off and on the shelves. The warehouses still have old stock they need to clear out, which should have been done at the point of recall. I talk to Mettle reps and they tell me that world wide they need to account for a percentage of what has come back and then they will wait till there is no mistake about the NEW Sarge being in question. Things like, How do I know this isn’t an old Sarge? Does it have lead in it? Can you really fault them for that? It will be out at some point for gods sake have some patients. Your kids don’t need Sarge that bad with 90+ cars out.

  7. Sarah

    I will look for the voucher. We got it back in September so it’s probably buried somewhere on my desk.

    I’m going to assume you don’t have kids because if you did I’d love to hear your explanation to a 3 year old why you can’t just go to the store to buy Sarge. He doesn’t know what lead paint is or care about the recall; he just knows he doesn’t have that Car. When my boys watch the movie they like to act out scenes with the Cars. It’s become obvious that Sarge isn’t a Car we have.

    Sarge was recalled 8 months ago so as far as getting it off store shelves and returning them to Mattel that would have happened months ago. Most of the toys departments in my area still have the recall notice posted with the Cars. This was a world wide recall and made the national news. All toys have a code on them; if a parent wants to know if their Sarge is safe or recalled all they have to do is go to the Mattel website and type in the code. Not listed? It’s safe! Listed? Not safe. Simple! If Sarge was on a store shelf now on a WOC card I’d know it was safe because it was last released on the SC card. I’m sure parents who have older kids didn’t return their Sarge Car because they know they won’t be chewing on it. Adult collectors wouldn’t have returned it either for the same reason.

    You make some good points Kevin but kids know what they want; and they’ll keep asking for it until you give in. 90+ Cars doesn’t matter if all they want is one you can’t find.

  8. BMW

    Sarah, for some unknown reason Sarge has always been hard to locate. I have him because back when the movie first came out, Sarge was shortpacked and everyone was looking for him. I found him at a midnight run to Walmart, went night after night, and finally he was there. I don’t think he was in every case back then. He still commands a high price. Look at the 25.00 to 30.00 that ebay sellers are getting right now.
    He is a prized possession in the Cars diecast line.
    But you can get him in Desert Back card which was made in Thailand and is lead free. Just only now on the secondary market is he available. Sarge had always kept his value, he has never been a pegwarmer. And he is a nice sculpt, one of the best in the line.

  9. Brandon

    In Box M, one of the cars listed is Piston Cup Racer. So that would be one of the cars from the opening race, right?

    (METROXING: Left over typo – fixed. Now reads RACE OFFICIAL TOM).

  10. Juan

    I’ve seen Case J on Ebay already.

    (METROXING: Thanks – heard from someone that J case matches the revised listing).

  11. Terri

    Sarah, I have an extra Sarge lead free you can have. If you feel comfortable sending me your address through email I will send it to you. You can email me at


  12. Monica

    Chuuuuuuuuki! I found her. Thanks Metroxing for the Walgreens in San Diego tip. Went after work today and found just three Cars there. One purple Ramone, one RS LM and one cute little Chuki, what are the odds?

    (METROXING: Pretty impressive!)

  13. jackdaddy2008

    Hello everyone,

    Love this site.

    This is my first post.

    I am based in the uk, and am a reluctant collector of Cars from the evil masters at Disney and Mattel. I have a four year old son. We live in Edinburgh, Scotchland! Ha.

    There are 2 reasons I am on here.

    1 – If anyone has a Speedway of the south set going for sale when it comes along, I want one, and will buy form you.

    2 – I don’t know if you guys in the states got these, but I am currently selling a full set, mint condition, Kinder egg surprise toy cars.

    The set is available on ebay, I ship insured to the states and all over the world.

    My ebay id is jackdaddy2008 and the number for the item i refer to is 160229617817 .

    I know this is shocking unashamed salesmanship, but I know these are rare, and would like them to go to a serious collector, rather than an opportunist.

    Let me know about the speedway set, you can email through ebay if you want.



  14. Stanley

    Terri, I’ll pay for the Sarge, if you still have it!

  15. BMW

    Speaking of whats coming next after the J Case. Just read on another website that new 4 inch size diecast cars have been released. Including a 4 inch Sarge (the original is 2.5 inches) The line includes all the original cars like King Sally Sarge, Fillmore, Wingo etc.. Pictures are there too. Wow more to collect! Any one else hear about these new releases?

    (METROXING: The guy who you’re talking about like to self generate publicity … I figured there was something hinckey about it and checked, they are metal but not Mattel and at the Disney Stores so you can go check them out … he’s also made some other claims on his website that are unsubstantiated …).

  16. Robert from the Netherlands

    BMW, which website? I am curious.

  17. Bill

    Some of the case suppliers are showing in MM case G a Guido (whitewall), Luigi, and Ferrari. 1 per case. Is this something new or have they made a mistake on the list?

    (METROXING: No, that’s a mistake, you get Guido & Ferrari F430 only – already out).

  18. Stanley

    Hey, if anyone needs a Chuck or Dudley and has a Bruiser to trade, I’m here……

  19. BMW

    Robert, it is [WEBSITE DELETED]*. You have to register. But as Metroxing says, maybe not totally correct in his proclamations.

    (METROXING: * Sorry, don’t want to play into his ploy … It’s one thing to talk about a new line but it’s another to knowingly imply/say that it’s limited or to imply only he has access to it instead of just saying, hey look what’s new at the Disney Store)

  20. Doug

    It seems like the stores around San Diego only get shipments every week or so, so I’m having some difficulty finding the new singles. I can find the 2-packs, though. Does anyone know what day of the week the stores usually stock the shelves?

    (METROXING: It will vary from chain to chain and store to store and whether it’s a 24-hour store. Of course, there are stores who have gone months without new shipments).

  21. Lizzy

    Hi. My son lovvvves the CARs movie. I just started collecting them for him (and I mean just this past week). I have found most every old character and several new ones in the past three days. I got all the old ones at Macy’s and Gordmans. And I got a lot of the brand new ones at Target. Don’t know if I got lucky or what, but I have seen several of the ones everyone is talking about at Target and TRU. I saw a bunch of boxes in the aisle at Target and asked the lady working if she would open them. I got a new three pack with gold Mia and Tia and several new two-packs (rusteez guys, Mrs. the King, red mia/tia). The box also had two chuki’s so I grabbed them both for my son and nephew. Now I only need Sarge to be happy with my collection. Of course I’ll always keep looking for the rare ones, but I am so excited to have found all the ones I have so far!! Any info as to when to expect to see any Sarge’s (if ever!!)?

    (MET: Welcome to our crazy club! 🙂 Don’t forget our checklist if you need to figure out what’s what. We also have a “starter’s post” and a recap to here. Or of course, if you want to know everything up to beginning of 2008, there’s our book 🙂 And yea, strangely, sadly – no one knows when “REAL” Sarge will return but hopefully in the next two months).

  22. Doug

    When will the new cars (etc. Marco, Richard Clayton) come out?

    (MET: Other than Sarge (or PCM Sarge), the educated guess is that they will appear in somewhat the original announced order so in theory, box K should contain one of the WM 8 CARS (or airship) and Richard Kensingston the security SUV since the prototype of him has been around since last October).

  23. jackdaddy2008

    So who is actually missing?

    There is the Van obviously

    and there is chicks pit crew yeah?

    who else?

    does someone have a complete list of the cars they have said they are going to release but haven’t yet?

    I have them all except Anime Chuki, but am trying to get her tomorrow at a few stores.

  24. Doug

    Any predicted dates for the new cars?

    (MET: 1StopDiecast announced what they believe is in Case K – scheduled for May 24th according to them – not a bad box, some new stuff but oddly configured I’m not sure I believe it 100% yet …).

  25. ITV

    Another Brit here collecting for my 5 year old grandson. We have been lucky with our collecting and have been able to collect the majority of characters either here in the Uk or my recent trip to California where we managed to bring home around 50 cars, of which only about 30 were new to us but thats the joy of mattels packaging of old with new. We now have almost 20 Lightning McQueen’s just so we could get the cars that he was packaged with!
    I love the site and find it incredibly useful for trying to keep up to date with what’s happening. What would make it even more useful is an easier way of finding checklists and posts, its hard pretending to be working and search the site as well so if you could help us avid Cars fans out with our work to play co-efficient then that would be great.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you all are grateful that you don’t have to put up with the crappy distribution of cars that we suffer here in the UK. Having to travel several thousand miles to find Mia & Tia is a little extreme!

  26. jackdaddy2008

    Yeah the site could be laid out differently.

    Most forums have a home screen that has links to different areas/sections, so you can click on what exactly you want to do.

    Also, there is no facility to create a post, which means if a hot topic starts, and goes off on a tangent, you end up with loads of posts, which is awkward when you want to respond because you have to scroll down and wait for the page to load.

    You can’t edit a post after is been submitted, which is slightly annoying if you make a mistake or find something out after you have posted.

    Don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but this would make the site easier to use.

    Apart from that, this is THE site for Cars information and has helped us out big time.

    (MET: That’s entirely WordPress – under this theme, comments are only available at the end of a section – I can search through comments but I’m not sure that’s available to everyone else … maybe after we move, we can add in some additional functions).

  27. jackdaddy2008

    I just bought an original desert backed Sarge with the 12 cars on the back.

    I also just got the factory set, and have all the supercharged cars, original play sets and gift boxes/sets.

    I have 6 Sarges in different packaging now, and will buy the world of cars version when it comes out.

    I have only been buying the world of cars releases that didn’t come out as supercharged.

    I spoke to a friend of my dads who is a professional toy collector/seller and he said that it shouldn’t make any differance to the collections relative eventual value if I don’t have the world of cars packaging.

    Because they are newer and basically rehashed, the supercharged, factoryset and first wave cars are obviously much more valuable, as they are rarer and more exclusive.

    His point is that why would someone buy a less exclusive card to collect when they can have your more exclusive card. He does not envisage the term ‘completist’ as being relevant with these, as at the end of the day, if you have the older rarer and more exclusive cards, the newer ones are irrelevant.

    In short, he thinks that the world of cars rehashed releases are a waste of time and money, unless they are obviously genuinely unique new releases or you are a newer collector and don’t have the other releases. As long as people have the first waves, and supercharged carded cars for sale, the world of cars will simply not be as collectable/valuable, its a pointless exercise being ‘completist’, only Mattel make decent money from it.

    My friendly advice is, if like me you have them all pre WOC, there is no point in buying the world of cars because the card is different, except obviously the new ones that didn’t come out as supercharged.

  28. matt

    has anyone had any luck finding a bob cutlass i have found everything and I have had no trouble finding anything except that one. Thanks

    (MET: As of right now, he’s not scheduled for re-release. Don’t forget to check out your local comic or toy shows, there’s usually at least one seller or if you’re lucky – a slew – Bob shouldn’t be more than $5 and if you’re buying more, you can usually get a buck knocked off …)

  29. Sarah

    Matt, I haven’t seen Bob Cutlass on a single card since Christmas. Today at Target and last week at Wal-Mart I found the MM set with Darrell Cartrip. I don’t think its been released again yet.

  30. jackdaddy2008

    Wow a car we get all the time!

    We have bob in shops everywhere over here.

    I can get you one, but if you are based outside of the UK, I am afraid there will be a small premium of 500% though!

  31. matt

    Thanks, I will keep looking, maybe I will get lucky, dont feel like paying 10 dollars for him on EBAY. There really are not a lot of toy shows in the area(Ohio), but I have found all the others easily, I just found a chuki this morning

  32. GourmetAnarchy


    Where in Ohio are you?

    I am in Youngstown

  33. matt

    I am in the wadsworth area which is close to Akron, if there are any you need and you find one I can trade, I am also looking for a red mia and tia

  34. Monica

    Matt, I actually just found some Bobs at my neighborhood Vons (grocery store). Do you still need one? I was totally despairing that I would not be able to get Bob and Mario Andretti, then all of a sudden, there they were at Vons of all places! I have had terrific Cars luck recently. Anyways, let me know. Metroxing, maybe you can give Matt my email address?

  35. matt

    That would be great! Let me know how I can get them and I can meet you somewhere my email address is Thanks and let me know hom much they will be.

  36. matt

    If you can find 2 that would be great. Thanks.

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  38. scott

    hello to everone in carland. we live in westen NC. kinda new to the cars craze, as our son is only 16 months old. but we got the dvd last x-mas & have watched it every day religiously. little by little started collecting the toys & have a pretty decent set, so far. (except sarge of course) (& the mias & tias) but i’m pretty confident we’ll find them eventually. i actually passed by them before not realizing how rare they’d be…but i’ve learned not to do that anymore.
    anyway, just wanted to say i’m glad i found such an informative site. thanx to metroX!
    and…just a little sumthing to the “jack-*** 2008” shameless self-promotion…thank u sooo much for ur “dads friends” words of wisdom. certainly has enlightened MY day, but, not everyone is in this to get rich. people who horde toys from children to sell on ebay….well, lets just say there is a special place in hell for u. most people w/ more than 1/2 a brain & just a little patience will realize, these toys are meant for kids to play. not pay for ur college tuition. please! shame on u at work, searching for toy cars, there is a time & place. & traveling “several thousand miles” for mia & tia? yes, just a little extreme! but whos fault is that? really!
    ok. just had to put that out there.
    happy hunting!

    (MET: Scott, glad you enjoy the site – you are free to offer your opinion but no names nor name calling, 😉 Let’s keep it happy here … even if you’re doing it through gritted teeth).

  39. scott

    oh, & the 500% premium for a toy that is EVERYWHERE???!!! well, thats TACKY. most people would rather take their chances.

  40. jackdaddy2008

    Scott you need to have a word with yourself!

    Have you been drinking again?
    You know what the Dr. said!
    Haha! ( I am just messing with ya bud).

    Have you actually read my posts properly?

    I am against what you refer to as ‘hoarding’.

    I am someones Dad, who buys 2 of each car they release like most car fans who have kids do.
    One to play with, and one to keep.
    We haven’t and will not do that with anything else.
    I aint no 40 year old virgin Scott.
    In case you didn’t notice, Star Wars figures out appreciated property in value, so buying an extra car that my son wants anyway, isn’t too much of a problem for me, and its a nice fun investment for his college years. It also teaches my son the importance of saving for the future, a lesson all kids need to learn.

    I haven’t travelled outside of Edinburgh (where I live) to buy any toy cars, ever, you have read someone elses post, not mine.

    The information I post is useful to many, not you obviously, but a lot of people who read this site will and have found it helpful.

    My reference to unashamed salesmanship was ‘tongue in cheek’, a slice of sarcasm. The items were among he rarest Disney Products on the planet, right up there with blu ray mcqueen. I thought it would be decent to offer readers an opportunity to buy them. They sold. I am sorry you failed to spot that.

    The 500% premium remark in regard to bob cutlass was also tongue in cheek, a sly reference to the mark up that the motor speedway of the south set will make from true unashamed toy hoarders on ebay. Again, I am dreadfully sorry you didn’t spot that either, that is tragic.

    Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Sarah

    I am at sixes and sevens with Mattel.

    Months ago when I first read on here that several “new” Cars would be in every case I was elated. It made me think that all these trips to the store (or should I say stores) would not be in vain. But of course it has all changed.

    I sense I’m not the customer Mattel is aiming at right now. Those of us that have been at this for awhile are hooked and Mattel I’m sure knows that. They want to make sure that little Johnny who just turned 3 and has just discovered Cars can still get the main characters. New collector Johnny doesn’t care about Van or Jay Limo; he has 7 different Ramones to get first! Other than the Speedway set there really isn’t anything new scheduled for sure to come out any time soon. Of course I’m excited about the set but I’ll be more excited if I actually get one! Who knows how many sets are available and how many people want one (or ten).

    If one of the changes is to make racer gift packs then OK that’s fine. My son loves to line up the pit crew guys and their racers to “change tires”. But I need some evidence that these will be hitting store shelves soon.

    It’s been so long since we found any new diecast that my boys mostly play with the Mini Adventures Cars. I’m sure Mattel doesn’t mind that (they still get our money). I wonder how many people will lose interest in looking for new 1:55 Cars because WM possibly wants exclusives at the end of the summer again. That’s a really long time from now.

    On a happier note I’d like to tell you all that not long ago I was able to find PT Flea/Flik in TRU! And do you know what the best part was? I beat the flea market hoarder guy to the Cars! It pays to get to the store 5 minutes before opening. He looked in my sons hand and huffed as he walked away. Victory is mine!

    (MET: Good job on getting there first!)

  42. jackdaddy2008

    It just shouldn’t be like that, its breeding contempt, disillusionment and most worryingly, children’s disappointment.

    Disney are not happy with this.

    Your right about the change of market direction, but again, if Mattel had done proper research, they would realise that most little boys like cool looking cars!

    Lizzie, Flo, Sally, Mater, Doc, Ramone, and filmore are not cool looking cars but make up 7 of the 14 main characters!

    My sons favourites from the film are –

    Lightning Mcqueen
    Dale Earnhardt Junior
    Blu ray mcqueen
    ‘The white one daddy’ (Apple racer)

    3 of these haven’t been released yet.

    On the principle that Mattel are selling the main characters first and foremost, that is probably where they are going fundamentally wrong.
    Main is not the same as popular!

    I think they need to start releasing separate cases and design an internet vending service through ebay, because the shops simply don’t work.

  43. Phil

    For those completists out there:

    I was lucky enough to find a Lightning Ramone with the ‘New’ shield and one with out. I would be willing to trade both. Looking for the Dinoco Mia & Tia.

    Email me ph_sargent at yahoo com

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