Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: P Case Assortment Announcement

Now, keep in mind, Mattel could change their mind but since it’s most likely been packed and on its way from overseas, it’s likely to be correct.

The other good news is Mattel seems to have actually taken a look at the inventory on the shelves and realized, hey, maybe if we pack more new ones in cases, the stores are happier when consumers strip the shelves bare AND of course, they sell more sealed cases – saving them a lot of time.

So, here is it, P Case – the first time some new CARS will come THREE to a case:

Bug Mouth McQueen
Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Kathy Copter (3)
Mario Andretti
Petrol Pulaski (RPM #64 Pitty) (3)
Race Official Tom
Radiator Springs McQueen

Tongue Lightning McQueen
Tar Lighting McQueen (3)



No official photo of Tar Lightning McQueen.

And while not a perfect scenario, better than before and certainly better than the shipments of most of 2008.

For those keeping score at home, this was the original announced CASE P:

And back tracking – here is what is reported to be in the next shipment CASE K:

Bug Face McQueen (2)
Crusin’ Lightning McQueen
Darrell Cartrip
Dinoco Helicopter
Dudley Spare
Ferrari F430
Lightning Ramone
Luke Pettlework (
Dinoco Pitty) (2)
Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Pit Crew Member Guido
Race Official Tom
Tongue Lightning McQueen
Van (2)

CASE L is listed as NOT AVAILABLE – going to Wal-Mart? Or simply an administrative change as Mattel shifts CASE M & CASE N also to the new “three” of each NEW in each case? Especially since the original CASE L was really a catch up box of CARS that would have been released in CASES E-K but since many didn’t get released, it was really just repeats from 2006 & 2007.

There is no case O normally as it might be confusing with O, the letter and 0 the number.

Some places already have reported receiving case M

Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp (2)
Bling Bling Lightning McQueen
Bug Mouth Lightning McQueen
Charlie Checker
Chick Hicks
Cruisin’ Ramone
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Doc Hudson
Hydraulic Ramone
Lightning McQueen
Pit Crew Member Guido
Radiator Springs McQueen
Stacy (Leakless Pitty) (2)

So, that leaves us these MISSING CARS from the original announcement after K and between P (Original, L, M, N & P) …

Barney’ Stormin’
Jay Limo
Kori Turbowitz
Richard Kensington (SUV)
Ron Hover

Pit Crew Member Sarge*

Chick Hicks Crew Chief**
Octane Gain Crew Chief**

Not included above is Lightning Storm McQueen officially scheduled to be released as a “special” exclusive at SD Comic Con (July 23, 2008) so he is definitely out of the running to be released in the next three shipments or in the next 5-8 weeks. A “normal” carded version will probably be in a CASE by autumn or the holidays 2008.

*Sarge(s) … let me tell you about a time, boys and girls when there was a CAR named Sarge … he was green and while slightly too large in scale, but he was actually on the store shelves … we could also buy gas for around $2 a gallon … I know you don’t believe me but if I’m lying, may I only buy CARS from the Disney Stores.

Will Sarge return in a blaze of glory as a WM exclusive? Along with Richard Kensington, Pit Crew Member Sarge & Jay Limo?

** The Crew Chiefs been shown in a Gift Pack (3-pack) and while we are waiting final confirmation on the Gift 3-Packs, they do seem to be going the direction we speculated on in March.

So even without a WM exclusive pallet, hopefully we will see the the missing Barney Stormin’, Jay Limo, Kori Turbowitz, Mini, Richard Kensington (SUV & Ron Hover) in the next shipments and be caught up with what we were promised … and of course, wave buh-bye to Speed Racer in the rear view mirror … hey buddy, when you get some eyes***, then we’ll talk 🙂

*** all plastic with crappy plastic wheels? You’re not even good enough to hang with TJ. The Jada ones, you’re alright as you’re metal but still, no eyes, I drink your motor oil shakes at Flo’s …


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9 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: P Case Assortment Announcement

  1. Connor

    This set Plans to come to Aus When?

  2. Sarah

    Any guesses as to when K & P will be released?

    (MET: I think around the end of June but that’s just a guess – what that means for overseas?)

  3. Monica

    Woohoo, the hunt is on! Think I’ll start trolling Target and TRU again.

  4. jackdaddy2008

    It seems that Disney have actually managed to sort something out.

    Mattel have incredibly released a decent case!

  5. Hey there, great to see this! Interestingly, I don’t believe that case assortment fully matches any of those posted at Entertainment Earth, which suggests that the assortments may have undergone even further revision since EE received their information (which in turn had changed dramatically since 1 Stop Diecast had previously posted assortment listings). Now, have I just missed something and N assortments were already announced, or has that information just not made its way into the public yet? Oh, and I think Ron Hover was originally supposed to show up in P cases as well

    (MET: I’m still waiting to hear on N – so maybe it got the 3-cars treatment (hopefully) … the EE 18-case listings always seemed wildly off-base to me … you’re right about Ron Hover in P, I’ll update it, thanks – hard to keep track now … ;-( )

  6. Sherry

    Do you have a list of the cars by the WOC numbers? I know most but need a complete list if possible ie.. #1 is Lightening McQUEEN #2 is Radiator Springs and so on

  7. Carlos

    Here is a list of The World of Cars Singles with #s
    – #01: Lightning McQueen [original body]
    – #02: Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen
    – #03: Dirt Track Lightning McQueen
    – #04: Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen
    – #05: Dinoco Lightning McQueen
    – #07: Bug Mouth Lightning McQueen
    – #08: Bling Bling Lightning McQueen
    – #09: Tongue Lightning McQueen
    – #10: Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    – #11: Doc Hudson
    – #12: Ramone [yellow]
    – #13: Hydraulic Ramone
    – #14: Ghostlight Ramone
    – #15: Lightning Ramone
    – #16: Ramone [purple]
    – #17: Ramone [green]
    – #18: Old School Ramone
    – #19: Brand New Mater
    – #20: Mater
    – #21: Ferrari F430
    – #22: Mario Andretti
    – #23: Dale Earnhardt Jr. [happy]
    – #24: Chick Hicks
    – #25: Stacy
    – #26: Dinoco Chick Hicks
    – #27: Dinoco Helicopter
    – #29: Tex Dinoco
    – #31: Kathy Copter
    – #32: Petrol Pulaski
    – #33: Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    – #34: Pit Crew Member Guido
    – #37: Pit Crew Member Fillmore
    – #38: Fillmore
    – #39: Hamm
    – #40: Boost
    – #41: RPM #64
    – #42: Bob Cutlass
    – #43: Darrell Cartrip
    – #44: Fred
    – #45: Yeti the Abominable Snowplow
    – #46: Sheriff
    – #47: The King
    – #48: Sally
    – #49: Leak Less
    – #50: Nitroade
    – #51: Lizzie
    – #52: DJ
    – #53: Wingo
    – #54: Snot Rod
    – #55: My Name Is Not Chuck
    – #56: Tow
    – #57: Race Official Tom
    – #59: Chuki
    – #61: Van
    – #62: Luke
    – #63: Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp
    – #65: Charlie Checker
    – #66:Tar Lightning McQueen
    – #68: Dudley Spare

    (MET: Thanks. I’ll update our spreadsheet).

  8. Nice work on the website.

    Just browsing the above checklist, I see that numbers 06, 28, 30, 35, 36, 58, 60, 64 & 67 all don’t appear – I presume that these don’t exist or are they going to be released at an original date?

    As we’ve recently started collecting them we’ve spent ages looking around the web for a checklist but this is the only one I’ve found so far – So any help on clearing up the above matter will be greatly appreciated!


    (MET: Yea, they left a few gaps … you did see our main checklists?).

  9. abbaobsessed

    does ANYONE know when Mini or Richard Clayton Kensington are going 2 come out????

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