Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Adventures Banshee


The Mini Adventures Screamin’ Banshee is coming in early May.

Here’s what the final box looks like (though Mattel may not have color corrected this file as the drawings show banshee as yellow but from the box art, he probably is yellow?)

The following are photos from Toy Fair (February 2008). It looks like they re-configured it to save on some packaging space – and now, it looks like we will need to assemble the “scoop” as well as the two tires on the other side of the Screamin’ Banshee.

From Toy Fair 2008, here are some shots of it out of the box …

It does seem cool, it can scoop up CARS in the front and the escape (from the back or side?) According to ChildrensToyCloset, The Screamin’ Banshee also features

… a working claw, swinging crane, red lights and fierce growling sounds.”

You also get Mini Mater.

Here’s the screenshot from the film, you can compare scale …. (too bad we lost the spike tires …).

Our sponsor, ChildrensToyCloset has it up for pre-sale already.

If you are collecting the Mini’s or thinking about it, here’s the checklist.


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14 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Adventures Banshee

  1. Sarah

    Lights and sounds always make toys more fun

  2. jackdaddy2008

    Suppose this means we have to collect all the bloody minis now as well then!

    Does anyone have a full list of all the minis?

    Will Banshee be available to people outside America, or will we have to emigrate, get a credit card and mailing address then wait in a q online?

  3. MarkUK

    That should look good alongside the regular cars too. If it makes it to the UK I’m sure I’ll end up buying it.

  4. jackdaddy2008

    Yeah totally, it kinda falls into place with bessie.

    Not the right scale, but will still be cool.

    I am not going to buy the minis, they look stupid, but this…….. I think I will definitely get two, one for the boy, and one for his sad Father reliving his childhood though a computer generated movie designed to sell merchandise!

  5. jackdaddy2008

    Does anyone have a picture of a mini and a normal diecast together.

    I reckon the scale between Banshee and diecast wont be that much different. Banshee looks huge!

    Why Mattel have not released a bigger version to go with the diecast (like Mack) again, is baffling!


  6. jackdaddy2008

    Has everyone noticed that Banshees wheels are wrong!?

  7. Noel

    I noticed the wheels were wrong as soon as I looked at it. Just like Andretti still had golden brown rims as opposed to red.

    The attention to detail really sucks sometimes. They finally put red rims on the Huson Hornet after everyone complained.

  8. claeface73

    Here’s my take. 1) I’m using it with the regular cars, i’m not gonna blow a hose over the size, and 2)as I customize action figure, i’ll be fixing those wheels as well as giving him a new paint job. When life gives you lemons and all!

    (MET: Send us a pic when it’s done!)

  9. jackdaddy2008

    Good point. I am going to look at toys cars wheels today, but if you have any tips for the wheels, give us a shout buddy.

  10. jackdaddy2008

    I reckon Frank will done the same as Banshee.

    Banshee looks awesome, a little of scale, but will please my son.

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  12. Jake

    I’m a little confused – isn’t it meaningful that Mattel totally dropped out the Mini Adventures logo from the “final” packaging above? If I hadn’t seen the original proto-pictures, I would look at this and think it’s part of the regular 1:55 line.

    (MET: Yea, you’re right, people who know – know – but for the other 90% of possible buyers, why confuse them with ‘facts,’ 😉 )

  13. jackdaddy2008

    Have they?

  14. Sarah

    So has anyone seen one of these in the store yet? Any guesses on a price?

    (MET: I believe it’s $35 retail but one of the big guys might go lower …).

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