Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Visual Checklist 2008 (V1.1 – Now With Lane Mates)

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7 responses to “Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Visual Checklist 2008 (V1.1 – Now With Lane Mates)

  1. Harry B

    There are so many Lightning variables, I just want to cut him from the movie!!!!

  2. jackdaddy2008

    Hello everyone,

    Love this site.

    This is my first post.

    I am based in the uk, and am a reluctant collector of Cars from the evil masters at Disney and Mattel. I have a four year old son. We live in Edinburgh, Scotchland! Ha.

    There are 2 reasons I am on here.

    1 – If anyone has a Speedway of the south set going for sale when it comes along, I want one, and will buy form you.

    2 – I don’t know if you guys in the states got these, but I am currently selling a full set, mint condition, Kinder egg surprise toy cars.

    The set is available on ebay, I ship insured to the states and all over the world.

    My ebay id is jackdaddy2008 and the number for the item i refer to is 160229617817 .

    I know this is shocking unashamed salesmanship, but I know these are rare, and would like them to go to a serious collector, rather than an opportunist.

    Let me know about the speedway set, you can email through ebay if you want.


  3. matt

    whats the difference between race official tom and tom race official they are both on the cheklist, thanks!

    (MET: None, original name – Tom Race Official – now officially, Race Official Tom).

  4. scott (NC)

    i love the visual check list!
    by far the best. i hope u continue.

    (MET: We’ll keep going – just depends on my schedule … 🙂 )

  5. Philippe

    Lookin’ at our list… Nice stuff!

    Just wonderin’ if a 2006 Factory Sealed Set Dirt Track Lightning McQueen shouldn’t be added to the list…?

    P.S. Keep up the fantastic site!

    (MET: Yea, you’re right … by the time I get back to it, it might be time for another card change).

  6. Rebecca

    Found Van finally along with Kathy Copter in Colorado Springs, CO… Also found Revolting in a box set.. To bad you have to purchase it a box set with 3 others we all have, but at least it was only $14.99 for the whole box.. A lot less than people are probably paying for Revolting itself…

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