Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Carrying Case II


I’m not often in the CONTAINER STORE since my goal is to digitize anything but was wandering around one and ran across another CAR carrying possibility. It’s not cheap at $49.00 but it’s solidly built.

What’s classy is if you depress the dark blue bar, it “unlocks” it and removes as a tray.

What’s nice is the thing is solidly built so if you remove a drawer, it does not feel like it’s about to tip over or fall apart. The drawer is also pretty thick plastic and of course, once snapped open, reveals 10 compartments within each drawer you can customize the storage area within with the slats (ignore the non-related plastic shelves in the back of the photo).

You can view the item online here – with some other photos.

So, probably not the cheapest carrying solution but probably the nicest plastic carrying one – heavy plastic, solid built and with solid drawers that lock and in a apparatus that won’t tip over and is definitely not flimsy.

And also plenty of room on top to add stickers … let us know if you get one or if you looked at it and what you thought.

The Costco alternative.


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8 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Carrying Case II

  1. jackdaddy2008

    I genuinely hadn’t thought of getting something like that!

    This looks more suited for opened/loose cars.

    I need something like this for my carded collection.

    I am going looking now!


  2. Mikey

    There is one somewhat like that at Costco for $14.99. I was there this weekend and I almost bought it. I might go back and get a couple…if they are still there. It wasnt lockable though.

    (METROXING: Too lazy to link but here is our original post on the Costco case. It’s not nearly as sturdy and not as deep … but definitely a better price).

  3. Mikey

    Thanks Metro! I thought I read something about the Costco case on this site. Seeing the cars in the case assures me that this is a must have. My son has 6 racetrack cases and we are starting to run out of room where we keep his cars. As always, thanks for all the info that you supply to all.

  4. jackdaddy2008

    Slightly off the track……..

    I have been looking for some casing to protect my Carded collection.

    There is a Guy who does them, but he has made one fundamental flaw.

    The tool he had made to make the cases that clip over the cars very nicely and essentially make them protected, only fit lightning mcqueen size!

    Therefore, Barney stormin, Mater, Blimp, halloween specials and many others are not compatable.

    However, I have found a product that is superb!

    I am not selling for someone, I am based in the uk, so I am not naming companies or sellers, but I have found a good product and I want to share with my fellow collectors.

    I was looking on a stationary website for something for work, and I stumbled across some very nice A5 size plastic boxes. They are perfect for holding a carded car. They even had A4 ones for movie moments/3 packs. The boxes are pearl bases with transparent lids.

    One problem though, the price. The best you could get these at would be a dollar each, and that would be on a bulk buy of 50 plus.

    However, there is another way –


    Place a big order in person at your local Chinese take away, and while you are there, ask your local Chinese take away where they get their little a5 sized containers. They use smaller ones too, so make sure he/she knows that its the a5 ones you want. Because they buy thousand weekly, they get them for peanuts. Mine has just agreed to let me have 250 next week. How much! £15 ($30) thats 6p (12c) for a lidded protective box for your carded car!

    They don’t do a4, so you will have to get them from a stationer.

    Enter a5 case box or plastic on ebay to see what I am talking about.

    A great investment.

    (MET: BTW, in addition to the metric-system-over-my-dead-body thing in the US, we also don’t measure paper or anything else by A4, A5 … also, 90% of the restaurants that do take-out (as we call take away – which actually makes more sense and sounds more eloquent 🙂 ) use either styrofoam or paper … a few fancy Chinese use the containers you are talking about but in the US, I think ziploc sells disposable containers but might be too small – for anyone else interested, you can check your restaurant supply wholesalers in your area to find the containers “Jack” is talking about).

  5. jackdaddy2008


    Take away v take out!

    You go to a restaurant and buy a meal, then what do you do? You take it away to wherever!

    Take out, sounds like you are eating al fresco.

    “yeah, I am just going to get a take out.”

    It sounds like you are eating your meal in the street!

  6. Sappho

    I went looking for the Costco case and couldn’t find it. For those who bought this case, can you tell me the brand and name of it so that I can look it up online? TIA!

    (MET: This was a while ago – THE CONTAINER STORE has something similiar though more costly).

  7. Lizzy

    Hi. I’m new to collecting cars for my son. Am I correct to assume the cars don’t fit in hot wheels cases? Any other new suggestions for storing opened cars besides the custom made cases or the costco case?

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