Disney Pixar CARS: Beware the Sarge eBay Auctions


Since Sarge disappeared from the store shelves last summer, most eBay sellers have been content to sell the Desert Art 12 & 16-CARS back ones at a nice markup ($15-$25 dollars).

However, with the recent Mini & other releases, some less than ethical people are trying to take advantage of the situation by pawning off other Sarge’s as “the one.” (the 1:55 series one … sort of like the Frank the Combine situation by selling off 1-part from a $15 board game for $20-$30 dollars.

This is the Sarge from the MINI ADVENTURES series (aka: Mini’s):

So look carefully – note the expression, color, color of canopy and the overall detailing on the METAL diecast versus the all plastic mini. It is also incorrect to call all-plastic diecast so if you see any eBay auctions trying to pawn off the Mini’s without explaining that this loose Sarge is a Mini should either be reported to eBay or if the seller gets enough people hounds them, they might get wht people don’t appreciate being mislead … It is tempting as they are starting the opening auction price or setting a BUY-IT-NOW price under $10 dollars … but a Mini Sarge is not a 1:55 Sarge. Now, if you are okay with a Mini Sarge or want a loose Mini, of course, buy away but just be careful you are getting what you want (more Mini Sarge’s are being shipped as we speak so why pay three times as much for 1/2 of a Mini 2-pack for under $5?)

The regular Sarge is a hair over 2″ in length and the Mini Sarge is a hair over 1″ in length.

Of course, now with the Disney Store releases, there might be others they are trying to pawn off so here are some of the others (no Sarge pics as I’m not collecting any of them but you get the idea).

The two above are the ONLY Sarge’s from Mattel.

All these others are from the Disney store.


They’ve been around since the beginning of the movie release – not sure if they were every re-stocked or they’re still selling what’s left over from 2006. For a diecast collector like them, they just look lumpy and to me, what’s the point of a car (any car) that is not metal and rolls with precision?


Appearing last week, I finally went and took a look – and my review is me’h. They are somewhere in between a 1:32 and 1:43 scale so that’s a huge strike – you have to pick a scale that already exists – but what’s worse – it varies within the line itself – the King is like 1:50 scale and McQueen is 1:43 so shabby continuity within the line is just bad plus, the sculpts aren’t even as nice as the Mattel 1:55 line. The SOLE REASON to make a larger scale is to add more detailing (okay, there’s the profit thing) so why would you pay extra for something larger that is not as nice as a smaller scale. They might’ve based the sculpts on the figurine line above – notice that McQueen, Sarge & the King’s proportions are just slightly off – you recognize them but clearly not like the first time you saw the Mattel 1:55 CARS and thought – wow, must have … with the figurines and the new 4″ line – me’h. They are $5.50 each. Not horrible – just non-enticing. I think most people will look at them and go – me’h. Fans of Ramone might like the Purple Ramone, that seems the best of the lot and Sarge doesn’t look bad from the photos – none left in the Disney Store I went to though so be warned of massive eBay misleading auctions.

Though the one good thing with the release of this oddball Sarge, perhaps that means regular 1:55 Sarge is now safe to return – all lead free and all.

These also come in a look-alike twin-pack version (in terms of size) but apparently not the same as the twin packs CARS have sound and other features?


The Disney store also has a larger 6″ line that has a pullback feature. They are $12.50 or 2 for $20. Again, not horrible but you think a giant 1:43ish scale would produce some killer detailing or better sculpts? Nope … and from what I could touch and the weight, all plastic. Again, none are horrible but even compared to the small 1:55 scale – a collective me’h. Sculpting is a subtle thing – just look at the MINI Fillmore – it’s much tinier at around 1″ long – yet it they managed to pack personality into it – the MINI’s for the most part are so gosh darn cute, who could resist? This thing is just a lump of plastic that vaguely resembles Fillmore – not enticing, cool or interesting enough. It’s just blah.

There is another line from Japan – but since most prices for those start at $15+, it’s unlikely anyone ill try to pass those off as Mattel 1:55 ones.

So, if you’re trying to pick up a Sarge on eBay, make sure you get a photo or the packaging and it does NOT HURT TO ASK if you do NOT see the words 1:55 or Mattel.

Good luck!



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8 responses to “Disney Pixar CARS: Beware the Sarge eBay Auctions

  1. Jurgen B

    I just bought myself two ‘Radiator Springs Shopkeepers Sets’ from the UK (Ebay) two weeks ago, they contain the original Sarge made in Thailand… got very lucky there!

  2. jackdaddy2008

    This just occurred to me.

    Remember Hamm, Cruisin Mcqueen on his own, vinyl toupee, octane gain and no stall!?

    Maybe the Hot Wheels site Speedway of the south sale is a stunt to get interest in the set, then WHAM! Suddenly they flood Walmart, Target, Toys r us and whoever with a few of them, creating a sales frenzy?!

    Cars haven’t released a big set for a while.

    There has been the factory set, piston 500 track, mountain challenge, flos cafe, luigis cassa del tyres, ramones body shop, maters curio, the small sets like tunerz, tractor tippin and then the target exclusive with octane gain, no stall and vinyl toupee and soem toys r us exclusive race sets etc.

    Maybe this is the next one, and in their so far, baffling, but consistent marketing technique, it could well be another unexplained way of launching one of their lines.

    Have they actually said officially that it won’t be out for general release, I know Hot wheels usually only sell exclusives on their site, but has it been said that this is not coming out and that there are limited numbers?

    It makes no sense that they are prepared to sell less than demand, why not make money?

    This is different from the factory set in that these have not been released yet, the factory set cars had already been and included 2 unreleased cars!

    I will still pay 50% – 100% over the odds for one though, just in case, but I am not going to be shocked if they appear on regular shelves!

    Theres something fishy about this set.

    Is this just a ploy to get you signed in to hot wheels to take your future cars business away from retailers and ebay? It would certainly cut out the middle man and their profit margin?

    Think about it, Cars 2 diecast vehicles, only available on Hot wheels dot com!

    Does anyone care?

    Do I have a point?

  3. Jon

    Over here in England I see Sarge all the time, but it is in a 4-pack boxset with Mater, Green Ramone and Fillmore. I think it is called Radiator Springs Shopkeepers or something like that. Is that not out over there? That’s how I got my Sarge. The set was £11.99.


  4. Over here in india I see Sarge every where! hehe
    how stupid…

  5. jackdaddy2008

    I haven’t seen a single card backed Sarge for 2 years on a shop shelf. I have seen a couple of the movie moments with Filmore, but the single cards have been ebay, ebay, ebay. The shop keepers set is nice.

  6. I have a single card backed Sarge but I won’t dare sell it I hope that it is authentic.

  7. Jedicarnut

    I have a few single card backed Sarge in my collection (the recall version), please let me know if you are interested. Fine details, it is a real shame that they were recalled, a real collector piece.

    (MET: I have all the Sarge’s I need but if there’s anyone in the UK or Europe who’s interested, maybe they can email you? eBay does not allow recalled items to be auctioned).

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