Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Lightning Storm McQueen Exclusive at San Diego Comic Con

PLEASE NOTE – This post & this website has moved to – to read the latest Lightning Storm SD CC News, please click on the link above or click on the logo. Thanks!

Mattel displayed a Lightning Storm McQueen at the recent NY Comic Con – as the big exclusive CAR available at the SD Comic Con in July, 2008.

(more photos at

ToyNewsInternational has a great closeup/PR Photo that solves some of the mystery of what may be exclusive about it.

At larger Comic Cons (aka: Convention), toy companies will often offer an exclusive to draw interest in the line and of course, their booth.

There are four aspects that can make a figure/car/item special at these shows.

Number Distributed/Sold


Accessory (Special/Variant)

Item itself as “variant” version.
What does this mean for CARS & Lightning Storm McQueen?

Number Distributed or Sold Options:

Not Very Limiting – Available Outside Show
Somewhat Limited
Extremely LImited

The first option of exclusivity is simply the number produced or available at the show. It might be something that is not very limiting – you’re allowed to buy 1 per day (they stamp your hand) but you can buy one everyday of the show or perhaps, Mattel has teamed up with an online company so during those 4-5 days of the show, you can buy from them also (or even from the Red Line Club). Based on previous examples & likely Mattel history, this is unlikely, you will most likely be only able to buy only one at the show and at best, perhaps 1 a day which leads to the most likely scenario, that it’s somewhat limited. What that number is hard to guess but it’s a number where Mattel doesn’t have to take any back (home) so most likely, a few thousand. Now, it could extremely limited such as 100 given to vendors and a few raffled off but my guess is since Mattel announced at NY Comic Con it would be at SD, most likely, you have a reasonable chance of buying one. (What’s reasonable?, be my guest to guess 😉 )


Sticker on Card
Unique Card

Packaging pretty much goes hand in hand with the exclusivity. It’s pretty rare for an item at a show not to get some indication its unique – otherwise, of course, it’d be easy to forge when the “regular” one comes out later. The laziest is some sort of sticker on the regular store/retail card saying “SD COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE!” But most companies go to some effort to make it much more enticing – another cheaper way to go is simply to create a unique paper card and staple it to a plastic baggie – while not exactly the best way to go design & esthetic-wise, it is different and to collectors, that’s acceptable though virtually everyone hates the plastic baggie method. The last two are most desireable and of course, immediately add value and make it a collectible and that is some unique packaging – in the case of CARS, a unique SD Comic Con blister card and or in a special box

Accessory (Special/Variant)


So, when the “common” Lightning Storm McQueen is released, ) … will there be a clear plastic stand, the same missiles? – part of the variant possibilities are the accessories? They look pretty detailed and finely painted – will the store bought ones be as nice and as detailed? (It may just be a hand painted prototype anyway).

Item itself


And finally, in addition to “special” packaging & accessories and “limited” in numbers, the CAR itself might be a variant version available only at S.D. Just got the word – NOT LIMITED in availability!

From the Toy News International PR Close up photo, we can see it’s chrome.

Versus plain ‘ole Dinoco McQueen …

So, will there be a chrome Dinoco Blue SD Comic Con Lightning Storm McQueen with variant rockets on an exclusive plastic stand in an exclusive blister card in limited quantities? The mind boggles.

FULL UPDATE HERE. Briefly, it’s a Blue Rangburg chrome with a plastic stand AND the black base. As for packaging, we will have to see though the good news, not limited in quantity.


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60 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Lightning Storm McQueen Exclusive at San Diego Comic Con

  1. Monica

    Terrific! I was debating whether or not to go to Comicon. Especially since I have finally had some Cars finding luck lately and am down to needing just Yeti, the old WM exclusives and several of the Newer Movie Moments.

    I’m also going to Dineyland tomorrow. I’ll post if there are any cool cars there. You’d think they’d have Flik and Flea in Bugsland.

    (MET: Good luck! Have fun! While our WHERE TO BUY post is not so new, there is advice from old Disney hands on where to shop. Be sure and let us know how the shopping situation looks … and are there CARS now part of the parade? Take some pics 🙂 )

  2. claeface73

    I gave up on my ” gotta catch em’ all!” way of thinking last year and released my cars from thier tiny plastic coffins, thus releasing myself, so the thought of losing it over an exclusive at a con that will be released to us ” let them eat cake” common folk is no worry to me. Besides, Ben Franklin said ” all cats are gray in the dark”, and this helps me sleep at night.

    (MET: Quoting from Ben Franklin – nice! I feel smarter already today!)

  3. jackdaddy2008

    To quote the words of Will Ferrells ‘chad’ from wedding crashers –

    “YOUR COMIN WITH!!!!!!!!!!!”

  4. jackdaddy2008

    If anyone can get me one at this thing let me know, list it on ebay and I will buy.

    I don’t think they will release this as a carded diecast, as the whole idea of the carded ones is mainly to be played with. You couldn’t drive him due his missiles (which look far too detailed for a carded car too) hanging lower than the wheels.

    Hes definitily going to be a boxset, maybe like tractor tippin or courtroom crew.

    It would be so cool if they released him in a box set with the robots he blows up!

    What an item that would be!

  5. husker_crazy

    Heads up!! There are now short carded versions of Cars!! A friend in Missouri found a whole bunch of them at a K-Mart. I did a search on ebay and found a few. Anyone heard of these before??

  6. jackdaddy2008


    ahem, probably just some test market or something?

    just K-Mart?


  7. Steve, AKA: Poppa

    Mattel does the short cards with Hot Wheels. The cards take up half the peg space of the full card. Wal*Mart tends to place the short cards at the check out stands. They appear to be strategically located for a quick grab for the kid confined to the shopping cart. Stores like them because you can hang twice the inventory in the same space as the full card. It also means you may have to run down a bank of checkout cash registers to locate all the new Cars inventory.

  8. claeface73

    short cards?! **twitch,twitch**

  9. jackdaddy2008

    I like them, they will be easier to store than previous releases and wish that they had released like this in the first place.

    Obviously they are not here out here yet.

    Because I have the first 12, the factory set, every supercharged released, and all new previously unreleased WOCs except for chuki & lightning ramone, i wont be buying them unless its genuinely new, i.e., they only release security van on short cards.

    I have been well advised that there is no need to collect WOC releases due to what I have. Completist matters very little there.

    Its different with the first 12, supercharged and obviously the factory set, but WOC is simply a rip off. If Sarge hadn’t been recalled, there would have been no need to change from supercharged.

    Mattel have used the recall as an excuse to start a new range!

    It will change again before Cars 2 comes out!

  10. husker_crazy

    Yeah, he found a bunch of the short cards on the register pegs, Lightning Ramone and Dale seem to be the good ones right now. Also wanted to mention, ” for completists ” the new Gasprin and Tow Cap that’s released in the case with Leakless and No Stall have been flipped!! Both name tags and car positions. GIVE ME A BREAK MATTEL!!! These short carded versions are gonna make some people mad considering the shortage of new releases lately. I was hoping that these card size variations were limited to Hot Wheels. ARGHH!!!

    (MET: Well, if anyone finds a complete set of the short cards, drop me a line, I’ll trade you a copy of our CARS book … or if you’re missing any other CARS … or I’ll just buy them off you).

  11. jackdaddy2008

    Do Mattel not care that everyone seems to just be becoming pissed off with diecast Cars?

    Do they think that by making the situation so ridiculous that it gets us talking therefore advertising their product?

    I have spoke with loads of parents at Jacks nursery recently (some with younger kids), and most do not go near because…..

    “once you start you can’t stop, and you can’t get them anywhere except on ebay…….. bloody con!”

    Wake up MATTEL, your risking the next movie!

  12. Monica

    Disneyland was overflowing with Cars! All of the toy shops had loads of them, singles and MM (though none of the 3 packs). I saw most of the newer stuff like Dudley Spare, Tow, etc. and also some good MM like Red Mia and Tia and Rusty and Dusty. Also a decent selection of the older cars.

    Alas, I did not locate Flik and Flea, nor did I see Gasprin and Tow Cap. But it was much better stocked overall than in previous visits. One time I went and they had about 5 thousand Lizzies and Boosts and nothing else. Plus a lot more shops are carrying them there now.

    (MET: That’s good to know. My local TRU has about 100 Boost’s & Lizzie’s. Good thing the WOC Lizzie is coming …).

  13. husker_crazy

    Somebody tell us where the short cards are coming from, I’ve talked to Mattel distributors who had know idea these things were coming out and I have confirmed at least 20 cars on these short cards!! KC, love to trade but don’t know what a complete set is as of now because nobody has an official record of where this little fellas came from. I am flabbergasted!!

    (MET: I think this is the list so far:
    Brand New Mater
    Chick Hicks
    Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    Dinoco Helicopter
    Doc Hudson
    Lightning Ramone
    The King
    Tongue Lightning McQueen

    So far, the only place that people seem to be finding them is at Kmart so maybe Mattel is helping out Kmart a little but in a way that other retailers will not really care that much … so if anyone can find a set above, drop me a line, I’ll either buy them outright or I can trade you a copy of our CARS book … let me know – thanks!)

  14. Bonita Bill

    Mater and lightning are in the California Adventure parade. It was cool.

  15. jackdaddy2008

    I know who can get you them all.

    There is more than you think, but as far as I know they are all ‘already released ones’.

    I will email you.

  16. Stanley

    Monica, if you need a Dusty and Rusty, I have it.
    And, maybe you can get me one of them fancy dancy Lightning Storms, when you go to the convention.

    I’ll pay you, handsomely.

  17. Chris

    I ran into the short cards the other day at Kmart. It actually made me kind of mad. I had just completed my WOC set.

    I decided not to re-buy the short cards. I wonder if they will transition to the short cards or if it’s just a K-Mart thing.

    (MET: While I haven’t gotten a chance to hold one (out here in NoCal, our Kmart’s are apparently used by the National Guard for artillery practice 🙂 ) … from what I can tell, while there is some savings in ink & paper, the custom plastic blisters would pretty negate that and for Hot Wheels, they continue to sell in both sizes so I suspect it might be to help Kmart a wee bit … in a way that the big three (WM, TRU & Target) could care less about … to the buyers, a packaging variant might as well be you telling them you plan on adding a blue smiley face to the cardboard shipping box … yawn … this sounds like something they might extend to the Disney Store … it’s technically different but for most people – could care less …

    With that said, I would like to get a set to photograph for a post and of course, include in the next book so the trade/buy offer stands … let me know if find a set (of 9), like Billy Valentine & Louis Winthorpe III, we’ll buy, buy, buy … 🙂 )

  18. Monica

    Thanks for the offer Stanley. I finally broke down and bought a MM case from Children’s Toy Closet. Of course as soon as I did, I found Rusty and Dusty, Red Mia and Tia and Gold Mia and Tia. I should have waited until after I went to Disneyland, but I had little hope based on previous visits.

    Now, if you have a spare Yeti, Al, Barney, Kori, TJ , and Dinoco Blue twins you may just have yourself a deal!

  19. scott

    short cards? = OVERKILL! what a turn off. they’re gonna flood the market & decrease the value of all previous releases. its inevitable. so make a quick buck while u still can, cuz…to quote evan almighty…”the flood is imminent”

  20. Chris

    Monica, I see Dinaco Mia and Tia/Yeti often. If I run across one soon, I’ll let you know. I’m not sure if Walmart is still releasing the others anymore. I finally gave in and bought Barney, Kori, Bruiser, and Pace car on eBay for 45 bucks.

    I had a question for you guys on Blu-Ray McQueen. I have him packaged in the original plastic wrapper, but I’ve seen some pretty cool custom-made display cases on eBay that are reasonably priced.

    Do you think taking the Blu-Ray out of that initial packaging would do anything to the value down the road, so long as it’s kept in a case and is still in mint?

    I love the car and would like to display it, but I am collecting to give to my son, and have a vision of someone telling him, “if only it were still in the plastic” 20 years down the road.

  21. husker_crazy

    Chris, I think as long as your Blu-Ray can be proven as a genuine Blu Ray edition it will retain it’s value loose or packaged. In fact, i think some of the custom packages being sold on ebay bring up the value of the car. After all, a plastic baggie is nice but a custom card and bubble is even nicer. Jut my opinion.

    (MET: Yea, it’s one of those situations where the buyer knows that it’s a different scenario. If you do open it, just save the baggie and the mailer … yea, it’s not much of anything but it’s something and that’ll separate you from other sellers … some people might consider the baggie the ‘original’ packaging and would prefer that over a custom card (no matter how nice) because that’s not officially from Mattel … you never know … just like the person who paid $250 for a car and a custom card …).

  22. husker_crazy

    By the way, the list of short cards has grown to at least 13. Here is the list I have and with evidence:

    Tongue McQueen
    Lightning McQueen
    Bling Bling McQueen
    Dinoco McQueen
    New Mater
    Purple Ramone
    Lightning Ramone
    Chick Hicks
    Dinoco Helicopter
    Dale Jr
    Doc Hudson

    Probably a few more although the K-Marts in Denver have not produced any short carded Cars.

  23. husker_crazy

    Met: I can get a picture of all but Lightning Ramone, Old Mater and Jr. in one set. The three formentioned can be found on ebay. Would you like this picture?

  24. Mikey

    I picked up 5 short cards cars today. I took some pictures but i am not sure how to post them. (Metro if you tell me how to post the pictires I will or i can send them to you). I bought Lightning McQueen, Doc, Ramone (purple), Mater, & Dinoco Helicopter. They also had but did not purchase Crusin McQueen, New Mater, & Dinoco McQueen. I told myself I was not going to buy these but could not resist. Darn you Mattel!!! I will go back to get the rest. My wife has a store across the street from her work so she is going to check for me tomorrow.

    (MET: You can email it to us at or if you prefer to post, email us on some options – either way – thanks!)

  25. Mikey

    Metro- I just sent you pictures of some short cards. Let me know if they work out.

  26. Noel

    I’d love to see the Lightning Storm McQueen come to the Red Line Club, but I doubt that’s going to happen.

    I’ll end up paying a premium on FleaBay if I relly want one of these.

  27. Terri

    Noel, I am going to the San Diego Comic-Con. I go every year. I am not sure what the limit on the lightening storm will be but if I am able to buy alot I will let people on this site buy them for cost. Many times on Sunday (the last day of the con) they allow people to buy as many as they want with what stock is left. Lets keep our fingers crossed they do that again. Hopefully I will be able to help some of you out.

  28. Stanley

    Monica, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for a spare Yeti. I’ve seen them just recently…..

    Y’all, I do have some extras, if anyone needs a trade:

    Charlie Checker (2)
    Dudley Spare
    Rusty and Dusty

  29. jackdaddy2008

    Terri, I think they are one a day per person.

    I will buy one from you and give you something for your troubles.

    I need insured priority mail.

    You can reach me through ebay.

    My ebay id is jackdaddy2008

  30. Juan

    That would be awesome. I want one (at least)please. I’ll look out for your post. Thanks

  31. GeorgeHP

    If you get your hands on some I would like one also. I’ll look for your post as well.

    Any one need a Chuki? I have an extra.

  32. CarsMama

    That would be so great if you could get a bunch. You can put my name on your list as well (if you don’t mind).
    I have an extra Chuki too. There were two of them the other day and I thought my 2 year old daughter might want one since they were pink and cute but she hasn’t shown any interest. I would rather give it to someone on this board than sell it for a few bucks on eBay. I’m still looking for a lead-free Sarge if anyone had an extra and felt like that was an even trade. I also have a Red Mia & Tia. If you are interested, post and I’ll list my email.

  33. Noel


    That would be incredibly cool of you. Is there anything you need or are looking for?

  34. Terri

    I will do my best. The last couple of years the star wars exclusives and the batmobile were in huge demand the first couple of days. The lines were really long and you could only get 1 per person. On Sunday they still had stock and stopped limiting people. I could have bought as many as I wanted. I am hoping the same thing happens this year. I am going with two other people and they can get them for me too. I should be able to get some extras for sure. How many is the unanswered question. get mine on preview night and that will leave me the remaining days to get more for you guys.

  35. Matt


    If you can get an extra, I would also like to be added to your list. From Nebraska, I have no chance to make it to ComicCon. However, we do get a pretty good supply of cars out here, just a couple weeks behind, and I have my regular stops on the way to work. I will watch for posts.

  36. Monica

    I’ll get as many as I can too. I never been to Comicon, so I am not sure what to expect.

    (MET: Comic Con is the Super Bowl of Geekdom & Fandom. Everybody who is anybody in comics, toys, pop culture & the entertainment is there – as fans, as sellers and as buyers. And unlike the Super Bowl, where 90,000 fans are seated mostly … at Comic Con, the 90,000 fans are walking around. In addition to the exhibitors who are selling, there are dealers of all kinds selling everything from $1 action figures to $15,000 swords. Bring cash money).

  37. Robert from the Netherlandfs

    Hoi Monica and Terri,
    If you can get one for me, you are GREAT ! Super.
    Over here in the Netherlands I can only buy tons of Hamms and Yellow Ramones.

  38. CarsMama

    Hey Matt – Where are you in Nebraska? Omaha? That’s where I am too. Just curious – hadn’t seen any other fellow Omahans on here.

  39. jackdaddy2008


    Contact me through ebay.

    ebay id –


    I will pay you for buying me one.

  40. Mikey

    Met-Like Terri I have never been to one of these Comic Con events but I’m debating if i should go or not. From your description above its sounds crazy with no guarntee that I would get one. I would love to help everyone out like Terri is offering to do but Im not sure if I want to wrestle with the heards of people. Do I have to get there hours before it opens or even camp out the night before to even have a chance? If so, Then I think I might have to pass. I have to think about this one.

    (MET: Generally, companies produce enough to sell unless it’s like $300 for the item, then they might produce only a couple hundred but I can’t imagine that Mattel would run out on day one or even day two unless they are asking for a riot … so if you get a ticket, you’re pretty much guaranteed a chance to buy one BUT the problem is you might want to run as the gates open to Mattel (honestly 95% of the people there are for the comics illustrators, movies forums and other limited action figures) because I anticipate the only problem for LS McQ is how long of a line you have to be in – basically you might be standing in line for 30-minutes, 50-minutes to buy something … so that’s really the only worry once you’re in …).

  41. jackdaddy2008

    They will probably have a couple of thousand of these.

    However, they will sell to general buyers as well as cars fans.

    I can’t envisage big qs to buy them every day, and th e fact that they will not be cheap (probably $20 minimum) should mean that there won’t be too many people buying more than one or two.

    If you go every day, you should be able to get one every day. If there are a few of you, try and get as many as you can, because these WILL sell well on ebay.

    I am a guaranteed customer.

  42. Mikey

    “IF” I go to the convention I will go with my wife and son so I would be able to get 3 if its only one per person. If I am able to get more I will. I have never sold anything on Ebay before so I dont know how easy it is or hard it is to do so. I will keep you all posted.

  43. Mikey


    I have 3 extra if anyone wants to trade or would like to buy one. The cards are not mint but in decent shape, at least in my standards. Im in need of the WM Kori,Bruiser, Piston Cup Pace Car, and Cactus Mcqueen. Anyone up for a trade?? I also have an extra Chuki & Lightning Ramone.

    Metro: From your message above you have given me hope to attend the Comic Con. I am sold and I will be there.

  44. Matt

    CarsMama – Yes I am from Omaha… I have been coming to this site for 8 plus months, and have loved every minute of it, except for the fact that it sometimes has the strange effect of making you crazy for these cars. I try to stick to the two WM out by me on 180th and 132 L. Except for Movie Moments, stock is somewhat ok if you keep checking. They are both on my way to work, so every couple of days after the new cases have been released, I stop in. I decided along time ago like Jackdaddy2008 that I would not go the ebay route b/c of what I perceived to be real problems that others are having just getting the cars. i.e no supply or stock never making it out of the back room. I think everyone should be able to get these things for the same price. So I buy for my three year old son to do what he does best with the cars, and keep an extra closed set hidden away for him in the future. It really is fun. I also buy for a couple other moms in the neighborhood who are just looking for certain cars. If you need anything, and I can find it, I will get it for you at cost. Keep me posted.

    **I know that I have already requested to be on Terri’s list, but for anyone and everyone who can go to the ComicCon….. Please get what you can of Lightning Storm McQueen. I think we have enough people on this forum that you would not lose a thing in what you buy for how many you can get, and can turn a profit that no one here I am sure would qualm at. Besides, even if by some small chance you had extras, they would be swept off on evilbay. MET, we need to try and set up some sort of listing, and info exchange for the comic con special. Thanks for all your work here.

  45. If anyone could get me one of those please let me know. I’ll pay ofcourse everything + extra if necessary.



  46. CarsMama

    Matt – Glad to hear of another cars lover in Omaha. I’m especially glad to hear that you are on the other side of town from me – that way we aren’t competing for the same things 🙂 I’m in midtown so I’m usually down in this neck of the woods except for the rare occasion when we go for a West O run. 144th is about as far as we go though. We are openers but we want to have one of everything! Right now we are in need of Gasprin/Towcap, Flea/Flik, and a lead-free Sarge. I’m sure you found Chuki but if you haven’t, I have one if you would like it.
    I love this site too. I came here just looking for a check-list and have been addicted ever since – that was over 6 months ago. So informative and so many great people.
    Anyway – same goes for me, if you need anything I’ll keep my eyes open for you!

  47. BMW

    Would love a Lighting Storm MQ. I will gladly pay.

    Want to add a comment about TowCap and Gasprin for those looking for these. Look at them closely before going to checkout. The one pair I got were so poorly painted that they should have been rejected by qc. Can’t believe that Mattel is letting these get by, with such amateurish paint, and poor paints, ie paint flecks, black spots, cracked paint.

  48. chris

    i live in traverse city michigan and have no opportunity to get this san diego comic con lighting strom mcqueen. i anyone can pick up an extra i will buy it of of you by paypal and ebay

  49. jackdaddy2008

    The Gasprin and Towcap issue is ironically a positive!

    My guess is that they have just mass dipped and painted over excess Nitroades and Leak Less’.

    This probably means that a newer individual version will come it later in the year or some time next year.

    That makes our movie moments Gasprin and Towcap – RARE!

    Sometimes Mattels inefficiency is good, but only sometimes………

    So keep them and watch this space.

  50. Monica

    I just opened the case of MM’s I bought from CTC and yeah, one of the packs of Gaspirin and Tow Cap, the paint does not look great. The other looks pretty good as far as I can tell from the outside of the package. Interesting.

  51. Mara

    My Flea/Flik were chipped as well, but didn’t havea choice in the matter as I ordered them online from Walmart and had to take what I got.

  52. Rebecca

    Wow Monica I have bought several cases from CTC and have had no problems at all. I feel lucky especially with the Gasprin and Tow Cap because I have 4 sets of them.

  53. this is going to be one of the best cars ever put out exept his wings arent out and wing on the back of him wasnt out.understand what im saing.

  54. a

    i well wanna get that stromm but it wont be out in uk 4 ages.

  55. i didnt notice he does have wings.but they are way shorter.i love the chrome!!!

  56. DaddyO

    Hi All,
    I am a newbie to Cars and just found your website. I rented the movie for my 3 yr. old son a few weeks ago and bought him a few of the cars. Now I find myself obsessed and have bought at least one of every character I could get my hands on at local WMs and TRUs. I am hoping that with new shipments out (I just got a hot tip from an employee at a local TRU that a new shipment just arrived) I will be able to fill in the gaps. I am still debating whether to pay the premium on e-bay for a blu-ray McQueen and even buying some of the other custom jobs that are out there. Anyway, to anyone who will be going to the SD ComicCon, I would definitely be supremely grateful if you kept me in mind in the event you are able to pick up an extra Lightning Storm McQueen – of course I will be willing to pay you a reasonable amount for the car (cost+shipping+profit). Thank you to all the people who gave posted here and to the person(s) who maintain(s) this site.

    (MET: Welcome to our madness 🙂 We have a checklist which you may or may not want to look at 🙂

  57. steve12345789

    Hi Terri and Monica

    Just to add to the ever growing list, could you try to get one for me too? Will obviously pay a good price. You’re going to need to take a suitcase to put them all in at this rate! 🙂
    Anything you need, let me know.

    Good luck

  58. Diane

    I am interested in one of the comic con McQueen’s as well, but if it is not limited, then will it be available for retail sale? I am just wondering if I should go to ebay or wait. Any suggestions?

    (MET: LS McQ will be re-released on its own card – will the car be substantially different? Still Ransburg chrome? Attachments the same (missiles, guns)? – that we don’t know yet – though it will definitely NOT come with the stand, base or cover).

  59. Diane

    Also, I am needing some of the newer WOC such as PT Flea & Flik, Gasprin & Tow Cap, Dinoco Mia & Tia, No Stall & Leakless, Tumbleweed Mcqueen & Doc… Does anyone have an extra… if so, I would be happy to buy them from you. I also have some extras that others might be interested in. Does anyone need a supercharged Fred? Email me at if interested. Thanks, Diane

  60. Erin

    As far as the book, it would be nice if you made it in a binder edition so when there are updates you could just add to it.

    I hope if you make volume 2 you dont repeat everything in volume 1 again also.

    Nice job doing a book!

    (MET: Thanks. The only problem with on-demand publishing is there is a set price for X number of pages and then $X per page after that … so I actually had to stop writing because it kept adding costs to the book unlike “real” publishing where there’s not a huge price swing between 150 or 200 pages so I guess I might have to offer two versions but we’ll see …).

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