Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: New York Comic Con Panorama

Thanks to reader “HisWill” who got a chance to go to NY Comic Con last weekend – he also got us a great panorama shot of CARS and of course, what’s coming by examining it closely.

The full sized panorama shot is up at our FLICKR page.

While there is nothing new that we haven’t seen in part at other trade shows, it’s clear that it’s ready for regular “average” people to look over … so presuming our earlier predications are correct that we’ll get one or two in the next few boxes, here’s what definitely coming – and hopefully sooner than later in the new few weeks & month(s) …

And yea, that Tumbleweed McQueen is pretty weak – I had no problem with Cactus McQueen but a collection of lichens on his head is pretty weak …


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5 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: New York Comic Con Panorama

  1. jackdaddy2008

    The potential for customising tumble weed mcqueen is huge.

    “Cow dung Mcqueen” anyone?

    Or what about “mini afro Mcqueen”, possibly with a brown re-coat?

    Or how about my 4 year old sons suggestion, which whether deliberate or not, is still hilarious – “spongebob mcqueen” – (we guess he compares the tumble weed to our bath sponge and has put two an two together). Jacks a star in the making.

    Personally, I like “rip off mcqueen” the most.

    Any thoughts?

    I also can’t help notice how MATTEL insist on releasing more obscure and less obvious cars before the likes of Sven (I call him Governator), Elvis, SARGE!, Crew chiefs, pittys and racers in general along with some others. What is that helicopter all about? Jack hadn’t even noticed it in the movie.

    Are they trying to kill it off?

    That said, the security van is one of the nicest looking die cast cars to be released yet, along with Yeti, Dale Earnhardt, Tex and Cartrip.

    That could be a new post! Best looking Car released!

  2. Noel

    My singles are finally complete (again). I just received Chuki, Dudley Spare and Lightning Ramone in the mail.

    To stay on topic, I think the upcoming cars are weak as well. More LM variants? Yipes. Maybe they could release a LM with every facial expression and eye movement he made in the movie.

    “Lightning looks to the left McQueen” & Lightning looks suprised McQueen” etc….

    It should be easy to re-complete the set as only a handful of new cars will be out over the Summer. We all know Wal-Mart is going to do another exclusives set with all the ones that were removed from the upcoming cases. They need to add the WM exclusive to the card artwork and do a collage for the back of the cards.

    I’ll have to buy all those in one group as opposed to seperately like I did the first time. I’m so wasteful and lazy, I hate hunting for these in stores just be dissappointed 24 out of 25 times I look anywhere.

  3. CarsMama

    So, there appear to be quite a few racers in that picture. Do you think that means they will come out separately from the Speedway of the South? My sons interest seems to be waning lately so to spend $250 in one pop seems a little risky, but if they are going to come out on individual cards I’m sure we’ll scoop them up. MET: what’s your thought on them coming out somewhere other than the Speedway set?

    (MET: well, as I speculate in this post, I would find it hard to believe Mattel would go to all this trouble to create only 1,000 to 2,000 of 24 of the 36 CARS (12 are already released) … but of course, they want to make a little extra so my guess is launchers & 3-packs (24 x $7.99 or $10.99)… but as to when? Or how many until all the remaining 24 are out? 2009? 2010? 2011?)

  4. metro do you think you could make a post about every single car and picture with websites future releses and stuff thank you!!!

    (MET: Well, not to shill but if you buy our book, there’s a photo of EVERY car on card, & every box set … 🙂 as for the loose pictures, we’re working on a VISUAL CHECKLIST (just posted an update the other day so search back a couple days) … as for the rest of info, it just gets too much to put everything in one post so it’s sort of scattered but if you search MATTEL on our search line, I haven’t updated our total CARS post summary page in a while, otherwise, I’d recommend that so hopefuly, that will send you on your way … thanks).

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